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We're thinking about making a new board, and we'd like anons to help us choose a name.

The board is going to follow /pol/'s format (i.e. NWS, flags, and thread-specific IDs) but it will have no topic and rules similar to /b/. The idea is to allow people who like /pol/'s format a place to post off-topic stuff without being hassled by mods, and to help keep /pol/ focused on politics and current events despite the massive growth it continues to experience.

With respect to a name, here are a few guidelines.
1. The board name (e.g. /pol/) needs to be 3 characters max.
2. The board title (e.g., "Politically Incorrect") needs to clearly define the purpose of the board.
3. This is not a vote, this is a thread for suggestions.

Ideas, suggestions, and feedback are welcome. Please try to keep things civil, and try to keep discussion focused on the new board.