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Help me choose a car

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Please help me pick a car /o/

Im at a point in my career where I’m working on average 80 hours/week but sometimes this goes up to 120 hours. I am telling you this because i do not want a car that is going to require a lot of wrenching as I don’t want to spend my limited free time working on cars. I also cannot afford to be late to my job so I need something that will start up every time and won’t leave me stranded. Or at the very least comes with a loaner car so I can just drop it off at the dealership for repairs. I’ve thus been looking at cars that either come with a warranty or I can purchase a bumper to bumper warranty.

I am looking to spend no more than $40k. Obviously the lower the better but I still want something that is fun to drive and that looks good. Emphasis on the looks good.

My choices so far are:

1. BMW M2
2. Toyota Corolla GR
3. BMW F10 M5
4. E90 or F80 BMW M3

Which one of these would you pick given my circumstances? I am open to any other suggestions.