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Trump just keeps on losing he is a big fat loser why did we support him again?
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/pol/ not in the list therefore reliable or insignificant therefore unreliable

/pol/ btfo
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This is /pol/ related since this has been discussed in disclosed documents by CIA and other agencies.
So please don't ban me and allow us to have a thread on this subject, Its connected to current events since this is happening now on YT and has been disclosed in Docs. in the past.


>YouTube Kids hosting MK Ultra content, massing MILLIONS of views
>Trauma Based Conditioning, well hidden from 2nd rate parenting
>Vore, scat, kidnapping, you name it

>Anon finds weird codes in those strange YouTube kid videos
>Deciphering leads to Twitter
>Twitter page posts strange codes, some lead to videos
>Videos cause strange emotions in those that view them.
>More codes are being found on YouTube and Twitter
>Some lead to locations such as a place in SC with satanic graffitti

I've been hording up everything into an external independent link.
>All surviving images, links, information

Main Videos
Child grooming videos:

Previous threads
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Clearly the political opponent of 2020. He will turn 35 within 4 years and is already trying to make a political name for himself. He needs to be eliminated before that chance even arises
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Anything to say, Poland?


WARSAW — A handwriting analysis has determined that Lech Walesa, the leader of Poland’s anticommunist Solidarity movement and later the president of Poland, was a Communist paid informant in the 1970s, according to a new official report issued on Tuesday.

Mr. Walesa, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, immediately denounced the report as unreliable and politically motivated, while his supporters insisted that the full picture of his seeming collaboration with the Communist authorities was more complicated than the report suggested.

The report was prepared by the state-run Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow, which analyzed more than 150 documents that were found last year in the home of Gen. Czeslaw Kiszczak, the longtime interior minister during the Communist era, who died in 2015.

“From Dec. 29, 1970, to June 19, 1976, the future leader of Solidarity, Lech Walesa, was an informant for the Communist secret services under the code name ‘Bolek,’ who spied on his colleagues and got paid for it,” said Jaroslaw Szarek, the president of the government-run Institute of National Remembrance, which looks after the records of Poland’s Communist past.
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hey, white nationalist guy, come tongue my belly button
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>went to downtown toronto in pride weekend

Holyfucking shit. Are we near the end of western civilization?
This transfaggot started talking to me and the stuff he told me he did, i dont even know how someone can go to that level of degeneracy.

Are jews behind this?
Can this be stopped?
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Why does the west love niggers so much?

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Not so fast Sweden and Germany.
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Reminder to all of you;
God IS real
God IS watching you masturbate

Be on your best behavior, children.
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Was it rape?

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How I convinced the world you can be raped by your date
>But I never thought there was anything weird about having some guy come to your room, just to hang out.
>Then I remember he was trying to undo the buttons on the back of my dress. They were fancy and tricky and I was thinking, "Oh no he could break my dress."
>He stopped and moved to the other side of room. I glanced into the mirror and saw him taking off his clothes and thought. "Oh no." And then, "Oh wow," because he was so handsome.
>But my final verdict was, "I need to get him to stop taking off his clothes," so I grabbed my stuffed animals and threw them at him, laughing.
>I finally broke down and told my parents. I said, "Dad, I was raped."
>He said, "I'll drive down and get him," then asked where it happened. I think he envisaged a parking lot and I said, "It happened in my room." Dad said, "How did he get in, did he bust your locks?" And I said, "No, he's another student, and I invited him to hang out with me."
>My dad said matter-of-factly, "It would not have happened if you had not let him in your room, Katie," and then hung up the phone.
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