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>he only know how to use windows
>makes peace with the fact that he is going to be spied on by every amerinigger alphabet agency and eventually even hacked by some old exploit rather than learn the alternative
>believes to be redpilled

surely this isn't you, right?
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>all mixed people are ugly
>"that black woman is only attractive because she is mixed!"
Which one is it, /pol/?
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Where would Africa be, technologically, had whites never contacted it? How much of what we have invented would they have invented on their own without any help?

How far down the list would they have come by today?

- farming
- steam engines
- telegrams
- telephones
- human flight
- internal combusion
- solar energy
- the personal computer

Feel free to suggest other milestones, just a rough list.
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I frequently read the term "racemixing" here, but it's misleading and untruthful, since all humans belong to the same race.
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why do people deny the holocaust?

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Where is the proof or evidence that it is fake? I hear people saying there weren't 6 million jews but where do they get this conclusion from?

I hear people say there weren't as many death camps, which information tells you this?

i understand it may seem that the holocaust is fake due to jewish people in high positions of power but i want proof.
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Can it get ANY worse

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Be honest /pol/, are we at the epitome of degeneracy or is it a possibility our great-granddaughters will be drugged up in mass tranny pozzing orgies?
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What do we do with people that have 0 value for the system anymore

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>pic related
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Lets talk about North Korea

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Or more specifically, what we think should happen to North Korea, when the Kim regime is eventually toppled - If it's even going to happen.

Should we leave most things standing as they are as a monument to those who were here before? Should we torch the entire place to the ground and build it from the ground up? Do we sentence every single north korean soldier to death/a life time in prison? What do you think will happen if we somehow lose to the north koreans? What do you think they would do?
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CNN just threatened to turn cameras on

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Do it you fucking pussies I dare you
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Have men today gotten this weak?

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How dare they resist the female imperative.

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