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Explain to me why you haven't bought a Mazda 3 yet?
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Why are women so fucking retarded when it comes to cars?

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>sister bought a 2016 Subaru Impreza Sport Limited new last year
>made her fiance cosign for it because no credit
>put $10k down and is still paying $300something per month
>interior is now completely coated in dog hair
>has only changed the oil once since she bought it
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And you guys said V6 mustangs don't attract women HA!
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Jeep TJ issue

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So i've had this Jeep TJ sport for 16 years now. 4.0 straight six, manual trans.

It has been very good to me but over the years, one persistent issue has been the engine cooling system. At around year 8, the radiator shit the bed and literally blew up. The top cap (plastic) split as I was pulling up to work one day.

Since then, it has been an off and on issue, but I have gone through three radiators since.

For backstory: Two of those were rebuilds from a local shop and I learned valuable lessons: 1. Don't get rebuilds. 2.Really...don't get rebuilds. I then got a factory replacement, installed it and have had no problems since... (While I was in there, also replaced the water pump.)

But through all three of the "new" radiators over a period of 8 years, every once in a while after a short two or three mile trip, all of the coolant in the overflow bottle will vomit everything out. I am not clear what is happening and no one I know can figure it out either.

It happened last night. Short trip to the grocery; come out to see the ground soaked with coolant.

Any ideas?
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Check out this sick new Jeep interior
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Audi. Opinions?

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Go ahead.
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/fag/ - French Auto General

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tfw no comfy 4L edition

>Post (your) /fag/gy cars
>Discuss /fag/gy cars
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is Ryosuke a manlet?
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