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is it possible to get just the older stats(ie: activity, post rate, etc) uploaded for /tv/ instead of bringing in everything from moe/foolz?
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/pol/'s archive doesn't seem to work properly atm
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so with fgts dead whos going to take over archiving those boards now?
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Hey 4plebs relative newfag to this. Can and most importatly when are you going to archive qst new board? Its litteraly /tg but specially dedicated to roleplaying and creativity. I think it has the potential for the highest quality content as it literaly the creativness of 100 people at once and stuff.
Also can you recomand me a way to save our already started qst thread so we dont lose em to the automatic delete from the archives? It would be quite a shame to lose em. Thank you very fucking much. Love you all faggots!
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Will you be archiving /tv/'s younger, sexier sister board, /film/?
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Provisional Butterflies

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Can you implement a sort of provisional archiving for the unarchived boards? Like if a thread on >>>/sci/ is linked on >>>/x/ then the /x/ crawler will notice that it might have to archive that /sci/ thread to keep context for the /x/ thread active. You don't have to tell anyone that you've done it, not even me. It can be a secret. So long as the feature is implemented anywhere in the world it will have the capacity to propagate back to 4chan eventually.
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oy i swer to me
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What happened to the /tv/ archives before 2013-04-03?
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