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hey /pol/
which woman would you rather reproduce with?
also - guess their nationalities
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Men harassing German woman at metro - help calls ignored

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Google translate because only German article so far

>A woman is being harassed by men at a Munich suburban train station. Apparently other travelers ignore their help. When her husband and a friend are rushing, there is a fight

>According to the victim, the men were presumably North-African nationals, who spoke relatively good German.
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Slavs are the future of the white race. Accept it. We're not bad people.
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Will /pol/ be able to handle this?
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Dumbest Nigger of the Year Goes To

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What happens when your biases are challenged with facts? Double down and accuse them of a cover-up!
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Hitler = blacked

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Pol btfo
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Do you approve smacking?

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I used to be smacked as a child when I was naughty. I felt it was normal and still do only in some circumstances. Nowadays it's different through as laws have changed
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