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So, I have a problem.

On Friday evening, a cute little asian lady pulled out in front of me in my Jetta and more or less managed to pit maneuver me into a curb. Wasn't my fault, but my car is still pretty mashed.

The insurance company has appraised the damages, and it's about 35% of the value of the car, so it will not be a total loss. It's all body damage and alignment. The thing is, the insurance company also offered me a check for the amount of the damages, which it turns out is about 70% of what's left on my loan. It's a 2014 GLI with 48,000 miles on it, so it's even still in warranty.

Should I:
>take the check and run (about $5k)
>sell the car for what it's worth (about $9k from what I can deduce), giving me $14k
>pay my $6.5k remaining loan
>be left with $7.5k to buy a NIPPONU SHITUBOXU that will get me from A to B while I save for a Porsche
>be left with no car payment

>get the car fixed by the insurance company
>wait 3 weeks for the body shop
>pay for a rental car for that time because I was a goof and didn't get rental car coverage (probably $40 a day)
>be left with a car that has crash damage on the title
>pay off loan in 18 more months

>take the check and run
>use whatever money it takes to make it just driveable enough (pretty much alignment and nothing else)
>dump the rest into my loan
>pay it off way sooner
>fix my credit in the mean time
>sell it, buy Porsche