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I found these in a used car I just bought

Are they led lights and what kind are they?
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Chevrolet Suburban

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>driving a vehicle that seats less than 9
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How fucked am I?
I'm a poor highschool student who can't afford a new car at the current moment (I work at McDonald's to give you an idea) and can't buy another car at the moment. I did a 180° when I drove too close to the edge of the road over/went over a shady wet spot, and hit a mailbox.
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What are your guys' opinion on the CL55 AMG? Is it worth buying now?
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ITT: Dream Cars

Pic related.
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Which of these looks the best? It's for a weekend project C10, so speed bump/potholes don't really matter.
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>stopped at red light
>douche car pulls up next to you blasting rap music

What do
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[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

A moment of silence for concussion anon's leathers edition:

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Routes & Meetups
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Vulva Rating
>Motorcycle Adventures
>Motorcycle Stimulating Conundrums
>Motorcycle Hookups
>Motorcycle Pics & Boring Webbums
>Motorcycle Hot Opinions

/dbt/ map:

Noob? Git gud:

webms with sounds

old and busted thread:
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Keyless entry
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>Sexy headlights ONLY

No meme please*

Thank you ladies and gentlemen
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