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WAAHHHHHH BOO HOO le white victim

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>Be white demonize blacks for decades with cartoons "haha lol"

>Now Jews demonize you but even worse"STOP IT FUCK YOU I HATE YOU"
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Race Mixing <== never ever race mic anons, here is why

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I grew up in a predominantly Irish, Italian, Russian & Greeky area in NY.

That being said, I've seen families entirely disown their kids, especially their daughters if they became coal burners. It's a scarlet letter that is impossible to get rid of, and if found guilty of coal burning, you have essentially assured you will only ever be stuck with nogs for life, or the cuckiest of the cucks.

I've known Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Indians, Irish and Cubans, even Asians and Russians that wont touch a coal burner with a ten foot pole when they find out.

>Be me
>Hot girl that nobody seems to talk to approaches me to talk about liberal professors at the Uni
>Good talk, actually interesting
>Girl is a hot brunette with a knock out body
>Likes the same music, movies, I think this might be the one
>Buddy tells me later on that she dated a black guy, showed up to class with bruises on her neck and face
>Immediately lose interest in said girl, could no longer care a less, fuck her
>Girl approaches me a second time, completely ignore her with relative ease, continue day as if nothing happened
>Figured out why nobody talk to the hot brunette at all
>Realize girl fucked herself for life

Am I the only one like this, why is it so easy to write off a coal burner lol?
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What’s life like here?

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What’s it like living in Appalachia? Can you show me a pic of your area too (landscape wise).
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Islam is a chad religion

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Islam is a chad religion
And You cannot deny it
> Muslim man have full control on women
> Muslim woman can’t take your home after After divorce
> She can’t take your car
> She can’t steal’s have your bank account
> Can’t prevent you from seeing your children
> Muslim men can marry 4 women
> If a 15 years old girl start her monthly period and have a developed body a Muslim man can marry her
Prove me wrong
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>R-romanians are not white! They are all gipsies!
*proves you wrong*
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LOL he fell for the Asian waifu meme...
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YOU ARE $22 Trillion in Debt

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Your share of this debt is $220,000, you're worth more dead than alive. Better get rid of the Bankers, Corporate CEOs and your bought off Politicians before they get rid of you! Get rid of them and you cancel your debt.

Currently, you and your kids are all slaves to the Globalists, You have no savings to leave behind, the bankers will take it all. It's you or them. It's your people or them.

Endless wars and foreign aid to Israel. Welfare programs filled with migrants sent to your nations by destroying Libya for Israel. Duel citizenship for Israelis in the US who fight a border wall and allow bankers and CEOs to fleece you, keep wages low, raise the prices on the things you need just to live, make POC slaves in other lands. Better wake up!
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>Welcome to college
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Intersectionality thread

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Why haven't you embraced Intersectionality as the the One True Golden Path of Humanity, anon?
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What did they mean by this?

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What do women of color actually want? What’s their endgame?
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