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Touring Car Thread

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Post your best.
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How much harder is it to drive in the UK if you've only driven in the US before?
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qtddtot - questions that don't deserve their own thread

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everyone says that my car has uprated brakes for the speeds it can achieve but i still feel like they are lacking.
how bad of an idea is it to upgrade to pic related, with better pads, lines and fluid?
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I want a car that has an insane amount of body roll. Would are some cheap, easy to find sedans that will offer me this?
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Mechanical Question:

I've never had any problems starting my jeep, but its been super cold (-22f) and now the engine is making some weird electric noise and not turning over

ive been told its the starter solenoid or the alternator, but I really need to learn basic auto maintenance. Anyways I got it started by popping the clutch and drove it around for a bit.

After an hour of driving it was starting and stopping on its own, even after being left for a while. When I got home its back doing the same thing, making that weird electrical sound.

Any idea on whats likely broken, since I will obviously have my noob ass raped if I take it to the stealer-ship off warranty
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Brack Friday

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Sup /o/, are you fine folks planning on doing any car-related Black Friday shopping this year? I'm on the lookout for some new summer wheels, myself.
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Gas Station Attendants

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How come we don't have gas station attendants in the U.S., if they are normal in Europe, Japan, China, Colombia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, SEA, basically everywhere else in the world? (though I don't know if they have them in Turkey)

Also apparently in other countries you pay after you receive the fuel, whereas in the U.S. you must always pay first for the gas unless it is a very old station.
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>car in front of you keeps touching the brakes without any reason
>does sudden turns without indicating
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Shit engineers do

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Post fucked up problems you've encountered or odd systems or designs that gasoline huffing engineers made.

>2013 VW Toureg 3.0 TDI
Sensor is in the bottom of the oil pan, has power, ground and signal from the ECM. Mind you not a reference voltage. A 2 way signal...

The oil level sensor works by sending a signal from the ecm to sensor which converts it to a ultrasonic wave which is directed up through the oil and reflects of the boundary bbetween the oil and air. The wave is received back into the sensor and the time interval between the sent and received signal is calculated into a value for the oil level for the ECM. Which is linked to the dash control module and then to the infotainment module.

But wait! There's more! In order for the amount to be calculated and displayed after a low warning level the hood must be opened and closed 3 times. If the hood latch switch is malfunctioning the oil level will never be displayed and fit warning will always remain on the infotainment.
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