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So I just bought a 2005 Honda Accord Coupe V6 and have some fun money laying around.

Should I/How do I rice the fuck out of it?
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ITT: We nominate a low end shitbox to begin memeing the value of until the price goes up
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>120 bhp
>cant turn
Fat americans should have just stayed under british.
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Are there technical specs that tell you if an exhaust is loud and raspy?

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Trying to find the right one but can't fucking stand loud and raspy fartcans and rather looking for smooth bassy ones.
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I get 70 MPG with my prius

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What is /o/'s opinion on the 3rd gen Acura TL? Specifically the type S. Im thinking of getting one for a nice daily/VIP style build.Does anyone here own one?

>86,000 miles
>Heated leather seats
>280 bhp V6 with honda reliability
>5 speed auto triptonic or 6 speed manual option
>Sporty sedan that looks fucking fantastic for its age
>Can still take it to car meets because its sporty and "rare"

I mean, how can you beat that?
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Millie Bobby Brown's Lap With Lewis Hamilton | F1 Pirelli Hot Laps

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Modern cars are bloated monstrosities
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Press F
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New fag looking for first car recommendation

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I'm looking for car thats fairly modifiable and my budget is 3000 bucks. I know ill probably hear what ive heard before like a civic or something but i wanted some more opinions so please leave a suggestion. it does snow around here so fwd or awd would be preferable lol
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