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/tg/ トヨタ

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Toyota General
>proper pic edition

>List of Toyota model codes

Sister Honda thread


Bump the thread if it's at page 7

>Idol group

>MR2 Racecar

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Why is the Accord so popular?

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Am I missing something here? A fully loaded Accord costs around $35K.. Are people unaware that you can get an A4, Q50, 3 Series, TLX, IS350, ATS, etc, all for the same price? I am cross shopping all of the above vehicles (except the accord obviously) Why the fuck do people shell out 35K for Camry's and Accords when you can get far better for the average American price range ($25-$35K)
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Will it flop?
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You're given a million dollars to buy any car you want with a catch, it must cost more than 100k. Which car do you buy?
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If you were to buy one of these 2006 Impala's, what could you do with it? I was doing some reading and I think people are putting in some 400hp engines into these.

Are they compatible with a lot of stuff? I don't know much about this stuff, but I wanted a cheapish, normal looking vehicle that can fly.

Also if anyone can send me in the right direction to helpful links etc, please do!
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AMG vs M Series

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Which company has the better performance division?
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Manual >= Torque Converter Auto >>> Dual Clutch Auto >>>>>>> CVT
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>Blocks your path
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Anyone else hate this fat fuck

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He is ruining this series for me. With his fat mouth, stupid haircut and baby face.
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