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>Best sanitation system amongst its peers
>Invented Kamasutra, a systematic book guiding mankind how to have pleasurable consensual sex
>Prosperous kingdoms
>Advanced medicinal techniques
>Proper agricultural systems
>Architectural masterpieces laid out everywhere
>Renowned and respected throughout the world


>shitting on the streets because they think building a toilet in their homes is "dirty"
>Use Social Media to sexually harass white women, also rape their own countrywomen like literal savages
>Poverty keeps on rising day by day
>Public hospitals allow rats to chew out a woman's eye, Private ones overcharge the fuck out of everyone to even observe the patient
>Farmers commit suicides/genocides every day
>Old monuments have "PINKY LOVES PINKU" written all over them, ruining them entirely
>Made fun of by literal autists on 4chan

How bad have they fallen? IS there any chance of them recovering?
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who is better:
- a private sector employee bootstrapping his life while identifying as a commie
- a public sector humanities teacher that identifies as an objectivist
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>me browsing /pol/
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Daily reminder
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White people built the west and then destroyed it

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Jews didn't destroy the west. Blacks didn't destroy the west. White men destroyed the west.

Specifically, a mix of male baby-boomers and men from the "greatest generation". They rejected the morals of old protestant Christianity which represented moral authority, strength, discipline, and conservatism.

These men embraced liberal Christianity, enabled feminism, and normalized divorce/casual sex.

Because white men showed weakness, our enemies stormed in while we were unaware with our guard down. White men traded conservationism, national pride, and strength for casual sex and degeneracy. You cannot criticize other races or ideologies when you are on your third divorce, this is why white men lost their power. White men know they are degenerates, so any accusation against white people hits them hard and they fold like a stack of cards. Now is the time we rise. We have to physically mobilize somehow, meaning we need to meet at churches or other places. We need to be active also while moving up in our careers and taking positions of power.

We need to get away from raging against Jews or Niggers or any of that bullshit, because that is what niggers do. They rage against the "white man" and end up looking like worthless butthurt little faggots. We need to just focus on ourselves and attaining power through our merit.

How do you think we should move forward as white men? Any sort of white-identity gathering or group is immediately scrutinized by our enemies.
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What does /pol/ ussually wear everyday?
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>produced an incredible amount of academic, intellectual literature against communism while occupied by the Soviets
>constantly fought for independence throughout the ages, between Germany and Russia
>most literature, even predating Soviet occupation, has a spirit similar to the Irish and Confederates, that a real American can appreciate and relate to
>the Polish that immigrated to America were second only to Germans in how well they integrated into the country
>you can literally find Polish surnames across a smorgasbord encompassing liberal academics to straight up rednecks in the south
>were our bros during WW2
>even though they're Slavic, they embrace Catholicism and greco-roman ideals

as an American, even though my ethnic ancestry is Italian and German, am i the only one to appreciate Poland out of Europe the most? Poland literally is like little America to me in Europe. they are our bros.
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What will war look like in 60 years video related.
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