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Poland - last bastion of normality ?

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>Muslim girls were shocked to be targeted by racists during a trip to visit Holocaust memorials
Your opinion /pol/ ?
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a /pol/lack goes on birthright

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Some things I noticed:

>Surprisingly high level of talent. Only 3 big girls and the rest ranged from decent to gorgeous. Of course I am biased towards them but whatever. Most were Ashkenazi but there were also a few half Asians and Sephardics. 2:1 girl to guy ratio.

>The men were not as good. Usually I find Jewish men more attractive than the women. Not this time. A few classically handsome guys but most were ugly.

>6 IDF soldiers joined our group in the middle of the tour. 2 women 4 men. The women were beautiful and seemed dumb as shit, but it could have been a language barrier. The guys were cool and appeared basically Arab except for the 2 russian/Ukrainian-born guys, who were obviously the brightest of the group. Both of them spoke Hebrew, Russian, English, and then knew some Arabic or French on top of that.

>A lot of hooking up. Jews really are horny. Each one of the IDF guys hooked up at least once. The IDF girls wouldn't give any of the American guys the time of day.
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Looks like Jewtube has done it again. Mainstream media is pushing for LGBTQIABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZx10^1 trillion "acceptance" and general Political Correctness, after a failed attempt to push the same ideologies with "#morethanarefugee". Haven't we had enough of this?
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Is it time to start regulating video games?

>Turkey’s Youth and Sports Ministry says that many popular foreign-made games such as Call of Duty and Guitar Hero are responsible for intentionally spreading fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims—or Islamophobia—and desecrating Islamic symbols.
>The head of the ministry’s Education, Culture and Research Commission, Huzeyfe Yilmaz, told the Turkish parliament that some 25 million people play videogames for a total of 39 million hours per day in the country.
>But Yilmaz said that many games included “harmful material”—such as explicit sexual content or violence—as well as Islamophobic themes and suggested there should be tougher restrictions on selling them in Turkey.
>“The goal [of many games] is to give people a negative perception about Islam. Digital games are used as a tool to spread Islamophobia,” said Yilmaz, according to Hurriyet. “Often the player is put in the role of a soldier and they gain points by killing Muslims, who are shown to them as terrorists. The main goal is creating enmity towards Islam.”
>On the government-run website, 19 games are already listed as containing content that is potentially Islamophobic. Several games in the Call of Duty franchise—which have sold over 250 million copies in total, making it one of the most popular franchises of all time—are blacklisted by the ministry.
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Jewish voice for peace sides with dykes against kikes

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How do you explain this, /pol/?

Why are (((they))) turning on their own?

Maybe it's not the Jews, but something else?
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time to move to Antarctica, boys

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This degeneracy is being promoted by spotify

How do we fix Western Civilization?
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What the fuck did they mean by this, /pol/?
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Large Protests in the UK, Civil War in Sweden, nothing to see here, move along

(((Shit's))) gonna get nuked so hard, all hell breaks loose