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S/o/Cal Meet: Nigger Gran Prix

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Gentlemen, I’m honored to announce to you the route for the first annual S/o/Cal Nigger Gran Prix. 50.5 miles of driving on one of Southern California’s many superb mountain roads. Our journey starts in the city of Hemet at the esteemed Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. We will then venture up among the lofty pines of the Mount San Jacinto State Park, enjoying the cooler temperatures and hopefully not smoggy views. After descending the mountain, our final destination will be before us in the form of the revered Banning Kentucky Fried Chicken. Prepare for fine dining and finer roads.

Saturday, 9/15 at high noon.

2890 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545

In the KFC parking lot

>Upcoming meets (note, main meets are the 3rd Saturday of every month unless otherwise posted)

10/20: Rim of the World.

11/17: location TBD.

12/15: location TBD.
01/19: location TBD.

>What to bring
2 way radio (Midland brand walkies seem to work the best)
Virgin boipucci for the touge gods

>BBQ spreadsheet

Nightc/o/re OC meets every Thursday at either GMR, Ortega Hwy or Live Oak Canyon.

Nightc/o/re North meets every Saturday at either the Malibu Canyons, Little Tujunga Canyon, or ACH.

GMRc/o/re meets every Wednesday.

Nightc/o/re SD and IE are in the works.

Check the Discord for details.

>Muh CHP
Niggery diggery doo, I called CHP on you.

>Can I bring my shitbox/exotic/baiku/dakimakura?
Yes, all cars and bikes are welcome. Traps are gay.



Routes and meeting spots: