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Jeepfags will defend this

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>NO powerwindows
>NO powermirrors
>NO unlock/lock/trunk open/panic button on the key FOB
>push to start engine
>"""5 inch""" infotainment screen
>A/C is an OPTION
>YES halogen headlights
>YES plastic steeringwheel
That'll be $35,000 thank you very much.
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How does your gf feel about your car?
Every time I modify mine the only question she has is 'will this make it louder?'
Do I try And find a gf who gives more of a fuck or am I alright without?
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Why do car fags prefer gas over diesel engines? is it purely because of how they sound or is there something else?
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Have you ever been judged by the car you drive?

>drive second hand expensive looking but affordable rebadged Toyota, paid in cash because used
>get unsolicited comments from melanin enriched scholars all the time asking how much my monthly payment is
>often with how they'd hate to have a monthly payment that high
>even asks if that's too much cars for me
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Why do convertibles look so ridiculous?
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/ctg/ - Classic Toyota General - Soaring edition

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>2000 and older
>no hairdresser cars
>we like trucks!
>we like Lexus!
>we like oddball stuff!
Previous thread hit bump limit >>24527668

Post pics and discuss Yotas you own(ed) or wish you owned
Share tech advice and tips, when asking for advice remember it really helps if you include year, make, model, chassis code, where you are in the world generally speaking, and any other relevant details like engine type if it's engine related, etc
Complain about rust, teach newbs how to wrench, laugh at muh truck engine, brag about your high odometer readings, and bask in the general greatness that is old school Toyota!
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Is there anyone who can stop Toyota?

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Or are they going to win for the next 10 years now?
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My Beetle has been for sale for about a month now with only 3 people messaging me about it. It's on a local marketplace website, Facebook Maketplace, Craigslist and thesamba.

wat do
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Weekly Porsche thread

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This is your thread to post your new rides, old rides, dream builds, news and etc.
No talk of 'not a real porsche' here. No poorfag whining. Busriders need not apply

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