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Start wanking in the garden
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I cant do this anymore

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>hop on discord for some good ol socialization
>playing HOI4 multiplayer with a couple dudes and a girl
>girl states her anger at the Kavanaugh hearing
>WHy? I ask
>he a rapist
>my dude there is no evidence supporting that claim in fact there is more evidence of it never happening.
>that doesn't make any sense
>yes it do reeeee i was raped
>Your rape has nothing to do with this case
>REEEEEEE You are pissing me off you have never been raped you dont know
>ok let's play that. You raped me im pressing charges
>No you didn't I dont know you
>yes you did, it was at nicks party in sophomore year
>you didn't go to my highschool dumbass
>name everyone who went to your highschool
>what highschool did I go to then
>I dont have to tell you anything Im a victim
>Im the victim, it doesn't matter what your reasoning is. You said yourself evidence doesn't matter you believe victims. Im the victim here, so it doesn't matter what evidence you have sorry. Your going to jail now big boi
>discord disconnect noise
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/cng/ - Chicano Nationalism General

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This thread is for discussion relating to Chicano Nationalism and other Aztlan topics.

>wh*Te gringo pendejos STAY OUT

This is a political thread, not for trolls. We ask mods to keep trolls out. This thread complies with all /pol/ rules and we ask mods to respect it as like other general.

What have you done today to further the Chicano cause?
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Modern day feudalism

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We live in a society where distinct classes have emerged, and the rich just keep getting richer.

Jeff Bezos is worth $150 billion.

If he spent just $10 million a year, it would take him 15,000 years to burn through all his money. He's never going to be poor, neither will his children, or his granchildren. His descendants will be wealthy for thousands of years.

The peasants on the other hand will have to work and toil away in his factories just to break even. He owns your soul
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Lots of happenings in Congress.

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I was thinking about Elizabeth Warren sharing her DNA yesterday. Even though there was backlash, it was a brave thing to do. Trump's tweets about her were unpresidential to say the least. The world still doesn't understand that race is a social construct.. that's why they got mad at her for "faking" being Native American just because of some DNA. They don't get it yet. But I do. And you should too.
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“AI will save mank-“

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why do spics think they are white?

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Is it really a good idea for Canada to legalize weed when 75% of their soldiers are overweight?

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Maybe you should be required to do 10 pull ups before you can buy jazz grass, the absolute state of you fat fucking maple niggers
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can someone explain to me what is bad about communism besides the nigger-worshiping jews conspiracy theory?
that is to say, if 100% of the world population was white or ubermensch or whatever it is you want, would you still be against communism and why?
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