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Germany: Journalist Sentenced to Six Months Jail for Publishing Historic Photo

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>August 18, 2017
>GERMANY – A district court in Munich earlier today sentenced German journalist Michael Stürzenberger to six months in jail and an additional 100 hours of charitable work for publishing this photo in his Facebook timeline.
>It shows A ranking Nazi, and Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, shaking hands in 1941 in Berlin.

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Have you retards ever consider this?

France and UK in a couple of decades both will be with muslim majority.That means they will propably have access to the military.Both of these shitholes have nukes.

In a few words in a 20 years,salafists will have access to nuclear bombs

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Who will Trump sacrifice when he uses his Behelit today?
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Are you afraid of muslims /pol/?

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USS John S. McCain

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"That's too bad." edition

Top-tier guided missile destroyer of the 7th Fleet unable to detect 600 foot oil tanker before getting rammed by it.

All this winning. American navel power has the rest of the world shaking with terror.
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Gypsies have been in Europe for centuries. Will they help us in the final kebab removal?
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The August event will go down as the first total solar eclipse whose path of totality stays completely in the United States since 1776


Last time this happened it set up america from then until now.

let's not let this chance pass! we can meme and the world we meme will set the tone for america for the next 200 years!
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How do we fix modern men?

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