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Truckerfag thread - /TFG/

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>Pepsi Was A Gud Boi, He Dindu Nuffin Edition

Brevious Bread: >>17031483

>44 Tonnes
>34 Tyres
>Don't Sign That Lease
>CDL How Procure? Private Driving School or Community College
>Megacompanies are meatgrinders
>Truckerfag still truckless?
>Pepsi insists that he is not a trucker, still pisses in jugs
>Oilfag spent a full day polishing chrome and completely covered it in mud the next day
>Primely getting mentorship in tarping from Tfag, ginger pirate beard and ten cats to follow
>Trucker Gundam secretly desires to be a flatbedder again
>Primefag was the original Primefag
>Freon got dat 1980s furniture money, swimmers legs
>PTL is 80% stud, may have given a handy to a dot officer
>Whiney too busy with mandatory church activities to shitpost
>M&Ms absentia, may have already crashed service truck