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How do you go from this...
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NA1 NSX or R32 GTR??
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What minor traffic violations piss you off most frequently?

It's impossible to drive for more than 5 minutes in Germany without witnessing some not using turn signals, especially when exiting a roundabout, making me wait seconds unnecessarily. That would be a 10 EUR ticket. I wish I could stop and ticket people.
Not signaling a lane change? 15 EUR
I can't not see it.
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Poor life choices thread

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>drive a 360hp FWD wagon with old Firestone's

What's the least responsible thing you've ever done with a car?
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What are you doing Ford?
Stop Ford...
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Sorry I made a thread a couple days ago but now the car came back and I know more info. If not, Ill just send it to a repair shop to look at but figured I'd try here one more time

I have a S63 with completely fine interior, exterior, etc

Only thing not working is the engine because it died after being driven in a very large puddle (didn't touch body of the car though, was not *that* high)

All the electronics work. However, they only worked when I charged the battery. I left it overnight to charge and it didn't work. I'm thinking I didn't give it enough charge so I'm leaving it overnight again.

If it doesnt work tomorrow then I know the battery needs replaced and if I get a miracle the car will start and I will own an S63. But I need advice as to what to do if it doesn't.

Also note the air suspension isnt working and car is sitting very low but hoping that is just because battery has been dead, and also some of the airbags and shit have been torn apart to get to the engine but I dont think that effects the car not turning on?

Need as much help as can get as wtf to do with as little $ as possible
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Happy 30th Birthday God Machine
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What's your favorite 80s Japanese a e s t h e t i c car? Mine's the Starion/Conquest.
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You may only post ITT if your car has never had a recall
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First car thread

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So, I am planning to get the driving license and buy a car.
And I do not know which.

Currently I am thinking between 1985-1990 Mercedes E W124 and 2004-2007 Renault Symbol (or Clio), and Peugeot 206 of the same age.
And I am planning to spend less than 5000 USD on those shitboxes.

Does 206 Peugeot have any wiring issues?
Will AT fail on old Mercedes?
What other cars can you recommend me? (in Chile)