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>tfw both of the /h/ archives have fucking awful ads that render them unusable on mobile
fuck that shit
just put a banner up or something if you need money god damn
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Question for whoever is in charge of deleting cp

Do you enjoy your job? Are you a pedo or have you become one by virtue of habit?
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/tg/ mods have finally forced quests to leave /tg/ and go to /qst/. I mainly use this site as a quest archive so I would appreciate if it was possible to start one here.
Fucking mods.
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.swf thumbnails

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Are /f/'s .SFW thumbnails generated by this archive, or are they from somewhere on 4chan itself?
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Desuarchive dead

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What's good??
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Whaddup mods and anons
I require help. I need help finding certain flashes.
Is there a search or some such so I don't go through thousands of pages.
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Eggers went to sleep Anon and your just sitting around wasting time. Give me a real life experience with eggs or else your mom dies tonight.
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