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Let me guess, you need more?
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Just bought one for $1,600 it doesn't starts just makes the sound needs a new alternator and pump. I have 0 knowledge of cars
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Wave Goodbye to Cars: Day Cruisers - The Superior Automotive Marvels!

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Step aside poor, four-wheeled cagies, Prepare to be blown away by the untamed beauty and unparalleled thrill of day cruisers on the open waters.
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I miss the Honda Element so much bros
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A fucking Traviq!
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/TFG/ truck boyz general

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Yea u know who I am. And u know what this is. This is the truck boyz general.

Yeah I hate 4 wheelers
Yeah my job is skilled
Yeah I make racks
Yeah if u could do it u would be. But the reality is u can’t. U are a product. A house human. You wake up and go to the place run on ur wheel. I am out here choosing my lanes, choosing my freight, if I want to park I park. If I want to book a load to ur moms house I do it. Some ppl can’t handle this life of this amount of freedom.
Oh and by the way I’ve put several mad lads like u in the ditch. U kids always act like ur tough but when my trailer starts coming over u will always choose the ditch. Last person that brake checked me is rotting in the ground. u got what it takes to post in the truck boyz g? Let’s hear it
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Cool Cars

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What cool, rare or just nice cars have you seen lately?
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What's the worst car deal you've ever seen? Saw this one in a mechanics help group, pretty fucking terrible.

I've also heard from a friend at a Dodge dealer from back in the day a couple tried to trade in two dodge darts for a challenger, they were upside-down $15k on their loans and their monthly payment would've been over $1.1k lmao
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