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I want an es300 (green) very badly, how are these cars? what sucks is that most likely anything i test drive will have suspension worn as shit or other problems turning me off from the car like rattles and so on making me think the car is just bad. manuals are very rare i imagine?
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Nervous driver

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I passed my test a few weeks ago at the age of 32. I think learning so late has made me a much more nervous driver. I'm still stalling a lot (manual petrol car with very sensitive clutch) and am paranoid about making mistakes. I really don't enjoy driving at the moment.

How long did it take you to overcome nervousness?
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Starting Performance Shop

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Probably a shot in the dark to ask here, but I figured I'd try. I'm a 30 year old with a mechanical engineering degree working in the automotive industry. I've worked in CNC manufacturing, testing, and design/developing new aftermarket suspension products for passenger cars for about 7 years now. I'm starting to think about the possibility of owning my own performance shop. I'm envisioning a business that does 5 things:
1. Supplier/distributer of aftermarket parts
2. Suspension design and tuning
3. Performance engine building
4. Dyno testing and tuning
5. Custom fabrications for customer builds, maybe even getting into producing aftermarket parts of our own.
Have any of you ever worked in shops like these? Known anyone personally who has done this? I think I have the background and technical knowledge to try it, but I feel clueless about what is done to get things started and what I can expect.
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Jaguar XF diesel

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I found a CPO Jaguar XF and I like it a lot. Anyone own one?

>29,000 miles
>30-40 mpg
>100,000 mile warranty
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Just as I suspected. Take the German pill.
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Why do people hate it so much?
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This makes the Burgers seethe with violent and uncontrollable rage

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>tfw work for the enemy
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>people having fun therefore delete thread