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>paddle shifters
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Does your city/town have a road that you love to drive up/down?

I go up and down here every couple of days because I love it so much.
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>pre-collision braking
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why is a base camaro just as fast as top trim track spec mustang GT350R?
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>push button start
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Performance mods

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What mods do you think are most important/your favorite for increasing:
>horse power/torque
inb4 tires
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What's the fastest you've ever gone in your car /o/?
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i just got my sweet new ride, and i'm racing some s2000 with 100k under its hood. i'll win right?
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Just watched a boomer and apprentice fight over this, so 6 or 12 point? Fight. I'm bored. 12 point for 12 point heads only master race.
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What are some /o/ approved vidya?
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