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What brand would you guys say is the Cadillac of cars?
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Why is this allowed?
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The Dodge Mirada

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Post R A R E American muscle itt.
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What the fuck were they thinking? Is the point of this car for you to show to your super-rich friends that you're willing to spend huge money on a product that's inferior to S class MB or 7-series BMW?
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I don't get it, why do Americans pay over 60k for a new "sports car" when you can buy a beautiful c6 Z06 for around 30k with decent aftermarket available for it.
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>slower than the ford gt
can we all agree the c7 was a failure?
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Did I do good?

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Just bought my first car for college, need a ride to pick up grills in. How'd I do?

Got this 2002 E320 with only 30k miles on it for $9000. Anything I need to know as far as maintenance goes on this? Working part time in the campus cafeteria at $10/hr so hopefully it's not too bad. Should be fine since the miles are low and it's not rusted right?
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British classics- /o/'s thoughts?

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As title states, are British classics a good choice or should they be avoided like the plague? 70's-90's, any brand.
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Is it worth getting the crosstrek with a manual transmission? the CVT gets better fuel economy and you can get the limited trim with leather where as the manual trans only comes on the cloth interior premium trim.
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