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Thermostats are weird

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I'm trying to figure out what thermostat to get to replace in my truck...I want the OEM part, it's Ford so Motorcraft, right? Rockauto has a gazillion thermostats without the rubber O-ring (including one by Motorcraft!) Then they have a single Motorcraft one with O-ring, what gives? Picrel. Do I O or no? Is there a good site to match up the OEM with your VIN? That isn't checkout bullshit.

I don't want to take everything apart then discover I've got the wrong one. I'm the dude who's engine started running cold a few days ago. Gonna flush and fill before winter, even tho it's AZ so might not really be necessary but whatever. Thanks.
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Auto repair fuck ups. No wrenchlets allowed.
>be tired after doing a ton of maintenance to a corolla beater I bought
>get done with all new brakes and fluids
>power steering pump and belts
>fix three door handles
>fix speakers
>clean and vacuum it
>go to fill power steering fluid so I can start it and turn the wheel to fill it
>keeps squeaking
>keep filling
>got to fill about the third time
>foam everywhere
>look at bottle
>grabbed brake fluid like a dumb ass and not PS/ATF fluid
>fuck up pump
>pull it and clean it
>have to wait until next day to return to store and get new one
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No wonder Americans hate diesels.
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Bane of my existance
>Behind one
Goes too slow, brakes too hard
>In front of one
Goes too fast, rides your ass
>On the highway
90 in a 55
>Off the highway
12 around a turn in a 35mph

These are the best selling cars around here and 1/2 the population has two, never to park at their home, just drive 24/7 and be annoying on the roads. FUCK THIS
I see ones from the 90s to brand new, always being annoying. I'm in central PA btw.
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Buick Reatta

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I've always liked these, they are weird as fuck and very strangely proportioned. This guy is selling one nearby for a pretty manageable price in today's climate, 115k on a 3800 isn't too bad,I've had plenty of experience with the motor but I'm worried about the tranny, it being the weak point of the car. Should I go take a look at it anyway? I was shopping for something a little more powerful...

Guy selling has only had it for a year which is sort of a red flag for a car like this imo...(it's a 1990 it doesn't have the CRT computer in the dash)
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Coolest car names
Kraut digits btfo

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Cars you see often that go 5-20+ mph under the speed limit

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>Old Nissan: an illegal
>Dodge caravan: some soccer mom
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Mustang GT thread

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post Mustangs, but also,
why are they so much better than every other car in their price segment?

every other comparable car is compromised in some way.
either overpriced and underpowered (WRX STI, Type R, 400z); or
at similar performance (Camaro, Challenger, Supra) they are deeply flawed in some notable way:
(visibility/GM product; boat/can't turn; fake Toyota/no manual)
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Welp there goes my retirement.
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Am I fucked?

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What's the chance that I have a blown head gasket?

>Driving my old shitbox yesterday
>engine loses power and start making funny noises
>got home and popped the hood
>coolant reservoir was empty
>didn't find any coolant leak
>let it cool down and then took the reservoir cap to fill it with water
>it was smelling like gas
>filled the reservoir and started the engine
>rough idling and I could see the water draining from the reservoir
>water and white smoke coming out of the tailpipe

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