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Truckerfag thread - /tfg/

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>Western Star Is Bestern Star Edition

Brevious Bread:>>17183794

>44 Tonnes
>34 CPM
>Sign not that lease, varlet
>CDL how do? Private driving school or community college
>Megacompanies are shit, don't fool yourselves
>Truckerfag successfully hid his drug habit from Menards screening
>Bepis considering move to Alabama
>Freon hates pants, Allyfags
>Gundam to buy motor home, annoy truckers
>Oilfag finally got his newish Western Star, immediately got it stuck
>Balam delivering freshly harvested wind from wind farms
>Whiney is not kill, merely poor
>M&Ms: Coming to a 90° corner with a power pole near you
>Primefag nearly got sucked off by tornado
>Primely is a nose in heretic