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how do we solve the catalonian question
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Is she the modern equivalent of Gavrilo Princip?
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People who did figuratively nothing wrong

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I'll start
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Pick a side
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Have you ever been sexually harassed Pol?

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Turning pumpkins into the new hate symbol

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Pics taken from a new children's book:
I say trump as a pumpkin is a good meme: it's easy to draw, it's connected to traditional behaviours from when cities were safer, we can flood the internet with pumpkins very soon considering the time of the year and it can be twisted to mean pump your own kin when you want to say dumb slogans against racemixing.
I want to vote for pumpkin as next meme.
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Conflicted, Need Redpills

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Hey /pol/, I've become a little concerned in the past few days. After a long series of discussion with someone almost completely politically opposed to me, I did some serious reading on the topics we discussed (biological determinism vs social constructivism, relativism, feminism, social order, racism etc.) and found that a lot of the scientific consensus was either against what is commonly accepted here, or were only a partial confirmations. That, plus the sheer volume of women that I know who've admitted to being abused on Facebook since yesterday has left me with concerns over the actual validity of some of what I've been ingesting here.

It's a lot harder to find sources that completely agree with /pol/, and that it's hard to actually deny the disadvantaged position of certain groups like women and minorities like gays, and blacks in society and how that relates to history. If people aren't inherently different, I see no reason for treating them unequally. For the first time in a long time I feel kind of shaken in my beliefs. I know I don't agree with the progressives/postmodernists/crazy relativists, etc. but I've also spent some time outside of the echo chamber and its given me a lot to think about.

So, I guess I'm looking for some redpills to chew on. See if I can make sense of what I'm feeling.
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French Football Team

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Pic is of French Football team. 5/11 are outright blacks. Guess 7/11 will be of foreign descent. How will France ever recover from this level of cuckoldry ?
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China's rising influence

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Why did china rise as fast as it did in the past 5 years?
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>Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case
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