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just a heads up it looks like the disgusting spammer is back on /sp/
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What kind of hashing algorithm does the "View Same" feature use? Output looks like a base64 encoded string but that's not exactly a hashing algorithm, right? I want to check back on some old images I've uploaded that I still have on my HDD without having to post them again and then use "View Same" for the new archived image to find the older ones. I can generate the hash used in the search on my machine.

BTW thanks for the service, I use it a ton.
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A new board, /news/, is being created and being talked about on /qa/ - which will be launched pretty soon. Don't let someone else steal the lighting from you! This is your opportunity to archive a new board!
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Your cloudflare security level is affecting 4chan-X's ability to pull posts from your archive. Please fix this or whitelist /_/api/* pages from being blocked by a captcha.

Image is unrelated
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Will you be adding the old 2010-2013 /tv/ archives from moe?
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There's a problem with archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/55581283

"4plebs is down ;_;
For updates check out @4plebs twitter account.

If this problem persists email about this to admin@4plebs.org"