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Why are commies so based? Can you imagine any rightoid group ever saying something this based?
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>caring about politics
who gives a fuck, I'm just here to shitpost, I'll always be conservative but I refuse to get mad over this shit or make predictions. I'm drinking a fucking beer and watching the Twins game later and you should too. Get money first and then care about what's going on.
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I would rather the white race go extinct entirely than have dysgenic white trash American skinhead redneck wignats win and be the future of our race. I would rather go out like the elves in LOTR — beautiful, noble, and dignified. There is no point in continuing our race if the highest aristocratic ideals of our high culture are lost in the smog of lazy-eyed cletus’s in jeans and walmart T-shirts and wrinkly Chinese black sun flags chanting “yer will not replace us!”

There I said it.
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Is it arguable that almost every war/empire collapse involved large migration before or after said conflicts? thanks frendos
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As recently as 10 years ago, nobody had ever even heard of a transgender person outside of Tumblr. The few that were aware of it regarded it as a joke or just another weird fetish that shouldn't be taken seriously. Weird crossdressers who are taking their fetish a little bit too far. Now in 2022 transgenders are suddenly EVERYWHERE, their numbers have skyrocketed, and you see them walking the streets in even small towns in the middle of nowhere. They have the full support and monetary backing of corporations, governments, military, institutions, and media organizations all across the Western world and beyond. In 2012 if you had said to people that "in 10 years time transgenders will be one of the most powerful political blocs and people will have their lives ruined if caught publicly criticizing them", absolutely NO ONE would have believe you.
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talibansistas... we keep losing

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Only 28 Months Left of His First Term

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Hard to believe he's an Indian...
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It’s Kushner. He’s the mole.
>inb4 “lol actually it’s ____”
Nobody cares about your meme theory. Factually it’s Kushner.
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