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ITT: Post car-related reaction images
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Coolest steering wheels

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I'll start, N15 Pulsar SSS
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ITT: You post a car before you go to bed

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'll start, so I just bout a 2003 Audi a4 1.8t with 141k for $1000. It seems to have a valve gasket leak, how fucced am I br/o/s?

Pic related, not my car but looks exactly like it.
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rate my phone case
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Shelby GT350 vs. BMW M2

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>Shelby GT350 526hp V8
>BMW M2 370hp R6
How is it possible that the top trackcar of Ford can’t even beat the baby M on track? Is this the final proof that Americans cars should stay on the highways?
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Choose one
30k in mod money
Which one and why?
>17 series yellow
>89 Fc
>98 gc8 sedan
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what's going on you sexy mofos
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If distracted driving is so dangerous, why aren't phones locked after they move past a certain mph? I don't care if passengers can't use their phones if it means drivers can't either. Also, infotainment systems should go black until the wheels are stopped, no exceptions.
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