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>Be a Centrist
>Talk to conservatives
>Get called a libcuck
>Talk to liberals
>Get called a bigot
>Mention I'm actually a Centrist and that I agree with some points of both parties
>Get called an indecisive bitch
Partisanfags need to get out of my fucking country.
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The next Wikileak

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According to Victurus Libertas wikileaks is about to expose the Clinton Foundation.

ANON: “The next wiki leak will deal with Clinton Foundation. Quid pro. Cicada 3301, which you hear about, is connected to wikileaks. There are former and current FBI agents who are leaking, not Russians. There are internal battles afoot, and the white hats are using a segment of Cicada 3301 called Pi Mobi to expose the false flags being committed in US and Europe. Watch UK and NYC, Berlin and Paris in coming days. Things about to get r[e]ally crazy by 2nd week of August.”

VL: I appreciate your info… Who else have you shared this info with? I am expecting at least one major event to happen this summer here in the states… Perhaps greater than 911. I believe that it will cause a severe market crash or so they will use that as an excuse to plunge our economy into abyss. I also believe there are dangerous levels of radiation through our country that is not being reported. In many cases, 100’s of times the safe EPA level….. Please keep me informed as you hear things.

ANON: I share with nobody I was with Pentagon, and now left. Yes on radiation. Stront 90, from fukushima, causing a trophic contamination route killing marine biota… And yes on major terorist attack as well to weaken Trump in office. Cinton Foundation behind it, and Soros
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List jobs that are not worth paying someone 15 dollars an hour in America.
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Housewife vs part time job

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Why shouldn't a woman work part time when all the kids are old enough to go to school? You can't possibly cook and clean 5 days a week 7 hours a day. Seems like a lazy thing to do
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IS is over

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Hey /pol/, do you enjoy your job as much as Falah Aziz? I bet you don't.

>An Iraqi man dubbed 'the beheader' after decapitating 50 ISIS fighters insists he 'can't explain how at ease' he is when killing them.

>Falah Aziz claims to have killed 130 people in total during the battle to drive the jihadists out of his homeland and says he has made beheading his 'specialty'.
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"richard spencer is controlled op" - jews hiding in synagogue freaking the fuck out

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So one of the most frequent things i see posted here is that spencer is controlled opposition or some CIA plant.

Here is an hour long video of kikes in a synagogue freaking out about his rise to power and the danger of his politics
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How could we go from one of the biggest empires known to mankind to a shitty 3d world country with a level of debt that will keep our asses tied to Germany's bed for 30 years.

How can the offspring of proud nacionalist conquistadors transform into venezuela-loving muslim-accepting left leaning faggots?

Why is the right perceived as something evil in Spain? Is it because we had a right wing dictatorship for 39 years?
Or is it due to the amount of leftist propaganda and virtue signaling?

Why are we being so enormously played over here, why is Spain more and more decadent each year and people are fine with it?
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This is the United States James K. Polk wanted. Why the fuck don't we have it?

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UK boots in Syria when?

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