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Moe is kill

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Now that moe is down will 4plebs take over?
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will you host the /q/ archive?
it is currently nowhere

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
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I think it's important to inform you that there appears to be some way to search posts based on IP address as well as a way to find the IP address of any poster, at least in the /pol/ archives. I know this because some guy Is able to read every post I've ever made on /pol/ with this IP, as well as tell when It's me using other IPs by their similar IP range. At first I thought he had just gotten my IP from skype which is common, so I dismissed it, though later he proved his ability to find IP range based on post alone, so I think you guys may have a serious security problem on your hands.
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Whatever you do, please don't add NSFW boards to this archive. I know, blue boards often have NSFW content posted as well (and even if it's deleted on 4chan it will still be archived here), but adding literal porn dump boards is counter-productive. Not only they have overall increased image posting per thread, which hurt disk space greatly, but all of those images can be found on other websites that also categorize it properly. Moreover, NSFW boards don't have too much discussion, I'm not saying it's not there at all, but it's nothing compared to the discussion level of SFW boards. Therefore I think you should never consider archiving red/NSFW boards
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Can 4plebs archive /3/ here? Warosu is already archiving it, I know, but the ancient Fuuka software has a bug that makes it unsearchable, and has yet to be fixed (eskopl recently fixed an injection vulnerability, though):

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Who will pick up /gif/ ?
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https://boards.fireden.net/ archives /vg/ currently, which is a board I use and want to use the archive for... but the search function doesn't work, and hasn't for a few days...

Does anyone have a contact for the person who owns it? Do they know? Do they care?
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>Now the storage is nearly full and we will have to begin removing old full images again.

>m-muh storage costs
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