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>Millennials: fucking boomers with their fucking 1969 mustangs and shit fuck boomers!

>also millennials: pic
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Project Cortege

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The russian presidency is making a brand new state limousine wich be unveiled this year. Allegedly it will look like this, it's not confirmed however it's gonna be branded as a Russo Baltique. What's /o/ opinion?
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Is it bad to seal up used motor oil in 2 liter bottles and throw it out with the trash?
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2018 Buick Regal GS

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*dabs on your car*

nothing personnel, kid. i'll hide your body in my hatchback trunk.
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The duality of man.
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Looking to start doing rally/rallycross. I'm younger and don't have much experience actually racing so what should do when I go to an event to compete? Just act cool or what? I fixed up a naturally aspirated Impreza over the winter so I could get myself started. My cousin has agreed to become my co driver too. I chose an N/A because I'm new and I don't drive on gravel/dirt all the time.
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Truckerfag Thread - /TFG/

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>Lazy Generic Thread Because Who Gives A Fuck Edition

>Truckerfag Discord - (For Outlaws Only) -

>Dont Sign That Lease, Or You'll Either Succeed Or Fail

>CDL How Do? Community College, Private Driving School Or Get Your License Through The Megas

>SWIFT: Best In Crash

>Megas A Shit, Always And Forever
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It's nearly Friday, let's have a weekend ancient live axle, under powered v8, BOF, panther thread.
Who here still owns one of these dinosaurs?
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If you were tasked with building an engine running on one actual ton (2204 lbs) of boost, how would you go about it?
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