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What is the black thing above this traffic light?
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Would you own one?
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>"hahaha you've got a bmw on your grille"
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Subaru SVX, should i buy it?

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Found a SVX and think about buying it, but don't know much about them.

Can someone who ACTUALLY owns one Redpill me on it?
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How 2 Git Gud

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Are there any driving schools that teach high-level driving techniques, like drifting or handbrake turns?
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Post a car (You) think is 99% perfect

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>hit speed bump late at night
>manage to get home with no issues
>battery light turns on
>suddenly check engine light, battery, and everything else turns on
>steering becomes difficult to move
>car is now dead

Anyone know what might be the issue? Pic related is vehicle. Saturn Vue 2006
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>yes I would like one nissan please
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What do we think of Volkswagen around here? Not VAG, just VW the brand.

Personally am excited for the Arteon.
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Hello /o/, I've not lurked here much so apologies if I break any house rules or etiquette.

Blog/ I've always liked cars, I managed to buy a shit high mileage pontiqc sunfire GT like an eon ago, it had a true duel exhaust and kmh primary speedometer, I killed that eounded bitch through use and life demanded and I acquiesced and drove trucks for years and years. Finally i was able to get in to my favorite car of basically all time, only rivaled perhaps by the gran turismo era skyline. This is my 2019 WRX, I'm startled by how much I have been enjoying driving it. It's a base model, I could have swung the STI or limited but I'm a jew.

So I guess all that's left is for you guys to tell me what a faggot I am and how shitty my car is.
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