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Singaporean Muslim here

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Am here to clarify some of your misconceptions about Islam.

I generally find that /pol is a quite hostile towards Islam. So I am here to soothe any worries you might have. May the blessings of Allah(sjw) be upon you.
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>killing an unborn human
>it's not her choose anymore since it's another human
how the fuck does that make any sense? on the topic of weather abortion is okay or not how I see so many people talking about
>another human bean
if a woman can just give her child up for adoption the moment it comes out of her vagina than why can't the cluster of cells aka the fetus just be removed and put in a jar until another woman comes and wants to keep growing that tumor inside of her (just an early adoption program)
sure the fetus might die in the process but hey it's just another person and he/she made the choice of starting to develop inside someone else
inb4 the woman made the choice to get pregnant
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new wikileaks release: dark matter

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Meme Magick

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If Meme Magick is not real, then how the fuck did we beat the CIA at their own meme war?
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The United States Military

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> You, yeah I'm talking to you. The fucking degenerate neckbeard behind the screen. Why don't you do something with your life? Day in and day out, you sit on the screen typing away. But why haven't you done anything?

Why haven't you joined the military? The United States military needs more men to keep up with Trump's expansion plan. We need men who can step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to secure the interests of the United States.

If you plan on joining, what will you do? Will you enlist as a regular, or will you push yourself to officer?

Everyday the United States faces threats from all over the planet. Everyday men like you do the job that needs to be done to secure our future. Be it training recruits at a fort back home, or carrying out a raid on an HVT on the other side of the planet. Strong, capable Americans are needed for our nation's protection. Do you have what it takes?

If you do plan on joining, then what are you interested in doing? What Branch do you wish to join?





Each and everyday new men are brought into this world that will become enemies of our nation. That is why each and everyday, we must spawn be men who are willing to slaughter our enemies.

Do you have what it takes to serve under Trump in the most powerful Military in human history?
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You wake up tomorrow and the world looks like this

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What do you do?
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How do we stop the terrorism /pol/,
got a debate about this later, need some good points/ideas
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>12% of all websites are porn
>25% of all search queries are pornographic
>70% of adult men and 25% of adult women use porn once a month or more
>5 billion dollar industry internationally; would be worth 100 times more but most people don't pay for porn

Is it bad that this generation is addicted to porn?
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>a single school shooting in UK
>government bans all guns even the ones held by the majority of peaceful, responsible gun owners
>yet another Muslim terror attack

Explain this logic to me /pol/
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Should we be independent ?
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