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aus/pol/: just not going to take it edition

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Did wokism become a necessity in Video games?

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I noticed recently that video games tend to shoehorn wokism to such an extent that it turns strange and out of place.

Recently in every single game you find a woman or a nigger in the foreground as the subject of focus while the white males are in the background.

I mean i know this has been happening for a long time now, but at least it was subtle. But now they are so open about it that it made me wonder the white retards who buy their shit what do they think?

After 40~50 years, history would already be rewritten and all white male history will be changed into women/nigger history.

The question: What can we do to at least turn the normies against them?

Shit became ridiculous at this point
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What the fuck.

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I'm 29 and I never experienced love, romance, sex or anything like that.
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/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General – Early Morning Edition Part Deux

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>Current Status
Eruption occurring-Deep Earthquakes still happening

>Explanation of what would happen.
Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide

>If the earthquakes are happening now, why would there be a tsunami?
The tsunami caused in this scenario is driven by the displacement of water due to the collapse of parts of La Palma into the ocean. This is 2.8 km^3 of material sliding during the Mt. St. Helens collapse.
Mount St. Helens Disintegrates in Enormous Landslide

>Quake list (Please don't spam refresh IGN)

>How dangerous is it if it happens?
If you live directly on the coast, and the worst-case scenario happens, potentially very bad. Travel times are 0.25-5 hours to Africa, 1-2 hours to Spain/Portugal, 3-4 Hours to Britain, 5-8 hours to Brazil and 9-10 Hours for the US. To estimate damage, treat it as worse than a Category 5 Hurricane storm surge in the US.

>Boat traffic.

>Seismic activity.


>BONUS: Buoys offline!?
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Why was she so abusive? Why do women think they are more powerful than men? Im willing to bet she attacked him AGAIN (go watch the body camera footage, he had scratches all over his face when they were pulled over). This time when she attacked him he probably hit back or pushed her and she hit her head or some shit and died. Then he probably panicked like an idiot.
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Leftist here 2

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I'm starting to really question my values. I just don't see how white people today are oppressing anyone anymore. I started coming here in December 2019 to troll Nazis. I've started to see how actually anti-white and hateful a lot of the left is now.

I still hate racism but hating white people only makes the problem worse.

How can I show you people no one hates you so you'll give up your white identitarianism?
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The audacity of this girl to post somebody's personal information from a receipt.
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So union leaders got some of their big boiz and bikie boiz to try break em out past the protestors, they literally did a shit load of coke and tried to break out the offices through the gauntlet of protestors and volley fire of projectiles, because its past knock off time. (No overtime pay either)

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Can you see it?

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