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Happening!!! Project veritas!!

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Get in here guys!!! Project veritas just released a new vid with cnn producer outright admitting the Russian narrative is a smoking gun and is bs

Link to vid
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Why do millennials take low wage jobs after college which high school students should be doing?
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>Muh based assad is a good guy
>he din do nothins, those chilluns just gay they selves
>He was on he way to peace befoe drumpf showed up
>Fuck muslims tho
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>Be 25
>Never worked a day in my life

How fucked am I?
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Canada must be genocided
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Lets settle it once and for all.

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What is /our youtube channel/?
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Join now to become a good goyim!

Seriously though Spain, what the fuck is this?
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How do you fell knowing that most "you are not white" threads come from new-worldshitskins

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Why are new world halfbreeds so butthurt