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First car advice

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need advice for my first car /o/, ive read the sticky but im still lost

I have like $3-4k, and basically have 2 options, get a cheap car off craigslist or one from carmax that would
be around $10k and would then require monthly payments as well as the down payment

im mainly seeking advice for the first option since its what im leaning towards/would prefer, but im
also curious as to what the monthly cost would be on it(maintenance and other needs)

leaning towards pic related, or another cheap and easy to maintain car, that would take me from point a to b,
and be automatic(yeah i know), but any other first time buying advice would be appreciated, thanks

local craigslist is
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/hou/ - Night Wave: Galveston here we come

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Welcome to another Night Wave thread:

Previously on Night Wave >>17581298

Let's rev up those engines! Starting with a meet in Galveston, with a few people coming from different cities and even states.
This meet hopefully will bring everyone out who has been inactive and not feeling the wave. Too long has been since we did anything that involved more then 5 people, so let's go out there, have a nice cruise/wangan to Galveston, take some pics, eat some great food, experience the real wave and keep growing! See y'all the meet.

Date: July 29th, 3:30PM @ Whataburger on I-10 and Kirkwood.

New Videos:

Single Turbo Swap Part 1 & 2

Sunset Drive (timelapse)

Check out our roster (we'll do some updates on that)

Steam Group


Walkie Talkie app



Bring as much as camera equipment as you can, let's try to get a lot of footage for memories and for those who will miss this meet.
Get your playlists ready for that wangan.
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/ovg/ - Spa 24 Hour Champions edition

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Previous Thread: >>17572812

Our Wiki will answer every question you could possibly have. All frequently asked questions can easily be found on the main page itself:

Swing by our Mumble server and introduce yourself!
>Mumble IP:
>Port: 64738

Join the /ovg/ group on Steam!

Equipment Guide

We're racing on the weekends. Check out our Google doc for more info!
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I've been working for 2 years now on 55k salary.

My student loan are 4k only and I have a decent amount saved in the bank.

I want to get a new car.

I'm leaning toward mustang ecoboost premium or a camaro.

What car does /o/ recommend?

Which has more fun handling?

Under $45k
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I recently bought a 2007 Golf GTI, and it came with this remote. I have no clue what it is or what it does, or how to look it up, wondering if anyone knows or can help me!
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BMW thread aut/o/bots.

Post your rides, cry about the water pump shitting or the strut towers caving in. Pic related is stuka, my pride and joy
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Is FWD really as bad as everyone says??
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Hey friends
Has anybody here built their own electric motorcycle from a frame?
Any guides/tips?
Or is this more of a /diy/ thread
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Selling my 05 Mustang V6 automatic 170,000 miles. Interior is near mint with leather seats, no cuts. Exterior condition good but has some sun peeling on roof and small back bumper crack. I bought it last year for $5000. Timing chain broke and damaged engine. What can I get for the car now as is? $3000?
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PSA: Waze on Android Auto is a go.

No more beta sign up required. You can install or update right from the Play Store today.

Sorry iFags. Not for you because Apple doesn't allow third party apps to access GPS.
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