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Is there a game in which i can tune a street shitbox to blow on raw power?

Something like my summer car but less focused on the survival aspect itself and more about getting a shitbox, slapping a big turbo in it and watching the engine destroy itself.
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Manual Transmission Thread

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Are manual transmissions dying out?
They are my favourite to drive but it seems harder and harder to find them.
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This is in your rearview mirror

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You are in your 3k civic with a few simple mods

What in the name of God will you do?
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guys please help i scratched my car backing into the garage and i dont want my dad to find out.

wat do??????
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I just rebuilt my first carb today and found out how easy it is. I see carburators for sale all the time for $20 that just need a rebuild, it's usually another 20 in parts and these carbs go from anywhere from 150-300. Why doesn't everyone do this for spare cash? Is there any downside? I don't plan on making a living doing this but maybe you can make some extra cash for my project
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/coal rolling/ general

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Sup bitches /pol/ here in thinking about buying this is it a good deal? Already got a lifted f150 as my dd but I want this for weekend so I can go drive around liberal cities and blow clouds in front of Prius and Miata faggots lol
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Car Mods General

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How have you modified your vehicle?
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ls swap 240sx

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Im in the middle of piecing together the parts for an ls swap on my 240sx.
i got a 5.3L truck engine and recently received a t56 transmission out of a '98 corvette but its missing the tail end and the bellhousing
i can get the latter easy enough but have no idea what parts i need for the tail end.
this is my first project car and i am learning as i go anyhelp would be appreciated
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VIN Check Thread

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Any br/o/s able to save me with a VIN check on a too-good-to-be-true 6-speed Mazda 3?


Many many thanks
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What's the point of using pushrods anymore when OHC weighs less and makes more power?
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