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Reminder...pic related is NOT a free country.

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It's a dystopian authoritarian Statist island experiment, where Islam is being introduced slowly, and the government is HOSTILE to it's own Citizens.
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New Canadians

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Face it old canada, this is the new face of canada, and all of the west.

>Wait....what face? All i see is a unibrow and a pair of angry eyeballs
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I'm a conservative white girl who's dated both blacks and whites. While I think that white men are better long term partners, they just can't compete with blacks in bed.

I'm not trying to start a flame war, just telling my personal experience. If I could go back in time I would waste less time on whites, though. You can always marry a white man in your late 30s, when you're young it's better to have fun with men who can fuck you hard and rough, and there's nothing better than a hung black bull for that.
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Anyone know where I can find a PDF of George Orwell's 1984 online
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>your daughter surprises you with this
How do you react
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BREAKING: Italy remains a government-less shithole

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Why can’t Italians into stable governments?
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Why do you think that Trump cancelled the summit? I personally think he'll hold it anyway, and Hillary and Obama will attend and be ambushed and indicted for child molestation.
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Let's examine this boys.

>Used to be a commie, true, and that shit don't wash off, but doesn't promote those views anymore, and actively uses his platform to attack communism, I believe him when he says he isn't a commie anymore.

>Nationalist, okay, the gay kind where he just wants Scotland to be independent. But still, there's room to grow.

>Fucked traps in the past and is a bit of a fag, however has left all of that behind, is engaged to his white girlfriend and they have both said they plan to have white kids, so that's something.

>Has actually given up all drugs, even degenerate weed, so that's a plus.

>The way we feel about kikes, he feels about Muslims, not ideal but again, room to grow.

>Gets extremely fucking angry when he feels Scotland is under threat, that might be something we can use.

>Does actually talk to and hang about with Alt-Right spokespersons, a plus, but he also talks to left wing faggots, again not ideal, but that can be changed. Also best buds with Tommy Robinson, it's rumored Dank might be the guy to fill Tommys boots while he is in jail. Look, Tommy is a fag but again, it's something.

>Seriously fucking hates muzzies, he's just too fucking gay to come out and say it, but again that can be changed.

>Degenerate fucking earrings and piercings but again, he has changed so much about himself already, and those are things he can easily fix.

Look guys, I know we think he is a massive faggot and for the most part we have left him alone because he isn't exactly against us (in many ways he is actually for) and meh, he can be funny at times, but compare him now to the way he was 2 years ago, there is a huge difference in not just his politics, but his appearance. He seems to be taking more pride in himself and his race.

I feel he is more like us than we think, he is just too pussy to come out and say it, I feel we should let this faggot age like a fine wine and see where this goes. I have a feeling there is something he isn't telling us.
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