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Is /Pol/ A SJW board?

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Aren't you fighting for social justice for the h'wite race?
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What is this supposed to mean?

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The article also quoted this:

“The anti-wanking community is an excellent recruitment tool for the far-right,” Girl on the Net tells me. “Young men who feel ashamed of themselves, are encouraged to put themselves through, let's face it, a very difficult physical test, all while reaching out to other frustrated men on the internet, many of whom are misogynist and racist.”

Wtf are they even saying, are they afraid of ppl not nutting?

>inb4 iz da joos
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This is going to eventually be deleted, isn’t it?
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Fox news cucked to CNN!!! Fox news is taking CNN's side against Trump, Fox news now supports karate chopping women!!!
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Where is your wall America?
Busy giving Israel 38 billion in military aid?
>b-but it is only 3.8 billion a year!
Yeah and what?
1.5 billion in total for the wall?

Stay Israels puppet state.
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Group of advertising executives claim they lost their jobs because they are 'white, male, straight and British' after director announced plans to 'obliterate' the Mad Men culture
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Never miss a chance to shit on white people do they?

What’s sad is white people just accept it
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Why should I become a White nationalist
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What is the morality of homosexuality?

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Should God not still love his children even if they are homosexual?

If they have love in their heart and not lust should they not receive the same love from God?

The sodomy argument doesn't really work either, as sodomy can be done between two people of opposite genders. In some cases sodomy can even refer to oral sex.

I'm no fan of the degenerate behavior displayed by typical liberal homosexuals in their pride parades. I also firmly believe homosexuality is nurture not nature, and to a certain degree it is a lifestyle choice. The whole "Born this way." thing seems to be a form of societal brainwashing instead of actual truth.
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