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Are there archives of /f/ going firther back than what is on this site?
Also, can I somehow mirro/download the full archive from here in case the site goes down?
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Would you mind sharing [s4s]'s fortune parser?
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Hey guys, making an IRC bot, but any request it sends to your installation's API gets denied with "null". Is this an IP ban or something? I'm confused. It works with every other archive. If I access the requested URL with a browser it works just fine. Just wanted to know if this could be on your end.

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idgaf about archiving new boards tbh imo s2g fam

What I do give a fuck about is the /tv/ data from Feb 2010 - April 2013. Does the admin have any plans to do specifically that?
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Is there a place where I can download an archive of all the old 404'd images? The ones you wipe after 18 months or so?
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The Strawpoll

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Which board won?
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Another archiv

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that there is archived WIN form of 4chan - http://4chanarchives.cu.cc
It contains about 3.7million images (decreasing due to DMCA requests send to me and also to imgur) and over 9 million posts.

>Q: why did you choose cu.cc as TLD?
A: at first 'cus it was funny, now cus /b/ is a cuckold's kindergarten and cu.cc sounds like cuck
>Q: when can we archive threads?
A: Soon(tm)
>Q: first and last archive dates?
First thread dates: 2014-01-17 04:19:07, Last thread dates: 2015-05-07 12:00:14
>Q: are you the admin?
A: yes, no connection with the prev. owner of 4Archive though, nor any other archivers.
>Q: How can I help improve the project?
A: share it with your friends or post archived threads on 4chan when appropriate
>Q: I have 156745111millions of dollars and I'd like to buy you pizza and some fries, do you accept donations?
A: yes, via paypal, payza, wire, contact me for more info (email on homepage and footer)
>Q: are there any adds I should be worried about?
A: yes, 3-5 popups, 1 sliding, 1 image at header and 2 image at bottom, the [More] and [hot stuff] is infiltration of ads and cancer.
>Q: can you share some/all of the pics you had to take down due to DMCA?
A: sure, soon.
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I use this archive a lot, but never thought about how /plebs/ hasn't gotten the idolmaster mikimiki.gif treatment yet
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