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Jeep vs Benz

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Unironically, which one?

Benz truck is just a better and more expensive Wrangler, right? Downside of Benz is less parts and aftermarket, also more expensive. I like them both but I'm a little pretentious so maybe the Benz is better? They both seem like douche bag cars but isn't it better to be a rich d-bag instead of a red neck d-bag?
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I get what causes pops and crackles but what's up with these sustained blowtorch-esque flames?
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Just curious, after scrolling through the meme-tier cluster-b personality disorder drama shit going on in the s/o/cal thread I was wondering

What's the head count for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area here?

Curious about fucking around with some of you retards
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is there a big price difference between regular mechanics and specialist auto shops (like ones that prepare race cars) when it comes to basic maintenance and upgrades?
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AE86 vs 240sx

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Which is your favorite between the AE86 and 240sx? Which would you buy?
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Heel toe daily

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Does anyone else heel toe downshift in regular driving?

I don't always do it but often I find it is smother and gets me on the throttle quicker after a turn. If I'm driving super slow and relaxed I wont do it, but if I'm driving even a little bit quick it just works better.
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I wanna build me a Baja bug. I know very little about cars/engines. I can basically service my car and I can sort of weld decently.

The reason is my car was in an accident recently (written off), and insurance paid out a laughably tiny amount, and I can't afford a driveable second hand car. But old VW beetles are pretty cheap in my country, and not hard to find one for ~$1500 in running condition with licensing papers that isn't rusted to shit. But they're also notoriously shit cars to own, considering their age.

So I figured I'd get one, drive it, and mod it progressively as I can afford to. And considering.the world's burning, making it offroadable doesn't sound like a bad idea. Where do I start?

>The plan:
>1. Buy the bug
>2. Get it reliable
>3. Safety mods
>4. Suspension lift
>5. Bigger wheels
>6. Bigger brakes
>7. Slightly Bigger, more reliable engine (2.0l corolla engine maybe? )
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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread

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Namefags get the rapid onset lead poisoning edition

>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Bikes, Gear discussion, bike posting
>Motorcycle Anime boys with empty namefields
>Motorcycle namefag murder techniques
>Gun posting
>Anonymous webms only
>Washing, Waxing, Polishing, clay barring (You)r bike and gun
>Miatas should be melted into scrap for use in Harleys and Kawasakis
>Posting with text in the name field merits capital punishment
>$25,000 bounty for every namefag
>Tendy rating services (assuming the namefield is empty)

N/o/bike? Useful links:

Acceleration control in corners, frame geometry, and general motorcycle behavior for noobs: [Open]

How to not die in traffic: [Open]

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953


Old & terrible thread: >>24605433

Threadly question: What will your namefield look like on the day of the rope?
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Was Mazda’s decision to go for faux luxury a major mistake? No one wants to be caught wearing fake name brands so why would anyone want to be seen driving a faux luxury vehicle?
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Toyota Sequoia

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Used market is fucked. Looking at a 2004 with 110k miles but has a salvaged title because the engine crapped the bed and was replaced with an engine with 120k miles. They are asking $10k.
Thoughts? Anything to look out for here?
Looking at a XC90.
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