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Now that Winter is over does /o/ have any reflections on their tire choice?

I chose the particularly knobby Hankook Winter i-Pike RS studded for the shit Canadian winter we had and did pretty well. Watched a car full of aussie snowboarders spinout and roll over in front of me on the way to Banff and had pleanty of grip to avoid the idiots.
Only downside is my mileage was shit, almost cut in half over what I get with my low profile summer sports.

How did you do?
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whats the point of drag racing? you could just as well slap engine on a train and jerk off which drives faster. easily the most boring motorsport.
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Is this the greatest?

ProTip: it is the greatest.
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are we banned from making threads because of the absolute abortions that the last 8765678 threads have been?
i'm going to try one in case we arent and you're all a buncha lazy kunce.
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Because 99% of you knobs will never even ENTER a proper paddock, here's a great article talking about the sorts of things you see at track days.
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Will a meet finally happen?
Can I make an op that isn't shitty?
Is this the greatest state for mods?
Will the rust demons leave us alone?

The answer to at least one of these questions is no.
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volk se37k
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Unidentified Object

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Hello, lads.
I'm not a local of this board, but I've got a story sure to interest you.
>Be me.
>A few years ago, found a USB on the ground, empty, so ever since I've been using it for my own purposes.
>One day, USB gets corrupted.
>Decide to use Recuva to find lost documents.
>mfw it finds thousands of images of random mechanical parts.

Can someone help identify?
Is this just someone's project,
Or dare I say have I stumbled across /Area51/?

I got some people telling me it's motorbike parts, but I don't think so.
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