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Any possible way to get the data here https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/statistics/activity/ with the old stuff from foolz? specifically "Activity (Total)"

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Asagi Fetcher

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I'm trying to archive /g/ with asagi fetcher. I set it up with a database, but I have no clue how to add a board to FoolFuuka properly. Every time I start asagi.jar, I get pic related. Bibanon's guide is not helping: https://wiki.bibanon.org/FoolFuuka/Install/Debian
Can you please help?
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Is it possible to search posts (not OPs) by reply count?

Something like only display posts if they have 3+ replies. A "sort by replies count" would be cool too.

I'm curious to know what posts get the most replies on different boards.
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Can you archive this please.

Soros death confirmed by kek

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Can you guys start archiving /gd/?

Nobody is archiving it and archived.moe was essential when using the font threads.
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How come since4pass doesn't show up here?
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How would I go about getting a thread removed from yuki.la archive?
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Do the archives have some system in place to detect duplicate images and do something like link the files so only one actually exists on the server?
I think that would save tons of space because there are reposts every hour of every day.
I don't know shit about the archiving software by the way, no idea if this is an obvious question or not.
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I wanted to thank you for your work archiving this pile of shit

I love randomly lurking the archive, it's a great way to get info on topics without creating a "spoonfeed me" thread about it and get shitposted by a few and 404'd in 10 minutes

Also, you can live-stalk whoever says certain phrases/keywords
I really hope JIDF and CTR never caught wind of this, though
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Can you guys start archiving the 4chan bans page? I find the posts from there funny.

No archive is archiving it and I can't imagine it would take that much space since it's just a thumbnail + a single post.