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is wearing glasses a jewish conspiracy?
in the old times there were no glasses yet people were able to see just fine. but look at humanity now.
i feel like the purpose of glasses is not to prevent eyes from getting further bad but to prevent it from improving
so i have decided to not wear glasses anymore and see if my eyesight improves (i'm pretty sure it will)
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Knowledge Bomb. Women & Cycles

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[Strong Men -> Good Times -> Weak Men -> Bad Times -> Strong Men]

Women want Strong Men. Inorder to get those Strong Men they want, they either pro-actively destroy the Tribe(they have no loyalty to any) which they belong to once they identify/think it weak so that Foreign Strong Men can invade & take over(The "Cuck" fetish originates from the Tribes who got taken over) OR they create cycles of conflicts between Tribes inorder to organically grow more Strong Men in the Tribe they are apart of. Sometimes they do a mix of both & this is the reason why Women act/lean the way they do(Left) when it comes to Politics.

Strong Men get all the Women(Harems are in Female nature & so are "Lesbians") because Women do not like Weak Men. Weak Men tend to give Women more power/freedom in hopes of being more successful with them, in reality it makes Women completely ignore the Weak Males due to being able to find Strong Men easier. This creates a massive gap between the (Strong)Men with Women & the (Weak)Men without Women.

Weak Men tend to be kept pacified through entertainment/fantasy or get culled in conflict so the Tribe doesn't have uprisings of them. When uprisings do happen, the Strong Men get killed/removed and the Women get distributed to all of the Weak Men.(Communism/Socialism originated from this, due to the means of (re)production being seized). Alternatively when Weak Men are in power, they create Wars to cull the Strong Men, allowing the Weak Men to have all the Women. Historically (Weak or Strong)Men also have raided other Tribes for there Women.(This also is why the "Rape","Gang Bang" & "Bondage" Fantasy's are so popular with Women and built into them). When not enough Women are around for all of the Men in the Tribe, a percentage of Weak Men will become gay or act/dress like women.
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Guess what? There's no such book as Libbre David, and if there were, it wouldn't be halacha.

They have no sources, no supporting text in the Torah. Quite blatantly, it's a made-up book only created for this quote.

Post more 'quotes' from the Talmud and other places, and I'll try to disprove or explain them.
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Is taxation good?

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Is taxation theft or does the money actually go to something good?
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Redpill me on the mindset of a normie

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Fucking commies

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Who is she, where did she come from, why is she such a massive cunt?
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Is papa red pilled?

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>calling out retards and niggers
>to a handicapped black man: "Learn how to drive, you absolute leech!"

>naming the jew
>"let's agree to disagree- we have lawyers, jewish lawyers.. we have doctors, jewish doctors.."
>"we have jews.. jews who viciously rub their hands.. jews, hot jews, jewish specimens.."
>"berenstein, burnstein, molovksy, goldberg, goldbach, goldbam, goldstein, golden sexy jew"
>"thousands of jews joining forces to make the body of one. big. jew."

>mocking, humiliating animal rights peta bitch to her face

>explicitly renouncing fags
>"papa francu was a gay name for children.. now, he goes by one name: filth.. a man who belongs to no community"

>mocking, making fun of trap faggots
>"now bend over and show me that little boipussy.. now if that ain't a fuckin' ass.. be proud of yourself son, that's a.... boipussy"

>mocks jewish-controlled media
>"fuck these clean disney channel puppets"

Is Filthy Frank red-pilled, /pol/?

link to vid:
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>No HRC for prison
>No swamp draining
>No Wall
>No NAFTA renegotiation
>No fixing NATO freeloading
>No taking on entrenched globalists, Wall Street bankers, and other elites fucking over the American people
>No detente with Russia
>Bombing Assad
>No labeling China a currency manipulator
>Israel's lapdog

When did it all go so wrong?
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What are /pol/'s thoughts on Indian women? I feel like this race in particular has a stark dichotomy here. Indian girls are either really hot, or butt ugly. There doesn't seem to be an in between.