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Thread download

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Is there a way to download a thread archived here for fully autonomous offline use, sort of like this tool https://github.com/bibanon/BA-4chan-thread-archiver for 4chan? I know you can always just save as htm, but it doesn't allow to save full-sized images and webms and fix their path to local.
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4plebs api

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Is there such a thing?
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Are you going to implement the new optional flags?
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Why aren't you guys archiving /v/? fireden sucks nigger dicks and it's managed by incompetent mongoloids.
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Can you guys start archiving /gd/?

Nobody is archiving it and archived.moe was essential when using the font threads.
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How would I go about getting a thread removed from yuki.la archive?
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Can you guys start archiving the 4chan bans page? I find the posts from there funny.

No archive is archiving it and I can't imagine it would take that much space since it's just a thumbnail + a single post.
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Are you ever going to add the pre-March 2013 /tg/ archives?

Many of the other archives either have search of /tg/ perma-disabled (archived.moe), never imported anything (fireden), or lost all the thumbs and have a bunch of missing posts still(desuarchive).
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You still haven't added the old /tv/ archives.
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>archive.moe dead
>fgts.jp dead
>fireden lost months of threads for some reason

Respect to you 4plebs staff for being the only archivers that are not fucking stupid retards who don't know what the fuck they are doing, you guys keep everything running smoothly for YEARS even with the behemoth /pol/ has become.
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