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Is this the greatest stock sleeper ever made?
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What's the point of having stickers on your car?

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Welcome to /ORG/ aka OFF ROAD GENERAL
>aka drive off the road you dumb faggot what are you scared, lmao??
>aka seriously what are you doing...you cant think le slippery parking lot skiddy is that fun
>aka just get out there. thats what this is really about
>aka just get a cool truck and drive into the woods with your dog and your gf
>it will be fun i promise.

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Can flooded cars be the same? Are they worth fixing?
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I want one so bad bros
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Miata is a GOOD car
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[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

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Onsa edition

>Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling
>Motorcycle Q&A
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle News and Reviews
>Motorcycle Gears & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Tendie Ridiculing

People to watch Bakuon!! and shit on Rin with:

Sticky nobody uses:
>>16832630 (Cross-thread)

Grom simulator:

A2 Bikes:

Actually useful information:

Previous Thread:
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What have we here?

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Post your car problems here, I'll start

1996 Honda Civic Ex Standard Trans

Car was fine then one morning wouldn't start. Lights, radio work. No clicking that I can hear (although the door locks activate every time I turn the key so maybe I can't hear it) and no other sounds. I had the starter rebuilt but same problem when I placed it back on. Tried to jump the battery (I had tried this before rebuilding starter) and nothing. I wacked the starter (I had done this before rebuilding) and still nothing. Finally I push started it (something I had not tried before) and it worked. I parked it and it won't turn again. Could it be the starter still? I was dumb and didn't test it before having it rebuilt. The guy said he tested it when I went to pick it up and it has a one year warranty. Should I take it to vatozone and have it tested there before taking it back to the place? I heard sometimes it will look ok in test because it's not under the load of the engine but won't turn once it's on the car. How would you approach this situation? Thank you
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!!yUFk8O1X1un (49 replies)
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/CCG/ - Classic Car General

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/CCG/ - Classic Cars General

Classic Coffin General edition.
Brevious bread: >>20000843

>Cars are considered "classic" at 25 years old, but a vehicle really needs that certain something to be classic.
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>American, European, Japanese, or whatever.
>HOWEVER, your Honda Miata doesn't count as a classic yet. 80s+ Hondas are better suited for their own generals as well. Everything else is fair game.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>It's required to use RTV. Ignore the haters.
>JBweld can fix almost anything
>If you see rust there is probably more.
>Rust and bodywork are by far the most difficult thing to repair.
>Electrical work is second most difficult, unless you stop reading forum posts and buy a multimeter.
>You're never actually going to finish that engine swap, stop pretending
>Do NOT buy a classic and plan to pay somebody to work on it. You need to be able to do 90% or greater of the work or you will go broke.
>You will inevitably spend twice your budget, unless you have years of experience under your belt. If all the salty old hands agree, it's probably true.
>No one cares about your MPG
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