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My shitbox corsa doesnt start anymore. Something is blocking the fuel. I need help identifying the problem. I looked it up and its 95% the fuel filter blocking the fuel.
One thing I don't understand is why the fuel indicator shows my tank as empty. Even though I put 20l of gas into it.

I really think its the fuel filter because the tank was empty. Maybe some dirt is blocking the tube?

Sorry guys im a complete newb at this. I dont even know if it can be cleaned or if I have to order a new one.
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Mentally ill car rent general

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a single butthurt europoor has been laughing at the tulpa of me he has in his head and making hilarious schizoposts in my honor for two whole years
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Lexus general

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Hi frens. My car is died. Starting to research lexus's more fun cars. Some of the rc350s have a v8 right? reliable? any weak points, trans, otherwise? I dont understand their naming conventions desu.

What would you be looking for from their lineup? Prefer a coupe, rwd, fun, reliable, not horribly expensive (under35k used).

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My Toyota dealer said it doesn't matter what country a new Toyota is made in. He said American and Japanese made cars are of the quality. Why did you lie to me /o/?
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LeMans is a joke

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Did they seriously let a bunch inbred mutts bring a nascar to LeMans? LeMans has lost all credibility with this stunt. It's disgraceful and an insult to the history of LeMans. I seriously hope they ban it from competing before it ever gets a chance.

>Inb4 mutts cope and seethe itt
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The Real Chally Thread

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other chally threads are unfunny falsefags
discuss the best sports car in America here
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Police officers could solve real problems. They could be out there feeding hot soup to the unhoused, making sure that hazardous garbage is kept away from daycares, or doing something about all these birds that keep shitting on my car. Instead of those productive things, Officer Bringdown is here, on the side of the road, spending my tax money to hand me a ticket for more of my money.

Or at least he would be, if he could figure out how to work his dorky little ticket printer. You see, I have an ace up my sleeve. Not only is my car old, and difficult to place, but I’ve made certain modifications to the vehicle that render its legal state “complicated.” My shark of an attorney, Max, brags about the bear trap of intermingled kit-car laws and year-of-manufacture exclusions that have led to this vehicle being one hundred percent approved-of by the government, in any condition I dictate, whether they meant to or not.

“Uhh, how do you spell ‘Duesenberg’ again?” the cop asks, betraying his lack of education in the classics. I spell it out for him, and explain again that the replica registration exception of December 1986 means that a 1921 Model J does not need to have operational turn signals or a functional speedometer.

“How is this a replica of a 1921 car? It says Plymouth on the hood.” he asks me suspiciously, behind mirrored aviator shades. I am familiar with this shift in conversation. I see now that he has fallen into the first legal pit without complaint. I was hoping for a more worthy opponent.
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How do you spot fellow /o/tists in the wild?
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What went wrong?
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