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Finally able to the wash the car with ma man

Gettin wet with your boys stories?
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hey man what car is this?
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I performed an oil change on my car but after draining the oil I realized I had forgotten to buy new oil so I drove 12 miles to Canadian Tire with a dry engine. Is my car going to be okay?
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Has there ever been a modern car that has been better at conveying design intent? Even without the badge, you look at this thing and it wonderfully broadcasts a sense of power, solidity, wealth and class.
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So I'm going to cheat on my wife with a married girl. We are trying to be as carefull as possible so our others don't find out. I don't want to leave any money paper trail so we are going to meet up and screw in the back of my BMW X3 since the seats fold down and have plenty of space. The problem is I live in the cities and I'm having a hard time thinking of a place to park that won't have other people but also not so alone that we stick out like one lone car in a school parking lot or something like that that would draw attention. Give me some ideas of places where we won't draw attention
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Where did it all go so right /o/?

Hyundai is fucking killing it with the sport lineup.
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Retarded newfag here

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I'm tired of paying for an apartment. I want to live in a van.

Tell me how to do it realistically.
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How do I unlock the 6th speed on my 5-speed manual honda civic?
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/KCM/ Kia Cars Matter!

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My fellow /o/utists, its time we end Porsche supremacy and bring equality to Kia cars world wide

Some brand bigots say that porsche's are faster than kia's, but we need to let these shitlords know that the difference in speed between the fastest kia and the slowest kia is greater than the difference between kia brand's average speed and porsche's average speed.

We also need to address brand segregation at tracks. Did you know that in every state in the US, bigots are holding porsche-only high performance driving events? Disgusting. We need at least 50/50 representation of Kia's to Porsche's or we are betraying the spirit of equality and missing the opportunity for Kia's to also get podium finishes.

Another issue is robber baron capitalists charging more at the pump for premium gas, putting it out of the reach of everyday kia's that are the true backbone of the automotive space (without all the kia's on the road, there wouldn't be even one porsche making it past 100mph). We demand price parity for all gas grades at the pump until just as many kia's are able to fuel on premium as porsche.

Lets not forget the criminal reality that most porche's are able to spend their nights indoor in their garage while kia's are out on the street getting weathered. A voucher program must be started to subsidize putting kia's in the same quality garages that porsche's get.

Finally, there are millions of kia's in the third world that are just as capable as any other car of cruising first world highways. Some say Kia's in the third world dont have modern emissions or safety equipment, or have never had regular safety inspections. Well those are the words of a brand bigot and a car xenophobe, we must end border checkpoints for kia cars (3rd world porsche must comply with 1st world standards however, because they are not suffering from systematic brand bigotry).

Lets work together to make everyone understand that Kia Cars Matter!
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Would I make a good car model girl? And what car should I model?
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