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Why is /pol/ against European style social democracy?
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Australia, why?

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Pompeii isn't some sheep ranch you hicks. How much should the government of Australia pay to Italy to atone for this affront to Roman dignity?
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The Black Problem

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The blacks are committing massive amounts of violent crimes around the globe.

How do we end their reign of terror?

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers.


I suggest you download and learn the PDF available here, containing all the information you’re not allowed to know and much more: (67 pages, 50 MB)
(infographics and others)


The jews are running the government and media and they’re paving the way for niggers to attack whites.
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Indian man dies from snakebite after funeral of his brother who also died from snakebite

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Govid Mishra, 22, died from a snake bite after attending funeral of his brother
His brother, Arvind Mishra, 38, had also died from a snake bite two days before
A family member was also bitten in the same attack and is in critical condition

An Indian man who last week travelled to the funeral of his brother who died from a snake bite was killed by a snake bite the following day.

Govid Mishra, 22, made the 50 mile journey to Bhawanipur village in the state of Punjab in the north of the subcontinent where his 38-year-old brother's funeral was taking place.

The lethal reptile snuck up and sunk its fangs into him while he slept after the funeral on Wednesday August 3, Indian news agency PTI report.

Police confirmed Govid's death from snake bite the following day, just two days after the death of his older brother, Arvind Mishra, also from a snake bite.

The same snake attack saw family member Chandrashekar Pandey, 22, also bitten while sleeping in the same property with Govid and remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Officer Radha Raman Singh said: 'Govind Mishara was killed after being bitten by a snake in his sleep.

'One of the relatives of the family, Chandrashekar Pandey, 22, who was in the same house, was also bitten by a snake.'

Govind and Chandrashekar had travelled together from Ludhiana in Punjab to attend Arvind's last rites, and it will come as a bitter irony to the rest of the family that they have also been laid low by a snake.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that about 5 million snakebites occur in India each year, without about half of them being piousness.

Reports suggest that between 81,000 and 138,000 deaths occur each year. On top of that, snakebites cause as many as 400,000 amputations and other permanent disabilities.
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How long before the left calls on a ban on body cameras

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It seems like the practice has totally backfired on them
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BREAKING: Trump will 'raid every one of Biden's houses' if he wins 2024!

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Rudy Giuliani earlier this week said former President Donald Trump would "raid" President Joe Biden's homes if he were to win the White House in 2024, with the ex-personal lawyer to the former president arguing that the FBI's search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago club was a "political act."

Giuliani, a former New York city mayor and longtime Trump loyalist, told The New York Post that Trump could use the FBI to retaliate against Biden if he were to head back to the Oval Office.

"Breaking into the home of a former president is a political act — particularly since you're breaking precedent. All of a sudden, you're the first president of the United States who introduced the banana-republic process of prosecuting your predecessor. We've avoided it for 240 years. Trump didn't do it to Hillary. Ford didn't do it," he told the newspaper.
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Why are Turkish Dramas So Popular?

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anyone else notice this Phenomenon of Turkish Dramas being popular? Here in my country (Spain) ever zoomer female and even older females watch Turkish dramas.

For example my sister was watching this earlier, it's literally about a group of girls bullying a girl and guess what? Chad comes in to save her. Why the fuck are these Dramas becoming global sensation
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The grand plan (or how 4chan was used to save the world) Part 2.

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Part 2: Updates

First of all i write this to alleviate the fear porn and hyperbolic raving from the shills, bots and fools.

It all starts in Sweden and it will all end in Sweden.

Right now is the biggest red piling of the world that has ever happened. The red pill of truth is handed to the blind up their asses, to the grand theater of Pyops, they are being shown the corruptions and lies, and no excuse, words or fakeries can mitigate this.

The one most powerful family in the world, the Wallenberg, has been toothless but not fangless since the start of 2020 (and certainly much earlier). They lost control of Eriksson (Telecommunications company) , the mechanism they spiced on the world and I mean everyone. The USA DOJ has defined Eriksson as an "strategic national interest" which means it is controlled by non-family members. In turn means they are blind. The Wallenberg's have one trump card, the dams across the world and the power company's "ABB". This has given them extreme power and wealth and passes in the press and “other” ruling classes the last 190 years.

You have other similar families around the world but the Wallenberg's got to the top due to their information advantage, and hence my focus here. Pasiure is one, Rothchild's and Rockefellers are secondary families and used as such by the top tier as a fail safe (blame and pawns). Jews are used as pawns, but they know the score and are willingly used and rewarded.

CIA, mossad, mi6, Sweden's They all serve the families and facilitate drugs and realign whole country's to serve the criminal mafia class families. They blackmail every politicians that matter by using blackmail schemes so horrific it is worse than bad (kids, drugs, ect)
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Is it considered socially acceptable to listen to Madonna's music (from the 80s)

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Becuase I dont know

Last year I showed a picture of Madonna from the 80s and they were like "well she's ugly now"

At the same time were music was apparently really good back then and the 1980s are my special interest (I'm on the spectrum)

So is listening Madonna's old music (from the 80s) socially acceptable anymore?
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