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Vietnam Draft Lottery

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>Be december 1st 1969
>Vietnam Draft Lottery day
>See pic related

Lowest numbers were drafted first based on your birthday. Numbers above 215 were never drafted.

How fucked are you /pol/?

>Inb4; Drumph is a draft dodger

His birthday is June 14th.
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How do i regain my faith in God? Ever since I've become a fedorafaggot I've been so terrified of death. Please prove to me there's an afterlife /pol/.
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25 suspicious facets of Jesus Campos’ Ellen interview:

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Here is a listing of 25 suspicious facets of Jesus Campos’ Ellen interview:

1. Guy vanishes for five days and pops out on a fluff interview with ... Ellen?
2. Instead of being interviewed by a cable news outlet or investigative reporter, his only interview (more about this later) is with daytime talk show host Ellen.
a. No hardball questions
b. No skepticism, no suspicion of his story.
c. In fact, he was coddled and praised and led through the entire interview.
3. Unusually, the Ellen Show preleased the video of the interview to the Washington Post, who posted it online before the Ellen Show aired.
4. Every question Ellen asked was leading. It sounded like she had a better grasp of what happened than Campos did.
5. Throughout the interview Campos looked nervous as fuck. His body language is hunched over, staring at the floor throughout most of the interview.
6. Campos is accompanied by a handler, the engineer Steven Schuck, to keep him on message.
7. Not once did Ellen ask why Campos disappeared for five days or where he disappeared to.
8. Ellen never asked Campos why his version of events changed repeatedly.
9. Ellen never asked Campos about his employment status at the Mandalay Bay.
10. She busted out schematics and pointers. When has Ellen ever busted out schematics and pointers on her show? Ellen using visual aids to help guide Campos along.
11. Steven Schuck touching/ rubbing Campos' shoulder. It was awkward.
12. Campos seemed to get the doors confused. Which door had the open door alarm going off - the room door was closed and the stairwell door was secured by that metal latch.
13. The timing of the gunshots was inconsistent between Schuck and Campos.
14. The interview concluded after a mere softball five minutes with Ellen, speaking for Campos, announcing he would do no further interviews. Ellen, speaking for Campos, announced that her interview would be the only interview he would give.
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What's your argument against same sex marriage?

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> Marriage is for the purpose of pro-creation

Implying heterosexual infertile men or women with barren wombs can't get married or two heterosexual people in their 60's who can't reproduce

> Children need to have a mother & a father

Implying gays aren't already allowed to adopt or have access to IVF

> It will lead to things like transgenderism

Implying that hasn't already happened

> It will lead to safe schools

Implying safe schools don't already exist & have done for a few years now

Come on cunts hit me
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why did you create le trashman

he has infected every board

fuck you

- /v/
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>Trump makes a tellephone call to 4 familys of dead soldier
>3 familys are white, 1 are black
>the black family complains to the media
>the black family make a GoFundMe to get their free gibs
>black family get 400k $ USD worth of donations in 1 day (out of a 1Million $ goal)

I fucking hate the niggers

why do they feel like they should get 1 million dollars just because they feel "disrespected"???? im certain this is a scam

im more poor and my life has been horrible mess, why doesn't someone give me money? i bet you i deserve it more than these american niggers
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post pictures that make you want to move to another country
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>pee pee poo poo, if i go its on trumpfs lawno
>tony montano, i drink pee like a cockaroacho
>trumpf cant match my raps so he better go eat at taco
>too bad he made mexicans illeago
>this parking garage was rented for an houreeno
>so I will go back because is cold and i shoulda wore a heavier jacket instead of this hoodie-reo

What did he mean by this?
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Jesus Campos interview (full) on Ellen leaked

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