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Gas mileage / fuel economy

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Hey /o what is your average MPG city/highway and average cost to fill your tank?

Pic related, about 20-30$ and maybe 25/35 (don't have an instrument cluster to tell me)
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a fairy (a sexy fairy by your standards) spawns infront of you and offers you an old '04 SL55AMG with <50k Km (<31k Mi) for a "reasonable" price...

...what's your reply?
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You may only post in this thread if your car is 2WD.
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Where does this go?
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Lexus IS-F?

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Any IS-F owners out there? Thinking about upgrading from my IS350. Good move?

Also considering the following:
>Corvette C6
>Audi S4/5
>BMW 135i

I know the F is auto, but I love how unique it is. I've only ever seen one in person. Also, dat reliability and service.

Redpill me, faggots.
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"roadside assistance"

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Someone was watching the news around me last night and this came on. How can they even broadcast this?
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Women Drivers... The Worst

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If you are man and a woman is driving, what exactly are you doing with your life? Here's the grease pill: Women account for more accidents than men but drive less!

Tradition shows us that men are naturally more adept at driving and should be behind the wheel at all times if there is a woman involved at all times possible.
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Have a very autistic question /o/.

So I have a shopping cart with 2 cases of water, if I move them to the front it's harder to turn, if I move them to the rear it's easier to turn. Middle is, well, between the two.

Does this translate to cars and engine placement? I've only ever driven fr layout cars so I have no experience in say an mr or rr like a Fiero or Porsche.

>pic related
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Looking for car recomendations 10k budget

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Hello fellow memembers
I'm looking to get a car 2010 and newer and 40000 miles or less. Relaible and comfortable for long trips.
So far I came down to
Corrola 2012-
Mazda 6 2010-2012
Mazda 3 2012-
Impreza if im lucky 2010-2011

I'm a tall guy so have to test drive those. Corrola was alright for a short trip.

Any recomendations?
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