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Car hood release broke

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I kinda pulled too hard on this thing. What should I do now? Is there a way to get my hood open?
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what do you guys think about the 2017 Mazda3

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What's on your car to-do list, anon?
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>$2.09 regular unleaded
>$2.99 premium unleaded
>car requires premium
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Why are commercial vehicles so slow? Why can't they make them less slow? Like, if they made vans that accelerate as fast as a Ford Focus it'd be a huge improvement.
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Land barge thread

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Is the 1992-1997 Crown Vic considered a land barge? Also land barge thread, bonus points if you find one that isn't American.
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> bought my first manual a year ago after owning 4 automatics since 17 (Car now is 02 Subaru Legacy L Wagon)
> manual has taken control of my life
> want to find a chevy k1500 pickup with 5.7 v8 and 5 speed manual transmission
> almost non existent or high miles or out of my 5k budget

This is my end game of all future vehicle purchases, something I want to call my baby and keep for a long time and drive for as long as I can.

I test drove my co-worker's k1500, but it had a v6. Compared to my Subaru, i found it better to drive than my Subaru. I cant imagine what a v8 would do better than the v6 did.

If I bought a high mileage k1500 with high speed, would an engine rebuild help sustain performance and reliability? Otherwise, I'll have to be patient.

> tl:dr
Buy Chevy k1500 pickup with high milles then rebuild an engine, or wait for a low mileage one to pop up?
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ITT: we play find the KEK!!
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Honda Power Steering

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Alright /o/, I'm clearly doing something wrong. Sister just bought an 03 Honda Accord, V6 model, and her timing belt promptly exploded on the freeway. Her valves lived to tell the tale, and she replaced the whole TB kit, but developed problems just last week with power steering. I just replaced the pump for her today, then went to bleed the system as per normal- turn wheel to full lock back and forth. The wheel weighs about a thousand pounds, and after 30 minutes all I'm getting is foam in my reservoir. There is clearly a large air bubble somewhere... why can't I get it out?

<stock picture related
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XV40 Camry Power

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Hi br/o/s. I own a 2007 Camry SE with the 2GR-FE V6 engine. It currently makes 268bhp stock. What modifications, tunes, or other things can I do to it to get more out of it? Forced induction is a possibility, as I have the money to do a project like that.

Pic related engine of my car
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