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search by date function broken?

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When I try to use http://archive.4plebs.org/f/search/capcode/user/deleted/not-deleted/ghost/none/type/op/end/2017-04-27/ it shows posts made after the 27th and if I try http://archive.4plebs.org/f/search/capcode/user/deleted/not-deleted/ghost/none/type/op/start/2017%2004%2027/order/asc/ it shows posts made before the 27th.

Also the "start" portion of the search requires spaces to separate, while the "end" one requires dashes as separators.

In both cases all that happened is that it returned every post, basically meaning that the search with date function seems to be broken.
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What typically leads to full images (including thumbnails) being unviewable? I'm looking at threads from only just a little over a year ago and many images aren't available anymore.

Is there any chance of them ever being recovered?
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Are their any websites that archive 8chan? Also do you have any information on what happened to this dead 4chan archive site? https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Chanarchive
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The state of 4plebs

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Will 4plebs really die in a month if there isn't a sufficient amount of donations?

Also why would you only put the rolling banner on for a day if you need donations?

Thanks in advance.
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Are you planning to add stats to how many people click on to the different boards
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Escaping chcracters

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Is there any way to scape characters in the searches?

I want to search for:
>the soviet "dictatorship"
that is a title of a text
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Can we have some type of Catalog archive that shows you how the catalogue looked like at specific dates & times?
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>Is it possible to be banned from posting on here?
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Does anyone know what's happening to archived.moe?
I'm getting error 522.
Are they getting DDOS attacked?
Unpaid bills?
Too much uncontrolled cp?
Are they doing a fgts.jp?

What is it?
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