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you know what ford stands for?

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Bought my first new car

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It took alot of overtime and a long time to save up but I finally got myself something I don't dread driving everyday.
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Im about to sell my mercedes glk and buy vw t6 as my camper of choice for traveling in europe.
I intend to drive with my gf and spend time mostly fishing, shower in a car is a must. Am i retarded?
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is it possible to (professionally) change the colour of your leather interior from brown to black?
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>watch Initial D
>overly prolonged slog with exhausting repeating dialogue spoken by main characters and spectators, plots and subplots for each season that are all the same, surface level technical know-how that thinks it's smarter than it actually is and ridiculously shit plot armor
>watch Wangan Midnight
>26 episodes of japanese Need for Speed and tuner culture commentary
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TruckChad thread

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post trucks
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Tesla has officially now recalled more cars than GM

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>General Motors has over 100 years rolling whereas Tesla that has less than 20
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car makes/models with a "wave" culture:

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motorcycles - always
jeeps - almost always
porsches - somewhat often with caymans, boxsters, 911s and always with vintage cars. panameras and suvs, never
vw - golfs r and gti pretty often, others never

what else? do you miata and wrx bros wave at each other? bronco or g-wagon owners? presumably guys driving old classics, like a 69 camaro owner would wave at a 65 mustang guy? any other interesting "wave" dynamics out there?
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I have infinitely more respect

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for stancefags. They‘re chads in this life. They work on their own cars, they enjoy their own cars their own way. Their exhaust is heard throughout the city so there’s never a dull moment in these cars. Then there’s…the virgin losers with stock Camrys and butt-ugly trucks shitting up this board. It’s no wonder you’re all so bitter when you see a guy make do with what he has or goes against the norm. (i.e. turning your daily driver a drag machine instead of getting a car better suited for that)
>inb4 muhhhh sleeeperrrr braaaahhh i got a hellcat killer braaaaaahhhh
want my take on this? slam that pile of shit Toyota then it’ll REALLY be interesting to see.
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Looking at SUVs

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Moving away from sedans since my Pontiac kicked the bucket. Here's what I've got.
>2004 Acura MDX
>2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara
>2003 Toyota RAV4
All except the Acura are sub/around 150k mi (Acura is 300,000+). All appear to be clean, so let's just assume they're all mechanically sound?
What should I go for?
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