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Have you gents noticed the trend in “rap culture” where the artists are getting obscenely young and still engaging in degeneracy? Is this how (((they))) will attempt to normalize and disseminate pedophilic propaganda? I think it might be.

Pic related, lil Tay is 9 years old. Terrible.
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>white """""people"""""
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Just fuck my Shit up Thread

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Just watched this video. Never felt so blackpilled in my life. What can we do in the west to solve our problems with migrants and degenerates? Are nukes the solution?

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Europe was entirely Nordic at one point. But race mixing from inferior mongoloids, Africans, and levantines, created mongrels with tanning skin, dark hair, and dark eyes that reside across Europe. We know this because all Italian renaissance portraits depict Nordic people, Greek statues depict Nordic men and women. Europe fell because it became mongrelized. Modern mongrelized people believe we must stand together because we are "white". White is not enough. Two Nordics breed Nordics, Wogs breed Wogs. We don't breed deficient Japanese mongoloids or brown modern Greeks.

You people argue against anything we Nordics say and believe, thus you are different from me and my people. You mongrels do not speak for us.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud3N7BFsDG0 - pewdiepie's new video n go sub for ourboi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2Afni3S-ok - live sub count
an indian music record label and film production company is using youtube to bollywood!
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You have 10 seconds to explain why seizing the means of production is a bad thing. GO.
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Coal Burner Registry

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So I have been kicking around this idea for awhile. It would be something like the sex offender registry, but for coal burners.

It would be searchable by name or location. Each coal burner could have a file including any pictures of them (especially with the groid/groids in question) and the date/dates of the discovered infamy.

This would serve two purposes.

1. If a guy meets a girl and wants to know if she is GF material he could search The Coal Burners Registry to see if she has been a documented gutter slut.

2. Once The Coal Burner Registry is discovered by the normies it will be reported on in the MSM. If roasties know that they will possibly get a permanent record, hopefully they will think twice before they sully themselves.

Case files would be submitted by users or anyone who discovers a coal burner in the wild. It would be like wikipedia in that respect.

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Golden One systematically BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

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FTN 148 Weapons pf White Destruction

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