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Did Roosh lose his mind? Did he overdose on the red pill?
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Beat the Commies

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Help the ethnic Kekistanis beat the filthy leftist communists.


Kekistan is heavily outnumbered and needs help ASAP

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Best looking nazi thread?

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Best looking nazi thread...
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What happens here?

I googled some photos of Tbilisi, Yerevan and Baku and looks comfy af.

Is it safe to travel there considering ISIS and all the ethnic issues?
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what's up /pol/

i'm just gunna drop some red pills on you guys

no. not the edgy kiddy shit you might be used to shitposting about. actual life lessons based from experience/trial and error

alright lets begin

1. make a plan, and stick to it
if you want something, or want to get something done, make a plan. and realize that most of the time things don't come immediately and you're gunna have to ride out that plan for a little while. while learning and adapting is a good thing, and especially good in the long run, don't constantly second guess yourself and change your method at every fork in the road

2. don't be "cool". be real
too many times people will do something because it's "cool" or do something to try and impress others. don't. ever. do that. usually if you do something because it's "cool" it's a waste of resources or will hurt you in the long run.

3. put yourself first. always. no matter what
i don't care if it's over your family or over your bitchy girlfriend, you come first. make sure your needs are taken care of before you go out and tend to other people. if you're not putting yourself first you probably won't even do a good job of helping others anyway.

4. listen before speaking. try to stay level headed in any situation
many of our mistakes come from making quick, emotionally driven choices. or from not getting all the information before taking action. think, reason, plan. chances are if you're posting on this board you're a guy and have the ability to think logically. if you're a loose cannon and don't think things through chances are you WILL fail

feel free to post some of your own solid advice. no edgy shit, this is a pure autism level advice thread
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If you're here from University of California, please understand that you are being brainwashed by your instructors to conduct an attack on a community built on free speech. You are conducting a raid on one of the last remaining website online in which you can express your opinion freely without speaking to a bot, a paid shill, or being banned by politically motivated mods based on your beliefs.
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Is denying of Holocaust criminalized in your country?

Russia: yes.
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nu-/pol/ and trumpcuck hate thread
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>Those who are too black are cowards like, for instance, the Egyptians and Ethiopians. But those who are excessively white are also cowards as we can see from the example of women . . . the complexion of courage is between the two (brown or tanned)

Aristotle quote.

What did he mean?
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