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Does anyone have the screencaps of the anon who let himself get fucked in the ass by a dealership?

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He posted pictures of his finance paperwork and in the end he'd end up paying like 90k for a camry or something. Can't find the screenshots online
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Weekend Wrenching General

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>what are you working on?
>what are your plans?
>post projects
>talk about tools
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You're hit by a drunk driver. You're fine but your current ride is totalled. You get no money from the insurance company because fuck you. Given the market, how do you adapt?
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When do I use the emergency brake?

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I know that when I push the brakes and they don't work for some reason I can use the emergency brake then but what other times should I use it? Like what even qualifies for an emergency?
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Was he really all that great? Seems like such a sloppy driver.
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Why do people buy Subarus if they had the same head gasket problem for the last 20 years? You’d think they would be a lot smarter since the Subaru clientele is a lot classier, stupid people buy nissans and FCA.
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Is it true Somali truck drivers are ruining trucks by cutting holes in the bottom so they can shit while driving?
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Going to the Mazda dealer for the first time ever since buying my first ever car to get an oil change.
What should I watch out for, and anything I should ask to also get checked out?
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If Hyundai is so horrible

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Then how they got the fastest FWD?
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Jumpstarting Booster

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Is pic related a scam? Just received mine because my battery died after I left the car unused for 3 days and waiting for it to charge but it already feels like a fucking scam. $100 for what? A battery and a cable? Can't I just use any old power bank or power drill battery?
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