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Why don't (((they))) want people to smoke cigs all of the sudden?
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Do horses of different colors have racial attributes?
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What will (((they))) *do* now that the goyim know?
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Mexico YES!!!
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You can send one message back in time to Hitler in August 1939, the message is limited to 140 characters.
What do you send?
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Why do they suck SO fucking MUCH?
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How bad is Hillary Clinton?

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can someone explain the psyop behind weed legalization around US.
Seems like (((they))) wont profit that much of it and it kills the alcohol and tobacco usage
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lunglets BTFO
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Tommy Robbins is a patriot

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>be me visiting England
>get drunk in Bury st Edmunds
>everyone warns me not to piss outside because CCTV everywhere

So it's ok to be recorded by CCTV all day but not ok to record video of the outside of a high profile trial. Also illegal to talk about Tommy Robinson getting arrested for it.

I have no interest in shaming brit-bongs, because they are just 20 yrs ahead of where USA will be without drastic course correction.

How does UK unfuck itself, and how do we help as outsiders? How do we learn from this and prevent it happening in the USA?