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What is the point of this?
Seriously, why turbo this dumb thing? 160bhp turbod, in an economy family car. What the hell is the target audience? The only person I know dumb enough to get one practically had to because it's the only thing he could get financing and insurance for. Is that what it's for? Just "fuck it I gotta settle with this" but turbod to make them feel better about their shitty choices in life?
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>bought used car from the dealership
>radio wasn't working when I was driving it but everything else about the car was spotless
>they said they'd get the car's radio fixed for me, free of charge
>was a dumb faggot and didn't get it in writing
>now I'm waiting till friday to go to the dealership and get the car because they said they'd sent it to a place to get it fixed for me
>got the number from the dealership after a bit of prodding
>look up the radio repair place and while it seems legit and has good reviews, it only deals in cash and every time I try to call the place I get the "busy" dial tone until it disconnects me
I'm gonna get fucked with this radio bullshit, aren't I
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At what age did you learn to drive and how difficult was the process? Feel free to include the car you started on too
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Shitty Drivers/Road Rage Thread

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>Be raining
>Car in front of you has AWD/4WD
>It's going below the speed limit

Any other shitty driver stories? This happened to me yesterday:
>guy in a truck going 40 in a 45
>I'm going a little over so I have to stomp on the brakes for his cuck ass
>not even tailgating, just got close after braking because he was going so slow
>he attempts to brake check me, literal slam on brakes
>He's in a 2.5 ton truck so it's just like normal braking for my car
>Have to follow him because 2 lane road
>Turns onto next road
>He goes like 25 mph after turning
>There's 2 cars behind me so he's holding up three people because he wanted to piss me off
Now I see why people end up murdering people for road rage.
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>In town
>Check /o/ to see when the next norcal meet is
>Apparently everyone died
Well, any spoopy ghosts interested in some ramen on Tuesday?

Sorry for the ancient pic, posting from my phone.
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[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]

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[ D a i l y - B i k e - T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

Stock photo made on mobile edition

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Routes & Meetups
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Motorcycle Meme Appreciation
>Motorcycle Latex bodysuit fetishes
>Motorcycle Tank Slap Generator
>Motorcycle Erotic Roleplay
>Motorcycle Friend Finder
>Motorcycle Autism Simulator
>Motorcycle Adventures & Blog Posts
>Motorcycle Penis Rating
>Motorcycle Pictures & Webms

stale old /dbt/ map:

Noob? Git gud
>>16832611 → # → →

webems with sounds:
>>>/wsg/1631495 #

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Germany, Japan, USA - Sports Car War

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2009-2013 Nissan 370Z

2007-2010 BMW 335i

2011-2014 Mustang GT

I have a 17k budget, which country is the best at making sports cars? Japs, Burgers or Germans.

My wants - 0-60 in mid-high 4s. Some performance aftermarket. Mid-range torque (Need to be able to pass retards on the road quickly), reliability and >muh street cred, Year must be 2009 and newer.

Which country can into sports car the best overall.
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I need to fill up the tank once a week, and it costs ~$80 every time. I cannot afford $80 a week for fuel.

How do I make this thing not consume so much fuel?
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Things Implemented Into Automobiles That Leave You Scratching Your Head

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>longitudinal FWD
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Why are you on /o/?
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