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What privileges do you get from owning your car that you wouldn't have without it?
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What car has the worst turning radius?
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So whats your excuse o?

If this Melanin Enriched Individual can build a car from scrap, why cant you do something worthwhile?
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Who is this marketed towards?
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why can dealers inflate the price on cars by 10k 20k etc?

Also why cant you bypass the dealer and go to the manufacturer directly?
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Is tranny fluid and diff fluid the same thing?
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What are some fun /o/ related shit to stick on the Velcro parts of my bag?
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one of these threads
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Old person stories

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>at intersection in right-turn lane
>waiting for gap in traffic
>old cunt comes up behind me
>feel my car get pushed slightly and start rolling forward
>this old cunt has driven into the back of me
>his car is still in contact with mine and he seems unaware
>hoot and gesture at him to fuck off
>drive forward
>he continues driving closer to my car

He literally didn't even realize what he had done.

Why the fuck do we let these cunts drive?
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Why aren't there more cars with the engines in the rear?
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