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ITT: Great looking cars with shit underpowered motors

Hard mode: avoid 70s smog motors
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/o/ humor thread
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Im fixing up a 2001 izuzu rodeo for my nephew and need some new catalytic converters. I've never replaced these before so I took it to a friend of mine who is a mechanic. He said the labor costs wouldnt be too bad but that getting 2 vehicle specific cat converters would cost a grand.
I tried looking for some online and found a few ranging from 100-300. What do? Some were universal, others vehicle specific
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Your Twingo posting is making me question my choice in automobiles
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Should I get a 350z as my first car?

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i want to learn to do a bagel in my car but i dont get the steering. at first you go all the way to one side but then you steer back? also i heard you can do bagels in a fwd car if you have "treys", is this a modification?
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Is it a muscle car it has less than 8cylinders?
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Besides maintenance and not driving like you stole it, what are some things one can do to prolong the life of the motor?
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I know what i've got.
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