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>looking at used turbo cars
>90% of them are fucked because the owner didnt know how to treat a turbo engine
>tons of shitty suvs with sub 2 litre 4 cyl turbos are being released
gee i wonder what the used car market will be like in 20 years
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>parts for all American cars exclusively manufactured in Canada and Mexico
>parts for all "non-sporty" USDM European cars exclusively manufactured in Mexico
>parts for all Japanese cars that are sold in America, even those intended for export to be sold as JDM units, exclusively manufactured in America
>all parts for many European sports cars are exclusively manufactured in Japan

Why the FUCK is this allowed?
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Foxbody Mustang

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The Foxbody is the best all around car. Prove me wrong lads.
>Easy to modify 302
>Hatchback for dat practicality
>Big V8
>Glorious exhaust note
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>wake up
>japan still hasn't gone back to making fast affordable sports cars
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>tfw no gf to drive with
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Do any other Europeans feel insecure about pic related and other cars from America?

That car costs $100k and can beat European cars 2-3x its price around the Nurburgring.

America is producing shitloads of cheap muscle and supercars with 600, 700, 800+ bhp whilst we can only make overpriced Ferraris, McLarens and Bugattis and cling to "heritage".

We are literally being eclipsed by the country we mock for building "landbarges".
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Im looking at an used Escalade for 70k, is thrre any car thats better for that price?

Keep in mind that comfort is more important than performance for me
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/ovg/ - Deadly wasps Edition

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Welcome to Auto Vidya General.

Previous Thread: >>18683631 (Cross-thread)

Our Wiki will answer every question you could possibly have!

Swing by our Mumble server and introduce yourself!
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>Port: 64738

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if you just bought a new car, how can you determine what data your car collects and sends to the botnet?

read this today...

are all the "shared" data disclosed somewhere, like in the contract, before you buy?
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