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Give me a redpill on Martin Luther King |

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When i was a student, I was taught about him as a saint. But i think you guys have a different opinion. So give me a redpill on him.
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Why are Turks like this

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but they still think its ok to fuck and rape loads of ukrainian women yet they get triggered when an anglo kisses a turk girl
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What can I do?!

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Okay /pol/, you're gonna help me out.

I am a black man. I didn't choose my skin color, I was born this way.

I disagree with the left on most topics, and agree with the right on most topics (notable exception being on racial homogenuity considering I dont want to go live in a fucking mud hut in Africa and I'd rather stay where I am). The Kekistan guys told me that as long as I stay redpilled I'm welcome, but I know /pol/ is the hotbed for right.

What do?

(Hard mode: cant tell me to kill myself or go back to africa)
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Be prepared

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Watch out whitey
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Why do westerns eat pork thats tier 1 degeneracy. You literally eating shit.
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