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did y'all just forget about the deadliest mass shooting in modern America?
>ctrl+f paddock
video just came out of his last days and I expected you spergs to be dissecting each frame of the video
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Gee, very suspicious that everyone is 180ing on trump and saying you need to leave if you support him. It's as if he is in the most powerful position and the world and by dividing his base leftists might get a chance to take over. But surely they can't be shills. They call you a magapede zionist loving kike and post a funny nu-pol mspaint picture if you dare to say you don't like what he did but you will wait to see what happens. No... leftists wouldn't use anonymity to their advantage. That's asinine.
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Count Dankula has a message for /pol/

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Let´s get a god discussion thread going

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Keep it /pol/ friendly and all religions welcome.

Define what god to you is, how you found to god, your most awesome/ crazy experience with god and the most amazing/ crazy dream or near death experience you had

Lastly define what god is in 1 word and try to give the 3 most important principles of the universe. God bless everyone who participates and may atheist find to god today.
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So I got a serious question for you all. As a 30 year old male I’ve always wondered will I always be a “Nigger” in other races eyes, now to be clear I’m not Black(African decent) I’m mixed race Spainiard, Italian, Trinidadian, and some other stuff to be exact. I’m well educated and grew up in a pretty decent family, but yet I still see the line that set before me and other more so with whites, Asians, and blacks. So I ask is there anyway this can change or is this something I have to accept and just role with it like I’ve been doing
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March for Our Lives Exposed

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1. "according to Deena Katz, president of March for Our Lives and a television producer who also helps run a Women’s March chapter in Los Angeles"


2. "The March for Our Lives permit application was filed by Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women's March Los Angeles Foundation. This wasn’t just a little bit of professional activist assistance."

2a. "Media contacts for March for Our Lives are being handled by 42 West. The agency is a full service PR firm operating out of New York and Los Angeles that represents major celebrities. 42 West was supposedly recommended by George Clooney who was one of a number of major celebrity donors."

3. "The man behind the women: George Soros gave $246M to partners of Women’s March"

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Trump bans transgenders from US military service ‘except under limited circumstances’
President Donald Trump has signed a memorandum that disqualifies transgender individuals with a history of “gender dysphoria” from military service “except under certain limited circumstances.”
Under the new policy, presumably developed “through extensive study by senior uniformed and civilian leaders, including combat veterans,”
those individuals “who may require substantial medical treatment, including through medical drugs or surgery,” are deemed unfit for service, Trump’s memorandum states.

That is disgusting and Americans should protest against this injustice and human right abuse.
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Communist = High IQ

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High IQ people (Communists) predicted this Bolton shit a mile away. We told you none of Trump's anti-establishment campaign proposals were possible to fulfill.

Even if Trump wants to stop the Zionist agenda for the Middle East, for example, he is only one man against an entrenched system.

There is no savior who will come down to make capitalism work for regular people. It will never work, and the only solution is to wage war against it, destroy it, and build the new, socialist world. A world where it would be easy to end war, because nobody would profit from it. A world where it would be easy to enforce immigration laws, because there wouldn't be any imperialism making life in 3rd world countries unlivable.
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Am I the only one here who thinks that he's actually probably really cool IRL?
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