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Why euros fear and hate cars

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The nu-communists of the west are preparing to copy-paste the Soviet Union's model of spreading commieblocks all over the place, for the exact same reason that the Soviet Union did. Which was to inject the Asian populations of the East into the all-slav West.

Except that this time it's one point two billion niggers. The "climate refugees".

To do this, which they cannot at this point, they must get rid of private property. The idea that you own something needs to be revoked from your consciousness. If all people use private cars, then there isn't an infrastructure in place to provide transportation for so many nigger refugees as the streets would be clogged up constantly. Public transportation *NEEDS* to be enforced. To achieve the widespread adoption of that public transport, the private combustion engines need to be banned and replaced with centrally-controlled electrical ones. You achieve that by claiming that you're the literal devil destroyer of Earth by driving a diesel engine. Then people just stop driving them.

From then on we reach phase two - where the fuck do you house these people? Phase two involves another blow to private property which is the rural farmland. That's where the new cities will appear like they appeared during the Soviet times. Kulak land gets eminent domained, an entire neighborhood of commieblocks appear on it, and a portion of Kazakhstan gets free new apartments in Western Russia.

Except that it will be niggers and they will be 1.2 billion. Basically half of Africa and Southern America.
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Women should have options

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You offer them and show them 2 options:
1: be a traditional woman, married to a man, sign a contract to never divorce. If she wants to be a modern woman, she loses everything. Show her that life
2: Be an independent woman, meaning no man should take responsability of her

Which option do you think they would choose?
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Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands

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>Another day, another escalation
- Another drug related bombing in Rotterdam, this time near a tea shop
- Baarnse farmer that got fined for hanging rebel flags goes to court to fight back
- WEF whore Kaag cries crocodile tears considers quiting politics due to 'threats'
- Black screens along A12 for Extinction Rebellion demonstration yesterday, arrest were made
- Another pride poster destroyed in Alkmaar
- The AIVD estimates that 100k people 'believe' in the 'anti-institutional ideology'
- Top officials in Toeslagen Affair not prosecuted
- Despite food support in schools, children are still hungry in class
- The regime labels and prosecutes people who no longer trust lying politicians and corrupt regime as "Anti-Institutional Extremists"
- AIVD admits using agents that may need to break the law who gather information on the internet
- Rutte shouted at by Toeslagen Affaire parents in public during debates
- Stealing from PIN ONLY business is based and redpilled

>Required reading/watching
- Architect admits that ugly buildings are to demoralise, in line with communist plans
- CBDC are about control head of the ECB Christine Lagarde admits
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Kraut/pol/ - You Will Do Nothing Edition

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>English language analysis

>Meme Collections

>Thead OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Get /fit/.
Join the metapolitical phalanx!
Spread flyers and stickers, physically remove leftist Agitprop!
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>Counter culture
>Schwarze Fahne
>Wir klären das
>EinProzent podcast
>Am Rande der Gesellschaft
>Der Schattenmacher

>Learn German script (Kurrent, Sütterlin)

>Get active

>Flügel TV (german)

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lol imagine believing this.
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In light of our independance day

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>go to my doctor for a cancerous looking mole
>"yeah it sure looks like cancer, what youre gonna do is go to (hospital on the other side of the city) before 8 tommorow and show them this paper, theyll squeeze you in somewhere
>they tell me i can come back around 3pm (its 8:15)
>i just go home and call up private clinic
And to think were paying such high taxes for this healthcare??? How is this fair??
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Leftistbros... it's over...
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Black Man raids fast food joint calls it REPARATIONS

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Takes and eats food for free

I dont blame him.
A little bit of food for the centuries of slavery WHITE RACISTS subjected his ancestors to
Is this politically acceptable?
When the dominant white society refuses to compensate Black people for the atrocities inflicted on them, what other recourse do they have?