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what does /o/ think about this as a first car?
it's a 2005 accord euro luxury.
it's done 141,000 kms and is manual transition. and it's only $5,500.

I was also wondering is it a good idea to get a car like this to practice how to learn manual?
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Wangan Midnight>Initial D
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What new cars have good visibility? All I can think of right now is a Subaru forester
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Bad Luck

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What does it mean when I have an ABS light, flashing trac light, battery dies and as soon as i get a new one an hour later my engine overheats?
why does everything break literally at once? I know the thing is 20 years old with 295k miles on it but come on now.
I don't even know if the radiator is the issue.
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My downhill driver is crippled. I need a new downhill driver, you in?
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Vehicle break-in period

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Just bought a new X1 and I want it to last a while. Does anybody know the Do's and don't's of braking them in so they ease into normal usage? I hear that you need to avoid full throttle acceleration for 1200 miles but nothing else is consistently suggested.

What do you think boys?
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Making a decision

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Need a new vehicle, bmws tranny went, cba to get it fixed, mechatronics was $4k. New Yorker 4k for the part and warranty is about to run out. It's worth about 20k as a trade in according to kbb, already paid off
New ~$50k Silverado, or $36k hybrid limited rav4?

Other opinions valued

Pic related
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Hot take: Body colored joey headlights are the one cosmetic mod that looks good AND hasn't been done to death.