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where did the /film/ archive go?
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I know it's kind of autistic to ask permission for this but I figured I would since the search back end keeps whining if you're going through the result pages at even a modest pace.

So: Do you mind if I use a script to download roughly 2500 images posted by a certain trip? Yes, it's porn.

Thanks for the archive by the way, I use it a lot.
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You still haven't added the old /tv/ archives.
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>sticky was so large that 4plebs can't load it up
Possible to fix?
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What happened to image archival?

Literally a few weeks back I had access to /tv/ images and webms from a year back.
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>archive.moe dead
>fgts.jp dead
>fireden lost months of threads for some reason

Respect to you 4plebs staff for being the only archivers that are not fucking stupid retards who don't know what the fuck they are doing, you guys keep everything running smoothly for YEARS even with the behemoth /pol/ has become.
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when i type on the search bar and click search, it says "Sorry, this board does not have search enabled", do you know anything about this?