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>be Canadian
>go to America
>have to pay tolls literally everywhere
>toll roads are somehow in worse condition than non-toll roads
>pot holes in New York, Jersey, and Connecticut are so bad that destroying wheels and fucking up your suspension is a semi-regular occurance
>some toll booths in Florida and Jersey have a literal bucket where you have to toss coins into it
>literally 3rd world tier
>they don't even detect the coins, drive off anyway
>single bridge in lower NY actually has a civilized system where they scan your plate and mail you the toll
>doesn't even work, though I'm not complaining about that
>tolls into NYC are $15
>wouldn't bitch if it was actually posted before an exit
>Some toll booth operator tells me that the lower level of the GW bridge into NYC is free
>go there only to find that it's been closed for a year and that I have to pay the $15 to use the upper level
>no you can't turn around, now pull $15 out of your ass

God damn it America, you're supposed to be a global super power. Put some pressure on your politicians to fix your failing infrastructure