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/org/ - off road general

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Old thread is kill, new bread time

Discuss off road things.
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Why are car enthusiasts so miserable?

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It seems that no matter what segment of this hobby you step into, there is no shortage of people who clearly hate their lives and use car enthusiasm as a cope for it. The only people who seem to be satisfied with their cars or their lives are the young and dumb that everyone else likes to make fun of. Besides that, everyone else is too busy autistically remembering factoids about cars they will never own, looking for ways to tell you your car sucks, constantly trying to improve their car's performance regardless of whether or not it's worth the investment, etc. Something about this God forsaken hobby attracts some of the most miserable of the mildly intelligent people on the planet and it's too obviously observable to ignore at this point.

I hate to even suggest it, but were the ricers right all along? They were the ones to make car enthusiasm mainstream after decades of being a literal boomer hobby, after all. Maybe they knew something that the rest of us missed. Either way, something is clearly wrong with car enthusiasts, and there's bound to be someone out there with a good explanation as to why.
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>18 hour drive only stopping for gas and to piss
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FM Transmitter

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Yes I'm poor and I can't afford a modern radio for my old car and I hate radio stations, so I wanna hear your thoughts on FM transmitters and what are some decent options.
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the most aesthetic car imo is the ferrari 360. every single proportion is flawless.
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Let me guess, you NEED more?
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Cybertruck-copers are next
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Are 90s land cruisers especially difficult to maintain? Do they have any nightmare hell life-drain issues that tend to spring up? Can a passionate owner daily this bitch?
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>$75,797 for a BMW 330i
Dealerships are absolute scum.
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He's going to get killed doing this isn't he?
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