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Do you like that touch displays take over cars?

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So basically I'm interested in buying a car (my first one) and I always liked and wanted to have a BMW. It's a very popular and luxurious car, but it has some older models that still look and perform exceptionally superior. The 3 series models, precisely the 320, is the car that I'm thinking of purchasing. Are there any BMW owners or enthusiasts? Would really appreciate an opinion or advice.
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V6 hate

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Why do people here dislike the V6? Seems like everybody is either into 4 bangers, I6, or V8.

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Car gore thread

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Not been one in ages
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Daily drive a Starion

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Hi /o/,
I have absolutely no experience in maintaining a car older than 2000 but this weekend I'm looking into buying a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion because I love the aesthetic of this car. Is it difficult to maintain it and drive as a daily? I have my 350z as my daily now but I was hoping to make the Starion my new daily, I'm just unsure if its reccomended to daily such an old car. Anyone with suggestions/tips on maintaining an 80s car?
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Can someone red pill me on the M-Sport package? What exactly does it include? I was hoping to pick up a 2014 335i with that twin turbo N54? because I've seen the YouTube videos of how fast it can be with the JB4 flash but will I need the M-Sport package for these same performances?
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I'm starting to get sick of this car. It always has problems and the cost to maintain it is ridiculous. Should I just get rid of it?
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Does /o/ know about daddy Rick?
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Can we all admit a lifted diesel truck is the best all around vehicle?
> super comfy and reliable so it makes a perfect dd
> very safe and can drive in any condition also perfect for off-roading
> can haul shit with it
> makes county girls panties wet
> more torque than many exotic super cars and can last 300k miles easy
> inb4 weaboos start posting their riced out 120 hp shitboxes
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What it's the comfiest coupe under 5k
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