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/CEFG/ - Canadian Federal Election General - GO TIME Edition

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Get in here, leafs. Its time to watch the shitshow that is Canadian Politics at the federal level.

Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) - Center left cucks, party of Justin Trudeau
Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) - Center right cucks
New Democratic Party (NDP) - Left wing Identitarians, Former Workers Party
Green Party of Canada (GPC) - Left wing Enviromentalists
Bloc Quebecqois (BQ) - Left wing Quebec Nationalists
People's Party of Canada (PPC) - Right wing populism, anti-immigration (/ourguys/)

>Current Seats:
LPC - 177
CPC - 97
NDP - 40
BQ - 10
Green - 2
PPC - 1
Others - 10

>Latest Polling: (As of October 20th)
LPC - 32.0%
CPC - 31.6%
NDP - 18.4%
Green - 7.5%
BQ - 7.0%
PPC - 2.5%

>Seat projections: (170 needed for majority)
LPC - 137
CPC - 124
BQ - 39
NDP - 35
Green - 1
PPC - 1

>Live Coverage:


>I don't want to split the vote, who should I vote for?
Vote for who you want. You are an individual with a single vote. This is your opportunity to express your voice. There will be more elections in the future to vote on.
>I want to vote for a smaller party but isn't that a wasted vote?
No, the only wasted vote is the vote that isn't cast
>This FAQ is shit and didn't answer any of my questions!
Then ask your question in the thread, retard.