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The "all cars look the same" faggots are just normies who lack the innate ability to observe, inspect, and remember. They forget belongs, peoples' faces and names, require mnemonic devices to study for anything, etc. They are of a lower IQ and this is just one of many ways it manifests. A known feature of autism is intelligence as well as the ability to remember distinct details.
Sure, cars may follow a similar design language, but I can tell clear as day an Equinox from an Escape or a Tucson or a CRV or a RAV4.
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*wakes up at 1pm with a hangover*

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> starts making a new Toyota shill video
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/org/ - Offroad General - Snork edition

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Offroad general and autism containment zone.

Post truggs and bikes inna woods or inna parking lot.
Whip out your tool and compare it with other bros.
Booli RTTs
Ask people who don't live there where all the trails are located.
Complain loudly about things you can't control or how other people spend their money.
Post mods and what you're working on.
Esoteric snorkel debates.
Drive it til you break it then fix it better.
Continue not to drink Bud Light.
Take a trip to the border and test out your new bullbar on the local wildlife.
Don't buy chink lights. Or tyres.
Have fun!
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Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? My dad said he did this loads when he was young but I can't imagine picking up a stranger in my car.
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'Maro bros present and future... 2024 is our final chance. Which 2024 model is a better value the LT1 or SS / 2SS?
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Convince me why my 2016 Nissan frontier was a bad decision

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Needed a cheap reliable work truck to commute to my job and do the bare minimum no flashy shit

If you say Tacoma I will bash your head in with a sledgehammer

Also scotty said it wasnt such a bad idea

Plus this generation has had years of refinements so give me your best shots
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How exactly did D&B become default "driving" music and what was it before that?
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2010s era cars

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Eventually, there will come a day where people will be nostalgic for cars from this decade. Would've never thought this back in 2013.
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post ur favorite steering wheel
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V8 Volvo s80

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What's the deal with these? I know they're rare, are they any good?
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