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>Talk to someone about cars
>Tell them the components I'm changing/adding
>"Why do you need that? Are you trying to race someone? Why would anyone want extra horsepower? I just use my car to get from Point A to Point B."

What do you tell these people?
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oh hi there cagey wagy, I am just passing by on my fatbike. I see you have a terrible accident with your cage on your way to your wagecagy, you week ruined. Those are going to be som expensive repairs wagey, and bet your insurance score is really fucked up now. all because you had to drive to work to be on time for your wage cagey. too bad, cuckcagey.
well, im better be going now, getting some economical groceries on my bike. Dont I have to go to work you say? Of course not wagey, I don't have a car or expensive liabilities I need to work for. Bye now cagey wagey.
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/o/ Approved new DDs.

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/o/, I know most of you would disapprove BUT if I had to buy a NEW car, what would be a be a /o/ approved daily driver with some power to it (AKA, no CVTs and at least 200HP minimum)?
PS. I live in burgerland, so yeah, my choices are sorta limited already.
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So what are your thoughts on the Kia Sportage?
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Stupid questions thread. Sorry if I killed a good thread.

When accelerating from 40 to 55 mph this morning I heard a hissing noise. I tried to recreate it by accelerating again later but couldn't. No engine warning light came on. Should I be worried?
I checked air intake via the dashboard while parked and it looked normal.
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How long should i let my car heat up before i can start giving it some real throttle? I daily a diesel car, which for some reason doesn't have a temp gauge anywhere, and i know a rule of thumb is that once the heater starts blowing hot air you can generally give it a bit more throttle, but it doesn't seem like it would have reached full operating temp, since heater temp is often only 20-30 degrees celsius. How long should i drive the car before giving it full throttle? As soon as the heater blows hot air? Or should i give it another 5 minutes after it starts blowing hot air before giving it throttle?

TL;DR how long do diesel cars usually take to reach full operating temp
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Design red flags

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Features or designs that make you walk away
>proprietary stereo head units
>security or obscure fasteners on maintenance items
>non rebuildable DPF
>oil pump drives the water pump
>shim-under-bucket valve train
>'sealed for life' components
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towing big trailer without CDL / oversize load

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How big can you go? I wanna know exactly how long, wide, and tall I can tow without requiring a CDL or a permit to use public roads. Looking for state (NY) and federal size restrictions. Google has netted me fucking zero results, nor has speaking directly with the DMV.
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Twingo Refreshed

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