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share your privilege levels

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hi guys i got a good score of 95/100. i am pretty happy with this!
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/pol/ what do you think of this soyboy?
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Petition to allow white South Africans to move the the U.S. Doesn't explicitly state white so they can't pull the muh racism card. Anyone against this is literally pro-genocide. Anyone for it saves white people. Win/win.
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buy my Personality Test
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So now that /biz/ has gone full criminal, how will this affect crypto in the US?
Will Trump declare BTC illegal? COULD he do this?

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The December 18th Twitter Holocaust

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If Michael Malice's tweet is accurate about the Twitter purge, Twitter is about to ban 1/4th of their userbase tomorrow.

I think it'd be fair to assume that verified users will not be mass-banned as a result of this policy, so TRUMP AIN'T GONNA BE BANNED, SUCKERS
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Arguments FOR Multiculturalism?

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I always try to understand the person I am arguing with. I legitimately do not understand what is the argument for multiculturalism.

People try to say it's good because of international food or music or clothes or dance. But obviously you can just copy their food or music and not have to have the person himself physically in your country.

Let's please keep it serious in here, I genuinely wanna understand if there is something I am missing.
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Why is Mongolia so important to the Clinton and Bush families?

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The Clinton's:
The 1996 Mongolian election is a case study in the normalization of US election meddling, a successful, American-led campaign to put a free market coalition in power in a foreign country in the post-Cold War world. The effort was considered so unremarkable that it was carried out entirely overtly, and even publicized by those involved at the time. And while the electoral victory was short lived, the Republican strategists who made it happen claimed an arguably bigger prize: the opening of Mongolia and its natural resources to foreign investment.
Bush (Through Halliburton):
Groups like TAF, NED, PACT, USAID, World Vision and the American Center for Mongolian Studies are closely aligned with western elites who benefit from neoliberal transnational capitalism that imposes the ‘Washington Consensus’ on Mongolia. [102] This is a full-blown operation to subvert democracy, control emerging Mongolian social groups and plunder Mongolia. This involves a campaign of attrition against the masses in Mongolia, working to create a situation where sooner or later the poor majority ‘gives up’ and abandons the struggle for basic human rights, basic dignities, and basic freedoms.

Gosh, the clinton's and bush's sure do love subverting other countries, now is it because of the Human Trafficking, or how about a great way to move gold from Russia through Asia to North Korea, or both and many more reasons people shouldn't know
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1.Don't touch my women
2.Don't badmouth my faith

These are principles which keep society's order maintained.
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Tranny beats up a white guy for saying the word "faggot"..

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Thank Allah I am a muslim
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