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Nice first car - risky Celica, save up for MX-5 or something else

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Hi, I'll keep it short - eastern european anon so to get a perspective if youre a westoid divide your pay by 2 and multiply the used car cost by 2 as well.
I want a nice car for my first. Been waiting for it for ages but finally have a relatively decent job.

The idea always was to save up for a decent MX-5 (NBs are pretty much all 1.6 here so one of those or an NC) but there's an only slightly ropey Celica 1.8 vvti (140hp, US equivalent would be the GT) for sale nearby. I like the guy mentioned having oil problems in the ad and rebuilding the engine.

So, nice first car, save up for an MX-5 in 6 months or so, squeeze the bank account for a possibly risky Celica 140 or something else? I'm basically asking for Celica 140 impressions, is it a possible disaster if I squeeze out every euro I have to get it from a guy who's been taking it to repair shops for the last two months.