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Where do you wrench?

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Pic related has been my garage setup while ive been stayin at this apartment. In this alley with my toolbox under the stairs and spare wheels upstairs with my expensive stuff inside. I have the chance to move to a place with a real garage and more room but its gunna be like $200 more expensive. Post your garages/workspace inspo and convince me to bite the bullet on sinking deeper into the po/o/rfag hole
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do you guys ever see cars like this?

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Metro Detroit anon here. I travel I-696 and I-75 daily. I see camo covered cars and trucks almost daily.
Post your photos, I have a bunch of my own to dump
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Hello guys,

What car is this? I think this is infinity M73 but rear light are different
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> Pay good money to go to annual manufacturers car show (15 bucks)
> Porsche doesn't even unlock their doors for you to sit in them

What's the point of even showing up then Porsche? I mean, you can go sit in them at the dealership for free, but not a fucking show I paid money to attend??
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All four cylinder cars are simply A to B appliance pieces of shit and should be crushed.

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Was The rice Era the best era?
I remmeber being a kid riding in my brothers riced up supra, lmao
I remember all the Drags i went to as a Teenager and everyone had riced as shit boxers, i couldnt even drive back then.

Somewhere along the lines, after maybe Tokyo drift in 2006-2007 i feel the world shifted into a different ERA, people started taking cars more seriously and RICING ur car was looked down upon even tho that shit was just for the LULZ, i vividly remember how riced up cars were, like my brother had suicide doors on a Evo 5, lmao,

Crazy painjob too, it was literally a PINK evo 5 with suicide doors, and he swapped it for some camero that his friend owned. i also remember people would let you ride in their car back than as a teenager, i remember going for many spins in strangers cars.

Idk if that shit can be done today, all the car meets ive been to are just standard bros, who keep it stock, the most they would do is put rims on their cars, or tinted windows lol, and lots of car meets are just show and tell, nobody does shit which is cool cause i know lots of carparks that used to get WREKT from car meets but thats what was fun.

What really changed the MOOD of the car scene and would that really ever come back, like people dont even candy paint their cars no more which use to be a big thing, hard to even see many BIG WINGS on cars, or decals and shit or neons at night

literally nobody does it, 2007 was literally the end of that era
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"""""Night"""""c/o/re, Malibu Edition

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You asked, and you shall receive. Come drive some of the greatest roads SoCal has to offer.

Sunday 2/25, 07:30. Again, that's 7:30AM.


In front of the McDick's at
23340 Avenue San Luis,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

>Upcoming meets

3/17: Little Tujunga

4/21: Palomar Mountain

>What to bring
2 way radio (Midland brand walkies seem to work the best)
Virgin boipucci for the touge gods

Nightc/o/re OC meets every Thursday at either GMR or Live Oak Canyon.

Nightc/o/re SD meets every Friday at either Del Dios Highway or Otay Lakes Road.

Check the Discord for details.

>Muh CHP
Niggery diggery doo, I called CHP on you.

>Can I bring my shitbox/exotic/baiku/dakimakura?
Yes, all cars and bikes are welcome. Traps are gay.



Routes and meeting spots:


1. Do not drive beyond your/your car’s limits. This is not a race. Cruise with the slow group first if you’re unsure how fast you want to drive, and we always wait for stragglers.
2. Do not cross the double yellows. Rule subject to change based on the road and time of day.
3. No burnouts, drifting, etc. at meeting spots. We don't need any unwanted attention.
4. Do not go Wangan Midnight when convoying. Cops love pulling over large groups of cars.
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Does a bigger meme exist?
>maybe helps 5%
>costs about 4 times as much as regular rotors
>drastically reduces brake pad life
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I have an unhealthy obsession with column shifters and almost all modern cars have stopped doing this. What is the solution.

Also redpill me on why they stopped doing this when it is clearly the superior option since it gives more space on the console area and the ability to have a 3-man seat in the front row.
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