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itt: if cars had people names

4th gen altima: enrique
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Seriously why do Germans get so pissy and triggered when you bring up cars not built in their country?

For example this guy

Even when people bring up the V series and how it brutally anal rapes anything from M and AMG and Porsche euros get so triggered and angry online

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I will ONLY drive my car if I am wearing fingerless gloves and listening to eurobeat or vaporwave.

Am I autistic?
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YLYL /o/ edition

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Why do new Yorkers love Escalades?
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July 7-8
Orlando Meet
Karts, Food, and Cruising
Main Kart Event starts at 12 on Saturday
Everyone is invited
Miami disperses 8am
Palm Beach 9am
Have Walkie Talkies prepared to communicate.
k1 speed practices all day friday
all podium finishers will get a reward.
July 7-8

Here's the link to the Discord server we use
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Hey /o/ I need some buying advice.

I currently own a BMW 318i M-Sport 2004, Automatic and I bought it for $5,500 in January 2017. It's in good condition and it has done 137,000 kilometres.

I'm thinking of selling it to my friend for $6,000 since I want to get a manual car that I can have fun in and enjoy, the problem is though that I want to get an RX-8. The BMW is a great looking car and drives well but it's not manual.

This is a problem to me because my car originally retailed for $66,000 in 2004 as new and I feel like I would be throwing away money because the BMW retailed for more than the RX-8. I would sell the BMW for more but I live in New Zealand where no one wants to spend a lot of money on an automatic.

The car I want to get is a 2007 RX-8, 6 speed with 120,000 kilometres. Any advice on what I should do and thoughts on getting the RX-8 are well appreciated.
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Ask someone that just installed a bearing backwards anything.
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who /severe neglect/ here

>tfw haven't changed oil in 15 months
>tfw haven't washed in 8 months, even during witner
>tfw one headlight out
>tfw food wrappers all over passenger footwell
>tfw interior smells like musty water
>tfw mold growing on carpet
>tfw exhaust leak
>tfw no wiper fluid
>tfw bald tires
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Does this look legit? I wonder if it's stolen

Tell me why I should go buy it right now.