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What features do YOU look for in a car when buying?
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>got slammed for doing 130 KPH(80 MPH) in a 50KPH (30 MPH) school zone
>500 euros,awareness course,6 month licence suspension

I didn't put anyone at risk, my car has excellent brakes and brand new tires + not much traffic was on, different speed limits should be in place during different parts of the day.

What was your biggest speeding ticket
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Shitbox bingo

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Let’s do it, lads.
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New TAXI movie in April

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prepare for massive disappointment
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Which does /o/ prefer?

Dark or light interiors?

Which is more /fa/?
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my cousin drives a 2015 Dodge Challenger with a V6 and automatic/paddleshift transmission (which she thinks is considered manual). of course, i criticize her for this, but she says i cant talk shit about it because "i'm not old enough to drive". so can i really not talk shit about it?
(Challenger pictured is not hers, just some random one i found on the internet)
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Have you ever admitted an accident was your fault? How much did your insurance increase?
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Mach 5

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Would you drive a custom made mach 5? Like you choose the drivetrain and chassis
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>slower than a gtr or a base model ford gt (way slower than the competition pack gt's)
>sounds bad
>outdated ohv v8
how stupid do you have to be in order to purchase one of these things?
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