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looks like imcute.yt archive is kill. would you consider picking up /fit/?

not entirely clear on what happened but there might be a chance of getting the db if you can get in touch with the admin.

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Add /sp/ you fucking nerd
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What the fuck is this?

I keep getting this from clicking this image
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>tfw both of /spee/'s archives (moe and imcute) dropped it
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I archived a thread while it was still active, removed it to update it and now I can't archive the updated thread, please help?
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Please do not delete the /pol/ archive after everything that has happened on 4chan with regard to /pol/. If you do not want to maintain the /pol/ archive, since, /pol/ is, for all intents and purposes, now defunct, I have the servers, a megapath connection, and am willing to host the /pol/ archive. I really do not want to see it disappear. It is a useful resource for links and sources.

If this interests you please reply and I will give a contact email.
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