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Tell me /pol/, what's it like idolizing someone this beta?
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Daily Reminder

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You can mimic, reflect, and absorb the actions of white men in your life all you want, but you will never create. You will never make someone marvel at what you create effortlessly.
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In the 21st century you can be born a man but choose to be a woman and have all the scientific and medical tools available to eventually give birth. Simply put, the naturalistic fallacy does not apply to humans anymore because we are artificially disconnected from nature. Perhaps biologically speaking, there are clear distinctions between male and female. But we are not dumb stupid animals anymore whose only purpose is to breed and reproduce. We are intelligent sentient beings that are able to shape our own destinies not letting biology or nature dictate what we are capable of. But some people find this prospect extremely frightening, instead preferring nature and biology to dictate their lives.

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"I do miss my old life. This -- I like to work. But this is actually more work."

Donald Trump has been president for 99 days. And, in an interview with Reuters Thursday, it sounds like he misses the days when he, well, wasn't president.

poor poor overworked snowflake. :( the donald has a sad from working too hard. better hit the links this weekend down in florida...
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>Only Germany vs America

Why does all WW2 entertainment shit have to be Western Front
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All you so called white people are racist, man.
Alright, it's coming out. What you so called white people say behind closed doors - IT'S COMING OUT, MAN!
You hate us, man! You hate the Black man, you hate the Latino man, you hate the Native American man! For no reason, man!
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political stances

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relatively new here (not from Reddit, don't worry) but the 8values thing seemed to be a veritable right of passage so I finally caved. How do I stack up, gentlemen (and ladies, if you're out there)?
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How do we get rid of Islam? What is the solution to Islamic extremist? Of course, we can't eradicate the single ideology out of the face of this planet. Nor, there can be a reformation.
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This thread is for Discussion of Capitalism, Libertarianism, Paleolibertarianism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Minarchism, and the PHYSICAL REMOVAL of COMMUNIST FAGS from our board of peace. Reminder that this is the Libertarian RIGHT General. Aleppo Johnson-fags, Left-Libertarians, and other Shit-Libs need to fuck off. Voice your complaints to r/libertarian.

>Recommended Reading list


>Bump for Life, Liberty, and Private Death Squads
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