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Behold, the Ford Mustang

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>front engine powering the rear wheels through a limited slip differential, just as god intended
>four seats, large trunk, reasonably reliable, cheap to repair, good visibility, comfortable seats, excellent driving position, plenty of interior storage, as practical as any sedan
>fast shifting 10 speed automatic or crisp 6 speed manual in all trims, depending on your personal tastes
>all the luxuries you could ask for in the Premium trim, like heated/cooled seats/wheel, navigation, adaptive cruise, customizeable digital dash, even a convertible top
>lots of variety in colors and options, like active exhaust valves, magnetic suspension, recaro seats, multiple aesthetic packages
>costs less than 30k for the Ecoboost, for enthusiasts on a tight budget, is a good tuner car when equipped with the Performance Package
>a whopping 460HP at 7500 RPM and 420TRQ available for under 40k in the base GT, something no other car can offer
>will pull an incredible 3.9 second run to 60 and a 11.9 second 1/4 mile out of the box when equipped with the GT Performance Pack and 10 speed auto, while still maintaining very good handling
>can be further upgraded to the Perf Pack 2 which turns the Mustang into a serious track weapon with enough grip to make your neck hurt
>incredibly large aftermarket that can personalize your Mustang into whatever you could possibly want it to be
>Ford Racing modifications that can be added without risking your warranty, including a 700HP supercharger that will bring you Hellcat power for much less money
No car is perfect. But this is as close as it gets. Why don't people appreciate it?