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question: in the [ post count / file count / posters] in archived threads, are ghost posts taken into consideration? i can tell they are when counting posts, but what about posters. are ghost post IPs counted alongside the "posters" number fetched from the 4chan(nel) thread? if ghost post IPs are not, would you consider doing that? maybe a separate counter.
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Image hash

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According to >>539 the 4chan image hash is the file's MD5 checksum in base64. Yet I've tried with a few images and none of them match the code I get when I drag-and-drop the file into the 4plebs search box.


Uploading pic related to http://onlinemd5.com returns a hash of '09A72F3F2A378AF0E941D60C1A07192D'.

Copying and pasting that to https://www.base64encode.org/ returns 'MDlBNzJGM0YyQTM3OEFGMEU5NDFENjBDMUEwNzE5MkQ='.

Yet according to 4plebs the image hash is 'CacvPyo3ivDpQdYMGgcZLQ=='

What's the reason for this?
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End of the year archive dump instead of untimely

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Greetings admin, here is a request. Every once in a while I make a series of posts on the history of the /pol/ board, one that uses both the very useful dumps provided by this site and some "insider baseball" derived from the fact that

To be able to make an updated one it would be extremely useful to have an up to date dump come January. Would it be possible to anticipate one and make it as early in the new year as you can?

Here is one example of such posts and, given an increased access to data processing infrastructure I would likely be able to do an even better job this year.

Thanks in advance

[1] https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/131549721/#131549721
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*ding ding ding*

(a little disclaimer despite the image im using im not being sarcastic)

I would like to make a toast for the archiver mr 4plebs for another good year and more to come hopefully

he is to be honest a selfless hero so if anyone here is reading this come say thanks to mr 4plebs
we could have an admin like the desuarchive think about it brehs or god forbid the b4k.co who doesnt allow searching or any other arechive site tbh y4plebs is by farbthe archive currently tbh so be grateful lads especially the roasties who are planning to kill/making death threats/raids to kylo rens waifu in ghost mode methinks the admin is being too lenient towards you but he knows best

In my humble opinion he would make a better admin than gookmoot

Fuckniggers :^)
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!!V8WhiEZ/Yq8 (5 replies)
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ITT: Jokes You Don't Understand

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This one is still a mystery to me
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