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Sonata hybrid

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Trying to buy my first car and I really want this one. It's a 2011 hybrid and only has 50k kilometers, for about 13,000 before tax.
My question is how do you buy a car you can't afford? I have about 6 grand on me right now and I'm sure i won't be able to get a loan from my bank. The dealer offers financing but I don't want to fuck myself with multi year contracts.
I can probably afford this within a year but this seems to be an incredible deal I won't find again, so how do I get this now?
[spoiler:lit]sorry for the blog post[/spoiler:lit]
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Should I?

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Thinking about buying the Vette, your thoughts/ advice?
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OK, I know this is one of you fuckers, so to the guys in E-Town with these sick-ass weeb stickers: you made my day. Work was hectic and I felt great just knowing someone in the area has these stickers. Thanks guys
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>buying a used corolla from a toyta dealership
>tell them i want to take the car to an motor association recommended mechanic for an inspection
>Dealer offers to take the car to the mechanic for me
>All I have to do is book the appointment and pay the inspection fee myself
Should I take them up on the offer? It smells fishy to me, but then I wouldn't have to take time off of work
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>got off the phone with some guy selling his car
>literal thick unidentifiable accent

Is this car going to be bad ?
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What model Ferrari is this?
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Emergency help needed here

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Hey guys I need quick help, I have never driven a manual and I'm stuck on a hill. Everytime I'm trying to hit first great the engine stalls. I keep rolling back and there are cars parked behind me. I only have 2 shots left. Help me please, I'm not getting any responses on the Nissan gtr forums.

Pic unrelated, don't have anything on my phone
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App/o/lachian Summer Meet

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Where: Deals Gap Tennessee/North Carolina

When: August 19


This April we put together the first appalachian area /o/ meet, and it was a success. No one crashed, and a fiero died for our sins

For the end of the summer, we're going to be doing a meet at deals gap. The path has yet to be laid out, but most likely we will be starting on tail of the dragon and heading into the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest to hit the sweepers.

Join our discord for more information in the following week
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So, my stock horn randomly stopped working, and I bought a replacement one from AutoZone. I snipped off the OEM harness and connected the aftermarket (low tone) horn. It sounds like shit. No one can ever hear it. So I bought a "freeway blaster" high tone horn to replace the crappy low tone one, now it sounds okayish.
My question is this: I thought that most cars had two horns, a low and a high, my car only came with one, attached to one harness, if I split the wires and also hook up the low tone, will I get a better, fuller sound?

Car is a 2008 Mazda 3 hatch.