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American National Socialists

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What do you think of George Rockwell and American National Socialists in general?

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Would you give your lives for Rome?
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What did the kid-fucking kikes mean by this?
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Is liberty prime the most red-pilled character ever?

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What is the best faction in Fallout

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And why is it the Enclave?

>Strongest military even in New Vegas
>Got rid of Commies
>Kills the Legion like the dogs they are
>Kills the NCR like the dogs they are
>The closest you're going to get to a Space Marine
>Redpilled on the world
>Brotherhood prays to tech like a bunch of gooks
>Convinced an actual Super Mutant to join them
>Created Deathclaws

Give me a reason to think otherwise.
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Pagan Awakening General - /PAG/ - Get in here, spread the word!

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Everyone on here knows that we have to go back to a more spiritually fulfilled and united society. As we kicked the Christians out, because they became unbearable and their beliefs do not fit our Pagan roots, we should go back to our Pagan roots. I have come up with a plan for us to be able to restore our home lands ethnic composition. This plan has been enshrined by me in a new Pagan holy text. If you like and or appreciate me coming up with this plan, please buy the holy text, you can find it on Amazon (search term: 'Sturmsegel'). That book also contains the information for where to find a billion jobs world wide. But to make things happen faster, I am going to disclose the bare fundamentals of the plan.

Long story short: we will build up a right wing political social system (enough jobs for all our people).
That way we can leave our workplaces if the employer wants to force us to work with people we dislike.
>Invaders cant find jobs
We will have the economic advantage, so we will be able to buy back our home lands.
>Invaders will have a very tough time to find housing within 2 generations, because the speed of buying back will kumultatively increase.
20% of the population are enough to enable us to get rid of the invaders!

Arguing about different strands of paganism is only going to divide us. It's not a problem to have the very old historic Pagan lores from the past as historical teachings. There will be a more enlightened form of Paganism growing via this movement anyway.

(Part 1/2)
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Generation NaZee Strikes Again

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I'm literally schvitzing rn, guys.

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Okay so, who is actually worse? Jews or Muslims?
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whats /pol/'s opinion on Mongols, are they based?
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