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So the entire Islamic world is laughing at us.

Why did we invite them into our country again?
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new wikileaks release: dark matter

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Final straw?

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So what do you think it would actually take for a full on war to break out in the west or even for most people in a place like the UK to wake up and see the threat that is radical Islam here in Europe

Possibly the assassination of British prime minister? Queen? Even the pope?

Do ye think that there is literally nothing that will get people to want to fight, is it already too late?
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Degeneracy General

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Redpill/Make newcomers sick
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Well /pol/? Where's the difference?
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Red pill me on this creature.

Is Lloyd "Lindybeige" the face of the eternal Anglo? Does he promote the bloodletting of the Aryan people on the continent for the benefit of the Anglo islanders?
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Can we Have an Open Discussion about 'Asylum Seekers' in Europe?

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Europe is being subjugated with fighting-age men seeking asylum.

Surely Allah would approve them staying in their own country fighting their own war? Nope.

Proof we are all pawns in a globalist narrative.

Almost 70% refugees are male, and overwhelming majority 13-34yrs old.

Pic related to this:,_by_age_group,_2016_(%25)_YB17.png
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i'm gonna migrate to canada, and you can't stop me :)

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>Erdogan warns Europeans 'will not walk safely' if attitude persists

>London attack: Four dead in Westminster terror incident

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Can someone explain to me what is going on in this pic?

A Sikh guy in the SS?
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