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This is now a constitutionalist board

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Facstists BTFO
Nationalism is welcomed.
But your anti-Jew hate is unwelcomed.
Welcome to the true redpill
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All religions should be banned. People should be made to think for themselves and be intellectuals, not mindless sheep.
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When are the civil wars In North America and Europe starting?
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What are your thoughts on sexual assault? Is it good/bad? What should be done about it?
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Foreign students are our third-most valuable industry and provide our venerable universities and urban businesses with much needed shekel- I mean culture, talent, innovation and delicious foods
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/pol/ education

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Working on a /pol/ curriculum so that people actually get educated, anyone have suggestions for reading lists and other content? We've got so much information on /pol/ that we're pretty much an unofficial intelligence agency but the tragedy is that it's not organised and people come across it in bits and pieces.
Topics so far
>World Wars
>League of Nations/United Nations
>Current relations between US/CH/RU
>European migration crisis
>South Africa situation
>CIA/intelligence agency activities?

Ideally it'd be structured like proper courses, with people learning fundamentals first (first course would be adjusting to a redpilled mindset for normies) and then being introduced to actual evidence and case studies. I have no idea how to do this (maybe we could start by organising good screencaps) but if we actually get a curriculum /pol/ would become so much more efficient as opposed to relying on a handful of informed people for each issue. Chaos helps /pol/ in many events but introducing order and implementing a base education level would improve the board quality massively with both discussion quality and proposed solutions improving.
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britbong test case

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given in england you can go to jail for mildly annoying someone, has anyone done a test case on the myriad shit liberals say about whites? we've seen the only reason you need to charge someone is that they get offended, why dont one of you toothless bastards test it out by bringing charges to one of the myriad leftists who shit on whites on a daily basis? i'm thinking something like that nigger tranny whomst said whites were the most destructive and violent race on the planet. surely that would be enough to bring charges? can one of you try it for me?
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It's coming.
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>Trump is really going to go to war with Iran

god help us all
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If racemixing is bad, then why do women mix with niggers and arabs?
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