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Does anyone have any good human bean material like from the driver?
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>these have been legal for 4 months
>not a single person in the country has imported one
>/o/ hasn't said a single thing about it and normies actively shit on the car irl

How did Nissan manage to make this car so undesirable?
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My first car.

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Hey! I just bought my first car. Cost me $1,800 and I paid in cash with my own money. It's a 2005 Ford Taurus SE. It runs great but I'd like to get a bluetooth radio installed so I can listen to music from my phone. How much should I pay for this? Also it needs a new serpentine belt. Is that something someone with little mechanical knowledge can replace or should I bring it in? Any other advice for a first time owner is appreciated.
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Things you wish you knew before buying your first car.

It's time that I need to get myself my own mode of transportation, mainly for work. I don't know much about cars, I just know that I need one.
I've read the sticky and am looking through some used cars right now, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.
I have $1.5k in the bank. I just want something that won't die in a year and won't cost a lot in upkeep. Guess I should look at a Honda Civic from the sticky image?

Drop any suggestions, tips and tricks, etc.
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/bant/ get
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While doing an oil change I rolled my car off of one of the ramps, the front passenger side. There's now a dent in the rocker panel but what other damage might I have done to the front axles/suspension/wheels?
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why should i not buy a '98 toyota corolla? also general faults thread for corollas
pic unrelated
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Got some vintage hubcaps and have no idea of their value or what car they came from. Help me out?
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Cadillac Boss Johan de Nysschen Is Out

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>Johan de Nysschen, the Cadillac leader once heralded by General Motors as its “premier change agent” for the luxury brand, has left. Steve Carlisle, formerly president of GM Canada, is taking over “effective immediately,” according to GM.

>De Nysschen’s departure had been rumored within GM headquarters for months, despite a slew of new product, rising transaction prices, soaring sales in China, and a new Cadillac-exclusive V-8 engine all introduced under his 42-month tenure. Unusually, GM’s statement included nothing from de Nysschen himself, only a head nod to an executive it once praised for his “unmatched record, skill set, and determination.”