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Desuarchive dead

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What's good??
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Android application

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Last week I had couple of sick days and to pass the time I made this simple Android™ application.
I call it FFuukaDroid and you can browse and search FoolFuuka archives and boards with it (only 4plebs supported for now since that was easiest).

It is pretty basic right now but if anyone is interested in using it, I can keep working on it. My plans for next version (not in any particular order): logic and caching improvements, pinch to zoom for images, additional style/theme options, ghost posting support, user settings and support for other FoolFuuka sites. Features can be requested in this thread.
I won't be uploading it to play store for now, since they might this it "promotes" porn or "offensive" content. To get around that I could make it so that content can only be accessed with putting in the archive URL manually. That should make it be more like a browser and avoid it getting pulled. But for now anyone interested in using it can just download the apk directly.
Info page: https://4plebs.tech/ffuukadroid
Direct download: https://4plebs.tech/release/ffuukadroid_v0.0.1.apk

Source code can also be released at some point.
Let me know what you think. Is this even needed or just waste of time?
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Whaddup mods and anons
I require help. I need help finding certain flashes.
Is there a search or some such so I don't go through thousands of pages.
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Eggers went to sleep Anon and your just sitting around wasting time. Give me a real life experience with eggs or else your mom dies tonight.
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where did the /film/ archive go?
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I know it's kind of autistic to ask permission for this but I figured I would since the search back end keeps whining if you're going through the result pages at even a modest pace.

So: Do you mind if I use a script to download roughly 2500 images posted by a certain trip? Yes, it's porn.

Thanks for the archive by the way, I use it a lot.