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(((They))) have completely turned on /ourguy/
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I 100% believe this guy is just one huge mainstream media effort to make the chan userbase demoralized

it's so plainly irrelevant to everything else going on in the world right now, so fucking forced, and if you don't see that you're retarded
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Alright kids. It's time for us to discuss the political ramifications of the greatest military invention of our time... THE LANDCRUISER.

Great propaganda value
Extreme range
Great for world domination and subjugating cities
Strikes fear into your enemies
Cool as fuck

Good luck floating this thing across an ocean to invade China. LOL.

Lets discuss.
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I swear to God I would never let a black American surgeron touch me

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What is wrong with you mutts?
Even your PhD blacks behave like nigger. At least the quite few blacks having a medical degree in France behave like whites.

Why the fuck would a surgeron twerk during an operation? What’s wrong with your culture mutts?
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Commonwealth Paki paedo sexually assaulted white teen and sent photos of brown penis to 9-year-old

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WALES, UK. A paedophile who sexually assaulted a teenage girl went on to send explicit pictures to girls as young as nine.
Hejrat Lewani, 27, sent sexual images to six children but initially denied doing anything wrong, telling the police he was abroad at the time and had left his phone with a friend.
Sentencing him at Cardiff Crown Court, Judge Timothy Petts said: “Your behaviour overall was disgusting and appalling.”
The court heard most of the pictures were sent between September and November last year.
Stephen Rees, prosecuting, said the victims were aged between nine and 15, as well as one adult.
Prosecutors said he sent pictures of penises to the victims using WhatsApp and asked one girl: “Do you like it?”
The court heard when a mother confronted him using her daughter’s phone he told her to “f*** off”.
Mr Rees said a police officer contacted him using the number provided by a complainant.
Lewani told him he was fed up of being called and said he thought his account had been hacked.
Prosecutors said he also sent a video of himself performing a sex act to one victim.
The court heard he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in autumn 2015.
Judge Petts noted: “She was clearly terrified. This has had a lasting impact on her.”
In a victim impact statement read out in court her mother said the girl’s confidence had been affected.
She added: “I feel this person has robbed my daughter of her youth.”
The mother said her daughter used to be sociable but has become more introverted and now finds it hard to trust people.
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Multiple incidents this week of white Californians fighting back. We're cracking here, people. It's only a matter of time. Vote for Patrick Little and help him take our state back! Tell /pol/ how you're doing today, califags! How are things in your communities?
Redding pilot fed up with trying to teach chinks who WON'T LEARN ENGLISH how to fly airplanes. Attempts to personally deport.

The whole story's not being told, either. (((Reporters))) are lying. The student in question hadn't been to school in 2 months and did not speak English well enough to take flight lessons. He was using the student visa to be in the US and probably planned to disappear into Chinatown in SF or similar. Source: friends and family in Redding. Redding is a pretty red town.

Puerto Rican couple try to check into NorCal motel and clerk rejects their PR license--"that's not a US license". Top fucking kek

Fremont woman tells off Asian driver for going too slow, adds plenty of "get the fuck out of my country". Best part: Korean tries to press charges as a hate crime, Fremont Police declare that no crime was committed and refuse to prosecute.

The fire is slowly rising. We've been getting angrier for a long-ass time. BUILD THE FUCKING WALL AND DEPORT ILLEGALS! VOTE PATRICK LITTLE!!!

Note: I would've archived these but archive's not working for me right now.
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David Hogg demands Publix stop supporting the NRA

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David "Boss" Hogg demanded Publix stop supporting second Amendment supporting Republican candidate for governor Adam Putnam.

Hogg and his comrades staged a die-in at Publix, which was supporting the killing of children.

Publix caved! Another victory for Boss Hogg!
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You got a licence for that plastic spoon?

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Why are millennial women choosing to relive their childhood instead of motherhood?
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As we all know at /Pol/, a nigger and a black man are different. Nigger is just the way you behave. You can have a white nigger etc.

So... What are some more examples of based black guys?
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