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Post 5 things you like about your car, and 5 things you don't

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>great shifting and steering
>lots of torque and picks up speed very fast
>great, responsive handling and hard to understeer
>low cost to own (fuel/insurance/0% interest)
>Recaro seats are fantastic

>doesn't look that good
>rear cargo area poorly designed
>panel gaps bad in some areas
>current rear motor mount sometimes rattles
>annoying tire size
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Some people are really dumb

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The average price of gas in Tulsa, OK is $1.89 per gallon. That's £0.40 per liter, or €0.46 per liter.

Yet in London, it's $5.79 gallon, or £1.22 per liter, or €1.41 per liter. Germany and France have similar prices. Downtown Los Angeles is slightly cheaper at $3.50 per gallon, £0.74 per liter, or €0.86 per liter.

Because gasoline is a global commodity, the actual cost of gasoline is pretty stable everywhere on Earth, and the only difference you see in prices at the pump between one locale and another is due nearly entirely to local taxes and regulations.

I have to ask you dumb fucks that live in these West Coast and European communist shitholes: why the fuck won't you elect politicians that will lower your taxes so you can actually afford to drive?
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exploring VIP build

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Greetings /o/

As the title say it, I am exploring to possibly turn my old 92 camry (yes you can laugh) into a custom VIP build (outside look only). I know, my car is old and it's a very common model, but I like it and it's in near-perfect shape, it's pic related btw.

>Link for those who don't know VIP builds and are interested in knowing more (I personnaly don't care about anything past step 5):

So aside from wanting the outside look, I am bound by country and state rules (Quebec, Canada) regarding customization as well as road and weather problems (snow!). I mainly wish to have your recommendations on what I should look for that fits my need.

Mainly because of the bumpy roads, I am quite scared of lowering my car down this much and I have to add, I do not know if my state allows the removing of certain parts of the suspensions to lower the car. However, I know there is a kind of "adjustable" suspensions such as hydraulics or something which can go up and down and I look foward to know more about those.

My car currently has 195/70R14 size equipped, but that's clearly too small and could fit larger ones. I will need to change tires soon and I'd take that momentum to switch to a larger wheel (with actual style aka not stock wheels) and go for larger Tires as well. I don't know much about Stretching, but I will inevitably need to do it.

The stock lights behind the camry is ok, but not good for a VIP styled car, I'll post a pic linked to this post. I don't know what to do with it.

Body kits:
Because winter is dumb, I dont even know if adjustable suspension would do it once winter comes. Where I live, there can be days where you can mistake your car with a snow load. My point for that is that making the car low limits it's mobility, specifically in winter. Perhaps theres a kind of body kit I could remove during winter?

Thanks in advance.
Hope you're not laughing too much. :)
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Battery is down to about 1/3 of it's CCAs and just barely turns the engine over, it doesn't seem to charge even after a 5 hour road trip at 70mph/2500 rpm... So it's pretty dickered. Is pic related a good battery and will it last at least 3years? Only $100 at Walmart.
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Post your trunk/boot/pickup bed/storage cabin.
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r9k called my car a "millionaire's car"

What did they mean by this?
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Miata General - /mg/

Agressive Aero edition

Ask all your Miata related questions here

>miata pics and vids
>miata feels
>miata questions and answers
>miata hair styling tips and tricks

can I fit?
>if you're under 6'2" and aren't overweight you can fit without modification

can I daily drive one?
>yes most people can daily drive a miata no problem. I have commuted in miatas for 3 years now

even in the snow?
>yes miatas can drive well in the snow. (with four snow tires) Just be sure to spray off your undercarriage afterwards

last thread >>16855462
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Calling all van dwellers

I'm gonna be living in my van for about a month. I want to prepare it for that, and do some converting. What should I do?

People have told me to insulate it, but I'll only be in it a month and during that month it's quiet temperate around here.

Suggestions? I have $1000 and a week to do whatever I do
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Britain is the best car nation on the planet

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Other countries can beat us on *volume* of cars sold - but they CAN'T beat us on *quality*. They can't beat our country for PEDIGREE.

We are the best car nation on the planet - BAR NONE.

1) Formula 1. Seven of the ten current F1 teams have bases in the UK - five of them are ENTIRELY based in the UK, including the current triple world champions Mercedes, and the former quadruple world champions Red Bull. We also have produced the most drivers, the most *championship winning* drivers, the most championship winning constructors, and the most championship winning engine manufacturers.

So both in terms of drivers and in terms of automotive excellence, we are the cream of the crop in F1.

2) Luxury / high performance car manufacturers:
>Rolls Royce
>Aston Martin
All of these manufacturers build their cars in Britain - and three of them (Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin) use engines that they have designed and manufactured right here in Britain too. They are some of the most sought after marques in the world, producing some of the best performing, and most luxurious, cars in the world today.

3) Sports car manufacturers:
>Ariel (of Atom fame)
All British built and engineered, of course. Some of the most exciting hobbyist/sports cars in the world.

4) Some of the most prestigious cars of all time:
>McLaren F1
>Jaguar XJ220
>McLaren P1
>Jaguar E-Type
>Aston Martin DB5

5) World land speed record. We've held the record since 1983 - that's 34 years. Hurry up America! It was set in 1983 by the British-built "Thrust2", then renewed in 1997 with the British "ThrustSSC". Now we're about to break it AGAIN with the British "Bloodhound SSC" - hopefully going above 1,000 mph for the first time, and breaking the record by 33%, which would be the largest ever margin.

6) Historical, prestigious car marques:

We're the best car nation on the planet. Sorry, rest of the world.
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/dmt/ daily manual thread

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Ask questions related to driving manual here.

When are you supposed to blip the throttle when downshifting? just before I'm about to move the gear stick in the middle of moving it or as soon as I have the clutch right in?
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