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Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change that.

Enjoy arguing with Gaytheists, enjoy watching them squabble and show they have the theological knowledge of a 12 year old. Enjoy them failing again and again. Enjoy this because you are better than them /pol/, and you always will be.

Deus Vult.
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Why Richard Spencer Getting Hit Mattered

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Richard Spencer got sucker punched by some antifa literal cuckhold on the street, and we keep talking about it because we know that we are next. On the surface, it seems like it does not matter.

The reason that /pol/ keeps talking about it is because we subconsciously know what it means. It means that we are all targets now. All leftists loser faggots on social media are celebrating this as a victory, meaning they are hoping they are able to do the same thing some day.

We know what the left's psychological process is. They will go LOOKING for a "nazi" so they can justifiably commit violence against that person. It does not matter if you are a moderate Trump supporter or a full blown white nationalist, they are going to label you a "nazi" and they will justify violence against you.

Gavin Mcinnes set the example of how to deal with these people from now on. We need to get used to actually protecting ourselves and fighting back from now on.
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Anyone here saddened to see their childhood friends lives in ruins because they fell prey to cultural Marxism?

I take pity on some because their parents were no good degenerates, but too many were never left wanting and lived comfy suburban lives in nuclear families and still ended up being miserable fuckups
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Dating advice.

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42 year old white male. Slept with over 100 women. Lost virginity in 8th grade.

Always been red pilled. Been on pol like 7 months. Plenty of pol does not need my advive but some do.


Will post tips randomly.

P.S. free time 2 recently becoming paralyzed.
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I am serious here, I used to be a former leftie SJW activist in Estonia and been to antifa gatherings in real life and organized protests.

Right wing has got no shit on the commies.
>Did you know that estonian police's priority is right wing, not left wing hate groups?
>I had a direct call from police investigator before organizing a protest, and basically he told me "give me any full names of evil nazis who seek to disrupt your protest, and we will make them sorry for it". I got a police bus to drive around and scare the right wing counter-protest by driving close by them.

Also, do you know what kind of aggressive shit antifa listens to? It's absolutely nothing compared to moonman remixes made by script kiddies.
One of the antifa favourites is ATR. The group has even declared they started as an "anti-fashist band"

Antifa usually justifies violence by citing to 19th/20th century anarchists who were often getting BTFO by government for speaking out, so they make it look like to the new recruits that they serve poetic justice, not aggression. Antifas mostly love to cite Emma Goldman, who got held in prison for endorsing contraceptives to women. That's where the "fight the patriarchy" shit narrative mostly comes from.

As a redpilled ethnonationalist who likes natsoc now, I give you this information, because we need to become more violent, and stand up for ourselves, instead of watching Spencer beaten out by a literal cuck, then crying about "MUH EBIL COMMIES ATTACKING MUH PEACEFUL LEADUR, DEMS ARE DA REAL RAYCESTS :00"

>inb4 JIDF shill, we wait them make mistakes, easy does it etc.
Fuck off, moderate lefties and antifa have both made shitload of mistakes already. Shia chimping out on a 8chn autist, Pissgate, getting MW doxxed etc.
Do you notice that every time they make a mistake, they don't get punished for it by anyone except (((Lauren Southern))) or (((Milo))) or some other alt lite fag.
We need to step up, /pol/
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Will Angie finally stop illegals?
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All Night /HWNDU/ - Dead Air

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ask a genuinely socialist white Argentine anything.
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>be me
>want to live in USA
>Trump said he'll make immigration from Europe easier

Better do it orange god
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Donald Trump is a good Goy who does good work for his (((relatives)))). Watch him suck AIPAC cock in next month's episode of "carpet bombing Gaza"