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>tfw your DD won't start so you gotta take the rally car to church
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Currently looking to import a car from Japan. I live in Ontario and am looking to go through a reputable importer in Alberta or Vancouver.

What are your guys opinions on importing cars from Japan into Canada or the US? Whats it like sourcing parts for your RHDs? Easy to find a shop to work on it? Hows learning to drive RHD in the city?

Any input welcomed!!!
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Trim bro?

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Looking at buying a 350z right now but I don't know what fucking trim it is
Has: VDC button, Heated leather seats, navigation screen, cruise control, aluminum pedals
I'm pretty sure it's enthusiast model but on these forums I'm looking at i'm getting fucked up. Pls help.
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>wanted an old tomos to fuck with
>regular car reviews makes a video on them
>prices already up
>know there will be many jalopnik articles and then all over car culture that tomos are fun cheap "motorcycles"
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Will Korean cars ever be good /o/?
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Why are normalfags so bad at buying used cars?

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>be looking for a old shitbox so I can commute to work since my old taurus is rusted to bits and needs to be scrapped
>my mom says she saw some old boxy accord while driving around that was for sale
>thinking it might be a 5th gen, interested depending on price.
>drive there, turns out to be a '02 6th gen accord
>old lady is in her driveway in her car, decide to ask more about it
>turns out to be the people across the street selling it, but the lady talks about it anyways
>edge of the fender is caved in from rust, has some bad paint on it
>auto tragic
>whatthefuck this is left hand drive why is it in kilometers
>owners are actually from portugal and go there in the summer, but no idea where the car actually came from
>turns out there is some birds living in the engine bay
>shitty blue tint on half the windows
>all the suspension paint has rusted off and it looks bad
>$2500, not interested at this point
>mom says, anon you should buy it, it is in great shape, you'll never find something this nice around here, it has a STICKER, buy it
>mom keeps telling the lady how nice it is

Why can't normalfags ever shut their mouths when looking at cars? If someone is thinking about buying something, you don't go and compliment how nice it is in front of the person handling the deal.
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found a good deal on one of these. Going to go look at the truck today. Can anyone tell me what to look for so i dont walk into a piece of shit
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[ D a i l y A u s f a g T h r e a d ]


>'Strayan Cars & Bikes
>'Strayan Questions & Answers
>'Strayan Pictures & Videos
>'Strayan Blogging, Bitching & Moaning
>'Strayan Scenc as fuck

>/dat/ Links
/dat/ Steam Group:
/dat/ Discord Server:
/dat/ Recommended Cars:
/dat/ Recommended Bikes:
RAA Used Car Checklist:
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My friend needs information on the people below to prevent a 1969 mustang from being crushed
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Google fails to give me good results, but is there something wrong with Shell gas company? I exclusively use them for gas, but the FOUR that are even close to me have all turned into non-top-tier local places.