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BREAKING Marseille, France - car ramming attack

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Just the beginning of a typical week in Europe.
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What's a proper word for white people?
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*blocks your path*
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Aus/pol/ VB Edition

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>Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to campaign for Yes vote on same-sex marriage

>North Korea warns Australia over joint military exercises with US and South Korea

>Labor refuse to release citizenship documents for MPs facing questions

>Inflation Nightclub police shooting victim pointed toy gun at bar staff, CCTV footage shows

>Committal hearing underway for men charged over plot to attack Melbourne CBD sites

>Mortgages and debt: How lending culture is leaving Australians vulnerable
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Why Has God Forsaken The Catholic Church?

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I learned today that the priest who baptized me is a pedophile. He was swept under the rug and moved from church to church, before finally being dismissed

The Church is a hopeless disgrace

>All priests are faggots, pedos, or asexual. >Nobody else is stupid enough to believe in the faith so much to give their life away for a delusion
>Most Catholics today aren't even white. They're spics. My old church is maybe 15% white
>The pope is a globalist cuck who licks filthy african feet and appeases mudslimes
>The Catholic Church is hardly European at all anymore.
>The next pope is guaranteed to be African or some Mestizo

The number one reason whites are being replaced is the death of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Even if it's mostly BS, it keeps society in line, gives people purpose and meaning, facilitates solidarity in communities, and is the foundation for a wholesome family unit
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Post books

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/pol/ is always telling men to read, but what does one read to sort himself out? Post /pol/'s favorite books.
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I am aware that Firefox was recently went down the drain because of their partnership with Soros. So here is what I think is the best alternative browser.
The Vivaldi browser, once properly customized, serves every function that Firefox or Chrome can serve, and aesthetically it's actually better.

Here's a photo of my start screen for the browser:

Comment what you think about this browser and whether or not it is the browser that /pol/ should adopt. /pol/ needs to have an alternative browser as a part of its identity.

If you want the thumbnail photos from my start screen (I made and fixed the size of the pre-made ones myself with Photoshop.
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>every child should own an assault rifle
>pitbulls should be banned

Why are /pol/ such hypocrites? My sister is a 5'3" femlet who adopted two from the local shelter and they're literally the sweetest things you could imagine. Listen to her every word. Noone in our family feels unsafe around them
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Places you can't be white

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#1 : Howard University, Washington DC
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