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Are you excited for clueless normalfaggot iPhone enthusiasts who have never seen the underside of a car to ruin the automotive community, now that Tesla has given them access?
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what the fuck kind of Miata is this /o/?

Does it have a body kit or something?
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I'm 19 and just want a cool looking car. The only cheap good looking cars I can find are Corvettes and 300's. People tell me to just get a 2000's sedan, but I'm not getting a car because I need it. I just carpool from home to work.
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>he can only drive eight months of the year
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Hey /o/ this is my first time buying a car, I cant decide whether or not its worth buying a new one if I have to finance part of it. I was wondering how you are supposed to haggle on price with cars these days. I read the sticky but are you able to haggle the price if you buy new? Alternatively, how much can you haggle on certified pre owned vehicles where you can reasonably assume there is nothing wrong with it? Pic related is of 2 cars Im looking at
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/ect/ - EUfag cry thread

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>Insurance will go ballistic on any cars with non self driving capabilities
>Tax will increase to insane levels on petrol cars with any capacity higher than 1.0L / high emissions
>You will not be allowed to drive petrol cars in Paris from 2030.
>This ruling will soon follow in every city. Every village. Every road.
>The whole of europe will ban petrol cars
>EV econoboxes will destroy your 90s manual ICEbox in any metric
>Econo-gangs will go around and destroy classic cars in the name of the environment

What will we do, lads? Where will the mass emigration of enthusiasts be to? Will Ameribros let us in? Or will they be cucked too?

Thread theme:

Listen to the theme and discuss how you are going to enjoy the last decade of being a petrolhead. Feel free to have a little cry, we're all friends here.
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Just got my license and my first car! What do you think, /o/?
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>yfw a Kia wins car of the year

Germans on suicide watch
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Rate others' cars thread

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/LG/ - Lada General

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/LG/ - Lada General

Previous thread: >>18226730

Welcome: Cars from ex-Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the old Communist Bloc.

Get comfy, post experiences, advice and pictures of your commie shitboxes.