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Mars microbial alien life announcement in 30 minutes

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At 1:30 est
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What was the most important country of all time?
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BREAKING: Italy may be starting to wake up!

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PLEASE, please please let this happen. I want them NGOs to be butthurt... and end up having to shuttle the migrants all back to Libya, because noone wants them

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Friendly reminder that the wrong side won the war.
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Based David Klion: TAX BILLIONAIRES!

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I know a lot of you are retarded fascists and libertarians (well actually theirs only a very very VERY thin line between the two) but normal people who actually live in the big cities and aren't isolated on their computers all day and have friends of all races and backgrounds support single payer.

Healthcare is a human right! I don't understand how anyone in this day and age can be such a bootlicker to not support to tax the .001% of this country. Most of them inherited it or made it from screwing the average American.

If only Bernie had won...just wait till 2020 because the progressives will take back the White House!!
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How would /pol/ react to alien life. Would you guys accept them or would you go full imperium of man on them.
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Why do the Iberians want Gibraltar? Why do Anglos want to keep it? It's just a rock with smug Spaniards pretending to be British, why is it important?
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Covfefe is O'Keefe

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how will /a/ ever recover from this
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