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I'm looking to buy a new car, my 2008 Mazda can't reasonably pass inspection.

I'm looking at a few different vehicles right now, and I can't decide what would be best. In Canada bfw

I'm looking at a 2008 Civic. 120k km, $4700.

A 2006 Civic, 160k km. 3750.

A 2009 Jetta, 140k km, 3200

A 2009 Elantra, 123k km, 3200.

Which would you recommend?
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Rate the new badge that I'm going to put on the back of my audi
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/o/ - sos

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Friend is stuck with a 2000 jeep cherokee at a gas station. Can't figure out how to unlock the gas cap. Anyone know how? Going to keep this thread open on my phone.
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Do I really need to put Premium fuel into my Civic Si?
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Nibbas, I'm stationed in Japan for the next 2 or 3 years, what are some reletively cheap 80s as fuck aesthetic boxes I can buy and show off my E peen when I self import it back?

I was going to get a z31 because I used to own one in the States but appearently they are more rate in Japan then they are in the US
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Hey guys in a few months I am moving to Boone, North Carolina and I have 3 years in auto collision training and detailing I can do full restoration, overalls or even wraps but what is the car community like in that area if anyone is from that area or around there
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Modern god machine

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>manual/dual clutch
>50/50 weight balance
>highly capable s55 i6 twin turbo
>interior with top tier ergonomics
>seats 4 people
>non domestic
Where were you when BMW saved driving once again?
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Retarded drivers general

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>sitting at a stoplight in the right turn lane
>~10 year old BMW X5 or whatever SUV comes up behind me
The paint was pretty badly faded which is why I think it was so old, but anyway
>he starts honking at me
>Where I'm sitting I'm blocking the entrance to a gas station on the right
>I guess he wants me to scoot up so he can get in
>im already pretty much up the ass of the car in front of me
>Even if I were to move up and tap his bumper numbnuts behind me wouldn't have been able to get in any way
>11.5 seconds later the light turns green
>Cars ahead of me start rolling so I take my foot off the brake
>In an admittedly impressively fast maneuver, retardo behind me swings around and manages to get in front of me before I even start to press the gas
>Makes a bunch of angry over entitled gestures and then pulls in to the gas station
>of course it's a short middle aged balding white guy
I wish I noticed his manuver so I could have plowed into him for the lulz since I drive an old shitty company truck and I doubt he'd have much of a story to tell the cop considering he be sitting totally perpendicular to the lanes and backwards to the gas station
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Best SUV

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what is the best SUV for long travels and that I don't have to refuel every 20 miles?
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I'm thinking of getting a 2015 Kia Rio. Yeah it's a korean car but it's cheap anyway, is it at least reliable enough or do they have issues?
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