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Putin calls Trump with thanks just as Mueller tightens Russia investigation

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>the colored parts have been under islamic control for hundreds of years
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What are the Republicans trying to hide?
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>If you slut shame women its because you're jealous and insecure they were enjoying a more attractive male and don't see you the same way they see him

Do you agree with joe?
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I turned a left-wing antifa supporting liberal into a national socialist
Ask me anything /
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I find it sad that a lot of people on here cant tell the difference between a Computer and a Monitor.

If you don't know what a USB cable is then you don't understand politics. Normies get out!
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Kraut/pol/ - Kraut and Tea is getting gassed edition

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Jamaica coalition is kill.
FDP won't do the Jamaica Jive.
SPD in full damage control mode LARPing as opposition.
Grüne & CSU almost french kissing each other.
Presicuck Steinmeier won't call for new election.

>upcoming elections
early 2018: possible federal re-election
06.05.2018: regional election in Schleswig-Holstein
autumn: regional elections in Bavaria and Hessen

>AfD related

>AfD Basic Program's list of contents in english
>AfD's Basic Program (in german)

If you can spare some shekels:




>Jewtube videos (commentary, AfD shitposting and aesthetics):

>Meme Collections 2.0
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Blaire White trying to debate

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What's the point of getting angry about politics when an average voter has no saying in what bills will pass?

Millions of burgers wanted net neutrality? Well fuck them. ISPs paid more.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote?
After 2 terms of Democrats, Republicans must win. Fuck you.

Do you see my point?
Your anger only shortens your own life. Lobbyists give zero fucks about the people.
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Why is every euroshit on this board absolutely in love with their government?

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governments are a thing to be distrusted, if not outright despised. you think you can legislate every single problem you have out of existence. that's not how it works. anyone who has spent any time at all in or around federal employees or the military already knows this.

the free market only has problems because you won't stop fucking with it. It's like a highly trained bloodhound that you keep leashed and muzzled, then get angry at for not finding you dinner. this isn't even up for debate, I just want to tell you that you're a bunch of literal cuckolds and you have only yourself to blame for the destruction of your countries
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