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Knowledge Bomb. [They Live]

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Much like the Truman Show(http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/107255602/#107255602) this Movie had something to reveal.

Subliminal Messages/Images are hidden in all forms of Media(TV,Print,Movies,etc). The public is completely bombarded with them & somewhat controlled by them.

Corporations, Governments & Others have been using them for a long time. The History of Hidden/Subliminal Messages/Images/Codes should be looked into to better understand all the ways they can be and/or are done.

Special Glasses can be made to “See” these things & they tend to look like Sunglasses. There are different models/styles/methods to them depending on what is trying to be seen:

1) [3D Glasses]

(These essentially make certain stuff “pop out” when they are being looked at. The right color combination(s) are needed inorder for it to work)

2) [Electronic Glasses/Goggles]

(Camera/Video can catch things that the eye cannot. These can be designed/made to see different things)

3) [Modified Sunglasses]

(Special Lens can “reveal” things hidden by the light spectrum. The Movie gave some hints about them)

Not only can you see the Subliminal Messages/Images with the Glasses, but you can see many other interesting things such as the difference between People & “People”.
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Donald trump mega thread

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Okay. Im a HUGE rand paul supporter. If civil war kicked off tomorrow i would fight and die to insert him as god emperor of the confederacy.

But keeping that in mind. If rand doesnt make it. I will be voting for trump and here is why.

1. He is the only man alive that said we should fucking tarriff other countries. The balls on this man are astounding. Make no mistake. Economic war has been raging in a cold state for 20 years. Donald trump would bring this cold war hot and end it with a glorious american victory. China desperately needs to be told by an american president that they are literally a slave country and if they want to participate in the american economy they will have to pay a premium. This man stood at a podium and described a scenario where he would tax overseas american manufacturers 35% IMMEDIATELY at purchase. This is AWESOME.

2. He is the only ONLY fucking person this election cycle who brought up the green tip ammo ban. His second amendment qualifications are HIGHER than rand paul. Which is astounding.

3. He knows what america really is. America is not the shining city on the hill. That is retarded. America is the country that is so fucking successful and rich that we literally just give our success to our kids. We have a surplus of ownage that over the past 30 years politicians have given away to mud countries via trade deals.

4. Immigration. He has ann coulter level redpilling on immigration. He wants to build a great mexican wall. That is hilarious but in reality its actually needed. And he would make it happen and probly somehow get mexico to pay for it.

Listen , I understand he is a meme canidate.

but we really need to stop and think for a minute what exactly is going to be happening in the world 20 years from now.

As much as he is a kike bootlicker who loves isreal. He is so redpilled on everything else that it might be worth it.
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holy fuck. is it actually possible that rand paul is the strongest general election candidate for the gop?

COLORADO: Clinton 43 - Paul 41
IOWA: Clinton 45 - Paul 37
VIRGINIA: Clinton 44 - Paul 4
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Are there any liberals here who would like to be raped?
Please pick your topic
Net Neutrality
Citizens United
Roe v Wade
Lawrence v Texas
Minimum wage
Wickard v Filburn

or anything else and then prepare you anus
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Good luck

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Whats all the fuss about this
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/cyborg general/

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share your feels if you are neither a robot nor a normie

>tfw get lonely if i don't hang out with people once a week
>overwhelmed if more than once a week
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>Since (((8pol mods))) almost instantly deleted this thread and banned me without explaination, I am reposting it here

The more influence women have in society, the more that society tips towards lower birthrates, open borders, regulating speech, big government, more war, feminism, Marxism, communism, and economic collapse.

The LESS influence women have, the more society tips towards free speech, free markets, rational immigration policy, Patriarchy, higher birthrates, and less war.

Sexbots, traps, and hebephilia, all increase a man's sexual options, thus taking influence away from the female population. As the quality and availability of traps and sex bots increase, women will drop feminism and become more trad, because they will actually have to try in order to get a quality man.

The real degeneracy is GYNOCENTRISM. Gynocentric societies quickly lose the ability to sustain themselves, and usually collapse. The only exception is (((the Jews))). Judaism and Jewish culture are insanely gynocentric and Jewish culture is completely controlled by radical feminists. Because gynocentric societies cannot sustain themselves, Jewish society must parasitically prey upon healthy societies. Any society the Jew sinks its fangs into, is infected with gynocentrism and thus begins to degenerate.

Sexrobots, traps, and lowering the age of consent are all good ways to put influence back where it belongs: in the hands of MANkind.

Grab civilization by the pussy!
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The Liberal media and you white nationalists couldn't be doing a better job working together to sabotage Trump if you tried. Excellent work