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I just picked up a '96 Infiniti Q45 with 230k miles for a song
it's got some issues here and there, but only one that really worries me

when I make a left had turn, the wheel does not want to return to center fully
the sharper the turn, the less it returns to center
however, contrary to turning left, when I make a right hand turn (especially a tight one), it sort of resets and returns to center (or almost all the way, the slight bit of slop left is an alignment issue I think)

the weird left-right turn asymmetry of the issue seems weird to me
anyone got any ideas?
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What kinda surgery you want?
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Looking into getting an after market exhaust for my WRX (blobeye)

What do I need to know before doing so?

What are the main benefits of a turbo back vs cat back?

Do both require a tune after or is it just a turbo back that needs one.

I'm leaning towards an invidia q300 or greddy revolution rs.

Which would you say sounds the best without being to obnoxious? will I regretted getting one over the other?
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Who has bought a broken down car the same model as their daily drive to use for parts (as well as selling other parts) and was it worth it?
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> 200 lb-ft more torque
> 50 more horsepower
> 400 pounds lighter
> much better brakes and suspension
> much grippier tires
> still gets crushed on the track
How does chevy do it bros? I'm actually a little impressed...
Oh and I forgot to mention the gtr has a much older chassis too lmfao
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What is the Autobahn of North America? Of South America?
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Can anyone help me?

Trying to remember the name of a specific JDM drift car, sure it was a Nissan. Kinda looks like a Silvia 14 but with much more thin square head lights.
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steelies > alloys
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thoughts on optima batteries /o/?
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Have you preordered your 2017 DeLorean?
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