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Can we have some type of Catalog archive that shows you how the catalogue looked like at specific dates & times?
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>Is it possible to be banned from posting on here?
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Does anyone know what's happening to archived.moe?
I'm getting error 522.
Are they getting DDOS attacked?
Unpaid bills?
Too much uncontrolled cp?
Are they doing a fgts.jp?

What is it?
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I have a couple of questions
1. Can I download the DB data for a specific period somehow?
2. Is there any way to display more than 5000 results in the search?
3. Is there any way to be more specific when searching dates? e.g. down to the minute instead of days.

thanks for the service fam
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Any possible way to get the data here https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/statistics/activity/ with the old stuff from foolz? specifically "Activity (Total)"

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Asagi Fetcher

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I'm trying to archive /g/ with asagi fetcher. I set it up with a database, but I have no clue how to add a board to FoolFuuka properly. Every time I start asagi.jar, I get pic related. Bibanon's guide is not helping: https://wiki.bibanon.org/FoolFuuka/Install/Debian
Can you please help?
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Is it possible to search posts (not OPs) by reply count?

Something like only display posts if they have 3+ replies. A "sort by replies count" would be cool too.

I'm curious to know what posts get the most replies on different boards.
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Can you archive this please.

Soros death confirmed by kek

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Can you guys start archiving /gd/?

Nobody is archiving it and archived.moe was essential when using the font threads.
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How come since4pass doesn't show up here?