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Have you seen this fucking garbage yet?
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Why will America never have a woman president?

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Why is this cunt so popular?
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We lost fucking Alabama...
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Linda Sarsour Accused Of Enabling Sexual Assault

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When will Sweden defend itself?

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Have to work ten more years to support Muslims, not enough.

Being killed in the streets by Muslims, not enough.

Being gang raped by Muslims, not enough.

Having grades thrown in your cities by Muslims, not enough.

Literally having your vagina burnt off your body by Muslims, not enough.

When will enough be enough Swedes? When will your fear of getting in trouble finally be erased by common sense causing you to kill all the Muslim Invaders?

What IS enough for a Swede. What COULD make a Swede act like a man instead of a cockroach? Nothing?
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We should invade south africa

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There is literally a race war going on in South Africa.

Our white brothers are being slaughtered every day. Arent we for preserving white people, and fighting in a race war?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people on /pol/, don't you think we can all organize something and take back south africa?

I mean what's stopping us. There's people fighting isis. Why shouldn't we fight to save the boer?
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Los Angeles Downtown

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Does Anyone here have expeience with Mail Order Brides

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Currently seriously considering going for it. I live in a liberal hellhole which I'm trying to escape, I just got a really well paying job opportunity way out in farm country. Finding a wife will be hard there but I'll have so much money I'm sure I can attract a qt3.14 from overseas. Probably one from Russia/Ukraine. Has anyone here had any success in the matter? Any advice or warnings? Other than the obvious one of never send money because it will be a scam 99% of the time.
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