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First Car

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I'm gonna buy my first car and was looking at this.

What's /o/'s thoughts?

>Volkswagen Golf 2.0 -02
>87 000 km
>3k dollars/ 2.4k euros
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2001 Sonoma

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I own a gmc Sonoma. It’s misfiring when starting and at speed between 40-60 mph. Had a diagnostic on it code came back as smog pump but was told that it won’t cause sputtering. I was thinking spark plugs or the plug wires. Anyone have any suggestions?
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>drives 10 under in the left lane
>straddles double yellow line
>makes a full stop while taking a right turn

Why do we allow boomers to drive?
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This is Adolf Hitler.
It's his birthday today, so say something nice about him!
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Car Seats Thread

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Post what you sit on
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Question: whats the safest chassis to build on(ls7 +t56 so rwd only)

I was thinking a volvo or bmw and keep the airbag system ticking+ a roll bar+door bar? The problem i find is its hard to balance size and safety. I'm pretty tall so i really hate the thought of being sardines. I of course want an agile and fun car though.
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Naru General /ng/ “truckefag edition”

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This week in the Naru Saga
>Naru come out of hiding after bitching out
>joins the Truckerfag discord server
>claims to be a truck driver, says he drives his dads f250
>continues to russle jimmies across the board
How do we stop this madman /o/? When will the ride end?
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Why is this a thing? Clicked a vid once and now my IG is full of videos of people shooting soapy water out of the exhaust of nice cars
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/hg/ 本田

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