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Post your most left wing agreements

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>Abortion should be legal albeit I shouldn't have to pay for it
>The rich should be taxed more and the middle class less
>We should decrease military spending and spend it on fixing our infrastructure
>Gay marriage is fine with me. I don't support it, but I don't hate it either.
>Human-made climate change is real
>We should go green and strive to make our environments clean by using green energy
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also isnt she still on her parent's plan?
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Optimal Marriage Age

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40 for men and 18 for women.
Rich old men and hot young women is the natural order of things. Don't bust your ass for a roastie with niglets.
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When you elect a reality tv star just cause you are racists.
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G*rman hate thread

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Germans are a disgusting subhuman europoid species of cro magnon who never fully devolved into monkeys. G*rmans contribute nothing to society and ideally will be exterminated in recent years. They are too dangerous and stupid to live outside of trees as proven by their many atrocites such as-
>The G*rman collapse of the Romans
>The disbanding of the HRE
>World war 1
>World war 2
>The killing of Romanians and Pollacke
>The EU
>The migrant crisis endangering actual humans
Thankfully the migrants are fucking their "women" so hard that they give up tiny G*rman cocks all together. With any luck, the migrants will leave after killing the whole population and Europeans will repopulate it.
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Is there a more anti-intellectual stance than atheism?
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Kraut/pol/ & AfD General -- The Big Blue Bus Edition

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15.10.2017 Regional election in Niedersachsen
15.10.2017 Austrian legislative election

>AfD Basic Program's list of contents in english
>AfD's Basic Program (in german)


>Petry's Interview on NATO, Refugees, Sharia, Turkey and Borders
>AfD MEP on Trump's victory
>60 Genders - AfD's Steffen Königer gives the Greens a Reality Check
>AfD pro-Syria on FB: "Merkel must go!"

>Meme Collections 2.0
https://postimg org/gallery/18y2lj7ka/

>Einzelfall-Map (Isolated cases - crime map)

>Resources from the 2016 election

>Gather lurkers
>Make memes
>Spell-check memes
>Spread memes
>Come up with new ideas
>Ignore the shills

If you can spare some shekels:

They accept PayPal



Weidel leaves ZDF Debate
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDi_TKa3R40 [Embed]
Storch vs Bushido
Nigel Farage speech
press conference about islam
Hart aber Fair
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Breaking: Uber loses operating license in London

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Don't like uber, have never used it. Seems like a ride-sharing thing for millennial trash. But for the Jews to pull their operating license in London so soon after london seems suspicious.

Brit fags with any more info?

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I showed my mom this video and she had a complete meltdown

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She couldn't eve watch it all the way through. She began calling me anti Semitic and said none of it's true. THE dude is literally telling us what is happening and that jews control the world. Now she won't talk to me.

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