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Doug DeMuro.
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Why does Ferrari think this is okay while they threatened Deadmau5 for his NyanCat wrap?

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i negotiated the payment on a car today. do you think its a good deal? should i tell the dealer to piss off?

so yea im the same guy who keeps asking questions about the 2012 golf r. if that annoys you --suck it. thanks btw you guys gave me a lot of useful information.

anyway so its a 2012 golf r. 97k miles. had it inspected. in really good condition minus a couple tiny things.

it needs a timing belt and yes its a belt not a chain, retards. one of the tires needs to be changed. brakes are at about 50%, and there are some scratches and one pretty substantial ding in the front fender. but engine and everything is fine. well maintained and serviced.clean carfax, 1 owner etc.

asking price 15700.
offered my saab as a trade. said theyd only give me 500 for it and said they cant even sell it and will probably just junk it, which is fucking sad and seems like an awful idea. gonna put 2500 down plus the trade. i have good credit so interest was 6.9%

so they came at me with 373 for 66 months. after about an hour i got them down to 275 for 72 months. by saying no to the warranty, and basically just nitpicking and saying i'd pass if they couldnt lower it.

so at the end of the night when they finally got it to 275 i was like... well... my insurance company is closed now, so i cant insure this thing and drive it away tonight, so im gonna go home and think about it and i dont want to leave a deposit or sign anything. so i just left and told them ill think about it.

So what do you think? is that a good deal?
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Who else is ready to get their BMW 8 series and leave the peasantry behind in the rearview mirror.

Haters gona hate, but I cant hear em from inside my Beemer8.
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Thoughts on the Ecoboost Mustang

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In the market for a new car and a 2019 Ecoobost Premium has caught my eye. Kona blue with black leather.

Can /o/ give me their thoughts on this car pls?
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what's the best 'fun' car for under $3k? practical and reliable too

i know beggars can't be choosers....but i'd obviously like the 'funner' car between two that are similarly priced. here are my choices
>clapped out base RSX
>clapped out prelude
>clapped out civic si
>clapped out mazda3
>clapped out toyo celica
>clapped out e36
notable mention: miata, fun but not a practical daily
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My first and foremost concern when buying a car is the control I have over it. I don't want it to do shit automatically, I don't want it to be able to make decisions, and I don't want it to have any kind of "signal" so no one else can do shit without my consent either. Price, mileage, safety, all of these things are distant secondaries in comparison.

I've given up on the hope of a stock car coming in good condition like that, so the next best thing to ask is this: What car can I get past ~2008 that minimizes these "features", and how can I remove what remains myself once I have it?
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Are there any ways to check a cars history that doesn't cost me a monthly payment? I'm at a car lot waiting for an auction and even though some of these cars seem good, I see cars like Damage Type : Total Loss/Flood and it scares the shit out of me.

Is there any way to check a cars history without paying a fist full of cash or am I screwed?
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/o/nnaroads story time?

>be me

>a couple months ago

>driving in a 45 mph zone

>doing like 47

>eventually catch up to a newer red GMC yukon

>fucker's doing 20

>swervin all over, either just nutted from his wife giving him roadhead or he's on a cruise with his homeboy Jack Daniels

>eventually road splits up into 2 lanes, so I switch lanes and pass while flooring it in 2nd

Im driving a fucking miata so by the time I pass him I'm only doing like 40-45. Plus, 2nd redlines at 43.

>light ahead turns red, I make the split second decision to hit the brakes

>safely come to a stop

>yukon pulls up

>lowers window (I had my top down so I could hear him obviously)



I was just so surprised from this dude yelling that at me after this extremely mild encounter all I could think of to say was "uhh ok buddy"

>light turns green within a couple seconds after I say that

>take off, going to about 4k rpm in first gear

>suddenly see big ol yukon JUMP from a stop


>he switches lanes

>fight or flight

>I choose flight

>it's a pretty even matchup for straight line speed

>start flossing through traffic

>I'm only going 55, as this road is notorious for people not actually driving 45. Passing with ease while everyone does 35-40

>yukon can't compete with nimble miata's ability

>eventually get to the turn I'm taking to go to a friend's house


>see those fuckhuge xenon headlights getting up to the turn lane as I'm taking the turn at a brisk speed

>by the time he takes the turn, I'm already doing 70 and have a quarter of a mile on him

>I hop on the highway and I'm gone

and that's how I escaped some middle aged dude's dronken rage
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Any tips for owning an rx7 fd? buyong one soon.
also any good sites for parts? coilovers, bumpers, exhaust etc?
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