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Are you ever going to add the pre-March 2013 /tg/ archives?

Many of the other archives either have search of /tg/ perma-disabled (archived.moe), never imported anything (fireden), or lost all the thumbs and have a bunch of missing posts still(desuarchive).
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You still haven't added the old /tv/ archives.
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>archive.moe dead
>fgts.jp dead
>fireden lost months of threads for some reason

Respect to you 4plebs staff for being the only archivers that are not fucking stupid retards who don't know what the fuck they are doing, you guys keep everything running smoothly for YEARS even with the behemoth /pol/ has become.
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What happened to image archival?

Literally a few weeks back I had access to /tv/ images and webms from a year back.
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>Search limit exceeded. Please wait 13 seconds before attempting again.
oy i swer to me
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Moe is kill

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Now that moe is down will 4plebs take over?
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Will you be adding the old 2010-2013 /tv/ archives from moe?
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What kind of hashing algorithm does the "View Same" feature use? Output looks like a base64 encoded string but that's not exactly a hashing algorithm, right? I want to check back on some old images I've uploaded that I still have on my HDD without having to post them again and then use "View Same" for the new archived image to find the older ones. I can generate the hash used in the search on my machine.

BTW thanks for the service, I use it a ton.