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Daily reminder

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That automatics are for mentally challenged people and women who can't drive and pay attention to traffic at the same time.

Men drive manuals.
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The 1st gen miata is my favourite car but I don't want one because they are too cheap and I don't want a cheap car.

Why can't they be worth like 20k and then I'd buy one...

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Just bought a 93 Nissan 240s convertible, almost 180000k miles. What should I expect?
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Post your interior and rate others too.

Old thread: >>18688711
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can we have a retro japaesthetic thread
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Geneva 2018

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Has anyone on /o/ ever gone?

Confirmed announcements
The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista
The 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (Type 991)

Likely announcements
The production version of the Mercedes-AMG R50 (aka Project One)
The production version of the Aston Martin Valkryie by Red Bull Racing
A rolling model of the new McLaren 3-seater P1 replacement
The new Lamborghini Aventador replacement
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So I just replaced the battery in my car, when I turn the headlights on the dashboard lights all get super dim for.some reason, that never happened before. Also the check engine and battery light are on. Could it be my alternator?
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Am I the only one who likes Scion?
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Why do people pretend like there is any difference between brake systems? It's a hollow piece of metal. There is nothing to compete against. You can use different materials in an effort to dissipate heat faster and reduce weight but there is no actual difference in performance. Components like the master cylinder, brake lines, piston count, and brake pad material all contribute infinitely more to "braking feel" and performance than the fucking calipers. And even if you are a pro F1 faggot who feels the need to shave off 100 grams of weight from their calipers to save weight, it's not like a pair of Chinese drilled/slotted rotors and calipers can achieve 99% of the same level of performance.

Brakes are a meme. Prove me wrong
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