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Try not being yourself today

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Sunday Buddhism thread

Previous >>122426742

The last thread didn't get much traction, maybe due to the OP being too long, so I'll keep it shorter this time. I'll continue making these threads only if there's sustained interest. I'm also open to suggestions on the best time to post them; it's hard to tell what's a good time since the anons who participated in previous threads have been from various different time zones. Should I do the threads on Saturdays instead?

Anyway, have you been practicing lately anons? Any interesting new insights?

I'd also be interested in any links to summaries of Zen ideas equivalent to the youtube lectures about Theravada I posted in the last thread. I realize there may not be anything so systematic available due to the way Zen is, though.
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Superhuman AI is a myth.

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>Buried in this scenario of a takeover of superhuman artificial intelligence are five assumptions which, when examined closely, are not based on any evidence...
>1.) Artificial intelligence is already getting smarter than us, at an exponential rate.
>2.) We'll make AIs into a general purpose intelligence, like our own.
>3.) We can make human intelligence in silicon.
>4.) Intelligence can be expanded without limit.
>5.) Once we have exploding superintelligence it can solve most of our problems...

>If the expectation of a superhuman AI takeover is built on five key assumptions that have no basis in evidence, then this idea is more akin to a religious belief -- a myth

To add my own two cents: people only believe in AI uprising for the same reasons they believe in the concept of white guilt.
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What happened to the Old Left?

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They didn't support gigantic capitalist trade organizations like the EU, they didn't care about virtue signalling or muh racism or anything like that, they just cared about the workers and the lower/working class and their rights and lives. They realized that liberal capitalism and free trade had the potential to enrich only the few elites while not benefiting anybody else.

What happened to this general view and people with this outlook? Why aren't things like labor reform, paternity leave, and land value taxes, among other things, being discussed or entertained anymore in favor of minor concessions that really mean nothing? When did the Modern "Left" join the side they originally fought against?
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Is it bad to race mix if my only white option are Canadian leftist women?

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Gonna spend some time in Brazil soon. If I was American id gladly marry a white church girl from there. In Canada they don't really exist at all, 90% of the women are leftist here.

Would it be acceptable if I marry a Brazilian redpilled Christian girl?
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plz respond Antifags

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Serious question for all the Antifa faggots shitting up the place, why are you guys all so fucking stupid and ineffective? Why are you such well behaved little children when the police stop giving you permission to roleplay as "anarchists" dressed as ISIS?

>The police say "no you don't have our permission any more"
>Instantly do as you're told, don't even show up to Berkeley after being chased out previously
>couple days later
>Every single Nazi and white suppremacist in America is concentrated in one place in Kentucky
>Not a single one gets bashed or even punched
>Instead you guys just walked into the most fucking obvious FBI/DHS data colllection honeypot ever, all unmasked
>All of your mobile phone data was collected on IMSI catchers and will be used against you in court
>Your crowd was riddled with /ourspies/ and obvious feds collecting intel
>Best you could come up with was that weak disinfo agent stream that had to remove the chatbox because everyone watching knew he was full of shit
>Doxed a few nazis
>What are you going to do? Go to their houses and get shot?
>Doxed more of your own green hat spies than anything else
>Still haven't figured out one of /ourguys/ got Eric Clanton's dox from Moldylocks' boyfriend Tony by offering him some free weed, that's how easy it is to get /yourfags/ to snitch
>also how we got her nudes
>Your presence gave the dying National Socialist party more free press and attention than their cause has had in years
>No one on this board actually gives a fuck about the NSP besides stormfags, us being "nazis" is just a prank bro
>Too scared by police to even kick over a fucking bin
>"w-w-we won again guys!"

You're a fucking joke. We have neutered you from a legitimate national security threat to just another group of shitposters on /pol/ in a matter of days and now, now you're here forever, newfriends
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I thought /pol/ claimed to be smarter than those "subhumans". Do you even read theory /pol/?
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USA is moar blacker than Brazil

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Look at the map.
In the USA several Latinos and other groups are being placed as whites! Pardos in Brazil in 70% of cases are whiter than latinos of Mexico or persians and italians.
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Is it time we give back the Falklands to Argentina?

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We gave back Hong Kong, and Singapore before. Now it is the Falkland's turn
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>yfw God is real
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A lot of people in Europe oppose mass immigration(with good reason) but very few are addressing a possibly worse question-how do we replace the ever-smaller native European population?

Really there is one solution(AFAIK)that truly makes sense.

Justin Barrett, leader of the National Party(which, at this point is a meme) wants to get the Irish diaspora back.
First he wants to kick the immigrants out.
Then he wants Irish people living abroad to come home.
Then he wants the Irish diaspora to come home.
He wants to replace our aging and shrinking Irish population with Irish people.

This makes sense, as there is a huge Irish diaspora community around the world(upwards of 60 million people with majority Irish descent) and we are still hemorrhaging people to the U.K. and Australia. This policy would bring back Europeans to replace our population and keep it steady if not let it grow a bit.

What are your thoughts? Is this how we fix the migrant crisis?

Or is there another way?
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