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Why is it that you're the only 4chan archive owner that knows how shit works? Desuarchive & and RBT are dead right now.
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For some reason this is the only chan that works @ my job

please archive /fit/

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>just found this archive (thank you kind admin)
>archiving /hr/ - High Resolution
>archiving /pol/, which is even more used than /b/ now
oh shit nigga what are you doing? props and all that, but damn, how's the bandwidth?
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/b/ archive NOW
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4plebs.org downloads

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>Checking your browser before accessing 4plebs.org.
What was meant by this? What's with the "please wait" page and why's it only showing up now?
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change /s4s/ to [s4s]
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Eggers went to sleep Anon and your just sitting around wasting time. Give me a real life experience with eggs or else your mom dies tonight.
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I'm sure this question has been asked before, but how do you escape slashes in your searches? Say for example you were searching for the string "/g/" on /pol/, how could you do this?

Tried using the standard \ to escape. Doesn't seem to work, though.
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Hello, I want to report a post for privacy, but I don't want to let the mod see the photo too, goddamnit. What can I do? I guess it's stupid to ask this, huh...
I was just wondering if there was a way a mod could delete something without actually acknowledging the content.