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>please see your authorised _____ dealer

Did john deere's lawsuit succeed? Where they tried to reclassify their customers as end users only, and argued that non-dealer repairs equate to intellectual property theft?
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thinking about replacing the daily with pic related.. 15 tdi sportwagen.. any anons object.. no dieselgate memelords allowed edition
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>his favourite car manufacturer is so irrelevant it isn't in the top 10 of Fortune Global 500 list
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74 hp, 52 lb-ft, 95 mph top speed, 4 sec 0-60
50 mile range
>slower than every jap 600
>named after a electrical hazard
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holy fucking shit I just fucked the dealership big time.

long story short

>leasing car
>lease is about to end
>walk in to dealership and get financed for the car
>owe like 18K on it.
>monthly payments of $300+
>go home
>see papers I signed
>$3000 100,000 mile warranty on a very reliable car
>go there the next day
>demand they cancel
>they play games and delay
>get angry and demand to speak to the general manager
>rip him a new one.
>ok anon you were right
>cancels warranty because it's my right to do so under 30 days
>get refunded $3400 fees and taxes
>log in to account
>it says I don't have to many any payment for another 8 months
>is this right?
>yes anon it is correct.
>they apply it as pre-payments
>no payments for 9 months
>start buying shit for car, cameras, have tinted
>only pay $100 a month
>feels good

sorry just had to let this out
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Does anyone else drive just to get away from it all?
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*pops in your general direction*
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Why all the hate in FWD cars ?

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Why all the hate in FWD cars ? Given the right pilot and course its can be a good setup.
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PT Cruisers can look like THAT?!
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You have been visited by the magical sideways hat car meet douche.

You must say "Fuck off you tasteless douche"
or else you will make up with a set of brand new rotas fitted to your car and your current wheels gone.
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