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What happens if you run a transmission with no vacuum line hooked up the the intake manifold?
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Is eurobeat dead?
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Do you smoke in your car? Do you let other people smoke in your car?
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Where is the best place to find a good condition 240sx?

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I’ve been looking around for a 240 but craigslist is has way too high drift tax to actually buy one on there. Any advice? And help is help
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Pathetic engine thread
Post engines that should have never been sold
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show me your shitbox, this is mine, my first car.
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Is that the /future/ ?

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Animals in your engine bay

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It finally happened, after driving home and noticing a four sour odor from my air vents i popped the hood and found a dead squirel lodged in the drive belt of the engine. When I pulled it out it split in half. I might never forget that foul rotting smell.
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Hey guys I have a 2016 ford transit 250 that I’ve owned for a full year now. The oil should be changed every 10k miles but I put such little miles on the thing that it basically still hasn’t gotten an oil change since buying it (it’s at 9k miles right now, probably won’t hit 10k for a few more months)

Should I just be proactive and change that shit now?
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Don't get me wrong, I think the Roadster is cool and all (the semi is pretty ugly but eh), but do you think that this was just a "Hey, look over there!" tactic on Elon's part to take notice off of the "production hell" of the Model 3 to keep his financial backers confident? I have nothing against Tesla but damn this seems fishy.
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