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Aggressive drivers

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Alright lets discuss aggressive drivers.
I'm 38, haven't had a ticket in 17 years. I live in Pennsylvania where the driving is ATROCIOUS, I feel they just hand out licenses like flowers from the salvation army.
I encounter 5-10 aggressive drivers every time I'm driving my vehicle. Ranging from speeding (well over the limit), tailgating, passing over a double yellow, blowing stop signs etc etc etc
I don't care weather you are an aggressive driver or a safe driver, I want to discuss both sides.
Here are some stats
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Will Africa ever produce their own cars?
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I need to buy a cargo van for my business.
Debating between Ford Transit and cheaper Dodge Promaster. Anybody with real life experience with these Cargo Vans?
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Feeling sad that kids no longer care about cars.

When we die, the automotive silver era dies with us.

RIP: 1980 - 2010
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Black Ice

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Why isn't black ice /ourscent/ yet? And why haven't you tried the freshness of Black ice?
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It's OK to break the rules at Tesla.

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S/o/Cal General: Get Off My Mountain Edition

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The greatest battle of 2018 ended with a whimper and the oldfags have been awoken from their eternal slumber. When will the manlets of SoCuck ever learn their place?

>Upcoming meets
Saturday, 4/21: Main meet at Palomar. We meet by the Mobil station off the 15 at noon. Address is below.

4730 CA-76
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Saturday, 5/19: Main meet at Ojai.

Saturday, 6/16: June Hoon. This will possibly be a joint meet with Ariz/o/na, as we'll be camping out in the desert and shooting guns. Location this year TBD (probably going to be at Soggy Dry Lake in Johnson Valley).

Details (such as convoys) will be posted as the meet dates draw near.

>What to bring
2 way radio (Midland brand walkies seem to work the best)
Virgin boipucci for the touge gods

Nightc/o/re OC meets every Thursday at either GMR, Ortega Highway or Live Oak Canyon.

Nightc/o/re North meets every Saturday (except for main meet Saturdays) at either Malibu Canyons, Little Tujunga Canyon or ACH.

Nightc/o/re SD is still on hiatus (last guy who wanted to lead turned out to be a flaking bitch).

Check the Discord for details.

>Muh CHP
Niggery diggery doo, I called CHP on you.

>Can I bring my shitbox/exotic/baiku/dakimakura?
Yes, all cars and bikes are welcome. Traps are gay.


Don't worry if you're out of state, everyone's welcome.


Routes and meeting spots:


1. Do not drive beyond your/your car’s limits. This is not a race. Cruise with the slow group first if you’re unsure how fast you want to drive, and we always wait for stragglers.
2. Do not cross the double yellows. Rule subject to change based on the road and time of day.
3. No burnouts, drifting, etc. at meeting spots. We don't need any unwanted attention.
4. Do not go Wangan Midnight when convoying. Cops love pulling over large groups of cars.
5. It's a guy until otherwise proven.
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>minding your business delivering pizza in your i4 cuckbox
>this guy pulls up to you at the light in his v12 supra and does a big fatty burnout and starts reving
what do you do /o/
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what does your car say about you /o/?
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Car Theft

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are steering wheels locks worth it?
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