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Let's watch: George W Bush speech on N. Korea, etc

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Live Stream:

The Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In the World, a national forum will focus on freedom, free markets, and security.

Still haven't made up my mind on what it is this man is about.
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>this is that 65% "white" America
We're fucked, aren't we?
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Whats the point of signing up for college to major in something that doesn't help to get you a job?
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>worshippong a kike who encourages your to love your enemies, turn the other cheek, encourages pacifism and socialist principles

Explain yourselves christcucks. I said explain YOURSELVES, meaning no "f-fuck off pagan y-you're going to h-hell" I've literally never seen /pol/ explain this. You faggots can't can you? Don't ignore it I want to watch you reconcile this. Why ignore the white religions of your ancestors in favor of a desert one that's literally a branch of judaism?
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Why are you fucks THAT racist?

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Seriously? I realize that half of the shit posters are 14-15 olds trolls, but this nigger-jew bullshit is really taken to the extreme here.

Personally, I do believe in sensible discrimination & moderate immigration and so forth, but you fucks sound like a bunch of braindead racist (lol) scum. Nigger, jew, kike, dick, your mom, niglets, shit skins... 30min after installing the app.. NOW I am getting a real sense of that hate they propagandize so much.

Really - why are you so obsessed with shit like that instead of real issues of values and prosperity?

This is officially in the top 3 most weird places of the internet next to 2 girls 1 cup. Porn, nazi shit and cartoons. Wtf.
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Lowest Jobless rate since 1973

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Hillary's blue glasses

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There was a lot of talk after the day of pic related that the blue sunglasses were some kind if medical aid to prevent seizures, etc. The leftys just said they were a fashion thing.

What were the glasses, pol? Have they been seen on Hillary before or since? Pics of her wearing them? Seems a strange fashion choice to wear them only once? But to prevent seizures during a health 'episode' now makes sense?
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Why are Jews depicted as harmless, frail worrywarts? Can you think of an instance in movies or TV shows where Jews are depicted as neurotic, controlling antagonists?
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