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good as new :)

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E34 M20B20 1989 Motronic 1.3

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/o/, I've been having this issue for one year, don't know what else to do:

The symptoms:
- shitty idle (70% of the time)
- runs very rich, but also not all the time, it can run fine for half an hour, then all the sudden the AF ratio fucks up and runs very rich almost killing the engine
- it was loosing coolant (this one i hope i fixed just now)

Things I worked on so far:
- changed both temperature sensors
- changed the radiator, original one was turning to dust
- cleaned and checked bot AFM and TPS
- looped the coolant from the throttle body
- cleaned and rebuilt the injectors
- cleaned and rebuilt the heater core valves
- changed the headgasket
- changed the fuel pump (pierburg)
- changed the sparkplugs
- changed the belts
- changed the thermostate
- changed O2 sensor
- changed the fuel filter
- changed the electrical regulator
- changed the battery

What else can I do?
will adjust the valves soon enough
was thinking to take on the impulse sensor, check the electrical shits..
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Would you a hearse?

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Why do normalfags absolutely hate blue and green cars nowadays?
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i like it
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Daily Bike Thread - /DBT/

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>UPDATED ZX4R COLORS (and hopefully pricing...)
>NEW MULE SXS !!!!!! WOO !!!!!!!!!

>smaller tire width = faster corner speed (fun)
>Never buying used
>Never buying new
>Turning your VFR into a street fighter
>Motorcycle dating advice
>Lowsiding high5ing techniques
>ZX4RR > R7
>zx4r bros we win
>getting banned for wrong-think on /dbt
>fucking nobikes shitting up the thread
>motorcycle instathots & moto wreck webms
>Pass the MSF, wear ear plugs

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953
jannies can suck a dick:

Training links:

Training vids:
Twist of the Wrist:

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Washer pilled

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Why haven't you taken the washers pill anon?, You're not really gonna pay 1000$ for some 326Power springs are you?
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/osg/ - Auto Sticker General #554

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>What Vendors are Active Edition? I made a new google docs and removed dead links
Previous thread: >>26624804

>Vendors list with visualization, courtesy of Taiyo

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ
>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to automotive decals and stickers, as well as other general aesthetic modifications.
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What does /o/ think about his car channel?
He's /g/ certified as the smartest Tech Guy on YouTube.
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webm thread
no motorcycles edition
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