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can you please archive /bant/?
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/f/ tags

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Why doesn't the tag filter work anymore on /f/?
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Why aren't you guys archiving /v/? fireden sucks nigger dicks and it's managed by incompetent mongoloids.
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will the newer merges be archived?
pic unrelated
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>A board for the only admin to get questions
Who's idea was this?
Oh, right, the only admin's idea
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This is a test

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I'm new and I tried to make a post but it didn't stick. What happened? Delayed? Revoked? Did I screw up? Finding out that and more, hopefully. *TEST*
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roleplay D&D 5e

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I'm trying to think of a way to use this character/lore

The Symbol:

I love the concept and ow badass as a villain it would be only I'm not sure how to make a story of it.

Background: my campaign is about a band of the Ives trying to expand as much as possible. They've taken over a small branch of the guild and got caught by the shadow theives. They go on heists, they made a deal with a demon. They're currently trying to survive a place called assassins run.

I guess I just like this because the concept reminds me of nemesis from resident evil and I like how it would just bust into your shit periodically like the koolaid man and say STAHRZ.. it was terrifying and cool.
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search by date function broken?

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When I try to use http://archive.4plebs.org/f/search/capcode/user/deleted/not-deleted/ghost/none/type/op/end/2017-04-27/ it shows posts made after the 27th and if I try http://archive.4plebs.org/f/search/capcode/user/deleted/not-deleted/ghost/none/type/op/start/2017%2004%2027/order/asc/ it shows posts made before the 27th.

Also the "start" portion of the search requires spaces to separate, while the "end" one requires dashes as separators.

In both cases all that happened is that it returned every post, basically meaning that the search with date function seems to be broken.