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Craigslist thread?

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Craigslist thread.
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>its a my neighbor keeps yelling at me for using a trickle charger episode
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Truckerfag Thread - /TFG/

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>Sleep Tight Trucker Edition

Brevious Bread: >>17876678

>44 tonnes ofbroken PepsiCo trucks
>34tyres with the wear indicators showing
>Sign that lease and I'll plant loli in your cab
>CDL How Do? Private driving school, community college, or become a good buddy with a trucker
>Swift: Best Flying Off An Overpass At 62MPH

>RIP Richie Acosta, may flights of long nose Petes carry thee to thy rest

>Truckerfag puts high vis decals on trailer, totally sweet Monster Energy and Metal Mulisha decals on truckto follow
>Bepis sleeping 25 minutes a night between restocking bodegas with syrup and talking with his lady throughyonder window
>EF is posting photos of his dad because reasons
>Freon is busy doing disaster relief, whatever that is
>Primefag is somewhere screaming at his rear sleeper wallabout "The Goddamned Northeast"
>ZF is up to her eyeballs in baby supertruckers
>Whiney volunteered as Tribute for his district
>Truckdog is quickly depleting the worlds strategic supply of Australian Kenworth photos
>Oilfag really should be sleeping right now
>Balam got blamed for everything, including his boss's current gout inflammation and his kid's soccer team losing the semi finals
>Gundam is awaited in Valhalla
>Doublesfag passes away suddenly from severe gluteal torsion
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Demanding sex in exchange for a ride

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Has anyone ever thought to themselves that in the one in a million chance that they someday randomly stumble on some girl out in the middle of nowhere (talking like North Dakota level, like literally fuck all in all directions for like 50-100 miles or something), and for some reason either she isn't willing or can't call for help (embarassment/money/whatever) that you offer to take her somewhere where she can get her shit straight but only if she sucks you off and bends over?
I'm talking bareback balls deep creampie

Maybe with the added spin of give her a ride at first to get her excited and like 5 minutes in demand she do it or you'll kick her out

Realistic odds of her agreeing?
>inb4 she says she'll call the cops and you explain to her that you aren't legally required to do shit for her
>inb4 she doesnt listen
>inb4 you literally kick her out and start to drive off and she breaks down crying, flags you down, and just starts taking your pants off
>inb4 people complaining its wrong
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Have you ever helped someone who was stuck on the road?
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Wheel width, diameter and weight

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I'm looking at a Mustang GT. It comes with 18 inch wheels and a 235 tire. The performance pack comes with 19 inch wheels, with 255 in the front and 275 in the rear. Everyone will tell you that Mustangs should be run square stance, but that's besides the point.

My concern is this. The performance pack wheels make no attempt to keep weight down. I'm having a hard time finding exact figures, but I've seen some in person and they're fucking heavy. I get that the PP comes with other stuff, but why put such heavy wheels on the car?

What exactly do you get going from a 235 to a 275? Skidpad is a little too complex for me to work through, but you'd thing a wider tire would help you hook up and put more power down sooner, allowing for faster acceleration. But I feel like that might be killed by the weight of the wheels. What's your take on it?
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Heads up displays

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What do you think of heads up displays, /o/?
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So there's this awfully designed bit of road I have to deal with every morning, pic related.

I go the route marked in blue; my question is how should I deal with annoying bastards doing the thing in red? There's one or two every other day, normally I'm calm enough to just slow down and let them pass me.

t. got furiously honked at when I sped up and narrowly squeezed myself in front of one of them this morning
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>no nothing about cars
>go to /o/
>tell my parents i want a miata
>my dad thinks im gay now
>he died
>my dad died thinking i was gay

i hate you magnificent bastards