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I'm pretty new to manual, only been driving one for 3 months now. Is it normal to not have all your shifts be super smooth?

My first to second gear shifts are sometimes a little bit bumpy where the car lurches back and forth a bit. Downshifts are also sometimes a little clunky. I reckon with more time they'll smooth out but do most people really shift flawlessly with a manual to the point where its as smooth as a new auto?
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Let's play a game /o/, post your favourite (least hated) car from a manufacturer you absolutely despise
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How do I pick a car to buy? I've never had a car before. Only drove my parents' Pilots and MDX. I'll be needing one this year in Colorado and just need something to get to work and the mountains. I've looked at the Subaru SUVs but I literally don't know how to pick out a car. Advice?
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>1987 RX7 FC
>Odometer Reads: 130K
>1.3 L - 13B Electronic Injection Rotary Engine
>VIN # JM1FC3313H0532233

Help me figure out if this is a legit good FC or some fucker on Craigslist Trying to kill me
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Twingo Thread

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I haven't been here in a while. Update me on the new Twingo memes
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>mfw bought a car without a throttle
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My brakes look like this, and make grinding noises. They still stop okay though. Are they okay to drive on?
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>girlfriend picks me up from work because my shitter is in the shop
>she starts bitching about buying a car that isn't garbage
>rip a massive fart to shut her up
>she freaks out and rolls down the windows
>laugh audibly as I keep trying to roll mine up
>finally arrive at our apartment
>stand up to find that I've stained her seat
>she starts crying
Anybody else ever do this?
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