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I still don't think Louis CK did anything wrong.

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>He explicitly asked for consent
>The door blocking rumors are untrue
>I don't understand how him being famous and his so-called "victims" being novices matters, at all
>What the fuck is wrong with modern women
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How to deal with sandniggers and other mudslimes.
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Help with school project

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Hey I need some Europols to help me out
I have a school project and currently I'm representing Hungary. They gave us this topic called "Geopolitics: Chaos in the Making" this is a hot topic between Russia and Ukraine, and basically I gotta pick a side and criticize their laws but within the view of Hungary. So pls help me thx

pic unrelated
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You rather to live

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South Korea or Taiwan
i know both is worse but choose one
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Brit/pol/ - hopenothatenicklowlesgerrygablessearchlightmagazine Edition

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>Brexit: Theresa May says she 'will not be derailed'

>Britons now back Remain over Leave by TEN POINTS in biggest lead since before referendum

>Cabinet Ministers clash after Philip Hammond says 'no real Brexit will happen until 2021' and is accused of 'delaying' the divorce by two years

>Defence budget: New equipment at risk over MoD savings 'doubts

>Boris Mimics Mogg: Britain Must Not Become ‘Vassal State’ of The European Union

>RACHEL JOHNSON: Meghan is sleeping at Sandringham! Has the world gone mad?

>Parts of UK set to be hotter than Madrid this week - despite ice and fog warnings
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Why don't niggers just rob people like this? Most of the time they rob people that have only a little bit more than them or even people who have less than themselves. Why not rob the super rich? Or any over privileged cocky little shits? They aren't going to fight back since most of them are scrawny and weak.
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Dwarfs in Auschwitz say they survived gassing

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The dwarfs in auscwhitz were being gassed and mengele ran in and saved
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>the left can't me-
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Global power shortages?

Is this a threat most developing countries should be anticipating, or will they resort to nuclear, like in Atlanta?
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Is there any ideology more retarded than Anarcho-Capitalism?
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