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How safe is your car /o/?

Mine doesn't even have side airbags.
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4 door sedans with good MPG

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What are your favorites?

>pic rel is mine
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>tfw you forget where you parked your car
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BMW Stock Radios

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I just bought an '87 325i and I love it.

The only thing that needs replacing is the radio as its cassette player doesn't work and I'm gonna kill myself having to listen to the radio any longer.

So, I want to keep a stock radio in it but I need to figure out a way to get a auxiliary line in. So, should I find a replacement stock radio that's tape function works and hard wire on in or should I spring for something like that Blaupunkt Nashville (pic related) ? The Blaupunkt has the line in built in which is pretty nice.

Also, do I need to get an amplifier?
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/ovg/ - the brakes are on the right edition

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Previous Thread: >>17897282

Our Wiki will answer every question you could possibly have. All frequently asked questions can easily be found on the main page itself:

Swing by our Mumble server and introduce yourself!
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>Port: 64738

Join the Discord server and use the james emoji

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Equipment Guide

We're racing on the weekends. Check out our Google doc for more info!
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>there are people that prefer cars to bikes

What is wrong with you idiot cucks? Why would you want to trap yourself in a cuck cage? Literally strapping yourself to a chair, immobile.

Why dont you get a bike?
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If its so good as /o/ says why is it discontinued?
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Should I buy a C5?

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First job out of school, making 42,000 a year and living with parents. I contemplate putting into retirement fund, investing, or saving but my heart wants C5.

I currently drive a 2nd gen Scion tC. It gets good mileage, does pretty well in the turns without passengers, and has toyota reliability but I miss the thrust of a V8. Is the vette the way to go?
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/hou/ - Night Wave: Dubs Wave

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