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Why are niggers obsessed with BMW’s?
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This board is too slow, post your car.
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Do mustangs from 2005-2009 have any issues? Are they reliable?

Looking to buy a manual gt with this sort of body style
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Imagine German and Japanese cars if they won WW2.
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What's his fucking problem?
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I think I've posted on /o/ twice in the past decade, but I recently fell into a job on an auto lot and have been driving all kinds of different cars for the past couple months and really want to buy something new (currently drive an '08 Impreza). What does /o/ think of the newer Honda Civic hatchbacks? Particularly the Sport Touring? Yeah, it's a Civic, and it's FWD, but for around $30,000 brand new it seems like a pretty good buy. I've never even considered buying a new car before, but it seems like it's going to have good resale value if I take care of it, and manuals are all but nonexistent these days if you don't get something really sporty. Thoughts?
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I'm so tired of driving a sports car here in Germany. GR Yaris it is and so far I can't really enjoy it. The short moments when the road ahead is empty and I can be a bit faster are great but other than that.. it's hell. There are lots of fun and curvy roads here but they are always busy. 90% of the time 3 or 4 granpas are in front of me and going with 60kmh instead of 100kmh. The only time where streets are empty are after 1 or 2 at night. And that's also the time where you ALWAYS get stopped by the police if you encounter them. Then it's the full package of noise test, alcohol test, they harassing you for driving a sports car, etc. The "no speed limit" Autobahn is a meme too because it's always packed and you can't go faster than 140kmh. Not to mention all the never ending construction sites there.

The other times I go with normal speed through a town and people on the side walk shout something, tapping their forehead, etc. because they hate sport cars and always think someone is too fast. And my neighbours hate me too because my Yaris is "too loud" lmao. The car makes less noise than any 90s shit ecobox. Going to the supermarket by car instead of taking a walk/bike? Oh boy, they will hate you.

There are weekend car meets of other enthusiasts but it's 90% turks with their leased AMG doing burnouts.. or fat people with their stanced Opel Corsa. I'm not even joking, it's true.

Where are you from and do you suffer the same? Went to Italy some weeks ago and people smiled and gave me thumbs up for my car, something that never happened here.
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daily that can track?

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I'm looking for the most practical daily that I can also do a few track days in

I was initially interested in the hatchbacks like the civic type r, the golf r, and the veloster n, but apparently every little turbo engine heat soaks and can't go all out for 20 minutes on a track

not interested in cars that immediately require mods beyond tires, brake pads/fluid, etc.

budget is $45k, maybe up to $65k if I have to
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how do i stop these from falling out of my car whenever i drive past a tesla charging station?
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/ovg/ - unplayable edition

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Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussion of racing and driving games.

Previous thread >>26645955


Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


>Equipment Guide

>Check the doc. New series: BTCC rF2...
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