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The gt86 is the best modern affordable sports car, prove me wrong.

It's affordable, great handling, great looks, excellent base for modding, fun and easy to throw around, decent feel, traction off button, etc.
Not only that, but it was made as a throwback to the original ae86, which was much the same. It accomplished its goals, and did nicely.
Only downside of it is the subaru fa20 non turbo engine.
Cheap turbo kit on it, or even swap a wrx or sti engine in, and you're gucci.
Would have been better with an inline 4 with some form of aggressive variable valve timing, to make it even more of a perfect throwback to its ancestor.
Beams swap would be mint desu
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Vehicle designs made after 2007

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that are aging badly.
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Subaru SVX, should i buy it?

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Found a SVX and think about buying it, but don't know much about them.

Can someone who ACTUALLY owns one Redpill me on it?
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Car: 2016 Camaro SS

Trans: A8

We're looking at getting it Dyno tuned, however 1:1 seems to be 5th gear.

I'm new at this, but is that not going to be a little fast on the dyno?

Can it be done on a lower gear? Are there any downsides? (Aside from the quicker pull/maybe wheel slippage?)

Any strange conversions we have to do?
Dyno we attempted on was a Dynojet.

I don't know if relevant, but reason we want to Dyno is: Full exhaust (kept stock NPP muffler system), Cam, ECS Supercharger.
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Mmmm yes...quite pungent, my dear...
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I Need Help + QTDDTOT

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I'm looking to buy a pre 2001 M112 W210 E320, I know about rust issues but I won't to know if there are any catastrophic failures at low mileage (50,000-120,000 miles) or any particular preventative maintenance to be done, also QTDDTOT pic semi related
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my shitty cars keep getting joy-rided (stolen)

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I need some quick and dirty DIY anti-theft ideas.

Cars I need to keep from getting stolen are Ford Escort (had 3, all 3 been stolen) and 1993 Ford Taurus wagon (3.8) and 2002 GMC Savannah 2500 full size van.

When I got the GMC back they left a sharpened flat screwdriver and pipe wrenches. I guess they can just jam the screwdriver in locks and turn door and ignition locks.

Same operator seemed to have stolen both Escort and Van.

Escort was stolen, then two days later my roomie knocks on door says she saw Escort 2 blocks down the hill but "where is your van?".

Guy stole the Escort, which has issues, didn't like it so he brought it back and "traded in" for my van, which he left blocking some guy's driveway two days later.

This shit gotta stop. I'm totally getting punked.

I'm looking for basic DIY "car wont start" stuff, like running krypto-kill switch up under the dash.

Just a few wires but only I'll know which of 6 need re-connecting and how to make it run again.

Any other ideas?
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Why are prototype cars wrapped in these gay patterns?

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Just wondering
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How do they do it /o/?

How do they consistently make the best vehicles year after year?
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The AK-47 of motorcycles

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I need to buy a van and a motorcycle in the US and another set in Europe.
I am looking for a cheap but amazingly reliable version of each for each continent.
Fuel economy will be more of a concern in Europe than the US.
What do you guys think?
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