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I supercherged my car and i had alot of trouble with the ECU tuning. I got it running and i brought it home from atlanta last week. There aren't any tuners in ohio that have experience with nissans, only mopar and GMs, so they diddn't really have the scantools to read my car. My FI connectors were making a pretty poor connection, so the connectors needed replaced, also i had a bad coilpack on cyl#3 and a bad o2 sensor. That made tuning this thing hell for the tuner and i had to take it down to Z1 from cleveland on a trailer.

When i put the SC on, i made a thread here about it. >>24163264 I took some cool pictures and i want to show you guys. Dyno says i make 423 at the wheels. oil cooler reduces my highway crusing temps from 190 to 170. Pretty impressive!