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Altezza rs200Z

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Any thoughts on the altezza rs200z, in particular the tiptronic 5 speed model?

Interested if /o/ thinks these are a good buy?

I was looking at the Evo 7 GTA, but the altezza seems a good alternative to continuous maintenance that that evo would come with.
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What do you keep in your trunk?
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bought a car today

here's some pov porn
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Hey /o/ I'm taking my drivers test tomorrow and was wondering if there's any good pointers, tips, tricks, etc. you guys have for me. I'm in cali btw
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gimme your best car noise

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Miata vs IS200

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Who would win in a race?
Lexus IS200 2.0L <- or -> Mazda MX-5 NB 1.8L
I know that it depends on a race itself (drag, curvy roads, etc.) so state your opinions on how each would perform on different grounds
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God tier V8s
Americans need not apply
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Text the number in this photo and ask if the Hyundai is for sale. Dude's being a prick and a bunch of people over facebook are texting him just to annoy him.
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Stupid Shit on Craigslist

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ITT: Post the most autistic things you can find on Craigslist

>pic related
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post good looking shitboxes
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