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>be groomed into becoming feminine butt slut for Big Pedo Cock
>normies call this empowering
Is this white culture?
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Ukraine war predictions

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What will Ukraine look like when the war ends?
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What are the political implications of people being stupid enough to fall for the government being afraid of ufo's all the sudden?
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Monarchy is objectively evil.
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post evidence that the official narrative is false
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America needs to bring back pedestrian infrastructure

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America must bring back:
>Pedestrian-only streets
>Pedestrian bridges, tunnels, stairs
>Walking paths
>Functional trails (that actually go from one town to another town or lead somewhere)
>Town centers with no cars
>Traditional-style buildings and architecture
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Are indians a necessity for civilization at this point ??

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They're ruling tech, gaming and medicine
Soon A.I. too
Most importantly they ain't zogbots
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What did trump do exactly?

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Honest and sincere question
Can someone explain me what exactly are the charges Trump is facing?
Are the prosecutors accusing him of taking classified documents from his presidency to Mar-a-Lago? That's it? Did he send it to Russia or something?

Please no doomposting, civil war bullshit or meme phrases
I just want to know what was the occurence or event that lead to the charges.
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The Western Communist movement has been hijacked by gays and trannies

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I know none of you guys will care for a communist perspective, but I've got to post this somewhere. Say anything you want to me, I don't care.

I am an anti-gay, anti-trans Marxist-Leninist. I started by reading some anti trans feminist perspectives and had to admit they made sense. The idea that trans women were real women and should be considered as such felt comical. As time went on though, and my anti trans stance became more and more solidified, I started having second thoughts about the homosexual movement. GCs always say that transgenderism "hijacked" the homosexual movement but is this actually true? The overwhelming majority of gay rights organizations and gay rights activists let transgenderism in with open arms and continue to push for it today. That's not what hijacking is. Also, I realized that homosexuality is based mainly on a subjective identity that can not be seen rather than physical characteristics, just like transgenderism. Saying homophobia is an oppression like racism, sexism, or classism is absurd. And like, should gays be allowed to adopt? Why should children be denied a strong male role model and female role model, which makes them turn out the best. Then I learned about NAMBLA, and the fact that male gay sex is extremely unhealthy and disease ridden, and the fact that gay men are disproportionally more likely to be pedophiles. Monkeypox and AIDS were caused mainly by gay men having orgies without protection. They knew what caused AIDS and yet still participated in these actions. The insane rise in children identifying as trans is paired with children identifying as gay, which should show how useless a "gay identity" is, but GCs only talk about this in relation to trans identity. How strange.
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Is that video with the guy who was an ex government offical

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Exposing freemason sex trafficking rings
Still around?
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