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>buy GMT400
>never betrays you
>is 30 years old and will still be refusing to die 30 more years from now
>the reliability and ability of this truck will feel comparable to a legendary knight's horse from medieval tales

Nothing else need even exist. This is it.
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It has fuel and spark, why it no run?
It's basically edging, it's about to kick over, like it's at that part of the cycle where you can let go of the key, but it just won't kick over.
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Battery won't charge past 12v

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I don't know anything about electronics.

My battery drained over the weekend (left the key switched to Run because i'm a fucking retard) while I was working on the exhaust, and I just noticed today.
>jumped it with my other car
it started, but it wouldn't charge and died while running
>put in a new alternator
now it starts and runs, but the voltage does not go above 12.6v unless I rev it real high, it gets to about ~13v. After letting it back down to idle it falls back between 12.4-12.6v.

Did I nuke the battery by letting it sit while dead? It's only like a month old.
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Cheaper alternative to new key fob

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My brother has a 2013 Chevy spark and the key fob is broken. If you look at the pic you can see the metal key shaft broke off from the rest of the fob. He used to insert the metal shaft and then use the fob to turn it. But lately his car alarm goes off semi regularly after opening his car door and it is very annoying(it could just be that the battery is dead). It would cost $60 for a new fob and about $80 to get someone to reprogram/install it in the car.

At my work a welder could possibly weld it back to the old fob if we could figure out what type of metal the key has and if we can remove the remaining metal portion from the plastic. And if the alarm could be disabled.

Is there a cheaper or better alternative to just getting a new fob?
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I'm getting a new DD, /o/. I've narrowed it down to a few choices, looking for your input:

Lexus IS-F
Lexus LS460
Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo (BA or BF)
Mercedes C63 AMG (W204)
Cadillac CTS-V (late 00s, LS2 version)

Any thoughts from owners/technicians who've had any of these?
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/ovg/ - Doin' it for Dale Edition

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Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussion of racing and driving games.

Previous thread >>26661457


Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


>Equipment Guide

>Check the doc. New series: BTCC rF2... and 60's F1 in AC
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Why don’t you own a motorcycle?

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Buick has been quietly producing some of the best styled CUVs available today. Are they America's sleeping giant?
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2023 suzuki mehran just dropped

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who here HYPE
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Are these things the ultimate NPC test? Advertising the dealership you bought your car from for free for as long as you own it, that is.
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