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>parts for all American cars exclusively manufactured in Canada and Mexico
>parts for all "non-sporty" USDM European cars exclusively manufactured in Mexico
>parts for all Japanese cars that are sold in America, even those intended for export to be sold as JDM units, exclusively manufactured in America
>all parts for many European sports cars are exclusively manufactured in Japan

Why the FUCK is this allowed?
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*outlasts your domestic ford/chevy/dodge*
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>benis size

6 inches
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Foxbody Mustang

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The Foxbody is the best all around car. Prove me wrong lads.
>Easy to modify 302
>Hatchback for dat practicality
>Big V8
>Glorious exhaust note
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>wake up
>japan still hasn't gone back to making fast affordable sports cars
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Post the most majestic picture of your car

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If i get a rx7 fb will people think im poor? And what types of engine swaps can i do? I just really like the way she looks
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Should I change the coolant of my 90's shitbox? I bought it more than 3 years ago and I only place water on the radiator.

I live in a warm climate if that matters.
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>Alfa is now officially more reliable than Honda


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daily reminder that automatics are faster than manuals
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