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I like the new styling more, old one was kinda derpy
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What would happen to me if i just stopped yeilding to emergency vehicles? I drive in DC for work and am sick of it? What makes them so special? Not my problem.
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Facebook/Craigslist stories

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>Need engine hoist to remove 351w to regasket.
>Look on fagbook. Btw profile pic is me looking very non threatening with my wife smiling.
>find one with a stand and hoist for 170
>Msg fag asking if its a 2 ton hoist.
>Cool whens a good time to meet up?
>Ghosted for 6 days now...Did you die bro? Wtf post still up.
>Msg another fag about $100 hoist 2 ton..great
>Good convo immediate response hey can you meet tomorrow at 2 he says ya lets do it he deletes ad cool must of been because im gonna buy it "Ill msg you at 12 for an address."
>Noon next day rolls around "you still cool to meet at 2?"
>Crickets..probably sold it out from under me with no "Hey man sold it to a buddy" just fucking crickets...
>Msg another fag on fagbook no response either for days.
>$80 hoist on craigslist WOW good deal 1 hour old post.
>Email fag
>Subject:Cherry Picker
>Body: Can I pick this up tomorrow possibly. Heres my number text me if thats ok.
>CRICKETS for 3 days now then deletes post.

>Wife gets new couch yesterday needs a coffee table.
>Looks on fagbook.
>First person she msgs...
>Great price $150 store price $400.
>Seller responds immediately nice gal the whole nine.
>Wife asks Can you meet tonight?
>Yes we will be home then see ya tonight.
>Drive over pick it up go home and put my feet up on the coffee table that night.

What the fuck is wrong with car fags? Every fucking time for anything car related its a fucking issue all these fags are staring at their phone at work, home and on the shitter all day long.
What the fuck Ive seen fags say can I pay you next week and still get shit off fagbook or craigslist. What the fuck are you fags doing to sweeten the deal? I keep my responses short and sweet, ask them when is ok for them and then make time in my schedule to buy or sell anything because im not a piece of shit and I dont wanna waste peoples time. Rant over life isnt that hard but fuck people are shitty selfish fags.
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What do we think about my grandmother's Lincoln Town Car?
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Used car green flags

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>picture of the owner’s manual and original window sticker
>owner has original key and spare key
>all four tires were purchased at the same time
>no aftermarket parts
>owner is an older white man
>no curb rash or scrapes underneath the car
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How many passengers do you have on average?

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How did the Japanese come to be so good at making motorcycles? Is the glorious Nippon steel?
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Oily coolant tank

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Did my antifreeze separate? There's a lot of oily residue stuck to the top of my coolant tank. I bought this really cheap antifreeze and it doesn't feel oily on my finger at all. I found no water in oil nor the oil level rose. The system was not pressurized and the level didn't change much.
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>turns steering wheel to the right
>radio gets louder
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