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fag question

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Do NA miatas make ok/decent cars for someone who is getting one as a first vehicle?
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Cars you dreamed driving.

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I literally just woke up from a very vivid dream of me driving around in a dark green Subaru Impreza WRX that was completely stock, I remember someone in the dream asking how I could afford it and I told them it was just $1,350 and technically I haven't paid yet. It was 6-speed and had a Pioneer head unit. I also remember picking up a cat from the street and having it in the passenger seat in the last few seconds of the dream.

The thing is, I never cared about WRXs or wanted one.

Pic related was exactly how I remember the Impreza, except it was blobeye instead of bugeye.
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I think ricing your car is a crime but I’m thinking about adding green or red stripes to my black 1986 BMW. Is this retarded, /o/?

Pic is my BMW 528
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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Previous thread was at page 10.

Can I drill out or sand a teflon bushing that's too small, or will it fuck up the surface/integrity of the bushing? I'm trying to install a new shifter on my e36, but the new one's bushing bore is about 1mm too short in diameter.
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Thoughts on the ghibli s q4?
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Totaled my Q5, I'm in the market for something new around the 18k range, what should I get?
It just needs to not be too flashy for work and not manual mainley because I'm in the Seattle area with alot of hills and alot of traffic
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>that scare/crash that made you retire your inner takumi and start driving like a granny
Did you had yet /o/?
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Fuck it I’m buying this!
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/o/ Webm & gifs

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Webm/Gif thread

Ive got a ton of crash ones so il start us off.
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Why don't Americans use a proper following distance and/or why do they never leave any room at a redlight?
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