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Coil Springs

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I went on ebay & bought Rear Replacement Coil Springs, but they are for a Dodge Neon.

They are too big. What can i do?
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Auto Anime

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I'm looking to keep building my folder. Post anime car art.
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>be me
>after a long night of hooning and regularly scheduled clutch dumps i got hungry
>decide to give the drive through maccas a whirl
>waiting in line of cars that seems like an eternity
>somethings wrong
>notices that every car after leaving the window hesitates then continues on
>finally coming up to window
>truck ahead of me hesitates then leaves but before doing so i see figure moving in shadows
>pulls up closer to window
>right before i hand my card to mcdonalds qt gf
>i see wild nig pop his head out from around the corner a few feet ahead
>all the pieces fit
>tyrone had been flagging down cars for drug money
>quickly hand cashier card and obtain food
>tyrone looks at me with money hungry eyes
>i grin at him as i rev up muh vtec to 8k in maccas drive through
>brap right by him not giving him the time of day
>as i pass him i hear
"hey ma-"
>vtak all the way home with my precious burger
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Is there a better argument against driverless cars?
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Engine bays

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didnt see a thread

starting with my nasty car
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/cbg/ car buying general

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For the sake of killing a thread, this is car buying general, /cbg/

The car I have is an overpriced Mazda with too many bells and whistles, and it's not really doing that well.

I've seen a few classic Mercedes diesels in my area, some for pretty cheap, so I'm considering buying.

I'm not an expert mechanic, but I fix most of the problems with my own car with a manual and a weekend, and I have extensive experience maintaining my bicycle, so I'm not mechanically retarded.

How overwhelming are these cars to maintain? I'm looking for a reliable car that I can own for years, mostly as a daily driver, and everyone says that they are the most reliable cars ever built. I have read that the W123 series is more reliable than the W124 series.

Thoughts and insults welcome
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The Holy Trinity of Performance

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So, of the three aspects used to measure the "raceability" of a car, what are most important to you?
Those are speed, handling, and acceleration?
What would you value most of these three when buying a car?

For me, it's handling>acceleration>speed
Don't get me wrong, I love going 0-60 like a lightning bolt and I love moving at sanicfast speeds, but if I had to choose, I'd pick pulling gs around a corner first and foremost.

pic unrelated, my daily driver
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Hatchlife thread:We like em hot

Hatches are a gift from God
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How do we stop Americans from buying SUVs, /o/? I can't stand my fellow countrymen's taste in cars.
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What happening to Chevrolet? Are they getting better than before?
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