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I'm in the market for a car.
Which (used) car satisfies all of the below criteria?
>cheap (under £8k)
>high mpg
>automatic transmission
>doesn't look gay
At the moment I'm looking at a Honda Insight as my top contender, but it simply looks so fucking ugly that I'm desperate to find something else to buy
I'd love to buy a 1.2 TDI Polo for their isnane MPGs but they only come in manual, and this car will be inherited by my younger sister after about a year and she can only drive auto
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Have you ever totaled a vehicle bros?
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>18 hour drive only stopping for gas and to piss
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the most aesthetic car imo is the ferrari 360. every single proportion is flawless.
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>Bugatti Veyron tyres
$42,000 a set, can ONLY use Michelin pilot sport PAX tyres which were made specifically for the car and have to be glued to the wheel. You must bring your car in to have the tyres reglued every 18 months regardless of mileage.

>Bugatti Chiron
Comes with Michelin pilot sport cup 2’s, any local tyre shop can order these in and fit them for about 2 grand.

Is this representative of impressive leaps in tyre technology or were Bugatti and Michelin running a nice scam to inflate prices?
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/DBT/ - [ D a i l y B I k e T h r e a d ]

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Grand Canyon edition!

>Motorcyccle tips and triccs
>Motorcycle pics, wembos, streamies
>Motorcycle lowsiding techniques
>Carburatorcel support group
>Survival reaction discussion
>Motorcycel tenny frens
>Motorcycle vfr posting
>GN125 rebuild progress
>tips to keep your fumo soft
>Motorcycle anime girls ( cats, elves, woofs, mice)
>MSF course passin’
>T.nogf posting
>High vis wearin'
>Scooters welcome because they are a type of motorbike

Crucial links (must watch before posting ITT!)
Sticky: >>23526953

Twist Of The Wrist II By Keith Code:
Twist Of The Wrist I By Keith Code's Dad:


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What kind of mental disorder do EV owners have?

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And why do they want to spread it to everyone else?

"Based on market research performed by Hedges & Company in 2018, it turns out the average Tesla owner is a 54 year old white man making over $140,000 with no children."
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They're Here!

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Square thread

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Post the most square car that you ever thought of.
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It's Twingo birthday! Everybody say "Merci Twingo!"
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