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How do I reply with an image attached?

There is no File field when replying.
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>Checking your browser before accessing 4plebs.org.
What was meant by this? What's with the "please wait" page and why's it only showing up now?
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Will you consider doing ban archiving like on https://desuarchive.org/a/bans for pol and your other boards?
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Can we flood 4plebs when 4chan gets taken down?
just asking
>pic unrelated
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8chan archive

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Now that archive.8ch.net is dead. Will you be considering to start an 8chan archive. Or is there another one?
pic unrelated
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I'm sure this question has been asked before, but how do you escape slashes in your searches? Say for example you were searching for the string "/g/" on /pol/, how could you do this?

Tried using the standard \ to escape. Doesn't seem to work, though.
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how come this is the only archive that is never down and never disappoints
what are you doing that the others arent
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Better Capatcha anti spam system?

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Can you change the jewgle capatcha to something else?
It takes too long to solve it to post and also "jewgle"
It keeps telling me to try again multiple times as well
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