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Would it be possible to archive when someone posts with since4pass?
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Shadilay music fragment discovered in old Commodore64 Music Game

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Shadilay musical semiphrase fragment discovered in old Commodore64 music track from game The Darksword (1990)
https://youtu.be/5oGXIjZk4Bg?t=30s at 0:30

or here https://youtu.be/6Xdy-99WtKw?t=6m08s It start from 6m10s to 6m33s

Feedback needed
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Hidden PDF Archive

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Hey guys, how do i get in the serius club? I look over all the internet to get a pdf, but cant find, but google show-me a no-robots.txt link to a fullsize pdf from a book i wanted, i will not post the whole link, but "*dl/tg/image/*" whas in the middle, and i tried to acess any of the folders, and all of then get-me a 403. Is this the illumnaty scribd? How do i get acess. Thanks.
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>removing ghost posting
>implementing disqus botnet
gee, thanks for fixing what wasn't broken
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404 Not Found

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Hello to Everyone, i have a question , there are a lots of threads that seems images does not exist, the thumbnails are there but the image does not, from older threads from 2013 in HR.

showing this-
Possible reasons for this error
The file was never here in the first place
The file was removed for some reason
The file was removed during routine data purge
Connection was lost with the storage serve

So my question is , is it possible to exist in future or it is forever gone?

here is a thread example:

Thanks and have a great holidays.
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just curious can we get an update to record what team everyone is?

Kinda disapointed that it isn't another board merger but i see great lulz allready. /pol/ has taken about 1 hour or so to get organized into race war factions arbitrarily decided

"and so after about 1 day of research 4chan had found their enemy's secret hideout where the Hoggfaggot and the bald dyke did scheme

But lo, they were distracted when the moderation staff gave everyone a race and declared race war now"
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4plebs.org downloads

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