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Jake Paul

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Look at what this shithead did now.
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>Viper ACR-E
>C7 corvette zr1
>Porsche GT2 RS
>Lexus LC F

which of these will manage to dethrone the kind from the nurburgring volume production car record?
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!EshdTRey7E (302 replies)
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/mg/ - Miata General

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>MX-5 Miat General

-Discuss making your Miat sound less like a giant bee.
-Converse about how awesome longitudinal I-4s are.
-Talk about your favorite way to destroy tires.

Pic is from this afternoon... and so is this video:
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Has Jaguar lately became a fucking joke?

>copy paste cars in the best german tradition
>meh interiors and exteriors
>they claim that their cars are super lightweight because muh ingenium engines and light steels and shit and yet they manage to release a little crossover with a base weight of almost 1800 kg
>the same happened with the XE and F-pace
>out of the world prices (the new E-pace can reach up to 67.000€)
>third world electrical problems and assistance

Should the English just stick with producing McLaren, Range/Land Rover and Lotus instead of producing mediocre shit?
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>bro your car smells like shit
give me one reason black ice isn't the best car freshener
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Most satisfying moment on the road?

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Mfw some faggot in a Audi A4 passes me on the right going 90 and gets immediately pulled over
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Dear /o/,
I am the owner of a nearly built 280z 2+2 (yes I know shame me for getting the longer car if you want but I like it) either way I am looking to replace the seats since the car came with some cheap sparco ones that I couldn't stand. Here is the dilemma:

Which seats will actually fit? and of those seats which one is ({[BEST]})

This is objective of course, but here's what I'm looking for
1) Leather
2) Heated
3) Power

Any ideas?
TL;DR What car should I steal seats out of for my datsun?
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Auto detailing general

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Is this stuff any good...Also any discussion about detailing welcomed.
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