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Blacks are intellectually inferior to white. Prove me wrong.
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Fuck white people
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How much is Trump's team paying this guy?
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What will be the next country to join the global league of carriers and help shape the course of human history and geopolitical power well into the next century?

And what will they name their new carrier?

I hear Turkey is already in the running.
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I Think It's Actually The JEWS. Eyes Have Been Opened

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I was reluctant to 'name the Jew'. But after a month of red pilling myself into oblivion and trying to understand where the divide in this country is increasingly coming from, I have come to a point where I feel it's actually. largely, "The Jews'

I can't put a finger on exactly which subset, but it seems to be mostly LIBERAL Jews, and a few ZIO Jews mixed in, which makes it a 2 tiered "attack".

And it's largely, most blatantly, within our Media and Hollywood. They also seem to be at the forefront of MOST of the destructive LEFT movements that attack through some form of IDENTITY. Especially identities which NON WHITES against WHITES, or call for race mixing...which ALWAYS features someone ELSE mixing with Whites.

It's never Black/Asian, Black/Latino, Latino/Asian, etc. It's always OTHER/WHITES...this is by no means a 'coincidence". Google is demonstrably literally trying to erase White history. Photos featured on Liberal websites are ALWAYS encouraging White to stop having families, or to invite "Refugees", or to data some other race.

It's blatantly apparent to me now, and it's only getting WORSE. I have seen the light, and it's fucking scary. This is Orwellian shit. I'm really freaked out to be honest.
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When the money stops, the movement stops

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Antifa and BLM are both funded by the same Nazi billionaire George Soros. If Trump actually prosecutes under RICO the next time he sets foot in the states, both organizations will go the way of the Russia narrative. i.e. they'll cease to exist in one day.
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>DEVELOPING: Multiple U.S. diplomats evacuated from Cuba after a mystery ‘sonic attack’ caused traumatic brain injuries - CBS News
>State Dept: Medical incidents reported among US diplomats in Cuba are “unprecedented;" haven't seen this type of activity anywhere - CBS
>Cuba has denied any responsibility and is cooperating with U.S. and Canadian investigators, she said.



Now, the North Korean connection.
>Cuba has no reason to attack Canadian diplomats, as they have been vocally against U.S. trade embargoes
>Cuba houses NK diplomats
>Otto Warrambier suffered brain damage, similar to these sonic attacks in Cuba
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My uni (ASU) now has an """Undocumented""" Students Club. What do, /pol/? Turn them in to ICE? Is that even possible/legal? Would they even give two shits? More importantly, why is this shit even allowed on a public university?
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Domestic Violence meme campaign #5

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This is a meme campaign - find domestic violence pictures and add tag line "it's ok, she's a nazi."


Let's do this lads
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