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Post all Captured Tweets and Comments Posted By Psychopath Left Cunts Regarding Covington Boys

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>Make /pol/ thread for the documentation of all evil comments posted about MAGA boys >Hold NPC witch hunters accountable for their insane vitriol. >Thousands of tweets and comments deleted in last two days >Of course you clipped em boys. <POST EM HERE
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WTF...This story just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

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Father Edward Beck claims the Covington students shouldn't have worn the MAGA hats and represented the school.

He's in favor of ILLEGALS coming into our country & proudly works for CNN. He was on HLNTV defending pedophile priests. Is there anything he wouldn't be proud of?
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You guys do know if we didn't bring niggers over then none of this bullshit would be going on right? It's essentially our punishment for taking coons out of huts. Should've just left them there
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An anthropological and evolutionary observation...

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Why are all "uncontacted tribes" Black or Brown people? Why are their not any whites or asians?
There are thousands of people still living in the past, some of which have not even discovered fire yet. They all look like Tyrone or Jose. Why is that? I need to know!
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am i an asshole for not giving a single fuck about my parent's culture?

>parents from korea, moved to states as teens
>me, born in the states
>grow up, dont really like korean culture, people, etc.
>stopped giving a fuck completely
>cant speak korean, can still read it though
>parents only associate with other koreans, can only speak broke english
>huge barrier between me and parents, culturally and linguistically
>feel like missing out on parental relationship
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Yes, the in store prices, but atleast weed is legal!

> weed is harder to get then it was before
> existing small weed business are pushed out by huge (((congolormates))) for not being legal dispensaries which involves buying exclusivly (((goverment))) approved suppliers
> rich assholes looking to monopolize industry make it regulations as costly as possible
> moron corrupt goverment of course fine with this
> police given expand powers to pull over anyone and do drug and alcohol test without suspicion
> charter rights violated by this law
> majority jew canadian supreme court
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This book is a huge whitepill

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Has anyone else read this?

Quick rundown
>we've been in worse situations
>don't worry about the demographic replacement because the browns/blacks are low-IQ subhuman hordes who will easily be defeated when we get the opportunity
>start lifting weights and find groups of male friends through hobbies that attract right-wing people
>work on causing chaos/destruction to the current system by infiltrating it or continuing to dispense propaganda
>look forward to the coming "bronze age" when the destruction of the globalist nanny state will enable us to become barbarians again and carve out our own destiny
>stop attacking women and feminists, instead manipulate women's sexual passions with a strong leader (women voted for Hitler, Mussolini)
>Join the military/police to subvert in the case of a military coup
>embrace a life of courage and the pursuit of heroism, understand that death is natural and it will either happen in the pursuit of heroism or at an old age

The book talks about a ton of stuff that is hard to sum up, but you should read it already if you haven't. It's a very big whitepill and I've felt much better about our situation after reading it, and I've been taking steps to build a more positive and powerful life ever since
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I don't see any borders
Do you?
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NoFap had turned me into a Sex Maniac Pervert!

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I did 8 weeks of strict NoFap without incident. In fact, at 32 I figured my sex drive was on its natural decline, and it seemed kinda cool to be all zen and calm to focus on other stuff.
But one night I got drunk and fell asleep thinking of some girl I used to know. That night: MASSIVE FUCKING WET DREAM. The biggest I've ever had.
The following day my mind was burning in the unmitigated lusts of the most savage sexual frenzy ever to possess me. It was insane.
The day after I was collecting sexy pics of everything from barely legal teenage girls to embarrassingly old MILFs and GILFs and everything in between.
Sex was on my mind 24/7 literally, I could not sleep. I was up all night. I hadn't fapped yet, but my dick was hard all the time. I started jelqing and my dick looked huge. But I touched myself just a little bit too much and I had z huge fucking nuclear meltdown orgasm.
I literally shot a load half was across the room and into the mirror.
Not even during the prime of adolescence did I have such a wildly demonic sex drive.
How the FUCK do people accomplish a year of NoFap???
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