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I can't for the life of me decide what kind of car I want. It's going to be only my second car and I'm ideally looking to spend around $10k however I don't know if I should get a "fun" car like a Mustang or something more functional like a regular 4 door or an SUV. I go through phases of wanting one kind then another but I can never decide enough to pull the trigger and purchase.
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Thoughts on the new Grand Tour?
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Right Boys Feast your eyes on this

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Merc a class a 180d, sport package.
Nice car fully equipped,BUT its the DSG version. What do you all think? And for people familiar with it,What should I look out for.
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>no threads about the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction going on live
And you guys claim to be the boomer board
s m h
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/ovg/ - jesus christ

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Don't be a loser, join WEC JUNIOR.
Don't be a virgin, race /ovg/ on saturday evenings.
Don't be a pussy, join the series.
Welcome to /ovg/. Except if you don't do wec jr...

Pervious Thread >>20246911


>Port: 64738



Equipment Guide

Racing Signups, we're doing /ovgwecjr/ in rFactor 2 (also compatible with the FREE ricardoFactor 2)
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>Been preparing myself to go to school to be a diesel mechanic

>They're making 50k and up to 70k in my area

>I could afford to actually enjoy this passion and have moto's and cars and so on

>Dad tells me to consider that electric cars/semi's/trucks, etc, could destroy the diesel mechanic field

Is that a legit possibility? Is it a waste of time and money to be a diesel mechanic?
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would you buy a 30yo weeabo supra?

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3199 euros, claimed 280bhp - so there's probably no chance this is a 1JZ, cuz this is the 3L engine.
What do you think /o/?
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Thinking about buying a Mazda RX-8 because i want a rotary and i'm not willing to pay the $10k+ cult tax on the RX-7s in my country.
What can i expect from it other than apex seals breaking?
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ITT: Cars /o/ is never talking about

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wtf @ bmw's latest releases
those kidney grills are so huge
am i the only one who finds this crazy ugly?
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