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Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition

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https://youtu.be/gZMyp0Rdpmg (Ukraine)

>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Daraa May 21
>Yemen May 21
>Idlib May 16
>SE Syria May 14
>Libya May 8

Devs May 24
>RF reveals locations of their Idlib observation posts established in Astana, total of 10 RF and 7 Iranian posts
>N Hama; Five members of HTS killed during attack on SAA
>Daraa; Despite ongoing reconciliation talks rebels fire mortars at SAA positions, SAA responded with artillery at Dara’a Al-Balad District
>W Raqqa; SDF raids 6 villages after residents raise Syrian flag, detain multiple civs, seize cell phones of young residents
>Raqqa cont; Harakat al-Qiyam group assassinated 2 members of the SDF in Raqqa and 1 in village of Tell Abyad
>Assad and RF Syrian envoy convo on Astana, Assad praised RF people/leadership, described RF as partner in victories, won't stop until final terrorists' defeat
>S Damascus; SAA uncovers another large rebel weapons stache in Beit Sahm
>Syrian ambassador; Iranian forces are in Syria legally, US and Turkey are invaders
>Russian military delivers ten tonnes of food to Damascus suburb of Dahiyat al-Assad
>KSA intercepts Houthi missile in Jizan, claim debris landed in residential area causing no injuries
>Khameini; Demands for EU to maintain deal include purchase of Iranian oil, fighting sanctions, and leaving missile program alone

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/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General

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>writes and sells guides on how to fuck as many women as possible from different countries
>complains about women being whores and not adhering to traditional values
what the fuck is his problem?
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ITT: refute holocaust denial with FACTS

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Denier: there is no way the number of victims claimed could have been cremated in the size and time of their ovens or even modern ovens!
Fact: Jewish slaves were usually forced to crush the bodies of the deceased with sledgehammers in order to fit dozens of bodies into one oven at a time.
Fun fact: some Jewish parents hid and fed pieces of the crushed paste to their children to keep them nourished.
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>Your health is just like furniture!
I'm so glad I don't live in a country that has accepted this kikery and tries to defend it at all costs. You burguers don't deserve socialized healthcare.
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this is what capitalism does to people
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Name one deal that ever worked out for him.
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Damn, were women really on the frontlines in WW2?
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Trump and Kim

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Why is no one talking about Trump pulling out of the NK summit and while Kim practically begs for it to happen?
Oh right some retarded bait threads about niggers dicks. Just another day on /pol/.
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Leafs Triggered

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>Since entering the White House, President Donald Trump has spent a lot of time bashing both America’s adversaries and its allies. Canada has not been immune from such swipes.

>Here are the many shots Trump has taken at Canada over the past couple of years:

>1. ‘Canada has been very difficult to deal with … they’re very spoiled’ – May 23, 2018

>Speaking to reporters as NAFTA negotiations continue to drag on, Trump had choice words for both Canada and Mexico: “Mexico has been very difficult to deal with. Canada has been very difficult to deal with. They have been taking advantage of the United States for a long time. I am not happy with their requests. But I will tell you in the end we win, we will win and we’ll win big. … They’re very spoiled because nobody’s done this. But I will tell you, what they asked for is not fair.”