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Hey /o/ im thinking of buying a VW golf 1.4 tsi

Tell me Everything i should know
Why I should / shouldn't buy one

And if I shouldn't buy one what other should I buy with a 7000€ -8500€ budget
(I like hatchbacks, german cars (e30s and some b5 a4s) ,cars like the Toyota Chaser and the g35 and cars similar to that)
I live in germany and I'm already experienced in cars because when I still lived in Russia I learned to drive at the age of 13 in my grandpa's lada niva and we bought a BMW shitbox that we threw around("drifted") in a field near my grandpa's old farm in Russia

Thanks in advance
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/mg/ Miata General

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'I-it's my wife's' Edition

Post your
>miata feels
>miata glamour shots
>places you've taken your miata
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/hg/ 本田

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My Turn Signal has autism

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One turn signal blinks really fast, the other is normal.

04 Pontiac Grand Am
Plez help
<pic somewhat related>
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Wow, I accidentally went to r/cars when doing a google search for GT cars so that me and the wife can take a trip. People suggesting the dumbest things:

>Hyundai GenC
>Twin turbo LS2 GTO
>Supercharged T-bird
>Charger Hellcat
>Challenger Hellcat

Holy shit...
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*Snap oversteers*
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What's Lincoln's endgame?
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Post stuff from the best decade
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>mfw car in the shop for a month

What does /o/ do when their car(s) off the road for a extended period of time?

im going nuts
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