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Any Uber stories? Thoughts on Ubering?

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Fictional characters you want to teach you to drive (better).
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You're driving along and you see this
Wat do?
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Which one and why?
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You can only post in this thread if you car weighs less than 3200 lbs
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How important is the ass of a car to you?

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Truckerfag thread - /tfg/

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>Time To Start Driving Driver Edition

Brevious Bread: >>17513978

>44 tonnes of hidden migrants
>34 overloaded wheels
>Sign that lease and I'll tell your fleet manager that you were drinking in your sleeper
>CDL how do? Community college, private driving school, or earn the respect of gruff but lovable old Jake the long haul trucker

>Attention: Hourly pay is the only way.

>Truckerfag getting stoned seven to eight times a day while working in a quarry
>Bepis: Breaking a trailer seal at a truck stop near you
>Freon suffering from alopecia
>Primely beat his cp posting rap and is back funposting
>Oilfag is currently Rama Rama from sniffing petrol
>Primefag and his bicycle didn't get run over by a road rage afflicted senior in a 1994 Crown Vic
>Whiney is MIA - missing in anime
>Bandit is apparently a Detroit Diesel expert
>Balam is enjoying the robust sex tourism industry of an unnamed hot country
>Grainguy is yelling at a herd of cattle as I write this
>PTL is driving with a sweatshirt wrapped around his waist to hide the embarassment of shat up shorts
>EF is essentially Easy Rider at this point
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How are these so good??
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>silver cars

Is there any better way of telling people that you've given up on life?
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