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>The annual funding Israel receives from the United States may be increased by $200 million in 2019, according to President Donald Trump’s fiscal year budget request. Israel is expected to receive $3.3 billion in 2019.

>The requested funds are the result of a $38 billion 10-year memorandum of understanding signed between Israel and the United States at the end of President Barack Obama’s term in office. The additional proposed funds are being apportioned to provide “assistance to bolster Israel’s capacity to defend itself and maintain its qualitative military edge.”
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Trump is going to sell a new generation of rural and suburban retards on Weapons of Mass Destruction
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>communism is b-
est thing that ever happened, fuck jewish capitalist slaves
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Anyone regret voting for Donald Trump? I admit, I got completely swept up on the /pol/ memes, and I let the jokes fuck with me. I disconnected from reality, and in like a drug stupor, I pulled the lever for Trump because the "memes" told me so. I pretty much gradually realised how autistic I was as the weeks went on.

It fucks with me every day, that I contributed to Trump. I voted in Pennsylvania, and as you know, PA was won by only a couple fucking votes. I'm part of the problem, and I got cucked by the alt right into destroying what I want in America. I'm a fucking progressive and I voted for Trump. I want Nordic style government, and I still got fucking cunted up the cunt to vote for basically Hitler. Is this what people felt like when they were so defeated at WW1, that they voted for Hitler, even though they hated the man? Because he sounded good?

Fuck, I supported BERNIE from even before the primaries, and I was one of the early guys on his ship. I was talking about a Bernie run in fucking 2014 ffs, when my friends called me crazy.

The hate against Clinton, that blew off, and cheated Bernie added to it. If the DNC candidate was even HALF decent, I wouldn't have been corrupted.

Just fuck my life famalam. I expect you to either ignore or mock me, but if anyone did what I did, let me know your thoughts, please. I know I'm not alone.

And yes, I'm a fucking white male.
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Varg just BTFO all the alt-right cucks

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Starting a religion:

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Hello /pol/ I'm going to formally start a religion soon; the purpose of this religion is to help our britbongs avoid hate-speech laws via religious freedom of expression. Looking for advice on how to register a religion with the U.K.

Some other things that are needed to make it credible
>a doctrine
>form of worship
>distinct religious history
Maybe help me out with some ideas you faggots?
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/ptg/ President Trump General - Shill Hours Gone(?) Edition

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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

TrumpTV Weekly Updates:

>Tucker: Men In America Pt4 3/21/18

>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in WPalmBeach FL 3/23/18
>Pres Trump angrily signs budget bill 3/23/18
>Pres Trump departs DC 3/23/18
>FLotUS Melania @2018 Intl Women Of Courage Awards 3/23/18
>VP Pence @America 1st event in Atlanta GA 3/23/18
>VP Pence w/Annie Moore in WVa 3/23/18
>2nd Lady/Charlotte talk about Marlon Bundo 3/23/18
>AG Sessions (partial) in Birmingham AL 3/23/18
>DepAG Rosenstein on Cyber Law Enforcement 3/23/18
>FCC Commisioner Pajit on Robocalls 3/23/18
>HHSDep video: Opioids abuse 3/23/18
>USDA video: Sec Perdue BackToOurRoots Tour 3/23/18
>This Week @State 3/23/18
>Pres Trump @Greek Independence Day Celebration 3/22/18
>Pres Trump @Generation Next Summit 3/22/18
>Pres Trump signs Memorandum on China Tariffs 3/22/18
>VP Pence @America 1st Event in Manchester NH 3/22/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis meets w/Saud Prince MbS 3/22/18

OP pastebin:
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PUTIN has message in response to US sanctions: FUCK YOU

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SWIFT shutdown: Russia ready with own alternative to international bank transfer system.

Global oil giant Rosneft has prepared itself for shutdown of SWIFT interbank cash transfer services, should Russia be shut out of the system as part of Western sanctions.
A Russian equivalent of SWIFT was tested by Rosneft in December, Gazprombank Vice-President Andrey Korolyov told TASS news agency.
It is the first time that the Russian SWIFT analogue has been used by a huge corporation since its introduction in 2014.

Gazprombank is Russia’s third-largest bank. Both Rosneft and the bank have been the subjects of US sanctions.
The potential exclusion of Russia from SWIFT has worried the country’s banks since 2014,
when the EU and the US introduced the first round of international sanctions against Moscow over alleged involvement
in the Ukraine crisis and the reunification with Crimea.
However, SWIFT itself has fended off such talks.

Russian presidential aide on the internet, German Klimenko, said in March that Moscow is also ready to be cut off from the world wide web,
as the country's own internet is ready. Russia has its own search engines, social networks and advertising, making it less dependent on the global internet, he said.

RUSSIA and PUTIN are winning again.
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Why didn't you vote for Rand Paul? You had a chance.