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Donate button

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The GUI appears to be broken. The donate button is taking the screen and clicking it doesn't do anything. It does light up when the cursor is hovering over but that's it.
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>just found this archive (thank you kind admin)
>archiving /hr/ - High Resolution
>archiving /pol/, which is even more used than /b/ now
oh shit nigga what are you doing? props and all that, but damn, how's the bandwidth?
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I recently revisited my Bookmarks and found that all the images had 404'd. Is there a way to search for images by filename?

Or, because this is my actual need, does anyone remember the /SIG/ thread with the rowing anon screencaps?
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how do I get unbanned from ghost
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Downloading from archive.4plebs.org Please Help

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Guys sorry for the stupid question i am gonna asking , but is there some way how to download from 4plebs.org
archive, but to download like something similar to 4chan Downloader, dl all images from the page in one time and with original filenames, Anyone can help ? will be very appreciated. Thanks
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searching for intra4chan links?

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I can't seem to search for any board redirect links. Even if I try putting the board name into quotes like "/pol/" ">>>/pol/" or " pol " the search strips the white space and special characters away.
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let it be known

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Multiple 4chan archivers have paused archiving at the exact same time likely due to their scrapers being blocked for unknown reasons (likely Cloudflare 503). These are their last known archival dates in UTC.

4plebs: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:47:45
nyafuu: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:46:1
arch.b4k.co: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:48:30
fireden: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:48:13

yuki.la (not asagi or fuuka): 02/15/18(Thu)06:41:3

It is particularly important to know when yuki.la is affected because from the best of our knowledge they do not use asagi.

Ironically, all of these archives are run by multiple different groups.

To all who can, please contact the archive admins immediately regarding this.

To all who can, please connect the 4chan admins and developers with the archivers. We can resolve this situation if we all work together.
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How do you guys handle the media storage? Do you do anything tricky to reduce space constraints? I'm using my own archiver, and just saving to disk the media files, no modification. I notice, on some boards, even archiving only the threads I like (10%? 20%) I can generate ~2GB / day per board.

Text isn't a big deal, only hundreds of MB in mysql.

I'm comparing for md5 collisions, of course. I looked into compressing the data, then decompressing on view, the total size remained ca ~98%. Do you folks do anything else? Thanks.
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I used to be able to search for exact search terms by putting them in quotes, but it hasn’t been working like that the past few days. Was this feature removed, or is it just a problem with my device?
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