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how does it feel knowing an 11 year old japanese girl is a better driver than you, /o/?
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Why does virtually every race competition out there ban so much shit?

They've banned things like the rotary engine, aero mods, and awd. Hell, F1 only allows one type of engine. Why? Is there something out there that's uncucked that I haven't heard of yet?
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>€55k for a civic
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Can someone explain to me how women manage to fucking destroy every car they touch? pic unrelated
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/org/ off road and overland general

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New /org/: winter returns edition

Old /org/
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Getting my company trucks oil changed. Half of the techs are women and the manager is trying to get me to change the transmission oil.

Should I do it?
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New Camaro SS

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So the new Camaro SS was recently revealed and as post people I don't really like the design. Now, I've heard alot of people reminisce about the older model and how cool they look and I agree. Also, the 5th gen was a success with it's retro-style so why not try that again?
So I tried to come up with a concept for a Camaro that would have the proportions to meet modern regulations but still retain design cues from the older cars. This one in particular is really inspired by the '69 Camaro with those badass headlight covers and since modern LED lights are so bright and powerful you could essentially have the headlights be in that shape on a new car.
Well anyways, let me know what you think. Maybe add/change something to make it an even more nostalgia-trip?
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>elantra sport
>veloster n
>poeple still doubting the gooks can make good performance cars
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My granny's car makes an electronic buzzing sometimes, especially when she accelerates. She insists that there's nothing wrong, and Google is no help.
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>my piss gallon jug has been on the side of the street by a tight turn unopened for 2 months now

Oh man someone is going to get wrekt lmao
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