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How to haggle

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Going to be looking at some cars in a few days
first time buying a car. Read the sticky, but what are some tricks to haggle.
having cash on hand is a good idea I've heard, also dont compliment the car and stay neutral
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Dee bee tee - /dbt/

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[ daily bike thread - /dbt/ ]

R A R E B O I S edition

>Motorcycle Related Cartoons
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice

/dbt/ map:

Nobike? Start here:

A2 bikes:

Motorcycle Ergonomics simulator:

Webms with sound:

Previously on /dbt/:
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n/o/rcal RAMEN TOGUE

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Thread #2 Bitches
Be there or be square
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ITT: fixing ugly cars

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What is your average speed /o/?
picrelated my daily commute speed
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M3 or Quadrifoglio

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Guys I need help choosing between these two cars please

Benefits of Quadrifoglio:
1. Looks Unique
2. Sounds better than the M3
3. Is more fun to drive than the M3
4. Is faster than the M3
5. I don't have to associate with the brain damaged BMW fans
6. It's an Alfa

Pros of M3:
1. Manual transmission
2. There are a bunch on the lot so I can get one for like $5k off sticker
3. It looks like any other BMW so it's less likely to get negative attention I guess
4. Don't have to wait as long to get one.

What do I do guys
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Anyone else know that feel?
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Why are people obsessed with pop- up headlight? I get the aerodynamic improvements but couldnt they just do flat headlight like the later NSX model? Also adds another thing to repair.

Pic unrelated
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Why can't Honda design google looking cars?
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What is the comfiest and/or best colors for gauge clusters?
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