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Dual Cam Swap in a shell

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I am looking for a project and i have sourced both a shell for a 240sx (an S13 shell single cam) and i have found an S13 dual cam engine, ecu, harness, and manual trans. How hard will dropping the new engine in be even though i have theoretically everything i need to drop it in? Will i need to mock up fuel and power steering lines or is it as direct as i presume?
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>Ford 3.5L EcoBoost
>400 lbs
>over 700 HP

>Chevy LT4
>529 lbs
>a measly 600 HP

Turbo V6's are clearly better than V8's for track performance. Why would you want extra weight if you're trying to create a lightweight track vehicle?
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>Corvette could have looked like this in the 90's
How would you feel about this?

also, concept car thread.
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>fucking hate, can't stand Korean/Hyundai piece of shit vehicles
>realize that I own 3

What the fuck is wrong with me
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What car(s) literally disgusted you to drive?

I've been thinking about this for a minute and the only think that came to mind was my friend's old Cavalier

>somehow floaty, wobbly, and insane road vibration all at the same time
>shit steering that was somehow heavier than my manual steering Civic
>whole top of dash wobbled over bumps
>2.2 felt and pulled like an outboard motor
>felt like it could disintegrate at any time
>the largest auto company built this
>GM everyone
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Hello /o/,
So my father has a 1968 convertible Camaro with the 327 and a 2 speed auto. It's nothing special, but its killing me to see it sitting and just getting more and more decrepit. It's been sitting since around 2000 and ran fine until the alternator went bad and my dad shelved it. Seeing as that was the only real issue, what does /o/ estimate the cost of getting it rolling again is? The interior is disgusting and the convertible roof is rotted through, but all I care about is getting is getting it running.
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350,000 miles. It burns so much oil it converted itself into a 2 stroke.
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€150.000 to spend on a sportscar. Suggestions?
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Help me /o/. I have a 2007 Chebby Malibu with the 3.5 and when I turn the key to start it all the dash lights come on but when I go to ignition they all go off and the starter doesn't click. They wont come back on unless I mess with the battery or wait a while. Any ideas? I was thinking bad connection at the battery but the terminals look fine. Maybe a solenoid/switch somewhere?
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Fog lights

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People who drive with fog lights on all of the time are either ignorant or subjectively retarded. They are divided into 3 general groups:
1. Those who have no idea what the fog lights are and what they are for. These people often don't even know they are on or how to turn the off/on
2. Those who think that having fog lights on during night and/or day improve their visibility or make their car better visible to other drivers
3. Those who think that they look cool or some other nonsense

I'd like to think that there's a very special extra hot pot in hell for those who drive with fogs when it's uncalled for. What's /o/'s opinion?

P.S. Apologies if this gets discussed often, I checked the catalog and didn't find a relevant thread.
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