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Project Veritas party thread

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New video coming at 12:00 PM EST

Press S to spit on CNN and (((Jeff Zucker's))) grave
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Here's An Amazing Way to Explain Drag Culture to Kids

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In Brazil we have this little joke about mascunility, if you're a guy but acts like a girl we say: "This coke is fanta" because you are in coke can but you are a fanta soda.
Got it?

So today coke just realased a new can: "THIS COKE IS FANTA, SO WHAT?
we created a special can for those who dont like to be labeled, those who dare prejudices and stand up to be who they are. This coke is pride. This coke is respect. "

>drink coke your whole life
>consume heavy doses of liquid sugar with acid and be physiologic fucked for the rest of your life
>contribute for the extinction of potable water in the world (takes 4L of water to make 1 L of coke)
>see crossovers of two brands of the same company making jokes in favor of degenarcy
>gets alzheimer at 60' because all the sugar and acid you drank
>this if you dont got a heart attack before
>yfw you payed for having demecia and die
>yfw you payed for get fucked in the ass and support leftiest propaganda

Now say with me, thank you Goldenberg-sama.
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Opinion on Protestantism?

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What's your take on Protestantism and the Reformation?
Do you feel as if their faith is closer to Christianity than Catholicism is?
What is the role of the Protestant Christian in today's world given its political atmosphere?
At a personal level, I feel as if Protestantism is the reason behind European cuckoldry(Prime examples: UK and Swedistan).
Christianity has been said to be weak since it has been called the religion of pity. The case was not always that, but today, it seems more true than ever.
Is it true that Protestantism is cuckoldry? Why or why not?
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Muh Marijuana is a Plant!

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>Be a drug addict/drug zombie
>Have intelligence and rational thought processes suppressed by addictive chemicals
>Be easily manipulated by spurious arguments
>Muh You're a big Pharma shill!
>Muh You're a Federal Gubmint bootlicker
>Muh I know this one guy who works in Silicon Valley and fucks soopermodels and takes righteous bong-hits on the daily!
>Have a self-imposed partial chemical lobotomy because you flood your CNS with the powerful phyto-neurotransmitter mimetics CBD and THC which override your endogenous Anandamide and 2-AG
>Think your CNS has a endocannabinoid receptor system so you can mentally masturbate and suppress your intelligence
>Muh a nobel prize winner smoked cannabis and injected LSD so muh smart!
>Live in parent's basement
>masturbate to tranny porn.
>Muh prohibition never worked
Daily reminder possession is a Federal Felony in each and every state in the USA.
Enjoy your felony incarceration status.

Pic related.
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Can someone familiar with Trumps thinking please tell what this is supposed to mean? Has he finally lost it?
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How many died /pol/?
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Can we stop bulling Swedes. They are not even the most cucked country when it comes to Immigrants. France, Netherlands and Belgium have it far worse. Yet every time some Swede says something we go '' Swedinistan'' or whatever. Show some respect to your brothers in plight
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Watch it world!
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