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do you even know what DK stands for?
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Vin bread

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Need a vin ran on a car in considering. Pic for attention

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Itasha thread

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who makes good 5 spoke wheels
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What car-related swag do you have?
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I wanna get an after market steering wheel but I have these buttons for going through all the stuff on my gauge cluster. I don't mind losing cruise control but how do I keep these buttons or move them. Is it possible for a me ( I'm not very handy)
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High mile cars

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Post some of the high mileage cars you have owned!

I also owned a Toyota Carina E but rusted away at 150.000km. All cars sold to new owner, some of them still driven today (that i know of):

w124 2.5 nonturbo - 780.000km
w211 2.2 cdi - 520.000km
w211 2.2 cdi - 830.000km
w210 2.2 cdi - 1.000.000km
w203 2.2 cdi - 650.000km
present car: w201 3.0 benzin (from 300E) - 330.000km
Golf IV 1.9 tdi - 340.000km (had engine light on when sold, think it might have fucked new owner over as i deleted it in his driveway before talking to him with computer)

Pic related, its the Golf
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flippin' truck

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Lee O'Donnell lines up at 2:05 for the first-ever front flip at Monster Jam in Las Vegas
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ITT: Terrible shit you've done to someone else's car or other vehicle

Mine's not terrible but I wanted to share:
>be me
>driving my dad's lame toyota appliance for the 2nd time
>it's a 2014 (or something) model so visibility is non-existant
>park it in front of a wagon with its rear facing me
>reverse into spot smoothly
>beep beep beep beep beep beep
>applying brake lightly now
>leave car
>see dad was watching the entire time
>"thanks for the dent, anon"
>wagon I hit had a giant rusty towbar with no cap or anything
>"dent" was just a tiny dip in a plastic bumper
>nothing of value was lost
>still feel like shit because it's someone else's car

It's wierd because I was looking out the rear window the entire time and I could swear I judged the distance correctly. Also the parking sensor gives a solid beep after half a meter distance already so you usually just ignore it. Honestly it's pretty useless.
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