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>can't simply undo the retarded shit you did to your car as a teen
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>tfw I've got a 200 word essay due by the end of the week and I haven't even started yet
What am I going to do lads?

Also, ylyl thread. ill start
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Was the Miata always gay?
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Spriget thread?

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Gf and I are thinking about buying a pre '74 mg midget. I was curious if /o/ had any advice, anecdotes, criticisms
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Personal Fuel Tank & Fuel Life

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So my grandpa loves buying useless shit from auctions. A few years ago despite my grandma and him planning to move into an assisted living from their farm he still bought this fuel tank and now they're moving and they gave it to me. It looks identical to pic related, it's a 300 gallon tank.

He filled it full of 93 in 2015 when gas was like $1.70/g and the 93 was like $2/g. He used it for his 66 coronet that he NEVER drives. So naturally tank is pretty much near full probably like 260-270 gallons in it.

Id like to be able to use it since right now its basically free gas to me since they gave it to me since it equates to about $780-850 in gas right now.

Being about 2 years old should it still be good? He added a couple bottles of stabilizer in winter of 2015/2016 but hasnt added any since.

I'm wanting to run it in my 355 1988 fireturd.

Also not really sure how to go about refilling it. My grandpa had a forklift he'd drop it in the back of his f350 with. We paid $100 to this guy with a flatbed to haul it over here. I just have a 2004 Ranger so it obviously isnt going to haul it anywhere. Would a fuel distributor come and fill it being I'd be a private non-commercial customer?

Will it even be cost effective for me to buy it and keep it this way rather than the pump??
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fucking hell, I love its looks so much.
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Have any of you faggots purchased a car from another part of the United States and got it shipped to you?

I found a super clean, bone stock, rust free 240sx in California and I live in New England and I'm 75% sure I'm going to purchase it.

Would you recommend any specific company to use, that charges under $1500?
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/o's opinion on men who let their wife decide what kind of car they drive
>buys econobox instead of sports coupe
>buys carrera instead of 911
>V6 basemodel "sports car"
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