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A new board, /news/, is being created and being talked about on /qa/ - which will be launched pretty soon. Don't let someone else steal the lighting from you! This is your opportunity to archive a new board!
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Your cloudflare security level is affecting 4chan-X's ability to pull posts from your archive. Please fix this or whitelist /_/api/* pages from being blocked by a captcha.

Image is unrelated
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Will you be adding the old 2010-2013 /tv/ archives from moe?
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There's a problem with archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/55581283

"4plebs is down ;_;
For updates check out @4plebs twitter account.

If this problem persists email about this to admin@4plebs.org"
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Fuuka theme

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Question about the archive's themes: why isn't the fuuka theme available? I find it instinctually closer to 4chan browsing and more aesthetically pleasing, also it seems like all the other archives have a similar theme, it was the only reason why I browsed the tv archive on moe instead of 4pleb, when it was still up. And now desustorage is up, has the theme but won't archive tv since it's already here.

How difficult would it be 4U to simply add this theme? I'm sure I'm not the only one this bothers and others would appreciate having the same theme across all the different archives, as this makes browsing habits more intuitive and pleasant
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>As expected we are hitting our storage limit more quickly each month. Starting this month full images older than 16 months will be purged. That should give us some breathing room.

Are you making dumps of the purged images, again? Also, I think it is the best time to invest on increasing storage limits, especially that /pol/ will explode during U.S. Elections in 2016.
(pic unrelated)
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I stumbled upon an archived thread on /hr/ about Iiniku Ushijima (famous Japanese cosplayer) via google. And while opening an image, it greets me with "this incident has been logged". Why is that?
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