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Pic unrelated, /o/, but I'm curious of something

I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla LE. Been my daily since 2009. Has 285k miles on it. It used to be a decent car - but recently it's had a terrible oil leak and burns a ton of Oil. Flex hose is shot out as well. Everything else works great on it.

I want to do stupid shit to it for fun, I've got a new car and this thing would otherwise rust somewhere. I'd like to learn how to do modifications - and I figure this car would be a good way to start.

What does /o/ recommend be done to a 94 shitbox to make it faster.

It is an automatic.
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> 2:30 AM
> Roads are at 2% capacity right now

Time to drive. See you in a couple of hours /o/.
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Pure Car/Truck Carriers

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Good evening, /o/. Would you like a behind-the-scenes look at the ships that carry cars across the ocean? Would you care to find out what goes into getting your JDM-tyte car from Glorious Nippon to 'Murica?

I also have pictures of the first Kia Stingers to be imported to the United States; KDM models destined for Kia showrooms.
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This just showed up on my car after a "BING" sound

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What is it? Please help holy shit.
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How will Nissan ever recover?
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Toyota Corolla.
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I want one of these so fucking bad
>inb4 people calling me a dicklet
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Skyline GTS-T alternatives

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Been looking for a car and ive really hyped up the GTS-T for myself. Im from new zealand and even if i import it'll still be quite alot of money. Whats something that will be just as fun to drive as the gtst and also good looking for around 10k or less.
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AE86 Trueno

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Is it worth importing a Toyota AE86 Trueno from Japan to Australia as a first car or should i just go with my original plan of getting an EP3R

Pic Related
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