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Why bother discussing politics? Be honest, you don't actually know whats going on. Why not just focus on what you can actually change in your own life?
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pic related is my 23andme geneology and my hapa waifu is 4 months preggo

you cucks jelly?
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Did Sandy hook

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Really happen?

>Newtown is weird as fuck
>Adam lanza wasn't originally from new jersey
>the school was closed
>the time in the picture of the kids was incorrect
>no one was killed
>kids may have been sold info sex slavery
>Newtown police have been currppt since 2006 (look up Newtown police, steroids arrest)

When will (((They))) finally admit they fucked up here. CLEARLY we aren't forgetting what they tried to do. It's better to own up to a failed psyop than to continue making super memeable material out and all news affiliates.

You did this to.urself.
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Why do many people from countries like Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Somalia, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait and Mauritania claim to be Arabic?
It's ridiculous, the victorious Arabic invaders just forced their culture and religion upon them, that's it.

It's like Mexicans claiming to be Spanish, it's a huge identity crisis.
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Can /pol/ redpill me on Caesar?

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Was he a puppet of the Jews?
Their mortal enemy?
Why was he killed?

Can't trust the internet at large, so I turn to /pol/, where I understand the shills and shitposters.
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HWDU Flag Capture when /pol ?

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You can't stop same sex marriage in Australia, Even if it gets voted down Bill Shorten will just make it legal when he wins the next election
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You just have to accept the fact that China will dominate the whole world and all the worthless whites.

The economy of China is going to be the largest and continue to grow, we will have the best arts and sciences while you KEKS get dicked down by muhamad
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The Strange Death of Europe

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Americans need to read this of they want to stand a chance of saving the West.

Europe has fallen.

Trump is not enough.

Why are the only redpill books written by fags?