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Everywhere I go in public I see women wearing this type of clothing. Yoga pants, leggings, etc. When did it become acceptable for women to blatantly show off their ass in public?
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Absolutely Sweetie

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hookers have to pay him

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is there any limit to his power?
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Is it really a good idea for Canada to legalize weed when 75% of their soldiers are overweight?

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Maybe you should be required to do 10 pull ups before you can buy jazz grass, the absolute state of you fat fucking maple niggers
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Geolocating pedos

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Europol posted this image and asked the public to help geolocate where the pictures were taken.
The images have been censored as they contained explicit acts invoking children.
The situation is pretty grim. Nobody has any strong leads and the twitter threads are just endless speculation. If the location isn't found, there can be no further investigation.
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It's True And You Know It

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hey jannies, i just wanted to say

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Hi, I'm trans and guess what? I'm just like you.

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Trans sexuals are under attack from bullies and trolls. Many have mental problems as a result. What can we do to raise awareness and make society more accepting of otherness? How can we, as a community, lessen the psychological burden that transpeople struggle with?
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Where were you on 9/11?

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I was browing /pol/
smoking a fat blunt
and eating pizza hut
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