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N/o/rcal WAT MEET: 10/03/2021

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I really dont feel like making this thread edition~
Meet at 9:30 at Fresco San Jose
We'll go up 130, stop at the lick observatory, and then convoy from then on to Livermore for lunch / post meet antics.

Can I bring my gf / dog / shitbox?
>Yeah as long as you don't make it anyone else's problem
How fast does everyone drive?
>There's a slow group, fast group and medium group.

Common Convoy Etiquette is expected.
Bring water and an FRS radio.
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Just a reminder that Kia is one of the worst engine manufacturers. Any Hyundai/Kia made within the last 15 years is at risk of failing.
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what else can be done to further improve the mature internal combustion engine?
Last great leap was freevalve, what's next, laser ignition?
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Identifying a noise from the engine bay

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>The noise is not present at steady speed (at least, I don't hear it), only at acceleration.
>In acceleration, when I disengage the clutch to shift gears, the noise disappears then comes back when I engage the clutch
>In neutral, I accelerate slowly, no noise
>Still in neutral, I accelerate a lot, the noise is very marked

Isn't something like the exhaust manifold or catalytic converter ?
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/org/ - Off Road General

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How the fuck can people drive like this? I try to make my interior to be as dark as possible when driving at night
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For me, it's the Lexus LC.
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Guzzoline from Gas Town!
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Jeep vs Benz

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Unironically, which one?

Benz truck is just a better and more expensive Wrangler, right? Downside of Benz is less parts and aftermarket, also more expensive. I like them both but I'm a little pretentious so maybe the Benz is better? They both seem like douche bag cars but isn't it better to be a rich d-bag instead of a red neck d-bag?
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I get what causes pops and crackles but what's up with these sustained blowtorch-esque flames?
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