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Hello /o/, I've not lurked here much so apologies if I break any house rules or etiquette.

Blog/ I've always liked cars, I managed to buy a shit high mileage pontiqc sunfire GT like an eon ago, it had a true duel exhaust and kmh primary speedometer, I killed that eounded bitch through use and life demanded and I acquiesced and drove trucks for years and years. Finally i was able to get in to my favorite car of basically all time, only rivaled perhaps by the gran turismo era skyline. This is my 2019 WRX, I'm startled by how much I have been enjoying driving it. It's a base model, I could have swung the STI or limited but I'm a jew.

So I guess all that's left is for you guys to tell me what a faggot I am and how shitty my car is.
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Blue-fying headlamps

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How do I make my front lights more "blue"?
I understand that xenon headlights have special equipment, but how do I do it on a normal halogen headlamp?
Only for low-beams as well, high-beams are fine as is.
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GTI vs GT86 offical thread

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Now that the dust has settled, which is a better car for a 23 year old guy with 15k burning a hole in his pocket?

Can any other auto even compare to these two giants?
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Post images

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Anyone have a in-depth project they are working on right now? Swaps/restoration/ETC

Pic related, been working toward my idea of a perfect Z32 for the last 2 years with a fully built SR20DET
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I’ve seen a lot of talk on Z31’s
Wot dos p/o/l think about them?
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Post the most outlandish shit and wildest claims you can find for cars, bonus points for stories of people who believe them
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would you buy a 30yo weeabo supra?

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3199 euros, claimed 280bhp - so there's probably no chance this is a 1JZ, cuz this is the 3L engine.
What do you think /o/?
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Are you ready, /o/?
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City driving

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>Be me
>21 year old rural boy
>been driving since 16
>grow up in Montana so never a lot of traffic anywhere for any reason
>Drive to Seattle for vacation , expecting some shit traffic but whatever right I'll handle it
>Had no idea how much more difficult it would be
>Now seeing random traffic regulations and signs I had no idea merely existed
>Traffic so congested that most turns are impossible to make, have to constantly renavigate routes, even for places that are extremely close
>Jaywalkers fucking everywhere
>have to use voice navigation app just to get around because there are dead ends on crowded streets everywhere
>voice navigation is fucking garbage but still better than nothing
>almost get in fight with biker guy after I cut him off because I have no idea where I'm going and he almost eats shit
>Like almost got out of my car and had a fist fight in the middle of an intersection over this because of how angry we got

How am I meant to manage this? Do I just have to get used to getting fucked in the bass everytime I try to drive anyhere in a city? I mean, surely public transportation is better than driving in cities? How is it even possible to own a car in a city like holy fuck
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