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/hou/ - Night Wave: Making it great again

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Welcome back to another Night Wave thread.

Previously on Night Wave >>17535699

For the past few months, many of you know that Night Wave has been quite stagnant, we haven't been doing too much
and our meets in general have been only with a handful of people. There are many reasons for that
which include going to the same areas, having meets at the same time of the night, doing the same things
repeatedly but in cycles.

It's time to change all that, we have become too used to the easy life of mini meets and shitposting on chat all day for easy laughs. Something about Night Wave brought all of us together, it's time to find that reason again, it's time to reignite the spark that is long forgotten, it's time to make Night Wave great again.

Let's rev up those engines! Starting with a meet in Galvestion, special guests from Florida and Louisana : Fiesturd and Shingu.
This meet hopefully will bring everyone out who has been inactive and not feeling the wave. Too long has been since we did anything that involved more then 5 people, so let's go out there, have a nice cruise/wangan to Galveston, take some pics, eat some great food, experience the real wave and keep growing! See y'all the meet.

Galveston Date Poll:

- Euro Wave, hang in there. Haddedam has some big plans coming up for you. Baltic meet soon.

New Videos:

Single Turbo Swap Part 1 & 2

Check out our roster (we'll do some updates on that)

Steam Group


Walkie Talkie app

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Is a manual BMW E34 535i a good first car?
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Tools & Garage General

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So who here actually works on their own cars? I've been wanting to get some basic stuff but don't know where to start
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>You scored a date with a hot European model
>You pull up to her house to pick her up and see her dad drives this
>What did you show up with hoping to impress her?
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i mean whut. either some dumb faggot didnt put it in the name line again or there just isnt an /OFF ROAD GENERAL/ thread here for some reason.

either way we need to fix that.

>mfw new work schedule is killing me
>mfw stroking my dick to the though of a warm fire and a cool river
>mfw all i want to do is drive up to canada and cast flys at qt brookies
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What car is this?
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Twingo General

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Say hello to the new family member.

Merci Twingo!
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what is this goop?
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Thinking about throwing a marine sticker on my car to look tough will vets sperge out about muh valor?
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Why are all 00s cars so fucking ugly?
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