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Spread this shit, the war on our protection ends tonight.

Guns aren't the problem, its people. People like this out of shape CUNT bully.
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>Called by friend a nigger
>He told me "Yo, dat's rude, my man." Instead of calling me a honky cracker
I miss the good old days.
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It's happening(?)

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>Turkish newspaper suggests pan-Islamic alliance against Israel
>said alliance would have a combined 5 million troops
>nuclear armed if Pakistan joins
What's your take on this, /pol/tards?
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Female and don’t fit into this society

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I just don’t understand instagram culture anymore and people who post like this and feel ok about it. No, I don’t look like her but I’m not hideous. I just feel as though the people who do good in this world and don’t act trashy get nothing in return. I have questioned the point of even maintaining my dignity, because it doesn’t get me anywhere.
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Jesus Christ of Nazareth would have been arrested and deported from an all-white Ethnostate

How does that make you "Christians" here feel?
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Stone age Europeans were in America first before stone age asians

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Syria General - /sg/ -Heros of Syria Editions

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>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>E Ghouta Mar 17
>Afrin Mar 17
>Yarmouk camp Mar16
>Yemen Feb 26
>Idlib Feb 25
>DeZ-Bukamal Feb12

Devs March 18
>Assad in Ghouta [Embed]
>TFSA in control of Afrin. YPG to switch to guerrilla war
>Russian MoD
US training militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes. Saboteur groups were deployed in March to the southern de-escalation zone
Strike groups have been formed in the E Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Another false flag chemical attack is being prepared in the province of Idlib
>E Ghouta:45000+ civis leave militant-controlled area. 24h ceasefire in Harasta. Residents:‘They used us as human shields’.Reports SAA liberated Kafr Batna&Saqba towns
>TFSA is establishing new obsv poin North of Aleppo
>N Hama:SAA readies to capture Tal Sakhir hill
>Yarmouk Camp:IS advances against SAA, now controls 50% of Al-Qadam district
>Saudi-led coalition foils amphibious attack by Houthis, intercepts missile in western Yemen
>Saudi-led Coalition, Houthis reportedly held indirect talks to end war
>hundreds of ex-ISIS fighters now serve with Turkey-led forces in Afrin
>Iraqi forces kill 80 IS fighters in Kirkuk in the last 20 days
>Turkish AF conducts several airstrikes on YPG positions in Iraq killing 10
>RU MoD:US is hampering arrival of humanitarian orgs&UN mission in Raqqa
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Is there anything about this in the news in your country?

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New legislations in South Africa is allowing for the seizure of white-owned land without compensation.
White's in SA are also facing genocidal levels of race-specific murders.

I just want to know if we are being reported on anywhere? We are hearing more and more about foreign governments making plans to help us out.

But is it really brought up/ reported on internationally??
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Female Teachers

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I can't be the only one to have had shit experiences with them. Male teachers are far superior even the girls back in HS preferred them over females.

I'd say they were better English teachers but English is (((pozzed))) as fuck