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How do you enjoy a muscle car as an average driver?

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There are countless incidents of people crashing their V8 Mustangs and Corvettes into ditches/trees/people because they can't handle the power. Obviously they lack skill and impulse control, but if you're not a race car driver who can control 500HP + RWD, how do you even have fun with your car? All you have to do is give it a bit too much gas, and you risk crashing like an idiot. Can you just never go WOT unless you're on the highway?
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Is Model 3 meme tier? Or worth shelling out 1000 bucks for a vaporware waiting list?
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Last car(vehicle) pic you took/downloaded is now your getaway vehicle in a need for speed kind of chase. How fugged are you?
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370Z vs FRS

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Which one's better, /o/?
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Japanese people like American cars?

what da hell going on.
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Fl/o/rida Meet

Few of us are trying to get a little autocross event together. Maybe little under 20 people. It I'll be held in Stuart FL.

Join on discord for more info.
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What's the comfiest driving time for you?

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Personally I love 3am rides. Bonus comfy points for snowfall.
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Can I get a quick rundown on these pre-Ford
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