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What kind of car is this?

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how can i best get rich so i can go out and buy my favorite cars?

quickest time possible, maximum work preferred
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/ccg/-Classic Car General

W O N D E R B O W L edition

A thread devoted to all classics regardless of nationality or condition.
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/tg/ トヨタ

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Toyota General
>remove rust edition

Sister Honda thread


Bump the thread if it's at page 7


>Powering a circuit

>Turbo MR2

>/tg/ vs /hg/

>Anon's shenanigans

Last thread:
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dear twings and twingorinas

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Anybody ever spray painted a vehicle before? Or should I just drop 500 for a cheap maaco paint job
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> Muh vee ate
> 80's styling
> obscure as fuck (because being popular is overrated)
> sexline six for sixfags
> cheap plentiful aftermarket

It's almost everything you autists lust after, why isn't it /o/'s car of choice?
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When I see pic related on the road I instantly think "retarded high schooler buys auto mustang to impress" or "man in mid-life crisis knows nothing about cars"

anyone else instantly think of bad stereotypes when they see a certain car?
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Koenigsegg employee - AMA!!

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I know there are guys/girls out there who have wet dreams about the swedish megacar Koenigsegg, hit me up with your questions. I work there. Peace!
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