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/tg/ トヨタ

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Toyota General
>blacktop itbs edition

>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu questions
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu blogfagging
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu memes
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu pics

>List of Toyota model codes

Sister Honda thread


Bump the thread if it's at page 5.

>LS 500h

>JP Performance

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Would you recommend one of these to an aussie living in queensland conditions?
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How often should I get an oil change on a 2014 Honda Civic?

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About 36k miles on it, I bought it at 31.5k. I drive 55 miles total 5 days a week for work.
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>starting at ~100k USD
> M850i starts at ~150k

Already a flop
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What is the most Chad auto?
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Riddle me this

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Why do people buy new 911s (or whatever the current code is) for quite frankly insane amounts of money when they can have a plethora of different and probably better used cars?
The amount of new 911s here in central Europe seemingly skyrocketed over the past few months and browsing I just can't understand why when I see the used gems you can get for the same price with 25-50k km...
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im about to pull the trigger on a honda cb125f. im a poorfag slav, living in germanistan, who earns 800€ pro month. i need a daily commuter bike. i am very interested in the cb125f, so far i have tested old Kawasakis, a YZF-R125 and multiple china rollers. I like them all(except the china rollers) but everybody is recommending the cb125f. this jewish and turkisch sellers might be lying though. anybody own the cb125. what is the reliabilty? does it break often? will the -2 horsepower impact me?
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Why is Ivory the best car colour?
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What motorcycle is this

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I know its a 2004 Harley, 1200 cm3 60 something bhp. What is it? Any ideeas?