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Riding Lawn Mower

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It's mowing season boys, these don't get mentioned much on this board.
Just fixed the spindle on my old craftsman and its working great. What do the rest of you ride?
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Alright guys. My scooby is nearing its life.

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I own this, i bought it in 2010, genny is solid, its an auto. I'm looking at a new vehicle, something as primitive and practical as possible. no flair. Yes, i can drive standard, this is my DD. Thats not he topic though, what can i do with this boxer? I want to keep it as long as i can this car has literally gotten me through the worst shit ive ever seen in all kinds of weather and i wouldnt mind just turning it into project car. Is this thing even worth it or should i just stow it?
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How is understeer a thing? Why don't they just make the wheels turn more
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Why did Toyota copy GM, the world's leader in shitty interiors at the time?
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Are all used car sites scams? Is craiglist the only way to go? I live in Metro Detroit at Carfax, Autotrader, etc. Are all giving me fuck all choices. Legit like 12 cars in a 200 mile radius, mostly all in Ohio or Indiana
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Fuck it, keychain thread
What are some tasteful keychains?
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Group B thread

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I just wanted to post these here, for fun ofc
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Without coping (or sneeding), why are you still driving a sedan instead of a truck?
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>Steals your GF and your Wallet
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