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why do race cars get exponentially more expensive after a certain point? and why do i keep going? how deep does the hole get?
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Sports car with best fan base?

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How does this image make you feel?
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r34 gtr nissan skile

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where can i find
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Slightly modded MR2 Looks better than a Ferrari
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So this was on my car when I got it, it looks like something splashed and ate at it. It's deep enough that I can feel it but not deep enough to rust. How would you lads go about fixing it?
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Redpill me on buying a used BMW 135i.
I've been reading reviews, people seem to really enjoy it, sweet little inline 6 Twin turbo pushing some good numbers stock.
Good looking coupe, BMW bred for that sweet eurobeat.

Currently sitting on a 1974 merc and a silvia with an rb25 pushing 450 horsies ATW. Should I just dump these 2 for a new bmw bride?

Discuss with me, /o/, this is in Australia also, land of the upside down cucks.
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People in /o

>That classic BMW would look really nice all blacked out and tastefully lowered
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What's the most bullshit thing you've ever heard from a non-car person related to auto's, /o/?
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/mg/ - Miata General

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Tail of the dragon edition
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