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The post counts on the stats page are wrong.

Missing about 8,000 postcounts on my old trip.

Please fix so I'm at the top of the rankings where I should be
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Why are you here?

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What boards do you look at on this site?
Do you use it to look at posts of the glory days?
Do you want to find that one specific image you forgot to save?
Are you to see what posts got deleted?
Share your travels anon
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What the heck is going on with all the archives sites? There's a notice here (4plebs) with a loading screen that never gets past 1%. I can't even use the search bar, be it 4plebs, rbtdotasia, Desuarchive, etc. rbt says theirs have been fixed, but still not working for me. Also some pictures aren't loading. It's a fucking chaos. Is it because of that EU copyright stuff?
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Sorry for that random image but tell me some spooky stories since its spooktober fuckers
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/sp/ - Champions league night

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Alright, 4chan is dead tonight, on a Champions League night...

>Right now
Juve 1-0 Young boys
Hoffenheim 1-1 City (ring ring)

Bayern - Ajax
AEK - Benfica
Lyon - Shaktior
United - Valence
CSKA - Real
AS Roma - Plzen

Hopefully some people will show up
Also I'd like to thank people in charge of 4plebs.org, you're doing God's work
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Im confused by the image search. It says drop pic here, but nothing happens. I don't have the hash for the pic I want to search so i was wondering if its possible to somehow just search by the image
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The ssds of desuarchive/rbt.asia front server 1TB with database became read only. since at least the server is still on somehow we are making a full database backup at 5MB/s and a full backup at 2MB/s. Backup completion may be around 4 days at current estimates.

Full images and thumbs seem to be alright at cursory look. However, given that the front server is in an unreliable state, we will have to let the backups finish (which may take a while) before we can do a fsck check or request new servers from our provider. We will demand new ssds from our provider.

The previous available monthly backup database is from August 10th, 2018. If the database we have currently on the ssds are fukt then we are going to have to restore from that time period.

What we can do for the text period from August 10 until now is to restore the text and thumbs from archived.moe as well as it is the archive of last resort. but it will take a while to bring everything back together if so, so that is not the optimal thing to do.

Since it can be recovered from archived.moe at least the text and thumbs for the past months is not lost, so no worries about that.

We will also be scraping the boards using the search server in the meantime without public access. This is our tenacity.
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I have downloaded the pol .csv post history tar.gz. I am slightly in over my head, but would like to learn, so could someone point me in the right direction of what software/skills I would need to
1. Generate a time vs frequency graph for any given phrase.
2. Search for posts containing a series of special characters, like two consecutive periods.

Rather unsurprisingly the 41GB file doesn't seem to want to work with my spreadsheet software.
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Is there a instructions for using this site? How can I just browse through old threads without having a specific post number? I want to go back to the past samurai jack also the game
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Are there browser settings which keep the "reply" button from working? I'm using Firefox...