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If everything is so cheap in America, then why are their tires so expensive?
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GS300 / Aristo Thread

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/hg/ 本田

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Miata General - /mg/

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New kid on the block Edition

>miata pics and vids
>miata feels
>miata questions and answers
>miata hair styling tips and tricks

can I fit?
>if you're under 6'2" and aren't overweight you can fit without modification
can I daily drive one?
>yes most people can daily drive a miata no problem. I have commuted in various miatas for 3 years now
even in the snow?
>yes miatas can drive well in the snow (with four snow tires. They're even better with an LSD)
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>Subaru dealer wouldn't let me test drive an STI
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Craigslist Endurance Roadtrip Game

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Been awhile since we've done this, or at least a few years since I posted it.

Craigslist Road Trip Game
>Go to your most local craigslist
>Go to cars & trucks for sale by owner
>Click the most recently posted ad

This is now your vehicle for a cross country road trip spanning 3000 miles. This trip will also involve a couple stops at drag strips and a couple stops at a road race course and also autocrossing. There will also be some mild offroad. It does not need to win the races or anything but it needs to survive them and you actually need to beat on them in the races - ie putting along at like 5-10mph to avoid beating on it will get you disqualified.

You are only allowed to change the oil and to replace the battery. You get 2 jugs of shitty walmart oil and 2 jugs of 50/50 coolant. Your only other mechanical assistance is you get one roll of electrical tape and 10 zip ties.

Post what your ride is in this thread. How fucked are you?

Me personally, I might be okay barring the 4.3 shitting an intake gasket or a trans.
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Oil Changes

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How often does /o/ change its oil?

Every 8K running full synthetic here.
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/tg/ トヨタ

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Toyota General
>lowering springs edition

>Should /tg/ allow Daihatsu cars on the montage?
(93/111 votes needed)

>List of Toyota model codes

Sister Honda thread


Bump the thread if it's at page 5.

>V8 Altezza

Previous thread:
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daily reminder
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