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What's it like to drive a RWD car in the snow that has good snow tires? Is it fun or just as nerve wracking as driving with all-seasons in the snow?
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Anyone seen Baby Driver yet?

is it a decent /o/ movie? or is speedracer still the only decent /o/ kino?

is this scene real? like was that supposed to be cool cos I found it kinda cringe?

Also is this the only Subaru scene?
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can someone identify the car on the left?
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Cheap DD

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What's the best daily driver for a guy in college making minimum wage?
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread

I need some help with my 2003 Cavalier. The area with the grating has a lot of old leaves stuck in it, making a wretched musty smell whenever I use the air con or blowers. If I could take that plastic trim off I could get at the leaves with a shop vac but I don't know how to do that, and the internet doesn't seem to have an answer for such a specific question.
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what model of car is this plz
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Has car

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Checked the cat log and didn't see a bread up. Just post your car. Rate if you want, but lets see those rides.
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Picking out first car

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Hey, /o/, I've been looking at some cars to pick out as my first car and a couple I've been considering is the 240sx, 300zx, and 350z. What do you all think? Suggestions are welcome
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/o/ trax

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I'm trying to make a mix for my dad that would feel good to drive to. Eurobeat is obvious choice, but I'm really interested in what tunes u anons blast in ur cars.

90's racing game soundtracks are more than welcome.
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>they actually listen to jap music
kill yourselves, or better yet start listening to actual eurobeat
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