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RWD vs FWD in Winter

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Hi I want to buy my first car and live in a snowy place.

What are your experiences with RWD and FWD in snow/wintertime?
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What do you guys think of my MA70 Supra? I just got it from my dad's estate he died. It's currently bone stock right now but I am reluctant to start modding it, but if I did decide to what are the most popular mods for the MA70?
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ITT: Cars you should avoid on the road

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>ANY dodge caravan
>Early 2000s korean cars
>Rusty american pickup trucks
>Jeep liberty
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>$40000 for a 180000 mile toyota
Is there anyone more delusional than jdm ricerfags?
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We all have one...that car that we really want to buy and fix-up but we -just know- it's going to be expensive and maybe even not worth it
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Are excited about Chinese cars?

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Post some comfy stories from your childhood about how you became a car enthusiast, or what made you interested in a particular car you now idolize.

>be 8 year old britbong
>dad getting his E36 M3 serviced
>there's a Porsche dealer across the road
>ask him if I can go across and have a look, he says yes
>it's a massive modern glass building
>far more grand than the neat, but otherwise plain BMW dealer
>midday on a weekday so no customers there
>walk in nervously

>grizzled old manager strides up to me and asks me what I'm looking for
>"th-th-the 911" (the only model I knew)
>smiles and walks me to a brand new 997 911 Carrera. It was 2004 so it had just been released.

>never paid much attention to Porsches before since they were "boring" because I was a supercar kiddie with no taste
>or maybe because the 996 was an ugly pos, I'm not sure
>but anyway, this was the first time I'd seen one close up

>walk around its muscular curves
>must have walked around it just autistically staring for like 5 minutes
>speechless at how pretty it looked
>it wasn't flashy like the Countaches / Testarossas I idolized, but it had a classical beauty to it I hadn't appreciated before
>No jagged edges, just smooth flowing lines

>manager starts laughing at my autism and asks if I want to sit in it
>at first I think he's joking, then I ask if I might "mess it up accidentally"
>he just opens the door

>first time in my life I had sat in a car like this
>not much flashier than my dad's M3, but everything just felt perfect to touch
>my manlet body can barely peer over the steering wheel, but I didn't care
>push the pedals, pretend to turn the wheel, grab the shifter and pretend to put it in gear
>one of the happiest moments of my life

>get out of the car, thank the manager
>as I'm about to leave he gives me a free keychain and a poster
>tell him I'll be back in 20 years

Still got the keychain on the keys to my shitbox, still got the poster on my wall
Still saving up for one
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The people's car of /o/ - BUMP THE THREAD YOU FAGGOT(s)

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Current name:
>Kuroba Quattropace
Launch (estimated):

>Poverty base (L) – RWD, 1.8L SOHC 4 Banger (borrowed from another manufacturer to reduce cost on cheapest model) developing 110 bhp

>ECO (FEX) – RWD, Either base 1.8l with a low pressure turbo developing around 130 bhp

>Base 6 (GL, GLE) – RWD, featuring the Company's in-house 2.0l straight 6 with a rev limit of 8k, develops nearly 200 bhp

>TURBO I – RWD, Turbo charged 2.0L I6 (unknown power figures)

>TURBO II – AWD, Twin Turbo 2.0L I6 270bhp

Special versions (some yet not fully discussed, undecided if will make the final cut)
>Group B like rally spec
>DTM or similar
>WAT racing development M.E.M.E machine ( not eligible for participation in any official racing )

>A car designed by a bunch of autists, so what? What can I do with it?
It will be simplified and put into Assetto Corsa and Rfactor ( other games might be possible too, i.e. GTA 4 and BeamNG, but that's too much to promise atm).
ALSO, there will be some animations featuring the car, a commercial set in the period and something like Initial D.
>Have you seen another anon working on the Touge racing game?
Yes, we have talked, this has a strong chance of making it in that game, if not guaranteed.

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P.S. the program I am using to model this is Blender 2.79.
>don't ask me again REEEEEEEEEE

on the topic of:
>when next car?????
As I did this time, I am going to make thread where the main focus is on getting together the drive type and body type of the next /o/'s car of the decade (this name makes more sense desu) whenever I want to do this again.

>Previous cumstain of a thread: >>18200853
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Okay faggots, Little-Trees / Wunder-Baum starts making car-specific air-fresheners;

What kind of scents will different brands have

I'll go

>Peugeot - Estrogen
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>French """engineering"""
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