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What Harley is this?
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/scg/ SoCal General

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S/o/Cal thread? S/o/Cal thread.

>Upcoming meets

Sunday 9/24: Decker Road Run, round 2
Meet at the Mobil station at 7:30AM.
942 S Westlake Blvd
Westlake Village, CA 91361

We'll likely get food at Neptune's Net after we're done running the road.

Saturday 10/7: Nightc/o/re SD. We'll be meeting at 4:00, location TBA.

Saturday 10/21: Main meet, location TBA. Likely to be GMR at night, because a few of our guys are planning on running for the racer's pride.

>Nightc/o/re OC
Find us at Kazoku every Thursday at 9:00. We head out for the touge around 11:00PM.

16171 Lake Forest Dr.
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Note: Main meets are every 3rd Saturday of every month, unless otherwise posted.

>What to bring to the meets
2-way radio. Midland or Baofeng are good brands to go with.
Virgin boipucci to sacrifice to the 峠の神。
For main meet bbq's, a google spreadsheet will be posted.

>I can't make the meet bc of work
Call in with the shits you faggot.

>Muh CHP
Niggery diggery doo, I said it before you.


We'll add you if you show up and don't act like a faggot

1. Do not cross the double yellows. No exceptions.
2. Do not drive beyond your and/or your car's limits. We've had a good track record of people not crashing so far (save for a couple of retards who thought they were dagumi). Let's keep it that way.
3. Do not do any burnouts, donuts or any of that hoodrat shit at meeting spots. Save it for the dirt or somewhere deserted where we won't get cop trouble.

Looking forward to driving with y'all.
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I <3 cops

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Can we discuss how to properly interact with the police when being pulled over?
1. Hazards as soon as they hit you with the cherries and blueberries.
2. Pull as far over as you can to avoid random cars slamming into you.
3. Always respectful and calm. Don't fidget or it will make them nervous. Best to keep your hands on the wheel till they greet you.
4. Lots of no/yes sir/mam will get you a long way.
5. Make sure everything is up to date.
6. Keep your car clean. Dirty cats get suspicion.
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Why do you faggots...

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care so much about handling?
Do you live next to picrelated?
Aren't there police busting your balls all the time?
Do you actually race on tracks?

Just asking since I don't understand all the love for the BRZ, I'd rather drive a V8 car that doesn't handle as good but instead has 400lbs of torque and a nice sound
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Can a rekt Lamborghini like this still be repaired? Even if it's scrap it's still worth a ton of money.
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I'm considering buying pic related. It's a 1999 Honda Accord Coupe V6. What are the things I should look for? Is it prone to rust and mechanical failures? There's not much info online for these.
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s/o/cal mini meet

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alright boys it's time for
Autism's Autistic Adventures

WHEN: Saturday 9/23/17

TIME: 7am sharp - whenever the autism levels get too high

WHERE: Meet up at Gendora high school, we will run gmr and go up hw 39 to Crystal Lake cafe to have an autistic brunch. After we will either head down 39 or go back on gmr.

WHAT TO BRING: money for food, a vehicle of some kind, and a good attitude.
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/ORG/: tasteful 3D waifu edition

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General offroad and (((niceposting))) thread. Pray for snow. Post rare taytays and offroad maymays.

Jeep suicidewatch update:
Trump intervenes:

>Old Thread
>Older thread:
>/out/ thread:
>/out/er thread:
>/pirate4x4/ thread:

>Jeep gets sold to chinks
>school starts again
>summerfags are gone
>we can start posting serious, elucidating content

>Map for stalking:
>Discord for full out autism containment:
>Become an anti-weeb stickerfag:
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Workin on a StretRacing Mango Edition.

>Post your drawings/doodles/cartoons/renders of your favorite cars yall
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How do I stop thief's from stealing my wheels?

Do really wheel locks work?
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