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>Owing to a growing shortage of truck drivers, many trucking companies are increasingly luring senior citizens out of retirement for short and long haul trucking. Although a license and annual physical evaluation are required in the US to drive vehicles over 10,000 pounds, there is no mandatory retirement age for truck drivers (airline pilots have to retire at 65). Many such truckers are in their 70s, with a few in their 80s and 90s.

>Studies showed a nearly 200% increase in accidents involving truck and bus drivers 70 and older from 2014 to 16, and that's only in the 12 states that document a truck driver's age when an accident occurs, meaning that numerous other accidents involving elderly truckers have probably gone unrecorded. With advancing age can come numerous maladies that impair one's ability to safely handle a truck, including decreased eyesight and hearing, decreased reflexes and ability to react quickly in an emergency, stiffness of the joints, diminished muscle strength, heightened risk of stroke or heart attack, and mental confusion resulting from the use of medications. However, barring Federal regulatory action, it is unlikely that any significant action will be done such as more aggressive medical screening of older truckers.

>One particularly infamous case involved 76 year old truck driver Donald Creed, who killed 10 people in a multi-vehicle accident after crashing his semi into them on I-44 in Missouri in August 2009. Creed was apparently suffering fatigue after driving some 16 hours without a rest to complete a delivery on time.

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Elon Musk belled the cat. What will happen to him?

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>free markets are the only way to run an economy

>Russia liberalizes its economy

>USSR collapses

>Yugoslavia liberalizes its economy

>country fucking dies

>China liberalizes its economy

>protests that need to be crushed by the army
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Need European wife

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I'll pull a Donald trump one of these days.
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Where does /pol/ fall into the world political Dominance Hierarchy?
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George Washington owned slaves.

Tear down statues when?!?
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Can someone explain soyboys to a grandpa?

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My kids used to play Nintendo when they were KIDS... how come these balding men are suddenly obsessed with them?

Do they really let their wives cheat on them and have estrogen cause of onions?

This shit baffles me.. someone help!
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post yfw you troll a libtard epic style
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American Fertility Rates Are Falling

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>Since 2007, fertility has fallen the most for the youngest women, but in the last year, declines have set in for women in their 30s as well.
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Is US military really that powerful and advanced or is it just a Hollywood lie?
Because all we is some budget statistic and fancy videos but in reality all this tech has been many times defeated by 40 years old soviet equipment. So could USA really win an open war with Russia without either side using nukes?
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