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i think most of us would agree that racism doesnt actually exist. yes there are stereotypes, yes theres data to back those stereotypes, thats why theyre stereotypes. yes people can be lynched because of those stereotypes but its more rare than anyone admits
the fact of the matter is, most people arent rude to people they interact with. its just rude to talk about each others race. its like if the only smalltalk you could come up with is the weather or their skin color. its the first thing you notice about a person, you cant think of anything else to talk about?
>inb4 >we
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wow so brave
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perfect europe doesn't ex...
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Everything is fake, every fucking profession. Where is what's real?
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Why do people complain about home ownership being unaffordable? You just buy some land, build a pond and live in a boat. Simple as
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What happened to libertarianism? Back when Ron Paul was running in the late 2000s and early 2010s, people were saying that libertarians were making headway in the Republican Party. Now we have Republicans overturning Roe and declaring that we should execute drug dealers
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A reminder Ukraine is still free and democratic and unconquerable and there’s nothing Russia can do about it. Seethe and cope harder loser vatniks
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/pol/ screencap thread

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Post your best political screencaps and greentexts, anons.
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Do zoomers have even a single good role model/father figure?
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Moscow warns of end to Russia-U.S. relations if assets seized

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