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Is this all the territory white people hold now? Are they even fucking white?
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I've doxxed the infamous cuckposter on /pol

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If you are in an EU memberstate you’ll have problems posting on /pol/ starting May

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The new EU regulation on data protection (Zuckerberg mentioned it in his hearing) requires all data processors to comply e.g. with age restrictions. An ip-address of EU posters ends up putting 4chan in the compliance area of the EU regulation. The regulation requires age verification (at least 16 unless member states lower it to 13 or with specific documented parentel consent).

As a result, 4chan will need to geoblock EU users unless it implements and age (and thus identity) verification system. It is still unclear how the EU will require age verification but most experts doubt that they will waive the requirement.

4chan’s business model doesn’t allow for the use of mass SMS or other verification systems, ergo 4chan will block EU posters.

Enjoy your last month(s) on here, then EU member state flag posters will disappear forever
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Lover 'threw acid over ex-boyfriend'

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A "jealous" lover shouted "if I can't have you, no-one else will" as she threw acid over her ex, a court heard.

Berlinah Wallace, 48, is accused of dousing Mark van Dongen, 29, with sulphuric acid after the pair's five-year relationship broke down.

Bristol Crown Court heard he chose to end his life in a euthanasia clinic when the pain from his "horrific and catastrophic" injuries became unbearable.

Ms Wallace denies murder.

The court heard Dutch national Mr van Dongen was left paralysed from the neck down and lost his left leg, the sight in his left eye and most of the sight in his right eye, after the September 2015 attack in Bristol.

He was later told he would require a "lifetime of constant and dedicated care".

In January this year, he travelled to Belgium where he ended his life in a euthanasia clinic.

'Calculated attack'

At the time of the attack, prosecutor Adam Vaitilingam QC told jurors, Mr van Dongen had begun seeing another woman and moved into a hotel.

The victim visited the defendant at her flat in Ladysmith Road, Bristol, because he was concerned that she was "in a bad way and self-harming", the court was told.

He fell asleep, jurors heard, and Ms Wallace laughed as she threw a glass of sulphuric acid over him.

The court heard Mr van Dongen ran into the street "screaming for help", where neighbours tried to help him, and he was taken to a specialist burns unit at Southmead Hospital.

Mr Vaitilingam said: "The physical and mental suffering that he sustained from that calculated acid attack were what drove him to euthanasia.

"Put simply, he could not bear to live in that condition.

"If that is right, we say, then she is guilty of murder."

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Watch the news

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Question for all trumo supporters, especially those "redpilled" ones before the 2016 election;
>How do you feel about Trump becoming Israel's slave
>How do you feel about him draining the swamp and replacing them with his own swamp monsters
>How do you feel about the wall being a fantasy which will never happen
>How do you feel about Trump destroying international relations with all the USA allies
>How do you feel about Trump becoming the most destructive thing to ever happen to the USA?
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Why are American such a lazy fucking pieces of shit?

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I have just spent nearly 2 months in the US and observed one completely absurd thing. Americans will only ever eat off of paper plates with plastic silverware at home. It's so they can throw them out after eating without having to move a finger to clean them. They do this even if they have a dishwasher, for nearly every meal of the day.

It is something that completely baffles me. Why can't you just fucking use normal fucking plates and silverware like every other person on this planet?

If you are a non-US citizen and unaware of this, it is done nationwide.
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Why do women who have benefited greatly through female privilege complain about sexism?

The same women who will marry a random Canadian to get a green card, to immediately divorce them, will complain about sexism- even though their entire careers and livelihood are predicated on objectifying themselves.
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Why do you guys like Indian girls so much? I live in a rich area in Delhi and come across all kinds of girls you guys would consider "high class" or "Aryan"

But underneath all their makeup and fancy clothes these women are just gross compared to European women.

Pic related is a 10/10 in India for example. I think she'd barely be a 6/10 in a European country.
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Why does /pol/ shit on all white women and not celebrate the good ones?

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>Danielle Dick cancelled her chemotherapy to bring more white babies into this world instead of aborting them
>died a few months later after giving birth to twins

Inspirational story desu
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