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What’s the deal with this brand

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Why won’t they come out with new shit?
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How many lessons do I need to take?

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>25 years old without a license
>no way to practice outside of lessons because have no one to work with me (also big reason why ive gotten to this age without a license, parents wouldnt help, no friends/family to practice with)

So assuming I will have no personal practice time, how many lessons should I take before scheduling a road test?
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post cars that have balls

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i’ll start. no japshit ITT please.
2006-10 Chrysler 300C SRT8
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Is high mileage oil a scam?
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What exactly are you paying 60k for
I genuinely wanna know
I know there lot more tech like massaging seats, auto park, ventilation but that along can't be worth 60k
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>saves your car
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Project cars

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I'm looking for some older, cheap(ish) cars to buy and work on as a first project car. My candidates are:
>Fiero: Cheap, plentiful, parts everywhere, you don't feel bad beating it up, good wrenching experience (something will go wrong), 3800 swap in the future
>Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G: Could plausibly find a not-so-ran-through 2nd gen model, they look fun, cheapish
How would I go about (tastefully) modding an Eclipse? I know it's what started the tuner car craze but I don't know how much I could get power-wise with some bolt ons and a tune before I'd really start sinking money into it. More likely than not I'd be spending my time and money "restoring it" anyway so modding isn't a huge concern I guess. What trim level should I go for?
Any other suggestions on cheap (relative term) cars with potential for a project car?
Also post your project cars
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Just bought this 370z how did I do?
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What's the general consensus on the 4cyl Giulia models?
Also, is it worth finding one with a manual?
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Should I buy mint cond. Twingo?

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How dumb of an idea is to buy mint condition Twingo for 4800€/5160$?
2006 model, manual 1,2 75hp only 17 000 km/ 10 500 mile driven.
Picture related
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