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>This is not the future
>This is the present.
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Was her name Norma Zahory?
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>The nanny who decapitated a girl, four, and paraded her severed head in the streets of Moscow will never face trial, say sources close to the criminal investigation.
>Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 38, claimed she was inspired to kill the helpless child in a copycat of gruesome jihadist beheadings which she watched online.
>She was trusted nanny to the girl she confessed to decapitating in north west Moscow - Anastasia Meshcheryakova - in a brutal act which caused shock around the world.

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Why the fuck do the mods keep deleting this

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It's all over Twitter and Kikebook. It happened in public and is attempted murder based on poltical differences.
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Help catch the lighter of hair

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Norma zahory?
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is it okay to punch nazis?
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Hello, /leftypol/fag here. Recently I've been interested in capitalist literature.

I've been misled by people on what capitalism is about (I thought it was about majority of people becoming poor/slaves/unemployed/virgins while the rich get richer)

What books should I read and in which order to become red-pilled on capitalist theory?
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women's March

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Okay, I need a meme free discussion as to what the purpose of the March was supposed to accomplish, and what the perceived issues women are facing that required a March.

Please help me understand.
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Bill looking at Ivanka

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Is he dare I say it /ourguy/?
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