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Image, Poster, Reply and Page Counter

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Would it be possible to archive the counter at the bottom of the page; the most important one that isn't discernible at all is the poster count.

Maybe it could be grabbed each time the thread is checked and put to the left or right of the posts.

The image, reply and page counts are largely irrelevant. This feature doesn't need to -- and probably couldn't -- be implemented on all of the already indexed posts.
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Ban Help

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How in the hell am I suppose to appeal a ban if the Moderators seem to just be searching for an excuse to perma-ban me?

So yeah, since dealing with the 4chan moderation staff is like pulling mule teeth, I was barely able to suss out why all my minor bans were being extended a full month...
Turns out I had 65+ bans over the last YEAR, the time period being what the actual ban notices failed to explain.
Unfortunately, because of my probing and general paranoia, ALTERNATIVE has banned me from the IRC, which kinda cements my suspensions of his foul play...

The lower is the ban that is the issue, I posted Lesbian Hutts in a Star Wars porn thread on /aco/, here is the post from the ban:

From what I could get out of the Moderators, it was because this was FURRY, even though the subjects in question are an existing fictional alien race that's just had tits and a vagina slapped on them.
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/wsr/ is finally here, and there is no archiver that keeps full images (so 4ch.be doesn't count). Go archive it now before some else takes the lightning!
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just a heads up it looks like the disgusting spammer is back on /sp/
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What kind of hashing algorithm does the "View Same" feature use? Output looks like a base64 encoded string but that's not exactly a hashing algorithm, right? I want to check back on some old images I've uploaded that I still have on my HDD without having to post them again and then use "View Same" for the new archived image to find the older ones. I can generate the hash used in the search on my machine.

BTW thanks for the service, I use it a ton.
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A new board, /news/, is being created and being talked about on /qa/ - which will be launched pretty soon. Don't let someone else steal the lighting from you! This is your opportunity to archive a new board!
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Your cloudflare security level is affecting 4chan-X's ability to pull posts from your archive. Please fix this or whitelist /_/api/* pages from being blocked by a captcha.

Image is unrelated