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Can you bring back ghostposting on /tv/ please?
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pl(eb)z halp

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I don't know how to upload images onto regular threads, how do I do this?
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Just posting to let the Admin know that I have sent them an email.

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How can I get all the search results for the 4plebs search api? I can only get 25 posts.

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4channel incoming

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Apparently all "work safe" boards are getting moved from 4chan.org to 4channel.org
This won't throw a wrench in the archives, right?

Since they're asking to whitelist the new domain I assume that the revcontent ads cancer is coming with it too. So we get both a shitty site name AND malware. Great.
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cp links not being removed

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I've seen posts posted by a russian on multiple boards which were all deleted by 4chan mods but they still exist in 4plebs archive. I've alredy reported them on here and also to authorities but they haven't been deleted for a very long time. please do something about this.
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Post Count

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What happened to the Post Count?
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If admin will allow it, this can serve as the official metadata scheduling thread for Eternity during any period where ghost posting is disabled on /x/.

Note that this is NOT a replacement for ghost posting; it should serve only to stabilize the timeline of metadata delivery.