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Let me start:

German speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland etc.)

VW Golf GTI (Nowadays preferably MK5 GTI)

Driven by skinny Beta faggot with a huge basball cap, with brown/orange skin (from solariums), who is dumb as a stump.
Tends to have a small fat gf with dyed black or blonde hair, who wears enough make up for two, and always wears leggings, even though her legs look like pig feet.
His car is mildly riced, and lowered, and he tends ro aggressively overtake people.
But is a full on pussy when confronted.
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ITT: Shittly describe a car

I'll start with a few:

>Japanese dodge viper rip off powered by roticery space magic
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How old were you when you bought your first car?

Not when you had your first car (ie. given by parents etc), but when you actually bought one yourself

for me it was when I was 26 last year and I got one of these
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So my car sat for about 10 days, and I took it for a spin today and started hearing this noise. Only happens when the throttle is suddenly opened. Any RPM, doesn't matter if it's under load or not. AC belt doesn't exist so it's not the compressor clutch.

This is transmission in neutral, parking brake on, engine warmed up. My first instinct is either the fan clutch or the alternator bearing. Fan/alternator belt is new and it's tight. It might have gotten some oil on it because the pan is leaking. Does anyone have any other ideas? The noise is LOUD.
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>265 horse power
So, whats the catch? Why is this so overlooked from the likes of s2000?
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Why isn't there a direct competitor for the Corvette from Ford?
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BMW 323ti compact

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Fuck your AE86, MR2 and Miatas. This is the only right choice when looking for an cheap sportscar.
>170hp inline 6 cylinder M52 engine
>comes stock with m-chassis from the E36 M3
>1200kg (2600lb)
>the M52 engines are fucking solid and you get 200+ hp easy with new cam+Intake manifold from the M50 engine
If you don't owne one your fucking retarded.
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What the fuck is this box
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Miata thread! I need ideas for my na Miata
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