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>Whitey shoots shit up
Oh it's just an isolated incident, not all whiteys

>Some goatfucker shoots shit up

Reminder boys, as long as you keep destabilizing some part of the world you will feel the consequences.
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honestly what the fuck is this thing? It's really one of the most bizarre things on this planet
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Capitalism a shit

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All countries have abandoned walls, fortresses, and pretty much their own borders. Immigration is no longer considered a sin; it's praised. "We need them. They will benefit our economy!"

Someone with money is able to go to any country they desire. Their capitalism is the worst kind of compromise (even worse than statist law), because they can tread on the values and cultures of people who feel indifferent to them.

And even when you say "Well, in my ideal libertarian paradise, we'll be strict nationalists, and that sort of thing will be illegal", but then they make one small compromise, one after another.

"We're all suffolk men here" then
"We're all Englishmen here" then
"We're all White Americans" then
"We're all Americans" then
"We're all westerners" then
"We're all human"

Capitalism is looking for its next biggest compromise to normalize. It's anti-nationalist.
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Israeli man arrested in US Jewish community center bomb threats

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... im just gonna leave this here....
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ITT: We sum up (((pol))) in 1 pic

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I'll start
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Wikileaks is LIVE!!!

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Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again, this has come up 7 times trying to create this thread, the cheeky cunts.
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If digits children will be liberated from their sexual oppression over the next 200 years. /pol/ will play a deciding factor in the legalization of pedophilia, you will be butthurt because it is the Generation Z that you are trying to protect that will finally let their children be humans. Your grand children will celebrate your death, and you will reincarnate as your own black great grand kids in order to correct the record.
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Why is it that whites are more depressed than ever before?
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So, after yesterday's attack, where will the next one happen? Will it be France again? Germany perhaps? Or maybe Belgium again?

Surely it can't happen in the Netherlands, right?
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