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>A stranger on the Internet called you a cuck. Whew! That means you’re not an asshole.

Written by a woman.
The jig is up boys.
What do we do?
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Is he the most redpilled man on twitter? Also is there anything bad about Shia Islam at all?
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These niggaz

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> Employ former members of the DNC
> employ a bunch of ((them))
> Caught giving questions to Demo candidate
> spend all their time trying to shit on Trump
> regularly publish stories from ((sources)) who possibly and might know.

If you watch and believe half the shit this station says, I feel sorry for your pathetic life. Seriously, turn off the fucking Jew Tube son.
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How would you describe this glass of water?
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Damn....... I didn't know muslims were so badass and alpha.

Sorry /pol/, you're wrong this time. Muslims are cool.
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Memories of 72

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In 1972, at the age of 5, I witnessed Carl Bernstein Senpai become a journalistic hero on my family's TV. My parents explained what was happening in a way that I could understand at such a young age. He not only covered the Watergate break-in, but through masterful investigative journalism was a key figure in exposing it. It was like a combination of truth-finding detective work mixed with socially transformative storytelling to further the causes of justice and honesty. This would define who I was as a person, for the rest of my life I would seek to honor and fulfill the values he had shown me as a young boy.

I would be successful. Though sometimes failing to measure up to his level of mastery, I always sought to improve my work, to bring honest news to the American people. I also noticed that in the preventative side of Carl Senpai's work he was no less masterful, cultivating an image that was a mix of hardened, resolved academic muster and grandfatherly warmth. You wanted to trust him just by looking at him, and he wanted you to make him earn that trust. Just as he had inspired a big part of my career, I decided to pay him an homage by adopting some of the traits of his persona, even fancying that he would notice this tip of the hat and approve. I certainly wouldn't have minded anyone else noticing my honorific imitation.

But then something magical happened, the perfect night and the perfect moment. In the middle of breaking the key part of this generation's Watergate, a story on intelligence issue suggesting coordination between Trump associations and Russians, I had Carl Senpai on as a guest. We were both wearing our signature glasses. In the middle of our discussion he looked at me in the eye through the camera and gave this proud smile. He knew. Having been a parental figure before, he was now like a brother to me. We were peers.
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>"Guns kill people" -Uk bans guns
>Now cars are killing people

Do we ban cars? Do we also ban knives? North Korea does it and look at their homicide rates between civilians.
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