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Going to the Mazda dealer for the first time ever since buying my first ever car to get an oil change.
What should I watch out for, and anything I should ask to also get checked out?
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If Hyundai is so horrible

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Then how they got the fastest FWD?
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>been stolen 3 times
>has been at a buy here pay here lot
>smells like shit
>tires are bald
Yep that’s how every Dodge Charger ends up after the first owner sells it
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Who the fuck in Subaru is letting this designer ruin the fucking cars?
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Jumpstarting Booster

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Is pic related a scam? Just received mine because my battery died after I left the car unused for 3 days and waiting for it to charge but it already feels like a fucking scam. $100 for what? A battery and a cable? Can't I just use any old power bank or power drill battery?
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Shop owner/manager experience stories

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>Be me
>into working on cars
>decide to apply at local shop
>job interview with owner
>dude is like 10 min late but okay
>general interview stuff
>offers $17/hr
>First day, hyped af
>realize this shop is really dirty and unkempt
>whatever, it's a shop
>slowly learn over time this place has major issues
>owner expects me to know everything
>expects me to do everything at lightspeed
>do my 100% best for my first two weeks
>time for my first paycheck comes
>its real late like almost a week late
>he pulls me aside
>look at my paycheck
>its $880 before tax
>that cant be right
>should be $1360 before tax
>ask him wtf
>"the best I can do is $11/hr anon"
>decide to still sign employment contract
>I want to prove myself
>still giving effort and determination
>getting better at being a mechanic
>one day he's out on errands
>everything we needed to get done is done except for one nightmare car
>service writer getting yelled at by him
>he hands the phone to me
>yells at me about everything under the sun
>I'm not taking abuse for less than I was making at walmart
>angry as fuck
>start to show up 10min late all the time
>do everything at 10% effort
>stop caring
>take my sweet ass time to do anything
>straight up don't do things
>begging to be fired basically
>a month goes by doing this shit
>finally fed up with it
>fires me
>on my way out service writer bro and I talk
>find out he's making $17/hr just to answer phones and talk to customers sometimes
>fuck this
>My last paycheck bounces due to insufficient funds
>go in and pick up new check
>goes through
>original check clears too
>get my 17/hr on my last check
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Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45 S

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I want one so bad bros, would be fun putting betas in 86s in their place
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How did Mercedes-Benz go from this...
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How do I stop my retarded grandpa from driving

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He doesn't have his license renewed and won't hand over the keys or take a test for it. He has double vision and shit and has nearly gotten into a few accidents. How do I disable his car stealthily? I looked at calling the cops but they will only warn him he is being bad not impound his car. He is in a care facility who will drive him anywhere he wants he just refuses to use their services

Pic not related.
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What was your best used car deal? tell the story about it
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