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old one ded. I want to put a new muffler on my car but don't have a welder. How would I do this without welding? Also how do I know it'll fit?
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About to buy this in manual, did i make the right choice?
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>be rich and famous
>own an AMG GT
>still so sad that you kill yourself

FYI the Linkin Park front man hung himself. Apparently a cool car didn't fill all his emptiness.

Does your car make you truly happy /o/?
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Cars that you...

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thought were cool when you were younger, but now realize are massive pieces of shit.
>pic related

My grandmother had an Eclipse GT Spyder and I thought it was fucking awesome. Vowed to have one when I got older lol...
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Opinions on the Del Sol?
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who /reverse park/ here?
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Have the police killed off car culture in Australia?

Most cars at car meets these days are close to stock.

People are afraid of getting defected.

People are driving almost stock evos and bikes now and highly modified cars are rarely seen.

I blame the police for this.
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I looked up my car through Carfax and checked out the maintenance schedule. Does anyone know what the hell lubicate driveshaft u joint means? Apparently my car requires it every oil change. I looked up a video, looks pretty tricky. Am I just better off taking it to a shop and letting them do it? How much does that even cost with a 5k oil change?
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Laughing out loud at all of you poorfaggots who can't afford a high end Lexus like mine.
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