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is this what the average american city looks like?
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When will men say enough is enough?

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How can men be okay with a situation where you can be falsely accused at any time. Face heavy legal and societal costs found innocent while the women walks away Scott free or with a slap on the wrist.
Do you now understand why some religions didnt take women at their word. Because they knew this shit would happen as it always happens.
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Why do sjws color their hair?

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>be chinese
>considered bottom of the pole in term of attractiveness
>everybody thinks i have a tiny dick
>get -200 points in harvard's admission system
>not high enough IQ to overcome the jews
>so many of me that im easily replaced
>bamboo ceiling
>with money, can only get 30+ roasties looking for a meal ticket
>my own women lust after white cocks
>no meaningful asian racial movement, as all of my racemembers want to just keep their heads down and keep on working (for the white men and the juden)
>looked down by my own race if im not established financially by 30
>whites don't even want me to help fight juden

it really sucks
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Veteran about to commit suicide and Twitter deletes his profile; and the only known means of communication with him. They really are fucking evil
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Sam Hyde wasn't fired because he's "alt-right"...

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...he was fired because he was such an absolute pain in the ass to work with, and everyone who had to be around him hated his constant douchebaggery. World Peace had great ratings, hence the 100-ep deal, so in order to get upper management on board with getting rid of him, mid-management had to manufacture a PR crisis and turn Sam into a third rail. And that is exactly what they used BuzzFeed to do.
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Is home schooling a mistake?
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Does anyone here unironically support Hitler and nazism?
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How do we bring race realism into the popular consciousness?

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