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4plebs api

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Is there such a thing?
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/pol/ flags

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Once 4plebs is updated to support the troll flags including the new ones, what's the plan to separate search results for e.g. "Kekistani" from "Saint Kitts and Nevis" (both KN)?
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The Electoral Shitposting Watchman

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Uh hey,


This is CP.

Trying to crawl through the archived thread to hit the report button will result in my craptop exploding, could you please delete it?

Will keep on the watch.
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How does FoolFooka work exactly?

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I really don't get how to install foolfooka. I'd like to add an archive of a single board to my site, but I only have the option of using cPanel (yuck i know), and I don't know how to install this because I'm pretty much a novice.

Do you know how, admin-kun? I don't get it.
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/sp/ stats

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Why isnt the stats for each board updating?
It seems to be archiving but the numbers arent updating.

>I might be the only one who is following this
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So is 4plebs ever going to add /bant/? or is there too much "roll for X" bullshit
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Request for Foolfuuka Source

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Do you have a copy of the source for "FoolFuuka Imageboard 1.7.0-dev-1"? It's not in the releases. I'm trying to recreate the database of the defunct bui.pm archive, but I have a feeling the 4 year old database won't work with the latest version of Foolfuuka. I know you've done a ton of development on Foolfuuka so I'm guessing you might know where to find the source. Thanks.