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How old were you when you got your license and what did you drive to take the test? Pic related, I drove my aunt's 93 Metro and I was 20.
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Car of the year 2019 coming through
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Not sure where to post so I guess I'll make a thread.

Anyone know where I could find a seatbelt equivalent of a pic related headphone dongle?

I'm trying to turn my 4 seater car into a 5 seater.
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Does anyone else feel like they don't have a dream car or a car that really speaks to them? I feel like there are some cars that get close but something just feels like it's missing.

My friend's dad was a member at a local car club and he knew a guy who had an 850CSi.

I got to ride in the passenger seat of one while he drove around the city. Eventually he let me drive it around the block a few times then for a few minutes on the highway for a bit and that was possibly the closest to euphoria that I've been in a car, and have never really felt it in any other car, especially not anything made within the last 15-20 years.

Anyone else feel this way?

> pic related, not the guys
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how the fuck am i supposed to tweak this shit while driving? i miss having just a bass and treble knob. all the presets are tuned to black music. i try to do a custom one but if it sounds good on Butthole Surfers it doesn't sound good on Allman Brothers. i just want a bass and treble knob. what the fuck am i supposed to do with this shit honestly
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buying an is300

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Is there any reason I shouldn't buy a 2001 Lexus is300? It's got 170,000 miles. Timing belt and other maintenance has been done. The car is stock besides wheels and tires. He's asking 4,000$. I heard the Na 2jz is bulletproof and will last a long time, and that the only downfall is shitty gas mileage(15mpg city). Opinions? I'd be using it to drive to college and work.
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Everything wrong with EVs

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Tell me everything that is wrong with EVs, especially from an economical and ecological standpoint.

I need the ultimate Red pill
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If Kia came out with an enthusiast model that had the 3.3L, RWD, 6 speed manual, and base level interior, would you buy it?
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This is it folks, the all new 2019 Blazer.
What a load of shit.
>4 cylinder engine
>not based on any truck
>ugly ass camaro front end for no reason
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