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When will scientists create a pill to make women age well? I'm scared that my pretty wife will turn into a goblin pass 30 yo (like 90% of women)
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I have acquired immense knowledge about life and the universe, and Religion. Particularly Islam. AMA
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So I seen a couple larp threads about Isreal invading Lebanon and I was wondering what would actually happen if isreal did invade Lebanon. No larping pls. An ass pic for your enjoyment
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What are the political implications regarding Pizzagate?
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According to a friend who knew Southern when she was younger, she went psycho stalker after one of her boyfriends dumped her for a brown girl, then became rabidly anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant in response...

In her book Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed My Generation, Southern brags about her previous life as a glorified camwhore, claiming that “I don’t masturbate to anime characters. I dress up like them and guys masturbate to me.”

It’s clear that Southern views nationalists in the same way she viewed anime fans: suckers to make money off of. She’s also incredibly sensitive to critics who ask her why she isn’t married yet despite being a traditionalist. In a recent video, “Why I’m Not Married,” Southern tried to rationalize her lifestyle by claiming that her current work is too “important” for her to settle down. She also banned numerous people (including me) who criticized her, even if their criticism was polite and reasonable.
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>this is how far white women are willing to go for black men
meanwhile they don't even want to take the time to swipe white men to the right on tinder. Sad.
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>watch TV
>shit fearmongering news
>feel stressed after watching it
>watch NetFlix
>shit diversity films which are impossible to watch
>go outside
>others are only interested in sex and weed
>also, lots of uneducated Somalian migrants
>go inside
>nothing to do
>play video games
>most good multiplayer video games are outdated and dead

Does anybody else hate the modern conditions? How to get out of this horrible loop? It's as if nothing leads to fulfillment anymore.
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Redpill me on Voodoo Doughnuts

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>toddler wearing shirt that says "the magic is in the hole"

What did they mean by this?
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My Academic Adviser told me the truth about college today. Here is what she said

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>Be me, go to my academic adviser
>Why do I need all these Chem, Math, History, and other courses that have zero relevance to my academic area of interest
My adviser say's, the school just requires that you have them, they're called pre requisite courses
>I say to my Adviser, okay, but why, what is the purpose, my degree from start all the way up to doctorate consists of literally nothing but straight Psych courses, there is literally not one other type of class or course all the way up to doctorate, why
She tell's me that I'm not gonna like the answer
>I tell her just to level with me, and here is what she said in a nutshell

If you look at the school's pass rate, you will see it's less than 20%. But this number is actually incorrect as the real pass rate is even lower, around the 10% area.

Schools require prerequisites not because you actually need them, but because it's an excellent business scheme, it's guaranteed revenue for the school in a not so nice kind of way. Take for example a BA in English. This degree is literally Writing and Reading Centered. The focal point of the whole degree consists of writing, and proof reading. There is no reason on God's green earth that anyone interested or gifted in writing should be required to take Microbiology, Sociology, or Pre Calculus. But that's how the school makes it's money.

>I ask, if it's always been this way

No, you used to be able to get into a program a lot easier. I've been advising students here for 17 years, and I've seen students who were gifted at math, get held up for 7 years with Chem, Bio, and Philosophy prerequisites. I've seen exquisite writers who should be editors for publishers never finish their AA degree in english because of all the STEM requisites their degree requires. It's all a scam. Meanwhile a guy who comes into the Trade School for Electrician finishes in 8 months, and in two years is pulling in roughly $22 per hour with full benefits.
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Flat Earth Friends, soon you will be able to gofunme some shekles to your most trusted flat earth researchers to put their own two caveman sight orbs on the shape of the earth!