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Im a germophobe
a perfectionist
I do not entertain garbage

the faggot meant to click a drug pic to snitch

you are a rat
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Brain Surgeon Posts Video About Frankfurt School

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Its happening!!!

Dr. Jack Kruse , widely popular neurosurgeon based in NOLA is woke, lit and dropping redpills on his Fakebook page /drjackkruse

talking about mind control via technology.. supports Trump.. check this guy out.
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USA BTFO, how will we ever recover?
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Ontario Banning Internet Bots Scalping tickets in seconds of going on sale

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Do we have to start worrying about bots? Also, tickets can not be resold for any ore than 50 cents

Good legislation?
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>Trump General loves the man
>The rest of the website hates him

When did the /pol/ circlejerk collapse?
What is our combined verdict on his work thus far?
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What would happen if the federal reserve (families) dissappeared?

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If the Rockefeller and Rothschild families etc dissappeared would all the money be distributed to every citizen? Would the world collapse?
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FIXED for racists anti-white

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If you are against whites, you are the racist.

White Nations for Whites people
Black Nations for Black with RESPECT
Yellow Nations for Yellows with RESPECT

Racemixing is a jewish meme.

We cannot prevent love so there will be some racemixing, but it should remain MINOR and marginal.

jews racemixing efforts through ISIS > EU INVASION is GENERAL AND MAJOR. it is an attack, nothing natural in its process.


I want to see a beautiful Africa by Africans!
I want to see what your imagination can make instead of an Effeil Tower !