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>he drives a used luxury car and tries desperately to keep it in factory condition
You aren't fooling anyone
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It’s come to my attention that normies don’t like the 86/BRZ.

A coworker even told me today that her stock 2016 golf could beat one.

Why is this? Is the meme that 86s are shit until you engine swap actually true?
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/ORG/: five alive: winter edition

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Offroad and Overland General
Snow and winter's last breath edition. Post anything offroad related or overland related. Or if you're stuck in a snow bank and need help getting out.

>Offroad discord / autism containment
>General /o/ discord
>Place self on map
>Stickie purchase

Old thread:
None because you idiots can't keep a general going even by C&Ping something so people new to offroading can actually know what the thread is about and to not start "what is cheepest off road vehicle for $6k when I'm in college" threads and post them here instead.

>complain that generals keep dying but people not making good enough generals yourself
>being cold
>hitting snowbanks with your front bumpers and not giving a shit
>pray for more cold
>$6k schoolmobile shitboxes
>bad gas mileage
>Youtube videos of 4x4s we don't own
>overlanding general
>suburban general
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>show up to check out a car this girl is selling off Craigslist
>just a basic 6spd Ford Fiesta that her mom bought her and she can't (won't) drive it
>pull up to the address and drive way
>her boyfriend, dad, and her all walk out together to intimidate me I guess

Well you two stupid motherfuckers if you had raised your daughter well and maybe if her faggot boyfriend fucked her right she wouldn't resort to selling her car at a negative loss to some guy from Craigslist but noooooooooo.
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>tfw just totaled my car
>tfw now nocar
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Talk me out of my stupid idea, /o/

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Well, I have this old e36 I owned for years now, but it's not roadworthy anymore. The last owner fucked the repair of some damage on the left-back quarter panel that did not get apparent until it turned into some major, structural rust fuckage (Idiot did a lot of BS to the car, alone the amount of rice I removed).

I know those cars aren't worth much. It's not an M3, not even a 328i, but the car is really dear to me, and aside from the major rust it is in good technical condition.

I found a 316i coupe that is completely beaten. Paint is faded, interiour is worn and all kinds of fucked, lights are half blind, only has a set of shit tires on steelies, a few dings in removable panels and the four-banger is run down.
It's dirt cheap and the thing is: The shell itself is rust free, completely and entirely rust free. It's amazing given the cars overall condition. It's basically the mirror image of my car.

So the question is: How stupid of an idea would it be to buy it, take it apart, take my car apart and basically rebuild my car in that car's shell?
I'm no car tech but I know some or have them in intermediate family, I know my way around tools and I am able to read manuals, instructions, etc and do work with my hands occasionally.

The paint would be an issue I am aware of that, but it was in need of a paintjob anyway.

Help me, /o/. How insane is this idea?
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all I want to do is detail a car
but my car isn't dirty
I have no friends or family with dirty cars
I can't get a job as a detailer
what's the point
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There's a young guy at work who has an old crappy old toyota cressida and he acts like it's something to be proud of.

How do I convince him that it's really the crappy old shit box that it is before he wastes his money "modifying" it.
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what do you non-manlets drive?
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Why did millennials kill Scion?
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