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What do think of the Swedish Nascar/F1 Scene?
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Maximum Horsepower

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What ist für maximum HP that can be utilized by a car? I heard that it is somewhere around 250 for FWD but that Honda managed to increase that to 300. What is the maximum vor other platforms like RWD and AWD?

Also suppose I want to drive a longer distance I then run into the problem of having to refuel a car like the Bugatti Veyron every 8. Ignoring traffic laws how do I drive 1000 km as quickly as possible?
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diesel engines be like:
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1983 Camaro Berlinetta for sale near me, thinking about copping one and the price is right. anyone know any issues with these i'd miss from just basic used car research? seems like a fun v6
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How do I avoid smog Inspection in California if I heavily modifiy a car here? I live in this shithole and I was wondering how to avoid these shitty inspections to get registration if California requires smog every 2 years?
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I want to import a kei car. Have you fags ever done this? Which importer did you use?
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Thoughts on A4 B9s?

Just copped one at copart for 10.5k$ with 70k miles and not sure if i made a good purchase

>pic related
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Infiniti FX45

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>fast, with a V8
>good era of Nissan

Okay, what’s the catch
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Post the biggest design blunders of the last 10 years
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Design Fix Thread

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Self-explanatory. Pick a car, fix whatever you think is wrong with it.

Picrel, always thought the roof was too high on the Imprezas. Probably rounded it off too much though.
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