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is maintaining a site like this expensive? also cant you switch to an earlier version of recaptcha
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Better Capatcha anti spam system?

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Can you change the jewgle capatcha to something else?
It takes too long to solve it to post and also "jewgle"
It keeps telling me to try again multiple times as well
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Why do u remove older webms? trying to find one from august, but it apparently don't exist any more
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Old 4chan archive data

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Hello, I tried to grab the 4archives DB when it was offered. I got all but images.tar.gz (dated December 2012/13 ish). Does anyone have that? Contrarily, does anyone want the post/thread data for archive purposes?

Pic related.
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Do you guys keep threads archived forever? Pic unrelated
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Hello, I want to report a post for privacy, but I don't want to let the mod see the photo too, goddamnit. What can I do? I guess it's stupid to ask this, huh...
I was just wondering if there was a way a mod could delete something without actually acknowledging the content.
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Suggesting Thread Archive.

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Hi, is there a better captcha you could use? It seems that you've set it to trigger on images above a certain size and the homepage. I simply don't like filling out 6 recaptchas to view 1 image, maybe there's a better solution?
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Would it be possible to search for all posts without certain text?
You can do
a -b
for a but not b
but just plain
doesn't seem to work.
For example, it would be nice to be able to search for mod posts on /pol/ without the text "This thread was moved to".