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ITT: Anomalies

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Production cars that were strange
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Well /o/?
Are you petrolheads or just filthy casuals?
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Why does everyone hate FWD? apart from skids can somebody explain to me why its worth getting a RWD car?
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>"A high-ranking executive at Toyota North America says the automaker has an “intention” to build a Corolla TRD based on the new-generation hatchback."

>“I love the TRD brand, I love what Toyota Racing Development does, and I like learning from our motorsports teams and putting it into our cars,” Hollis told the US-based publication. “And if we can bring it to every car and SUV and every truck, I think we should,”

first the Supra MKV, then the Avalon and Camry TRD. Toyota is back on the menu boys. would /o/ buy a 2021/2022 Corolla hot hatch??
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Give me one good reason why you don't have at LEAST one 18" Sundown Nightshade v.4 subwoofer in your car. 3000W RMS and 4" of peak to peak travel.
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Its a vw beetle
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>first big snowstorm of the season this weekend
>tfw 4-6 inches of snow
Are you guys fucking ready?
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Lets talk about safety. Are SUVs better than sedans?
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Chris Hanson tried to kill me with his moms truck

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Please help I need exposure to get the word out about this man who tried to kill me and lied about it and got away with it because he got the police to lie too.
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wtf @ bmw's latest releases
those kidney grills are so huge
am i the only one who finds this crazy ugly?
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