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Adoption marriage

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>Yes, Rebecca is now 12 and is of marrying age according to our orphanage's policy. Many men have put in an application to marry her and to take her home, but she has chosen you Anon, she said you were the most handsome out of the 5 applicants who applied to marry her. Your marriage date is set for August the 7th. Hope you enjoy yourselves and have a nice life, I'm sure you'll make a fine husband. Our adoption agents will visit you periodically, every 6 months or so to follow your progress, until she is 18 years of age. You have chosen our 2.5 year payment plan for $34,000. Good luck to you two, and have a nice life.

Why don't we do this?
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Elon Musk cave diver pedo

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I find this story very curious,, musk calling the British cave diver a pedo:

We should dig into this...I generally think musk is credible, but it also seems so random, like a brown-out drunk thing.
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What a fucking retard
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Vernon Unsworth Pedo Research Thread

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Elon Musk called British Thai cave diver Vernon Unsworth a pedo bc he's a 60+ year old living in Thailand. He wouldn't risk a defamation lawsuit unless he was sure. that's where we come in>>>
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Something big happening soon?

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-Civil war?


-Actual war between countries?

-Crusade like event?

-Racaily flamed war inside a country?

I cannot see anything like this taking place in our time. Everyone is too comfortable and of focused on their day to day lives.

Although the climate has most certainly picked up in the past few years, I’m not sure if people had the balls to do any of the stuff I mentioned

Do I need to be worried pol? I know that 80% of you are fucking insane and will make a theory out of literally anything but to those of you who aren’t ... should I be preparing for something?
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Are there any jews you like?
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Most of the population are soulless NPCs

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I just got bullied and blocked by a teenage narcissist girl I was trying to roughly redpill online
Next time, situation will get much dire...
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It's been around 100 years since the Romanovs were executed.
Would the world be a better place today had the communists failed and the Romanovs stayed in power?

Was the revolusion just a lust for power, or were they saving Russia?
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Why are so many people against AMWF relationships? Is it because it so common now and on an upward trend?
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ITT we congratulate the French for their triumph in the WC, and the example are giving to celebrate with maturity as a multicultural society.
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