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This is what the russian terrorist invaders do, bomb and massacre Ukraine’s children every day.
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The sad state of urkanian men

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Ukranian man abandons his car in the middle of the road and runs away while crying from the draft kidnappers police while two Ukrainian women mock him and laugh at him.

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What is happening? First Mr. Beast then Budlight, now Linus Tech Tips… What’s next? Michelle Obama?
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zoomer lost at sea

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MTF transgenders are obviously ridiculous degenerates, but what about FTM? how to save them?
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Kevin O'Leary BTFO's Gen Z! "new generation of worker" has "no intention of working in an office"

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Why are youngsters not working /pol/? O'Leary says the whole economy is suffering due to this.

"They ain't coming into the office. Period."

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary says a "new generation of worker" has "no intention of working in an office"
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‘We eventually gave up and left’: Walmart shopper says they couldn’t buy $4 battery locked in case because worker never came after they pushed call button
>Recently, numerous chains have announced efforts to combat shoplifting. For example, Target recently told investors that the chain expects heavy losses from “theft and organized crime.” Walgreens made similar claims a few years ago, alleging it closed several stores due to the prevalence of theft.
>Many of these claims aren’t supported by data, and Walgreens CFO James Kehoe later admitted that it was possible that the brand “cried too much last year” about its alleged shoplifting issues.
>Regardless, stores are responding to apparent shoplifting fears by complicating the buying process.
>For example, users online have reported that some Target locations are locking certain items up behind glass. Others have noted Target’s recent implementation of “anti-theft” carts in a few locations: carts that lock up once they hit a certain radius outside the store. Walmart has also hopped on this trend, with some stores sectioning off their cosmetics areas from the rest of the store.While this may be effective in reducing shoplifters, some claim it creates an unpleasant experience for shoppers.
>For example, a user on TikTok recently noted that buying cosmetics, a video game, and groceries from Walmart now requires 3 different check-out procedures and transactions.
>TikTok user Frönk (@iceage3isadocum) shared a similar experience in a video with over 36,000 views.

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normalizing brain damage GET IN HERE

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Normies are being radiation nuked at taylor swift concerts and it's TOTALLY NORMAL to have amnesia after the show.

This is like travis scott's astroworld all over. Literal puppet's zogwashed.

Nothing to do with the vaccines and heavy metals at all with 5g radiation!

Truth is stranger than fiction!!

https://www. bbc. com/news/entertainment-arts-65765368
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>support BLM
>take a knee
>riot with niggers
>demonize police
>defund police
>check their privilege
>call you a racist
>decrimilize drugs
>embrace restorative justice
>decrimilize social crimes like pubic indecency
>become the victims of new violent crime wave
>shocked pikachu face

What the fuck is wrong with these faggots?
Why can't they see that their policies have completely failed

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aus/pol/ /ourguy/ edition

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