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New to this

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Why can't I ask a question here?
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Reminder that /pol/'s word filters are messed up
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>This is incident has been reported.
Intentional grammar error on 404 pages?
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>mfw when I want to post on numerous thread but I can't.
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Why can't you search for posts containing text in Cyrillic here? You can on archive.moe
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r9k and /pol/, brothers in arms forever

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the r9k archive got shut down for good.

I don't think moe is willing to pick it up since they already have enough on their plate. It'd be really neat if you could help us robots out and archive it.
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stop tryin to be 9gag u can never be like us u fools .
ur all like 12 , pls make ur own memes and dont take it from our site . ty
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i can't view downloaded images; it says it's damaged or something...
Any advice?