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What's the proper way to turn your wheel quickly? every time i oversteer a lot in some sim game and i have to spin the wheel a lot i just end up flailing around and losing track of what position my wheel is even in, inb4 just drive a real car fuck you im just trying to practice before i do something stupid hooning around
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how maneuverable is your car?
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What are some street cars that gained cult status?
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confession thread

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>have no licence despite i'm 22.
>started when i was 18
>didn't like it. i only were stressed and had a constant feeling that something bad will happen, like i'm about to participate in accident or something
>making mistakes cuz i'm stressed as shit
>never ending duche parade on the road
>i didn't even know why do i take this lessons. it's all but stress
>my instructor probably was like "oh let's put this pathetic fag out of his misery"
>i haven't even made attempt to any exam
>i just quit

i didn't mention that my dad is road rage driver. so this doesn't me help in anyway do accomplish this retarded licence. i have no motivation to do this.i just want to finish it because it bothers me much. because i left it unfinished. how do i fix myself? how can i find the motivation?
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/o/ vidya

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Does /o/ still like Automation? The car company tycoon game?

I've let it sit in my library for a few months and just started replaying it. I found it has changed a LOT. Kick-ass graphics, fuckton of new models and badges to use. New engine options.

I could keep going on.
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Pikes Peak

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General pikes peak thread, what did you guys think? Any of you go?
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what do ya guys think about prerunners
any oldschool guys?
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Why do Australians make their cars so ugly and retarded looking?
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My dad is buyin a new car and hardly any even come with CD players any more.

Is there a bluetooth CD stacker that he can have in the trunk and control with the buttons on the steering wheel?

He is too old to use an ipod.
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