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It is BAFFLING how small cars were back then

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The Master race
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What was Nissan thinking?
This car seems attractive until you look at it from the side. This sharp angle is a clash between modern and late 80's design.
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Is he...dare I say it /ourguy/?
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why does this car look like a Mr2?
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>a Coyote has 5 more hp than an LS3 with 1,200cc less displacement and ~20% higher specific output

Why doesn't Ford try making larger engines?
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>tfw amerifat
>tfw no skoda
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N/o/rcal General - You snap-understeered in the wrong neighborhood edition

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has info on all upcoming meets, routes and videos.

Meet photos:

Vids from previous meets:

WAT Platinum:

Mosquito Ridge:

Fatman II:

Playlist with earlier videos:
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Ever notice how you never see Geddy Lee (Rush) and Scotty Kilmer in the same room at the same time?

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Weekend Garage Bread

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What are you getting done this long weekend /o/?
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