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New research identifies a ‘sea of despair’ among white, working-class Americans

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>Anne Case and Angus Deaton garnered national headlines in 2015 when they reported that the death rate of midlife non-Hispanic white Americans had risen steadily since 1999 in contrast with the death rates of blacks, Hispanics and Europeans. Their new study extends the data by two years and shows that whatever is driving the mortality spike is not easing up.
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Is suicide redpilled? Should a citizen be allowed to an hero if he wants to?
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Comfy plates thread

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Which state has the best plates?

Canadians welcomed as probationary posters; we have a leaf blower if you can't behave.
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legit happening: insider interviewed about epic CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery

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this is fucking huge guys. the interview is over an hour long. the guy is intimately familiar with Montgomery and discusses his information as well as a bunch of other conspiracies in depth.

parts one and two are mislabeled.


>Its been sat on and the left painted arpaio as untrustable to montgomery kept going to others to try and get it out
>basically clapper and the cia know all kinds of shit. they are bad hombres. trump's election has fucked up their plan
> It looks like it was posted over a year ago. A lot of what this guy is talking about can now be confirmed from the vault7 shit from wikileaks. Like, literally naming some of the programs used by the CIA. Had I listened tot his a year ago when it was posted I would have thought it too far fetched. It's now confirmable. He talks a lot about Brennan and Clapper and how they lied. We now know for a fact they lied. This guy was on point-- a year ago.


> "trump is a double agent" ~27:30. unclear what this means.
> not mentioned in the Freedom Watch letter: the CIA apparently hacked every foreign embassy on US soil and stole their crypto keys and bank records. 31:00

http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final Whistleblower Letter.pdf

previous thread >>118261205
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what do you think /pol/?
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MUPDATE #34: OP has all night edition

>Germans still holding a +3 bonus
>Puppy Back being devastated by massive Forsaken gains

>Puppy Back (2 nukes)
>Kangz Empire (1 nuke)

>Palis count the same as regular digits, just without nuke bonuses for the higher rolls

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Why does /pol/ worship rich people so much?
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Risk Thread - USA Edition

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Risk Thread - USA Edition

Read the bottom left image to get the rules, tripcode will be required considering risk usually spans multiple threads

If you have any protests to any errors, point them out politely, its been about a year since I've hosted a risk match.

To begin do
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How do we undo the brainwashing of the blacked meme? The Jews and shills that have brainwashed people into thinking nigger cock is superior will pay the price. The Jews have taken over my mind and I must take it back.
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Is anyone else here unironically in favor of the Russians taking control of USA?

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>Faggotry/SJWism/Kikes run amuck
>Arby's Cheddar Pussies blown out everywhere
>Republicans are all like McCain/Senor Cuckold
>There is no culture here, chain stores, best buy, Kohls, Dick's Sporting goods
>Even still all the malls are closing down
>The constitution is a joke, hardly enforced, judges make up laws
>Niggers whiling

More than anything, life here is BORING. We need some new mismanagment to mix things up.
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