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Would you throw away the security of your nation for a paycheck?

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I wouldn't, because I live here and fully understand that the government ALWAYS BACKPAYS. It's despicable to think TSA and other organizations would not care if people DIED due to their negligence just because they were salty for not being paid on time. I mean... Really? Are they going to just travel to another country and get paid anywhere near what they do now? Humanity just gets worse every day.
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We can always count on florida man.

Are white dudes getting fed up?
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Opinions on Mr. Sand(((Mann)))

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>Due to the despicable actions of Nicholas Sandmann, this song should without doubt be viewed as hateful and bigoted towards minorities.

What do you think, /pol/? Should this music be censored due to the racial prejudices Nicholas Sandmann clearly indicated towards the Native Americans? I, as a White man, agree with the removal of such hatefulness.
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Psychological Projection is a Hell of a Drug

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The outrage over the Covington Catholic thing is a direct result of certain individuals having a common personality disorder. That is they cannot possibly conceive of different people having different motives than themselves. So when they saw the image they looked inside themselves and saw the worst humanity had to offer and they projected that ugliness on to those kids. This whole event has been helpful in identifying who those people are.
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The White Rosa Parks

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He is the rock upon which the wave of 50 years of leftism crashed.

The Indian beating his drum, pushing drum and drum stick ever closer to his face, was the high water mark of leftism in America. It will recede from this point, like a tidal wave whose power is spent.

All because one child refused to move.
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If any right-wing ecelebs are reading this, take note:

LAWSUITS are how you counter deplatforming. They all know what happened to Gawker and because they're barely profitable is it is, they're worried about it happening to them. The guy at Vulture got fired shortly after the Maga kid started talking about lawsuits; that's not a coincidence. If you're defamed and deplatformed, lawyer up.
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Why haven't you taken the trappill yet anons?

Why date a disgusting wammen when you can date a cute smol trap boy who lives to please you?
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Not enough appreciation for the courage and strength this man showed.
Listen to his speeches and you will find a stunning accuracy today. Bad optics man gave up everything for his cause and allot of our redpills could be found in his work. Please post all of your rare GLRs

They could have stopped him at any time, he says very clearly that he would fold up the party and work for Martin king coon Luther for free yet they never did.
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Is this just one of many things the USA has done wrong? And If one wanted to get the USA in a bad spot wouldn't all they have to do was blow up the dome with explosives and let USA take the blame for all the waste?
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