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/MOG/ - Monkeypox Outbreak General #145 - "STILL SPREADING" 42K EDITION

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42,577 cases in 96 countries
114 deaths (includes Africa)

>Monkeypox info and charts

>NTI Bio - 2021 Monkeypox Tabletop Exercise Conducted in Partnership with the Munich Security Conference

>Wikipedia page (most current case count):

>Regularly updated Twitter feed

>Massive database of news articles all relating to Monkeypox outbreak daily

>Charts and Statistics

>Monkeypox chart

>Genomic epidemiology of monkeypox virus

>Bioweapon research study: pneumonia + monkeypox = 50% fatality rate

>In February 2022, Virologica Sinica published a gain of function performed by the Wuhan Institute of Virology in August 2021 - Experimenting with Monkeypox

>US government orders $119 million dollars worth (13 million doses) of Monkeypox vaccine before the May 2022 outbreak began

>CDC websites says - Currently, there is no proven, safe treatment for monkeypox virus infection.

>SIGA Technologies gets UK approval for monkeypox drug
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White Supremacy

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Embrace White Supremacy
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Why are black people so violent and entitled?

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They are always so quick to chimp out at the slightest aggravation, almost as if they are looking for excuses to start fights, and then they will feel like they can do whatever they want, and break the laws as if they don't apply to black people.
And because America is so cucked now, no one even dares to say anything, because then every black would say they are racist. What the fuck.
What can we, as civilized and law-abiding citizens, do about the N problem?
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I'm getting reports from good sources that Polish military is moving to German border and amassing military there. What the fuck is going on? Are we going to invade Germany?
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Is anyone else here tired of black influence on american culture? It is what has prevented me from having a social life.
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Predictions End of 2022

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>Corona "Pandemic" will be back, numbers 100x higher as before
>vaxxies are actually going to be sick and dying en masse, as they take their boosters
>government will freak out, once again lockdowns, this time nothing works because lack of workers will be massive
>vaccination now absolutely mandatory
>Ukraine will be forgotten and set on pending mode, to extend their suffering and that of europeans hit by sanctions
I'm a healthcare worker and know the situation has been critical in hospitals in the last months when it comes to workforce. It will definitely be chaotic when winter comes, that's barely a prediction, it's obvious where it is going.
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Bush was almost eaten by japs

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>Japs almost ate Bush during ww2
>Bush goes to Japan as a president then faints
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Are people really getting their kids vaxxed

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For Covid? Vaxxies fucking explain yourselves. Covid since the very beginning of the pandemic to now has never posed any danger to infants, toddlers, or children. What is the rationale here?
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I have jury duty this month.
What do I say to get put on the "don't ever call this guy back again" list?
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t. right wing Jew
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