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A Curious Case of Counterintelligence – Bill Priestap

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Trump thinks Russia didn't interfere in the election. An FBI official just said it did.
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When is Trump releasing his tax returns?

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Why is he hiding them
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Blacks are free to go!

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If you guys were kangz n shiet and you hate US for racism why don’t you go back to Africa where there are no wypipo to blame for your fuck ups and take full responsibility?
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1. Print posters:
2. Spread these memes:
3. Retweet these:

Use #MyBordersMyChoice plus additional hashtags for spread: #NoMeansNo, #MeToo, #KatesWall, #KateSteinle

Posters go up Jan 14th on campuses. The next day we grab the popcorn.
Students & profs should be back from holidays by then & Sunday night will quiet for posting.
Bonus points for feminism-related areas:
Women's & gender studies depts, feminist clubs, office doors of feminist profs, etc.
Ignore shills advocating illegal activity & rip down non-official (shill) posters if you see them.
Shariablue is shilling against this hard, please ignore them & stick to the rules.

Godspeed anons.

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Blaire White trying to debate

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This man deserves your respect

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Fair enough hating the Jews that try and subvert us with their "fellow white people" bullshit, but this man has made a living out of going to college campuses full of liberals and speaking in defence of the white race. He's done more to take down regressives than any of us have.

Please keep in mind that when you insult him for being Jewish you're no better than an SJW that screams "you're a fucking white male!"

Also keep in mind that when you bring up the "browning of America" tweet, that wasn't a slight on white people. He just simply doesn't have a problem with people who aren't white or Jewish living in America either.

There are plenty of Jews who deserve all the vitriol /pol/ gives them; Ben is not one of them. I know zionism and neoconservatism are hated as much as globalism and leftism on here, but his good qualities outweigh the bad ones.

The guy clearly fucking loves white people and is an ally to our cause.
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How to redpill normies on universal healthcare?

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Our healthcare is terrible in this country, but when I try and redpill my boomer parents about how we need universal healthcare, they just do the “DUH GUBMINT TRYIN TAKE MY FREEDUMB” routine.

Why are normies so helpless? Free and accessible healthcare is a human right, why can’t they understand that?
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Sweden - Rape is one the menu

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Apparently some people raped and then poured lighter fluid, into a 17 year old swedish girls vagina, and lit her on fire. It's time we go out and murder these fuckers, enough is enough. Time to turn these fucking ragheads into kebab meat.
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thot goldy is now against the RAISE act

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>we don want low-IQ, non-english speaking, low-wage worker scum taking our jobs and dumbing our country
>B-B-BUT we don't want high earning, high-IQ immigrants either

Why do canadian "whites" (we all know she's a spic-looking hohol) think they're american and talk more about the US than their own countries? And why are they so insecure they're afraid of chinks and poos? WTF happened to the master race? Are whites the new niggers?

And why say "european whites" instead of just "whites"? Is it that hard for tradthots to parrot pol's arguments without fucking up?
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I turned a left-wing antifa supporting liberal into a national socialist
Ask me anything /
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