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Jim Carter doesn't get enough appreciation.
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Irish pride thread lads. Lets discuss the current political climate of the emerald isle, achievements of us folk and etc, our people no matter how far apart and how ridiculed we will never bow down to anyone, we will stand for right and glory, best you be green with envy at us folk. Erin go bragh!
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Non-spanked White Kids

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Spankings give white kids the redpill. Whites stopped spanking their kids in the 1980s and generations since then have been filled with SJW NPCs.

> increased pot smoking
> anti-depressant addicted
> soi chugging
> tranny, gay, gender queer normalizers
> open borders cucks
> coal burners

Look at the state of fucking Millennials. This the future of Whites? Bluepilled sitting ducks for the non-white hordes?

The modern breed of whites can't survive a WW3. Them fuckers don't even know what gender they are.

Spanking teaches kids to be on their toes, that anyone can hurt them. Makes them careful, smart, suspicious.
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Anyone want to share some interesting, perhaps redpilling, charts?
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Question for Christians. I watched a documentary on Gnosticism a few years ago by Discovery Channel or History channel, and they mentioned an event that took place where Jesus was talking to a group of people (his disciples?) and he laughed at one of them for worshiping the god that created the world (universe?). The documentary has since been deleted and I want to know what even this was.
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Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Sic semper ratis Edition

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>Fall Edelweiss
>no watermarks, no captions, no branding
>there's no Stage 2
WINTERSONNENWENDE (21-22 Dec) and after. Anywhere cultural enrichment happens and other opportunity targets to get plastered with Edelweiß. Where victims of cultural enrichment are commemorated place live Edelweiß flowers. IOTBW rules apply.

>raise awareness against Compact on Migration
>spread the "ransom sheets" in your town


>Meme Collections

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.
Get /fit/.
Spread flyers and stickers.
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>English language analysis

>Counter culture
>Laut Gedacht

>Get active

>AfD TV (german)

>Einzelfall map, case log

>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>A f D W A V E

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woah... yeah, like... a total mystery, man!
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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

WH Public Pool:

>Pres Trump @WH Diwali Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya 11/13/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady depart Yokota AB 11/13/18
>SoS Pompeo w/Jordan King Hussein 11/13/18
>SoS Pompeo on Intl Ed Week 11/13/18
>CBP/DoD Joint Briefing on Operation Secure Line 11/13/18
>NECDir Kudlow outside WH 11/13/18
>NECDir Kudlow on CNBC 11/13/18
>WHStratCommDir Schlapp 11/13/18
>DepAsstDefSec Wilson @FDD 11/13/18
>SpiceDaddy on FoxNews 11/13/18
>SpiceDaddy on FBN 11/13/18
>Fed Court Confirmation Hearings @Senate 11/13/18
>Pentagon Press Brief on Inherent Resolve (Bong MajGen Ghika) 11/13/18
>StateDep Press Brief (Heather/AsstSoS for DS Evanoff/Amb Sales) 11/13/18
>WHVideo: VP Pence w/JPN PM Abe 11/13/18
>WHVideo: FLotUS Melania and Macron's Mom 11/13/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady meet w/Vets in AK 11/12/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady arrive @Yokota AB 11/12/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady arrive in Anchorage AK 11/12/18

OP pastebin:
prev >>193426433
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Redpill me on the Armenian genocide
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Japanese dating culture vs Western

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Why are Japanese so cultured?
> Schools are sex separated
> During a relationship it's considered weird / bad to hang out alone with "friends" of the opposite sex
> Open relationships don't exist at all
> Dating starts after you confess your love to the other person (romance-oriented behavior)
> Don't publicly show-off their relationship to others - keep it on to themselves, as it should be.
> Pro-marriage dating culture in general
> Online dating is mostly in the form of marriage agencies
One a bit weird yet based trait:
> Prostitution is not considered cheating
Meaning, even if you're not sexually fulfilled in your marriage you can get some in a brother while still have a healthy, functioning marriage / family.

Meanwhile in the West:
> Schools are sex mixed, thus end up a hormone bomb, resulting in sex obsessed kids
> During a relationship it's totally common to hang out with other members of the opposite sex, even when it's pretty obvious that he is her back-up man
> Hook-up & open relationship culture is more common than ever
> Online dating is an e-market for thots to purchase cock miles
> Divorces are super common and guys usually get divorce-raped

What can the West do to become like Japan?