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Nofap is not Salvation

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You know what is better than nofap? Ending your day, after working out or being generally productive, with a meditative practice involving masturbation.

Always be suspicious of any proposed life change that recommends one cut something out entirely.
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They knew a lot in the 18th century.
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Are we, the far-right, the new counter-culture? If so, what is our musical genre? Is it officially "synthwave"?
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i am a bit of a drawfag [and have worked in computer aided design etc]and not massively good at rhetoric and dont often get very far when making a thread , but please enjoy this graphic and use it in treads on facebook etc- it might work well on normies.
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Aus/pol/ VB Edition

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>Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to campaign for Yes vote on same-sex marriage

>North Korea warns Australia over joint military exercises with US and South Korea

>Labor refuse to release citizenship documents for MPs facing questions

>Inflation Nightclub police shooting victim pointed toy gun at bar staff, CCTV footage shows

>Committal hearing underway for men charged over plot to attack Melbourne CBD sites

>Mortgages and debt: How lending culture is leaving Australians vulnerable
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Black Sun Rising

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>The term Black Sun may originate with the mystical "Central Sun" in Helena Blavatsky's Theosophy. This invisible or burnt out Sun (Karl Maria Wiligut's Santur in Nazi mysticism) symbolizes an opposing force or pole.

>Emil Rüdiger, of Edda Society, claimed that a fight between the new and the old Suns was decided 330,000 years ago, and that Santur had been the source of power of the Hyperboreans.

As of today our permanent victory begins. The pedokike overlords are very aware of this and are unironically scared shitless. Screencap this - today the tides turn in our favor. WE ARE THE HYPERBOREANS.
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When did you realize Zionist Jews are /ourguys/?

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They're absolutely based and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liberal or mudslime
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Why are celtniggers so trash?
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Anons of brit/pol/ tell me your thoughts

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Im going to be moving to this area of bongistan,anyone got any thoughts on it?
Is it white?
Is it sjw cancer?

Looks alright but not great to me