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Some of the "Fascists" who tried to prevent the WWII and Unite the Europe.

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What happened to them?
They was assasinated jailed or hunted by the great powers of the early 20 century and the filthy zionists.
From left to right Primo de Rivera, Piasecki, Codreanu, Degrelle.
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college sjws BTFO

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'Allah' not inscribed on Viking gear

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I'm pretty sure it was bullshit to begin with, probably some attempt by a Swedcuck to Islam-ize history.
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Why is Trump failing so hard? He bragged about all the she he would do immediately after going into office and got shit done in the last 10 month.
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White Extinction Imminent

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Birth rates across the white western world are in freefall, some countries have higher death rates. Germany is projected to see its workforce collapse over the coming generation, which is why german elite are so in favour of bringing in young male migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Non-white immigration into Europe is in the tens of millions, with the indigenous populace in cities like Brussels and London forming a minority. Nearly a half of school children in London dont speak English as their first language.

These two factors mean one thing: the extinction of the white race.

We need a hard nationalist revolution across Europe, a radical change in our societies and politics. The metropolitan elites must be overthrown.

The white race which created the modern world is being destroyed by those who contributed nothing to himan development.

And while the wealthy metropoitan elites continue to line their pockets, nothing willl change.

As long as the upper middle classes have cheap nannies and gardeners, and immigration only affects the working class communities they never come into contact with, we will continue to see the white race descend into oblivion.

As long as the corporations have access to cheap, transitory migrant labour which is non-unionised and easily manipulated, the white working class, the backbone of our nations, will continue to have their communities ripped up and altered beyond recognition.

Leadership is required, because we are rapidly approaching a point in time when the demographics of Europe change irreversibly to non-white.

Capitalism and neo-liberalism, as emobidied by the EU, is destroying the white man for profit.

If we do not act, our civilisation will suffer the fate of past civlisation which descended into stagnation and decadence, toleration of foreign religions and customs, a dependence on foreign immigration, and we will enter another thousand-year dark age.
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/sg/ Syria General - Saddam's second coming

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>SOUTHFRONT Oct 17 [Embed]

>Latest interviews with Assad [Embed] [Embed]

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>DeZ Oct16
>Palmyra-DeZ Highway Oct16
>Raqqa Oct16
>Random by Padre Oct 15
>SE Syria oct11
>N Hama Oct10

Developments Oct 17
>Tiger forces complete final phase of Mayadin op, clearing Muhassan, Bo Lil, Bo Omar, and al-Abd
>SDF: Raqqa declared cleared, last IS fighters transported out to an undisclosed location
>Sy MoD: Israeli jet violated Sy airspace before missile response
>SAA liberates town of Janenah on the Euphrates
>Netanyahu: It's unacceptable for Syrian forces to target Israeli jets
>Iraqi Armed Forces have taken control of Rabi'a border crossing on Syrian border
>Highest ranking ISIS commander reportedly killed by SyAAF in Quraytayn
>Shoigu: Operation in Syria nearing completion, still many issues to tackle
>SAA discovers more Israeli made weapons in IS storage facility
>H Homs: jihadist rebels break cease-fire and attack SAA positions, several civis killed
>E Ghouta:Rebels break ceas-fire and shell with mortar&missile fire Damasc,4 civis dead,9injured
>Peshmerga have abandoned city of Sinjar, Yazidi led PMU have asserted control of the city
>Scores of Peshmerga killed during brief battle for Kirkuk
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>Be Poland
>West takes in millions of Muslim refugees
>They still hate and attack the West
>Refuse to play along
>Go even further and physically remove ISIS
>Still not a single terrorist attack to this day

What did they mean by this??
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Why are wolves so popular in the far right?
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se7 hwndu

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so what is happening with the installment of se7 hwndu on top of le lieu unique in nante france.
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