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Lifelike reconstruction of Julius Caesar reveals extraordinarily large head

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Look at the gender results from Stackoverflow survey results.
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Is this bitch serious??
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Individual greatness vs. Fascism

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For anyone who has browsed /pol/ for a bit can't fail to notice many of its users are promoting fascism/nazism. After some more browsing, one can deduce this leaning to fascism is a reaction to the presence left-wing institution in European countries and the ubiquitous identy politics which unfavours the white heterosexual male. My first question is, why fascism?

>What is fascism?
Fascism does not promote the individual. According to the state, its citizens are reduced to an army of workers, that must continiously produce for the STATE. They are not expected to be involved in politics. Intellectualism is discouraged, even for the political elite. Individual freedoms are limited in order to prevent exchange of ideas to ensure the security of the state's existance. For fascism to keep existing, there must be a common enemy for the peoples or a continious expansion, both which are unfavourable to ''disapproved'' identities. You, as an individual, would thus be blocked from developping your intellect due to the stream of information being controlled by the state's narrative. It is also way more difficult to achieve economic personal greatness.

>What am I saying with this?
The current left-wing institutions active in western countries continiously expand the power of the state, by increasing its amount of regulations. The common European does not strive on these regulations, while also being limited in development due to either unfavourable identity politics or the explosive influx of alien (hostile) cultures. Fascism would NOT be the proper reaction to this, as you as an individual will be controlled and limited, but only without non-Europeans/immigrants.

>What DO we need?
One can't deny the morale and social cohesion of Europeans is at an all-time low, and the structure and freedoms on which European countries relied on so well are eroding. What we need is a second enlightment; a paradigm change in the current way of thinking.

We need NEW ideas, not OLD ones.
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Let's face it, there's no reason that a civilian should be able to own a military-style assault rifle.

Throw whatever argument you want at me, but people should not have to live in fear of being shot just because the NRA and gun owners are hiding behind some outdated document and enabling these mass shootings to happen. Children shouldn't have to go to school and be afraid of getting shot. It's time this nation realizes that gun owners are a detriment to a civilized society.

I don't know what the answer is and I don't really care but something needs to be done. Whether it is confiscation, registration, or just bans. Something needs to be done. This has gone on long enough.
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So much for ""mighty nippon"
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Syria General /sg/ - Operation Basalt Edition

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>Latest interviews with Assad *new*

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>S Syria Jun 19
>SE Syria Jun 19
>Yemen Jun 19
>Libya/Derna Jun 18
>Iraq Jun 5
>Idlib May 31

Devs June 22
>Daraa; SAA launches 30+ missiles towards Busra Al-Sham, Busra Al-Harir, and Al-Karak
>Supply lines for HTS in the Al-Lajat have been completely cut off by SAA, rebels are close to being besieged at Al-Sweida border
>Military sources state Tigers are now in place for ground ops in Busra Al-Harir, SAA and allies also in place for Al-Quneitra op
>Hashd Al-Sha’abi PMU forces state they are not withdrawing from the Syrian border despite Israeli airstrikes and rumors they were leaving
>Jordan sends large convoy of troops to Syrian border to prevent spillover from upcoming Daraa offensive
>SAA source claims US did not bomb SAA troops last night, that the attack was carried out by US-backed rebels from Al-Tanf area
>US DoS issue warning to RF/Sy govts regarding ops in Daraa "violating" SW de-escalation zones
>Al-Suwayda; SAA captured Khirbet Hawi Husayn from IS, an SAA brigadier general was killed
>Yemen; Houthis claim recapturing Mahlikhi/Majilis in SW Hodeiedeh, at airport they announced full control and released footage to corroborate claim
>Houthis claim their AD downed a UAE reconnaisance warplane in KSA Jizan region

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Should Obesity be illegal?

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Would you support the government penalizing being obese?

(Fines, mandatory work outs, banned from eating certain foods ect.)
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>he still browses pol
>he hasn't moved onto unz review
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I miss the old days of white neighborhoods where people looked after each other with no bullshit
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