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What do you think of the new Honda Rebel redesign?
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Hi /o/

What is best car for under $30,000 that's new or low mileage?

Thank you
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Hey guys, saw this ad for a 1990 Geo Prizm in seemingly decent shape. I only have about 1.3k to my name and looking to make a tactical purchase. Really I was looking for a 400 dollar shitbox to get around in but I saw this and I'm wondering if I should splurge a little extra for it?

Seems like I can trust the owner, I'd try to haggle it down to maybe 800 or so.

other options are this wagon, not much detail:

this tercel, seems like its in good shape:

I have other cars listed at 1.5k that I'd want to try haggling down. If you guys care I'll post the links.
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Thinking about joining the two-wheeler club? Must enjoy zipping from A to B and ridin' free.
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what are the varying opinions on /o/ about the Golf R?

I'm thinking about getting one in a few years before the complete refresh in 2020. current vehicle is a 2016 FiST
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I know that in almost every scenario, keeping the racing line and griping on the road is quicker then drifting. However, would it be quicker to drift a corner if it were very slipery like if it had snow on it or alot of rain, or simply a non adhesive surface( like heavy gravel in rally)? Does anyone have any valid proof or simply personal experience?
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/tg/ トヨタ

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Toyota General
>early twenties edition

>Should /tg/ allow Daihatsu cars on the montage?

>List of Toyota model codes

Sister Honda thread


Bump the thread if it's at page 6


>Can anyone tell if anon need anything beyond just a new exhaust?

Previous thread:
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Is this car worth 3k?

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Equinox
Style: LS 4DR SUV FWD A5
Engine: 3.4L Gasoline V6

It has 94k miles on it, and the oil hasn't been changed in a year. Oil looked thick and was really low. Took it for a test drive it had a rough start and a quiet scraping noise coming from the left side when driving slow. The owner said they only drive it about a couple times a week to get groceries and go to church(there my aunts two retired neighbors).

The doors only unlock automatically sometimes from the key and never from the door.The brake light is almost falling out/loose. There are some small dents/scratches and a couple big ones along with paint chipping.

Are these problems easy to fix? Are there scratches and dents fixable?
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do mx5 drivers in Japan get as much unwarranted shit from others as they do in the USA?
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Can I use black RTV sealant in substitute for a gasket for my throttle body? The old liner broke apart and so I used a small bead around where the old gasket is and it's curing as we speak.

Or should I just drive up to autozone and get gasket material and cut my own? I didn't have anything else except black RTV so I'm using that for the time being.