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What went wrong?
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I'm lucky enough to to be able to afford an R32 or R33 GTR and I don't know which one I should own. Everywhere I look they all say it boils to "muh preference" or whatever. Frankly I like the look of the R33 much better than the R32 but I'm afraid it won't drive as well as the R32 like people claim. What do?
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>blocks your path
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Why are these allowed?
Who came up with these?
Why are these legal?

I get it, it's supposed to warn people, but they flash every single time anyone touches the brakes.
Fucking Hyundai stared this first I think, but now I see this across multiple car manufacturers, and models.

BMW and Audi have a proper system where either a second pair of brake lights light up, or the corner lights start flashing when the driver brakes hard. That system makes sense, and is very useful. But lazy ass shit does nothing but annoy you, or just cause people to no longer give a fuck.
Like some cunt who keeps riding his brakes. After a while you're gonna just ignore them. At this point it just becomes another example of inattentional blindness. You start ignoring the repeating stimulation. Just like you ignore the fact that you can constantly see your own nose.

This shit just enrages me, and it's always the same cunt who keeps braking, and tripping the flashing brake lights.

What other retarded automotive shit is out there?
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1994 Audi S4?

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I just really want a 5 cylinder car here in Canuckland but that engine configuration is quite rare. When I learned that the 90s S4 had the same engine as thr Group B Quattro, I had an instant boner. I watched some videos on youtube and it sounds exactly like one. I used to shit on German cars being unreliable and super expensive...but driving experience is above anything else.

I found this one

So how retarded am I? Parts still available and decently priced? Experience with them, anything I should know? Can they handle our salty roads?
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How would one go about finding a purposely riced vehicle?

I personally like funky body kits and big wings and would make it a project car as a Sort I’d reverse rice as in id like it too look absolutely ridiculous but build up the internals and such to be a good track car
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Is this a good car for a new-er driver? Its a 1984 Pontiac Fiero 2M4, manual transmission, RWD, 700 CAD and i plan on repainting it and cutting off the gay ass spindly spoiler on the back. Should I get it /o/?
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CWD S13 E5

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Its time for another week of canada's worst driver
The new episode will air tonight at 10PM Eastern
Stream link will be provided close to air time in the thread

Previous episodes:
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S2000 Love

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My S2000 has been with me for five years now. I bought it right after high school and it has made me into the driver I am today. Just like Tsuchiya said the AE86 is a “car that trains the driver” I feel like the S2000 is the same way. I’ve done so many autocross and HPDE and I take my car out on the mountains almost every weekend. I get mad whenever a car can go faster than mine, but I don’t want to get rid of it...getting beat just eggs me on to become a better driver. What’s wrong with me?
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/hou/ - Night Wave: Thanksgiving Soon ™

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Welcome back to another Night Wave thread.

Previously >>18182737

Reminder: December 1st meet is still being planned out, follow previous thread for more details >>18183491
Some good routes have been posted, some in the south, some in the north.
If Game Preserve is intended to be a meeting spot then it's better to have a route in the north.
Less than two weeks left, so plan it up.

Saturday weekly meets weren't going that strong, but I'll keep the address of HQ up anyways.

Address: 12121 Katy Fwy, 77079 - Whataburger

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

If you've got any car questions then visit the Scotty Kilmer channel.


Tuned 335i

Texas State Wide Meet:

Galveston Cruise

Single Turbo Swap

Steam Group


Walkie Talkie app
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