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/pg/ – Peace General

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Will /pol/ be sending waves of love, peace, and harmony into the universe today? Gonna need a lot of people on the side of universal balance UITB
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So is it safe to say she's /ourgirl/?

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What's happening in Bulgaria???

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Their population is declining faster than any other country on the planet.

Are ((THEY)) responsible for this??

Bulgarian Anons, report in
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Free speech crackdown

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Butter it up however you want but this is targeting our britbong rights to free speech and our right to use thatfree speech to be satirical and an edgy troll, we need to stop sitting on our lazy asses, drinking tea and stand up now because once they see that they can get away with this, they will only push it further, so tell me oh great and mIghty /pol/

What are we gonna do, as an Internet community?

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Musician here...tired of living a lie

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The music industry is a cesspool, and I'm sick of being forced to pump propaganda.

My band has little relevance, but I can absolutely attest to being forced to pump shitty music for the sake of just being a good person.

They shame anyone that doesn't pump their message. I was met with an insane amount of opposition once it was discovered that my band was becoming popular, and I refused to sing songs that were "stamped" with approval.

I was effectively frozen out of the scene. It's a shame because I play several instruments, and make catchy tunes. Now, I have a small business that is about to fail when I should be a very famous musician.

You guys make me laugh so hard...don't stop!
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Jefferson Davis Hwy Renamed

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We all know how well internet polls go. The state of VA want's to rename the highway. Let's put in our suggestions.
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Alyssa Milano Poll aka The eternal triggering

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can we trigger Alyssa? that or at least get DNC to pay out the ass to bot rig her poll

do not fail me pedros
https //
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Statues Removed

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More traitorous confederate statues removed in a secret overnight operation. Looks like we're going full German / Nazi on the confederates now.
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Places you can't be white

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#1 : Howard University, Washington DC
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>be in bunker
>1945, April 30
>fucking Russians all over Berlin
>most successful B rush in history
>Reichstag now site of greatest drinking party of all time
>Thousand Year Reich in tatters, country in ruins, even worse than it was when you started
>everyone calling for surrender
>kill your kids
>Russians closing in, you can hear their guns
>take your wife to a private room
>Soviet National Anthem can be heard in distance
>she takes cyanide and dies
>Soviet National Anthem grows louder
>put cyanide capsule in mouth and load pistol
>how did it come to this
>Soviet National Anthem is shaking the concrete walls
>can make out individual Russian cries
>place pistol to temple and bite down on capsule
>Soviet National Anthem is deafening
>pull trigger
>everything is dark
>can't see, can't feel, can't move
>can still hear
>Soviet National Anthem is still playing
>keeps growing louder
>so loud now it hurts
>ears are bleeding but not from the gunshot
>never truly die

Why are "nazi" kids today worshipping such a massive cuck when they could be following Papa Stalin? Real communists mind you, not this hippy bullshit, I mean gulags, border walls, executions, etc.
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