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How often do you guys open google Maps, pinpoint a random spot you've never been too and just go? Lately I've been doing this a lot. I live in north NJ so I usually end up in upstate NY or western NJ. But I'm curious about other people's experience. It's exciting to do, not knowing where you're going or what you're doing to see or do. I've always wanted to do this with a hot grill, but I'm too much of a loner. And it would probably come across weird. But anyways, what say /o/
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Are priuses gay cars?
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Ford Probe II - on the edge of the greatest decision in my life.

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Sup /o/
A little info about myself - 20yo, male Russian, graduating this year from university, already have stable profile job, driving Ford Fiesta MkVI restyle (2015) MT 105hp sedan.

Here is the deal, I like cars, no, I LOVE cars and I think that the car you own must arouse you - otherwise it's just a soulless piece of metal. I bet you got my point.

Recently I stumbled upon this picrelated Ford Probe II (1993) 2.5 165hp MT, and I never was so hyped about a car in my life (I literally couldn't sleep that day when I saw it).

Now to the point - should I really buy it? I have given myself a week to "cool down" and to weigh all pros and cons and I came here for last push and to hear your opinions on that matter, in order not to leave any stones unturned.

What I know about this car:
-costs 3500$
-specs are 2.5 MT 165hp front-wheel drive
-it's very rare in my country
-it's reliable despite the age and the parts are super cheap and easy to get
-this particular car had very good owners who took care of it (just look at the interior)
-capital works were done in 2016 on engine and other vital parts. -this model is reliable based on reviews of other people

I know I will need to maintain this car and take care of it by spending money on it and I am ready for that. I want this car for everyday use.

So, that's it. Please, tell me what you think, what should I be aware of and be ready for. Cheers.
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Umm, why don't you own a Bugatti Chiron yet?
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Title. I've done a bunch of bolt on mods to my car like headers and a steering rack but how out of my element would i be rebuilding a differential? There are limited slip differentials for my car but they all require a rebuild/only come with the part (even though the website says DIFFERENTIAL. Fucking tards)
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Why does /o/ hate new BMWs? Granted their not as small and easy to work on as they were in the 80s (no brands are), but this thing is easily the most fun big sedan I've driven besides the new CTS.
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Christian Von Koenigsegg had an first gen Mazda Miata.

Confirmed God Machine.
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/osg/ - Auto Sticker General Auto Sticker General #214 Previous thread: >>16894163

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Previous thread: >>16894163

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ

>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)
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Torque Vectoring

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What are the pros and cons of torque vectoring differentials vs. one motor per wheel?
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