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He is literally the definition

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>greedy Jew in Detroit
>haggles for cents
>calls in his bodyguard niggers when there is a problem.
>they intimidate anyone that oppose their master

He has the collective ability of all his ancestors and puts it to use. How did they rose to these positions of power /pol/?
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Was Ciara a real-life Laura Palmer?

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>lived a secret life that she kept hidden from her parents
>did drugs and hung around with shady weirdos
>died prematurely and tragically as a teenager
>Laura was the nexus & linchpin of the twin peaks universe just like how (for many anons) Ciara was/is the nexus & linchpin of /r9k/.
>there is the very real possibility that she's still alive in Odessa texas (just like Laura at the end of the Return)
If she's Laura, who's Audrey?
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Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands

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>Another day, another escalation
- Another drug related bombing in Rotterdam, this time near a tea shop
- Baarnse farmer that got fined for hanging rebel flags goes to court to fight back
- WEF whore Kaag cries crocodile tears considers quiting politics due to 'threats'
- Black screens along A12 for Extinction Rebellion demonstration yesterday, arrest were made
- Another pride poster destroyed in Alkmaar
- The AIVD estimates that 100k people 'believe' in the 'anti-institutional ideology'
- Top officials in Toeslagen Affair not prosecuted
- Despite food support in schools, children are still hungry in class
- The regime labels and prosecutes people who no longer trust lying politicians and corrupt regime as "Anti-Institutional Extremists"
- AIVD admits using agents that may need to break the law who gather information on the internet
- Rutte shouted at by Toeslagen Affaire parents in public during debates
- Stealing from PIN ONLY business is based and redpilled

>Required reading/watching
- Architect admits that ugly buildings are to demoralise, in line with communist plans
- CBDC are about control head of the ECB Christine Lagarde admits
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I will like to remind everyone that global warming violates thermodynamics. And you should be calling them out in that shit

Greenbhouse effect is the only one-way insulant known to man, and that would violate thermodynamics and create heat from nothing
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Africans against sodomy

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Japan Joins The Civilized World

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Japan's birth rate was too high anyway
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There's too much NEET appreciation on POL and it must stop.

A "neet" is someone Not in Education, Employment or Training. They are losers and leeches in society and deserve to be hanged, In Hitler's Germany they made neet faggots wear blue stars like fucking jews and their yellow star. neet losers come to pol and brag about living of mommy and daddy all while playing games all day. Here is how working people live

>Go to work every day
>Earn money
>Feel accomplished
>Help society
>Make friends
>Better yourself
>Less anxiety
>More confidence
>Work harder, go higher


>Eat cheetos all day
>Shitpost all day
>Develop carpel tunnel, asthma and depression
>No friends or social life
>No money, government handouts
>Working people pay their leeching lifestyle
>Depressed, addicted to prescription pills and weed (provided by working people)
>No accomplishments, goals or self worth

All willful neets should be hung for bringing down society with their laziness.
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How do you become a strong man?

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Hard times create strong men. How do you become a strong man in the times we live in?
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Man eats Aussie bird

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Guess the nationality.
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